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Monde Chocolatier, Ap Lei Chau

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Winter is coming soon and so does my winter shopping spree for some great deals in Horizon Plaza. After a few hours of intensive shopping, it's about time to get ourselves a comfy place for a break and a meal or in fact, a very late lunch! As Horizon Plaza is surrounded by industrial buildings plus its all-time crowded lifts, most shoppers will never thought of leaving the building but to select cafes available inside the building. Not much choices available except some small cafes by itself or cafes operated by branded groups inside their outlets, so don't even think of having some kind of great meal on your move.

A very comfortable couch for me would be great at that point in time... Ladies! I'm sure you know how I felt after a crazy hunt for fashion :D. Monde Chocolatier looks cozy and without a second thought, that's how we ended in it. From my research, it's actually a handmade chocolate specialist located on the 10th floor of Horizon Plaza carries wide-selection of lovely chocolates and great instantly grounded coffee. Unfortunately, we're after some bigger meal to fill up our tummy than those finely handcrafted chocolates. I'm sure I'll come back for their chocolates one day!


It was about 3pm on Sunday last week and most of their pasta and sandwiches were sold out and what left over were their prepacked Chicken Pesto Sandwich and Spaghatti Bolognese. Chicken Pesto Sandwich at HK$35 is kinda overpriced but it was tasted not bad and all the ingredients used were still very fresh.


Spaghatti Bolognese at HK$37 was kept in the same cooler as the sandwich and heated up in the microwave oven before serving. Spaghatti itself was too dry and mixing the Bolognese sauce with the dried-out spaghatti could be a challenging job given such a limited space. Bolognese sauce wasn't too bad and it was just the portion that I'm disappointing at.


A good quality Cafe Latte made with freshly grounded coffee at HK$35 was no doubt a perfect cup for me but, why can't they stock up some brown sugar in the store? When I asked for brown sugar, the barista, perhaps he is the boss?, replied me with an innocent expression... "Sorry! We only have white sugar..." It's a "mystery" to me that a barista knows freshly grounded coffee can make a good cup of joe but don't even know coffee is best match with brown sugar?! Afterall, the great cup of latte still made my day.


Website : http://www.mondechocolatier.com/main.html

Address : Shop 1006-1007, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau, Ap Lei Chau

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