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Always wanted to try Ippudo HK but the long queue on the weekends keep turning me off again and again. It was opened in July this year and finally we got the chance to review it after so many attempts. For those who hasn't heard about it, IPPUDO is one of the popular restaurants offering authentic ramen in Japan with its founder, Shigemi Kawahara, crowned as Ramen King in 2005. That's the reason why it rocks Hong Kong since its opening!

Again, we're always lucky at the odd time... arrived there at about 5pm and waited for only 10 mins plus another 10mins for special request of booth seat... a really spacious & comfortable one with view on Hai Phong Road, a busy crowded narrow street in Tsim Sha Tsui. If you arrive at dinner time, don't expect to get a table in less than half an hour or perhaps, the long queue has already blown you away~! Hahaha...


Tofu Salad with Minced Pork in Miso Sauce (HK$48), indeed a very refreshing appetizer to kick-off. Freshly prepared lettuce and leafy vegetables are the usual ones but the tofu with minced pork miso topping made it so remarkable. The topping was actually minced pork with Japanese bean paste (i.e. miso sauce) that carried mild sweetness, which was really a perfect match to the fresh & cold tofu. The tofu was so smooth & soft that almost dissolved instantly and slipped down my throat. I quite like the cold feeling of tofu in my mouth. :P


Shiromaru Motoaji (白丸元味 HK$68), IPPUDO's timeless classic, which is the very original recipe of IPPUDO with lean slices of pork and Hakata-styled ultra-thin noodles. It's a must-try dish even in its origin that reflects the spirit of IPPUDO. Their tonkotsu ramen broth was extremely rich and creamy that carries intensive flavour of pork, which could be good or bad to individual preference... For me, slightly less porky would be great. And not to forget mentioning, before the waiter took our order, we're asked our preference on the level of hardness of our noodle texture and we wanted "normal" to be at the safe side, which was in fact the right choice for us.


Ippudo Kasane (一風堂雞湯豬骨 HK$78), crafted with an array of selected ingredients including pork, spring boiled egg, dried seaweed and vegetables. The broth delivered a deep full-bodied taste of chicken that is surprisingly refreshing. Spring boiled egg with melted egg yolk is my favourite that was perfectly done well in the dish. For the noodle texture, we had it "normal" as well. As a whole, I would prefer Kasane than its classic one.


Ippudo Gyoza Dumplings (5 pcs) (一風堂餃子 HK$38) is named as its most popular snack in the world, which wasn't that impressive for me in terms of its taste and in my opinion, the standard could be even higher in other Japanese restaurants. I'm sure they can do even more exclusive than this or perhaps, dumplings are not their field of specialty?


Website : http://www.ippudo.com.hk/

Address : Shop 210, Silvercord Tower, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


When the temperature begins to drop, it's time for having some hotpot to warm our tummies. I haven't had any since the last winter and now it's about time to satiate my crave. MouMouClub is originated from Tokyo with a few branches in Hong Kong, and what they're famous for is their quality beef and Shabu-Shabu buffet. We were there for the All-day 90mins Shabu-Shabu Buffet but at the end, we found that 1.5 hours for shabu-shabu was quite rush indeed, as we had to spend time going back and forth to pick ingredients from the buffet counter. I think 2 hours would be way better.


Soup was for sure the first to come. We chose Wagyu & Kimchee Broth on one side and Soy Milk Broth on the other. Wagyu & Kimchee Broth was nice with light sour & spiciness brought from kimchee and not over-flavouring so we could still taste the natural flavour of different fresh ingredients. On the other hand, Soy Milk Broth was somehow disappointing because it was totally bland! So, finally we just had all our ingredients done on the kimchee side, haha...


We ordered Supreme Shabu Shabu (上級涮涮鍋 HK$148/pax) for 2, which included imported beef and pork slices at supreme quality. Beef was not bad with optimal fat and flesh ratio. With less than a minute in the boiling soup, the sliced beef was at its best doneness for savoring and best served with the Japanese sesame sauce, which was free-flow from the buffet counter. Pork was not looking good & fresh by its appearance with some darken part on a side, but surprising nice after cooked~


As it was a buffet, all the ingredients, side dishes and soft drinks were free-flow, which were available at their buffet counter by self-service. All the shabu-shabu ingredients looked fresh and tasted even fresher. Stomach can't wait for the food to get cooked? Side dishes including Japanese fried-rice & soba are provided on the counter to save your hungry tummy.



Somehow, I quite like their Japanese fried-rice. Definitely not because of its ingredients but more towards its taste and perfect moisture as it's served in a warm-keeping rice cooker. I would think a nice fried-rice doesn't have to be over complicated~


Lastly, free-flow soft serve was horrible! It was half melted when coming out of the machine and by the time it was brought to the table, it looked like this........ T_T It's worse than eating vanilla milkshake! They were abandoned at the end...


Website : http://www.moumouclub.com/ (Chinese only)

Address : Shop B05-06, B/F, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok

Branches :

  • Shop 309-310, 3/F, World Trade Center, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
  • Shop 309R2, LCX, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Shop 217-220, 2/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, 4-30 Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan
  • Jusco, 2/F, Tseung Kwan O Plaza, 1 Tong Tak Street, Tseung Kwan O
  • Shop U109, Lok Fu Shopping Centre, 198 Junction Road, Lok Fu
  • Shop G1-2, 2A, Palm Mansions, Site 4, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa, 7 Shung King Street, Hung Hom


Awfully Chocolate, Mong Kok

Awfully Chocolate is originated from Singapore and has its first franchised branch opened in Causeway Bay in 2008. Came across their wonderful chocolate cake and ice-cream from magazines and TV food programmes for quite some time ago. Finally, what a coincidence to discover one of their branches hiding at the corner of 4th floor in Langham Place when I was shopping on the weekend and decided to try their one and only dark chocolate flavoured ice-cream even the summer heat has gone for long.


The Dark Chocolate Ice-cream (HK$28/one scoop) was nicely served in this lovely take-away style paper box, with a cute leaf shape spoon that has a sharp tip for easy scooping at the edge inside the box, very thoughtful design~ :)


It was quite a large scoop of ice-cream indeed! My first scoop is very impressive with an extremely rich dark chocolate flavour and fine silky smooth texture, I can say it's the best chocolate ice-cream I've ever had. It's even better than Mövenpick and Häagen-Dazs!


Another interesting thing I discovered on their ice-cream was that it hardly melts! It stayed solid even after a few shots of picture and when I finished it, there was only just a very little bit of melted ice-cream at the bottom, which was really amazing! :D Will definitely try their chocolate cake next time~


Website : http://www.awfullychocolate.com

Address : Shop 20, 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok



Baby Café, Mong Kok

It wouldn't be a surprise if anyone told me a celebrity is running a cafe but for Angela Baby's... hmmm! I was puzzled for a second when I overheard from my friends. It's not impossible but kinda too early at her age to run a cafe, I suppose? Some of my friends resist to try as they doubt her cafe would offer great meal and some even categorised it to teenage market. Initially, I wasn't planned to be there but my last minute decision since I was at Langham Place last weekend.


Environment was cozy with gothic interior and dim spotlights. Comfy seats & tables surrounded by digital photos & big wall poster of hers as wall decoration. Come to service, it was moderate and a particular waiter, or perhaps he is the store manager has a great attitude on serving our meal sets.


This was our very-late lunch at about 4pm so going for a proper meal than merely a tea set would be great and we have ordered 2 set meals of "Angela+Baby=$99" includes soup/salad, main course and served with free drink. Generally in most restaurants, free drink covers either coffee or tea of choice but here, there is one and only drink of the day, Lychee Tea (荔枝茶), and you can choose to have it iced or hot. We had them iced as the Winter chill was still yet to arrive. It's served with some chopped mint and lots of crashed ice, which made it so cool and refreshing with a perfect sweetness!


Despite its small portion, Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (燒雞凱撒沙律) was great with some fresh & crisp romaine lettuce leaves, sprinkled with some croutons and topped with slices of grilled chicken, which was slightly warm at my acceptable level. The amount of dressing was just right to balance up the overall flavour. The grilled chicken breast was well-marinated with nice tenderness... I wish I could have more~


Seafood Bisque (濃蝦海鮮湯) was another awesome starter with 2 slices of toasts and garlic butter with finely chopped parsley nicely presented on a wooden tray. The soup was in fact a lobster bisque, which was rich & strong in flavour and there were some bits of lobster inside. The toast was super crunchy due to over-toasting with some burns on one side and apart from the burns, luckily the aromatic garlic butter has scored some points for it.


For the main course, we've chosen the "Baby" recommended ones, Grilled Spain Berkshire Pork with Tomato Herb Sauce (10 oz) (燒西班牙黑豚西冷配香草蕃茄汁) and Grilled French Spring Chicken in Red Wine Sauce (Half) (法式燒春雞配紅酒汁). The grilled pork was the highlight and was way better than expected. With the thickness of about roughly 2cm, It was surprisingly soft and tender, and somewhat juicy as well. Besides giving extra moisture to the pork, the tomato sauce was just ordinary in taste.


The Grilled French Spring Chicken in Red Wine Sauce shared the same garnish as the pork. The dish was served on a heated stone board, which was good to keep the whole dish warm throughout the meal.The chicken was tender and not overly dry in texture. For this dish, the main focus was on the red wine sauce, which went really well with chicken.


Overall, dining experience wasn't bad at all and there're some nice desserts on the menu... will definitely come back to try one day.

Website : N/A

Address : Shop 30, 11/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok

Location: http://www.langhampl...g/transport.php


A Guangzhou originated dessert specialist opened its first store in Hong Kong in 1994 and subsequently with a few branches thereafter. Hang Fa Lau Dessert used to be popular in its early years but emergence of tremendous competitors had gradually forced some of its branches to be closed down with only a few which are still surviving today. Actually, I was quite hesitated to pay a visit to this store all the while, probably because I can enjoy similar food quality in a much better place with better price...? I was quite surprised that some of our fans had it included in their planned itinerary and that's the reason why I'm writing a review now. :)

My mind was quite blank when seated and finally decided to go for Taxillus Chinensis Tea with Lotus Seed & Egg and Steamed Egg Custard after flipping through the menu.


The warmly served Taxillus Chinensis Tea with Lotus Seed & Egg (蓮子桑寄生蛋茶 $29) was not bad at all and there is no iced option available. As it is a kind of Chinese herbal tea that should be taken while it's still warm to get the best out of it for good health. One might think it's bitter like most Chinese herbal tea but I can tell that it's not that bad though it still carried a light herbal taste with slight sweetness. The lotus seeds were cooked just right with just a bit crunchiness and yet a soft starchy centre. The fully boiled egg was great with a very soft yolk that melt like lava in my mouth! Portion was small but good to try.


Steamed Egg Custard (冰花燉蛋 $23) was quite disappointing as compared to the famous Australia Dairy Company. Taste and aroma of egg was way too light and insignificant at all. Texture wise, it was still acceptable but Hang Fa Lau is definitely not a recommended place to try steamed egg custard unless you're running out of time.


Website : N/A

Address : Shop A, G/F, 9 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Branch :

  • 34 Cochrane Street, Central
  • Lai Wan Building, 33-55 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho
  • G/F, 3-5 Saigon Street, Jordan
  • Shop 279-280, 2/F, Grand Century Place, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok
  • G/F House of Corona, 50 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong
  • Shop 025, 5/F, Terminal 2, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok

Google Map


This entry is specially dedicated to our Muslim fans/members who're finding it hard to even notice the existence of nice halal food in town. Ma's Restaurant is just right in the heart of city with short walking distance from Prince Edward MTR station and it was again a popular restaurant recommended by Chua Lam, a local celebrity gastronome. To avoid long queue during lunch and dinner time, try to get there slightly earlier as we arrived at about 5:30pm on weekend and it was so quiet & comfortable. Besides their delicious halal food, I gotta really highlight their courteous service which was very impressive.


As they're famous for their Chinese halal delicacies with wide variety, it has also given a great opportunity to those who're bored of typical Chinese food and wish to try a twisted version. Usually, most of their food come with beef or mutton and of course, there're certain dishes that you can opt for chicken or fish as well. There're simply too many nice & intense-looking dishes to choose from but our tummies were just too full to take up the challenge at that time... what a pity!


Shanghainese Fried Noodle with Mutton (羊肉粗炒) is one of their signature dishes and it's also available with beef as well. We've chosen mutton for its uniqueness as it's not common to find Shanghainese fried noodle with mutton in Hong Kong. To fry a decent looking and yet delicious noodle dish isn't easy and Ma's has done it well. The mutton especially was the key ingredient of the dish and was cooked to almost perfection with really tender texture and perfect mild smell that mutton carries. Overall, the flavour was definitely above average but was kinda too oily to me.


Have tried Pan-fried Dumpling with Beef (牛肉餅) in different Shanghainese restaurants before but I could say this is my first time to taste such a delicious one that I started to love it after my first bite. This halal dim sum was their signature & must-order dish, which comes in a pair of about 2cm thick flat dumplings with about 8cm in diameter, and you can see them on almost every table. The pastry carried mild chewy texture with thin crispy crust on the outer layer. Be careful with your first bite, it wasn't only steaming hot but was filled with soup that you could burst it easily. The minced beef filling was juicy enough and accompanied with soup that you could slurp it on your way. I quite like the flavour of the beef, which was really delicious.




Same as the Pan-fried Beef Dumpling, this typical Chinese Pan-fried Dumpling also available in beef or mutton (牛/羊肉鍋貼) and we've chosen mutton for its uniqueness again. The bottom of dumpling wrap was pan-fried to a crunchy crusted texture and slightly chewy as a whole... which are the same as the ordinary type that we used to have. With no surprise, the minced mutton filling was also juicily filled with soup and a little compact in texture that gave more of biting sensation, which was good.




Website : N/A

Address : Shop 8, G/F, 197-199 Tong Mi Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon

Branch : G/F, 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

Google Map


Whenever you're in Mong Kok, there're a few designated corners that you can never avoid the smell of stinky tofu from at least 2 blocks away. If you never smell it or taste it before, you'll be wondering what that awful smell is... Human beings are weird and sometimes, we regard smelly food as gourmet food. Whenever the smell of stinky tofu by all means reach me from far, I can never resist to have one at least before leaving that spot. Last weekend I had 2 renowned smelly snacks of Hong Kong, Stinky Tofu and Pig Large Intestine, from this small stall named Delicious Food in Prince Edward. Their food is indeed delicious and it's proven by the crowd who leave the next store, which selling similar food, like an abandon child on the street.


Deep Fried Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐 HK$6/pc) is actually made of hard fermented bean curd, which produces a very strong odor that you can probably smell from afar. Different from the Taiwan version of stinky tofu that is usually boiled or barbecued, we have it deep fried into a big golden cube and topped with some Hoisin Sauce (and/or chilli sauce to your liking) on it when eaten. This stinky tofu from Delicious Food was great as it's stinky enough and freshly fried! Look at the beautiful golden crust, it formed a thin crunchy layer wrapping soft white bean curd inside, which was just perfect. Mind your mouth when you're about to give it the first bite, 'coz it's piping hot!


Deep Fried Pig Large Intestine (炸大腸 HK$9/skewer) was another most favourite street snack of mine. Used to eat it during my school life when it was just 3 or 4 bucks a skewer, I was shocked that it almost costed me a 10-dollar note now! Still remember it was only HK$6 each 1 or 2 years back, what a high inflation rate! I wasn't happy with the price and was neither pleased with the quality too... Perhaps it's not from the freshly deep fried batch, the outer skin was not crunchy enough and indeed a little tough. Taste was still OK and if you hesitate about the smell, add a bit of mustard to spice it up, it's not that bad or disgusting actually~ :P



Website : N/A

Address : Shop 10, G/F, 30-32 Nullah Road, Prince Edward

Google Map


Goldfinch Restaurant, a much later Canto-Western restaurant after Tai Ping Koon Restaurant was founded in 1960s, which was also known as "House of Steak". Besides experiencing a typical local tea restaurants in Hong Kong, dinning in an old-fashioned Canto-Western restaurant like Goldfinch Restaurant could also bring back memories for the elders as the decor remain mostly unchanged for the past 40 years with 1960s wallpapers and PVC booth seats. This type of restaurants is extinguishing with only a few are still serving.


Have any of you watched "2046" and "In the Mood for Love (花樣年華)" directed by Wong Kar Wai? This is where both the movies were filmed and it could also be one of the reasons for its survival through the decades. As a result, their two popular set menus are named after the movies.


It was our dinner last week and unfortunately, we didn't order any of their popular set menu but their regular one (HK$92 per set) that includes Bread & Butter (牛油餐包), Cream Soup (忌廉湯) or Borscht (羅宋湯), Filet Mignon (免翁牛柳) or Pan-fried Lamb Chop (煎羊扒) and coffee or tea (hot or cold). The moment of stepping into the dim environment, I've the same feeling as in Tai Ping Koon Restaurant like stepping back in time. What caught my attention was the big poster of "In the Mood for Love", which was just right on top of us. Don't you think it's an ideal place for lovers?


Realized their PVC booth seats cover has changed from brown to beige or the brown was just a makeup for the movie? huh.gif

A very classic starter, basket of Bread & Butter (牛油餐包) arrived right after taking our order and we've both Cream Soup (忌廉湯) & Borscht (羅宋湯). Unlike Cream Soup looked unattractive and tasted normal, Borscht with full of condiments filled to the brim was definitely a must for the starter and I enjoyed it very much for its perfect sweetness and sourness in taste, and rich in flavour.


I had Filet Mignon (免翁牛柳) at 70% done, which was just perfect in texture... soft and juicy to be exact with less fat attached. Of course, the great texture was also due to the steak cut of beef taken from the tenderloin, and could this be the reason for the smaller portion served? When I first cut it, it's pink in the middle... it's just beautifully done. I quite like the minced meat gravy dressed on the steak and overall, the steak was tastier than I expected!


Normally, I don't take lamb for its unpleasant smell but the Pan-fried Lamb Chop (煎羊扒) here was well-marinated with no awful smell of lamb. It was sliced into thinner pieces dressed with gravy and sprinkled with some dried herbs. The lamb itself was slightly dried out in texture as it was sliced and pan-fried, and the gravy has somehow done a great job to moisturize the whole dish. Not too bad!


The drinks, Iced Milk Tea (凍奶茶) & Iced Lemon Tea (凍檸茶), came together with the 2 main course. Iced Milk Tea was too sweet for me and basically, I need to wait for the melting ice to balance up the sweetness before drinking. For the Iced Lemon Tea, nothing special to talk about, just another nicely prepared one.


For the dessert, Vanilla Ice-cream (雲呢嗱雪糕), was served in a chilled stainless steel dessert bowl, which added even more vintage feel to our dinner! Talking about the taste, it's nothing great about it as it was just an ordinary vanilla ice-cream by Dairy Farm, not too bad though~


Website : N/A

Address : G/F, 13-15 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay

Remarks : Plus 10% service charge

Google Map


Winter is coming soon and so does my winter shopping spree for some great deals in Horizon Plaza. After a few hours of intensive shopping, it's about time to get ourselves a comfy place for a break and a meal or in fact, a very late lunch! As Horizon Plaza is surrounded by industrial buildings plus its all-time crowded lifts, most shoppers will never thought of leaving the building but to select cafes available inside the building. Not much choices available except some small cafes by itself or cafes operated by branded groups inside their outlets, so don't even think of having some kind of great meal on your move.

A very comfortable couch for me would be great at that point in time... Ladies! I'm sure you know how I felt after a crazy hunt for fashion :D. Monde Chocolatier looks cozy and without a second thought, that's how we ended in it. From my research, it's actually a handmade chocolate specialist located on the 10th floor of Horizon Plaza carries wide-selection of lovely chocolates and great instantly grounded coffee. Unfortunately, we're after some bigger meal to fill up our tummy than those finely handcrafted chocolates. I'm sure I'll come back for their chocolates one day!


It was about 3pm on Sunday last week and most of their pasta and sandwiches were sold out and what left over were their prepacked Chicken Pesto Sandwich and Spaghatti Bolognese. Chicken Pesto Sandwich at HK$35 is kinda overpriced but it was tasted not bad and all the ingredients used were still very fresh.


Spaghatti Bolognese at HK$37 was kept in the same cooler as the sandwich and heated up in the microwave oven before serving. Spaghatti itself was too dry and mixing the Bolognese sauce with the dried-out spaghatti could be a challenging job given such a limited space. Bolognese sauce wasn't too bad and it was just the portion that I'm disappointing at.


A good quality Cafe Latte made with freshly grounded coffee at HK$35 was no doubt a perfect cup for me but, why can't they stock up some brown sugar in the store? When I asked for brown sugar, the barista, perhaps he is the boss?, replied me with an innocent expression... "Sorry! We only have white sugar..." It's a "mystery" to me that a barista knows freshly grounded coffee can make a good cup of joe but don't even know coffee is best match with brown sugar?! Afterall, the great cup of latte still made my day.


Website : http://www.mondechocolatier.com/main.html

Address : Shop 1006-1007, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau, Ap Lei Chau

Google Map


A shop selling takeaway French sandwiches in Vietnamese-style available in 2 sizes (16-inch for HK$48 & 8-inch for HK$25) has been here in Jordan for about 30 years and still continuously attracting tourists, food bloggers, gastronomers and even celebs to enjoy their specialty with great comments. Chua Lam (蔡瀾), local celeb gastronomer, declared it to be the best and even better than those sold in Vietnam. We were there right after our dim sum at Dimdimsum Dimsum Specialty Store, which is just 2 blocks away and there were roughly 6 persons ahead of us waiting for sandwiches freshly from the oven in an air-conditioned area of less than 100sqf. Waiting time was about 10mins and besides starring at the preparation process by the boss, watching a small television with horse racing programme is also good for killing time, haha...


There isn't any helper to assist the boss, a lone ranger who does the "one-leg kicking" job including all the slotting of ingredients into the ready-made baguette, heating up in the oven as well as cash collection.


Ingredients like Pâté (法式嚼肉)、Vietnamese Ham (越南扎肉)、Spiced Pork Belly (五香腩肉), Pickled Ham Hock (鹹豬手肉) and Vietnamese Pickled Carrot & Turnip were slotted in between. Lastly, water was sprayed onto the baguette before heating up in the oven to avoid overcook. We were actually quite full right after our dim sum tea break, so we could be a little bias to the actual taste of the sandwish, I suppose! In my opinion, it wasn't that impressive as declared by most people and also, the pork belly was quite fat and I did throw out some stiff fat, which was hard to chew. Taste & flavour wise, it was just so-so and could be something that I may not turn back again.


Website : N/A

Address : Shop C, G/F, Man Yiu Building, 26C Man Yuen Street, Jordan

Google Map


If you like Tim Ho Wan, Dimdimsum could be your next favourite dim sum place! After recommended by one of my friends, who said Dimdimsum is even better than Tim Ho Wan, I was so eager to try and finally, had a chance last weekend when I was at Element for movie. Dimdimsum is located very close to Tong Kee, which is just the opposite corner along the same street. The dining area is far more spacious than Tim Ho Wan and the staff was so friendly. Most importantly, there's no queue when we were there before 6pm.biggrin.gif


Caught by the name, Real Pineapple Bun (真係菠蘿包 HK$15) is one of their signature dishes, which indicated by a star on the menu. For those who are familiar with Hong Kong food would have known that the so-called Pineapple Bun ("Polo Bao" in Cantonese) sold in ordinary bakery shop is indeed not made of pineapple. It was named after pineapple for its cracking top outlook like pineapple. However, the one from Dimdimsum is really made of genuine pineapple!! It was piping hot when served as if it's just freshly baked from oven! The centre was filled with mashed pineapple and custard, wrapped by soft bun and topped with crunchy pastry, which was the best Polo Bao that I've ever had!


Wasabi Deep-fried Dumpling (Wasabi 咸水角 HK$15) is another successful innovative twist of theirs, which has the similar outlook and texture but different filling from the ordinary one. Blending wasabi with the usual minced pork and mushroom didn't over-spice up the dish but has further brought out the uniqueness of deep-fried dumpling. I quite like the feeling of having typical dumpling with some mild wasabi taste running through my throat. It's definitely a highly recommended dish!


Steamed Sand Ginger Chicken Wrap (沙薑滑雞扎 HK$16) is ordinary in terms of taste and flavour, which is still as delicious as those sold in other places and definitely up to the usual Hong Kong standard. The only difference is that they use baby corn to replace a stick of ham, which is much healthier.


Steamed Rice with Chicken Feet & Pork Ribs (鳳爪排骨飯 HK$19) is a good choice for those who want to try both chicken feet & pork ribs at the same time as well as to cure your hunger immediately! Rice was cooked to the right texture with perfect moisture and tasted delicious with the sweet soya sauce~! Pork ribs were tender and trimmed well without excessive fat. Chicken Feet, which could be a dish not for everyone but is always my favourite, was surprisingly well marinated and the skin wasn't dry and the best part was, it kinda separated from the bone, which made eating easier.


Don't mix up with the ordinary Ha Gao (蝦餃), Steamed Celtuce & Shrimp Dumplings (萵荀鮮蝦餃 HK$16) is a different version, which is bigger with a lighter taste. It's my first time trying celtuce and before this, I never heard of it. Celtuce is also known as Asparagus Lettuce, which is a cross of Celery & Lettuce. Tasted light and very much like broccoli stem. A very fresh and healthy choice~


Never miss my steamed rice roll in every dim sum place and Steamed Rice Roll with Beef (桂林牛肉腸 HK$17) was the chosen one this time. The wrap was thin and silky smooth in texture and what impressed me was the chunky meat wrapped in between. The steamed minced beef mixed with spring onion & Chinese celery has a light flavour and tender in texture, it's the soya sauce that made the world of difference with the right saltiness & sweetness. No complaint! It was a satisfying dish.


I'm not sure if there are other dim sum places like Dimdimsum with such creative idea on their dishes but will definitely keep exploring! Or any recommendations? smile.gif

Website : http://www.dimdimsum.hk/

Address : G/F, Man Wah Building, 23 Man Ying Street, Jordan

Branches :

  • G/F, 112 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok
  • G/F, 7 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai
  • Shop 108, 1/F, Citylink Plaza, 1 Sha Tin Station Circuit, Sha Tin

Remarks : Tea Charge HK$2 per head, NO plus 10% is needed

Google Map


King's Dumpling, a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant originated from China with branches in a few provinces, has finally made its move across the border to Hong Kong when The One opened. This was again our weekend afternoon tea in the city and for me, it's just another crossover of Taiwanese & Shanghainese cuisine in town with much affordable prices, friendly service and quality food.


For afternoon tea, we don't normally go for heavy meal so Taiwan-style Marinated Pork Mince on Rice (台式滷肉飯 HK$28) in a bowl size slightly bigger than a typical Chinese rice bowl was a good start. Basically, it's a very typical Taiwanese dish that you can normally get in any Taiwanese restaurant that served in a bigger bowl than what I had here, which was kid size. Ingredients were simple! A bowl of normal Japanese rice topped with marinated minced pork, Chinese pickled turnip and boiled egg then drained with its pork sauce. It's simple but tasty for me!


Taiwan-style Dan Dan Noodle (台式擔擔撈麵 HK$28) mixed in spicy sesame and peanut sauce was not bad. Somehow, I realised that it has different version of peanut sauce used for Dan Dan Noodle in different restaurants in Hong Kong but they've one thing in common... The sauce has to be concentrated! The noodle was great in texture and best expressed as Al Dente and the sauce was at the right consistency, which was neither too thick nor watery.


King's Steamed Pork Dumplings (金牌小籠包 HK$45/6pcs)/Xiao Long Bao is always a standard dish to order. No complaint on the skin and the juicy soup inside but the minced pork wasn't soft enough like what I normally have in other places. In fact, I quite like the one in Xia Fei Shanghainese Restaurant, which was very delicious.


Steamed Rice Tube Pudding (筒仔米糕 HK$28) was made of glutinous rice blended with sliced mushroom and nuts in a very decent outlook then topped with some kind of unique sauce tasted like tomato and chili. Actually, I quite like the pleasant taste of it with a little saltiness to give it a simple twist in flavour, which doesn't have to be complex. Also, the rice has a perfect moisture. Tasted just right for its simplicity!


Website : http://www.kingsdumpling.com/

Address : Shop 404-405, 4/F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Branch : Please refer to the website



Yunnan rice noodle by Tams has gained its popularity with numerous branches across Hong Kong, Kowloon and even New Territories. It is popular not only for its delicacies in Yunnan style but also their very affordable prices. Imagine having a bowl of spicy noodle in good quality for only HK$15 in Hong Kong? How much more can you ask for?


Crystal Noodle in Spicy & Sour Soup (三哥酸辣粉 HK$15) is always my favourite dish to go for in this restaurant. Portion is small with the bowl size sightly bigger than a typical Chinese rice bowl, I guess it's still perfect for one person. The taste of the soup was unique and it wasn't just simply spicy like normal spicy noodle in town, you'd also feel your lips and tongue got numb after a few seconds of eating the noodle... "Amazing" is the best word to describe my feeling. Remember! Don't sip the soup fast, which may cause terrible choking due to the spiciness! The texture of the translucent noodle was chewy in a good way. Though it was oily but was definitely a worthwhile dish to try in Hong Kong. Highly recommended for spicy lover.


Noticed the Crystal Noodle above was small in size and that's why we had gone for something more attractive in our second dish, Supreme Yunnan Rice Noodle (過橋米線套餐 HK$42), for sharing. What's so great about this supreme thingy? It's a huge bowl of rice noodle in soup topped with all the ingredients available in the menu, which included sliced pork, beef, chicken, pork belly, pork liver & ham and also fish ball, beef ball, squid ball, bead curd puff, bead curd wrap, chives, lettuce, bean spout and bamboo fungus... In short, it's kinda all-in-one dish good for 2~3 persons. There are a few choices of soup base to choose and we've chosen mild spicy soup base in Sichuan syle. The soup was tasted awesome and all the ingredients were cooked to the right texture and flavour except for the fish ball, which wasn't firm at all and tasted more like flour. Not to forget mentioning the delicious condiments, minced pork paste and preserved vegetables, served separately, which went really well with the noodles. Despite the disappointing fish ball, it's still another thumb-up dish.


For the drinks, we ordered Iced Yuzu (citrus fruit) Honey Tea and Iced Kumquat & Crack seed Tea, which were good for body cooling after all the spicy food~


Website : http://www.facebook.com/tamsnoodle (facebook page)

Address : Shop 6-8, UG, Energy Plaza, 92 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Branch : Shops in downtown are listed below and for other location, please refer to their facebook page (Chinese only).

  • G/F & 1-2/F, 101 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok
  • G/F, 107 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po
  • 36 Jordan Road, Jordan
  • G/F, 205 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai
  • G/F, 32-34 Un Chau Street, Sham Shui Po
  • G/F, Soy Street 104B, Mong Kok
  • Shop A7, G/F, Tai Wo Hau Commercial Centre 1, Tai Wo Hau Estate, Tsuen Wan

Google Map


Mini Egg Custard Mooncake (迷你奶黃月餅) by The Peninsula Connoisseur is always ranked one of the top in Hong Kong even after all these years. It's popular among locals not only for its reputation & high quality but also for its niche availability. I tried to order last year and the year before but was told they were all sold out. Fortunately, I managed to have my order successfully placed earlier this year through a friend of mine. Guess what! Due to high demand, the redemption vouchers are even placed by people on Yahoo Auction for higher bid and thus, it has somehow became a prestige to own it~! :D In order to try different taste of Peninsula's mooncakes, I ordered a box of Assorted Mini Mooncakes (迷你雙輝月餅 HK$238) with combination of 4 Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes and 4 Lotus Seed & Egg Yolk Mooncakes.


After all the story-telling, here comes my comments! No doubt it tasted fairly good but I don't think it's that fantastic as declared by most people... Maybe I had too high expectation from The Peninsula, I suppose? The Traditional Lotus Seed & Egg Yolk Mooncake (迷你蓮蓉蛋黃月餅) was aromatic enough but kinda ordinary to me in terms of texture and flavour. In fact, it was a little too sweet to my liking and I would prefer white lotus seed for less sweetness. Definitely, not an extreme wow to me tho!


Their specialty, Mini Egg Custard Mooncake (迷你奶黃月餅), was rather mini and a disappointment for its inconsistency. From the picture below, the egg custard was apparently detached from the pastry skin... How could this happen in The Peninsula? However, when I cut the next one, it was well-intact, so shall I take it as my bad luck? :( Despite the inconsistency issue, the egg custard was indeed delicious with rich creamy flavour but I still prefer the one from Tsui Hang Village Restaurant, which brought a heavier taste of egg yolk.


Sometimes, reputation and quality may not be in proportion... Or it's just that I've been expecting too much?! I guess it's yet for you guys to find out and prove me wrong if I'm.

Website : http://www.peninsulaboutique.com/

Address : The Peninsula Boutique, Basement BE7-9, East Wing, The Peninsula, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Google Map


Has anyone heard of a Hong Kong-based record label, Capital Artists (華星唱片公司) before? Does it sound much familiar if you know it signed some of the big names like Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Andy Hui, Miriam Yeung, William So, etc? Yes! this typical Hong Kong tea restaurant is actually owned by a group of colleagues from Capital Artists. Interior decor is rather simple with black & white taken the lead and instead of pasting menus allover the wall like what tea restaurants in Hong Kong did, it has posters of local artists with their signatures to bright up the dinning atmosphere.


Different from most tea restaurants in Hong Kong, variety on their menu is rather limited. There are only 2 kinds of set meal and some a la carte snacks available during day time, while there are spaghetti dishes on offer starting from 6pm daily. Under limited choices, we ordered the Regular Meal (常餐 HK$30) without a second thought. The meal included soup pasta with BBQ pork (choice of macaroni or spaghetti), buttered toasts, choice of scrambled or sunny-sided egg, 2 pieces of ham and a cup of hot drink (extra HK$2 for cold drink). My cold milk tea is the first to come. Have long heard that their cold milk tea is one of the best in town and it's indeed no puff~! It was smooth and aromatic enough as they have declared the milk they use is Hokkaido 3.6.


Frankly speaking, the soup pasta with BBQ pork wasn't impressive at all as the soup was a little bland in flavour, the pasta was kinda overcooked and BBQ pork was just normal. In fact, I quite like the one served in Match Box Cafe.


When comes to their scrambled egg, it's definitely a thumb-up dish. It was silky smooth with really strong aroma of egg and I enjoyed my every single scoop in my mouth. I wish I could have unlimited consumption if it doesn't trigger my cholesterol level.



When the Pork Chop with Nissin Noodle (豬扒出前一丁 HK$28) first arrived on the table, my eyes were caught by the thick gigantic pork chop on top! It's tender in texture and freshly deep-fried with crispy edge. Flavour wise, it's awesome but my only complaint is why didn't they serve the pork chop separately to avoid soaking in the soup so to preserve the crispiness. A little pack of Nissin sesame oil was provided when the noodle was served, too bad that we only found it after we have almost finished the whole bowl of noodle otherwise, our noodle could be more tastier... sleep.gif


The French Toast (西多士 HK$17) on the table next to us was so tempting, so we decided to finish off our late lunch with it! biggrin.gif~ Usually local French Toast is sandwiched with 2 thin slices of bread spread with peanut butter in between, however this came in one piece of thick white bread coated with egg and deep-fried to a beautiful golden brown colour. It's wonderfully soft and fluffy in the centre while the crispy egg outside gave out rich taste of egg and it's perfect to eat with butter and golden syrup.


Since it's a famous tea restaurant in town, do expect for long queue during peak hours and if there're 2 of you sitting on a 4-seater table, you may be requested to sit on one side rather than occupying the whole table.

Website : N/A

Address : Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard Street, Wan Chai

Branch : G/F, Shun King Building, 185-187 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan

Google Map


Fairwood 大快活

With Cafe de Coral Fast Food 大家樂 and Maxim's MX 美心MX previously featured, an eye-catching Fairwood in sharp orange decor is another main local fast-food chain that you can easily spot them in any corner. Generally, these 3 fast-food chains carry not exactly but more or less the same menu with their respective seasonal dishes. Like tea restaurants in Hong Kong, they do have dishes available in set or a la carte, and also dishes available for the whole day or a particular meal.

Normally, I'll only go for 3 items of Fairwood for my breakfast all the time, which I thought they've done quite well - hot espresso coffee, big glutinous rice dumpling in lotus leaf and their delicious scrambled egg.

One of the most affordable espresso coffee with quality above average in Hong Kong. It was simply smooth and aromatic enough to my preference. As it was included in my breakfast set, can't remember exactly how much it is if you were to buy it separately... If I'm not mistaken it should be around HK$10.


Here comes my all-time favourite Glutinous Rice Dumpling in lotus leaf (糯米雞 HK$20/set with hot drink), which was very delicious. The filling of glutinous rice includes a middle part of chicken wing, which was the star, with pork cubes & shitake mushroom in a very tasty sauce. It's proven that the quality is well-maintained as I had it for many many times.


Value Set Breakfast (HK$20) includes macaroni with ham, toast with butter & scrambled egg and a choice of coffee or tea. The set may look normal but this is the most common dish available in most Hong Kong tea restaurants for breakfast. Not to mention the rest but their scrambled egg shouldn't be missed, which was silky smooth & creamy, and the aroma of egg was really strong and fresh.


Website : http://www.fairwood.com.hk/

Branch : Please check out the website


Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet), a popular dish in Japan since late 19th century, has established its fame in Hong Kong through a recent influx of Japanese restaurants like Ginza Bairin, which always offers my choice of Pork Katsu. It was first opened in K11, Tsim Sha Tsui followed by a few branches in different location, and IFC is the one to be featured in this entry.


We arrived there at about 2.15pm and waited half an hour for a booth seat. Before stepping in, everyone was told by the waitress that the dine-in time is restricted to an hour only. I think no one likes being constrained by time when enjoying good food, right? The funny part was, there're still plenty of vacant tables & seats by the time we're due to leave... just wondering the purpose for the time restriction when it was almost 4pm!


Whenever it comes to their delicious signature dish, Rosu Katsu Set (Deep-fried Pork Loin Set HK$165), its always worthwhile for waiting. Similar to a typical Tonkatsu set served in Japan, the thick breaded deep-fried pork cutlet was cut into bite size and served with a bowl of steamed Japanese rice, finely shredded cabbage, miso soup and Japanese pickles. Oh yeah! Forgot to mention that you can have free-flow of rice and shredded cabbage for any Bairin set meals~ How wonderful it is! :P This is also another reason why it's always packed with people. The 2cm thick of pork cutlet from premium graded Kurobuta (黑豚) was very juicy and tender enough with heavenly crunchy housemade bread crumbs, it's a must-try for all agemono (揚げ物) lovers. However, my only grumble was their Tonkatsu sauce, which wasn't concentrated enough as compared to the one I had in Japan before...

Japanese sesame and wasabi dressing are provided on the table for the shredded cabbage to make your own yummy salad. I had plenty of sesame dressing to go with the very fresh cabbage and finally found that mixing a bit of wasabi dressing was even more refreshing!




No doubt Sauteed Rosu Ginger Set (Stir-fried Pork Loin in Ginger Sauce Set HK$145) has its flavour above average but lose out on its texture, which was stiff to the bite and further worsen by the chewy fats attached around the edge. I would prefer to have the pork thinly sliced and go with less thicken sauce. I would say it wasn't as impressive as Rosu Katsu Set above.



Website : http://www.ginzabairin.com.hk/

Address : Shop 3013, 3/F, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central

Branch : Please refer to their website attached

Location in ifc Mall


Another famous restaurant originated from Shanghai for its traditional Shanghainese dishes. When it first launched in Hong Kong, it wasn't easy to get in as there was frequent countless crowds lined outside craving for their great food. As far as I could remember, this was my third visit to this restaurant in different location and has finally ended my highly hope with full of disappointment in Elements this time. My past experiences in their branches of Mong Kok, which has closed down, and Quarry Bay were truly above average and that's why I wanted so badly to feature it in my blog this time... but who knows!

Initially, we started to get worried when we were still on the queue by seeing some table remained unclean, rude staff telling us to wait and wait, and waitresses running around like chicken losing its head. I noticed they're kinda short of staff but didn't expect that bad in their food until I tried them out myself. As such, I won't go into much detail on their food for their horrible reasons below.


Signature Beef Pan-fried Bun (王家沙牛肉餅 HK$30) was smaller than before, the pastry was thicker than the filling and it wasn't juicy at all, which used to be juicy.



Shanghainese Chives Bun (上海蟹殼黃燒餅 HK$30) was horrible... it was worse than dry as you can see the bun cracked. Furthermore, it was tasteless with no flavour at all.


Deep-fried Noodle with Shrimp Gravy (蝦仁兩面黃 HK$68) was only at its edible level and flavour was just alright with lack of sufficient shrimp gravy for such amount of fried noodle. So you could imagine we were like having crackers.


Here come the Stir-fried Shanghainese Glutinous Rice Cake with Pork Ribs (醬燒排骨年糕 HK$58) with really heavy awful smell of pork. Although the glutinous rice cake was delicious but we just couldn't take the smell of pork so just left it as it was after a few scoop.


Website : N/A

Address : Shop 1068-70, 1/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui

Branch :

  • Shop 302 , 3/F, Site 8, Whampoa Garden, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa, 7 Tak On Street,, Hung Hom
  • Shop 115-116, 1/F, Lee Gardens Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay
  • Shop L4-19, 4/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
  • Shop No.101, 1/F, Cityplaza II, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Tai Koo
  • Shop 23, G/F, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Map by Elements


In Mong Kok, there're just too many hidden jewels in every corner that are yet to be unveiled. Being a smartest tourist, one shouldn't restrict him/herself to a hard-selling Hong Kong Food Guide, which definitely leads you to a bursting budget. Comparing with those renowned restaurants selling really small bowl of beef/fish balls noodles for more than HK$40, I just couldn't find a concrete setback on some decent restaurants like Lok Yuen Beef Ball King that hold them back from shining. It was again our afternoon tea break in Mong Kok on last 2 weekend.

Environment is neat and spacious with well-presented dishes at a hygienic level. Service wise, it was moderate and nothing terribly caught in my impression. For locals, it could be a great drop-by to pick up some good & fresh beef balls, which are nicely displayed on the entrance, to top up their home-cooked dishes. Arrr... should have done so!


Beef Tendon Balls with Rice Noodle (招牌牛筋丸米線 HK$26) was for sure a comforting dish and we can choose any type of noodle as we like. The rice noodle was smooth and slightly chewy as well. The soup wasn't too rich in flavour with really mild dose of MSG, which could be good or bad as I had to add some chili oil in order to enhance the flavour. I liked the beef tendon balls for its firm & bouncy texture and it indeed carried delightful taste of beef, which was no doubt one of the great ones in town.


In my opinion, Fish Dumplings with Flat Noodle (手造魚皮餃粗麵 HK$31) was almost flawless and definitely a good one to go for. The flat noodle was cooked to the right texture and somehow, the soup base was more tastier than the one for Beef Tendon Balls Noodle, does it mean it has plenty of MSG? :huh: Just out of curiosity, aren't they using the same soup base across every bowl of soup noodle? :unsure: The minced pork was firmly wrapped with dumpling skin made of fish meat, which was very delicious without any awful fish smell and indeed, soft & smooth in texture.


Have anyone of you tried Boiled Water Morning Glory (通菜 HK$8) in Hong Kong style? Whenever you order this dish in any part of Hong Kong, you'll get the same sauce - fermented bean curd sauce (腐乳) and that's what made the whole dish so wonderful and tasty~!


Website : N/A

Address : G/F, 42 Bute Street, Mong Kok

Branch : G/F, 12A Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui

Google Map


Oscar, an ex-member of Bliss band in Hong Kong music industry, has diverted his career to a more challenging position by setting up his very first takeaway Shanghainese bun store in the busy Mong Kok in 2010. Having spent 3 years of his unbeatable learning spirit in Shanghai, King of Sheng Jian was born with its specialty in various kinds of Shanghainese delicacies from typical Steamed Minced Pork Dumpling (鮮肉小籠包) to Pan-Fried Pancake with wide selections of ingredient of your choice. Though its a takeaway shop but bar tables with no seat are available indoor, which are good for about 8 persons the most. In my opinion, in order to try the most optimum moment of the dish, one should have it on the spot while it's still fresh & hot.


Pan-Fried Pancake (香酥餅) was indeed a suprise as it was aromatically delicious with mild savory smell of spring onion. Instead of a traditional pan-fried pancake, we could select our choices of wrapped ingredient in the pancake and we've gone for lettuce and pork floss (2 ingredients for HK$18 and 3 for HK$21)... These made the world of differences! Texture wise, it was very much similar to Indian pancake, "Roti", but with rather crispy crust. Quite an interesting and yummy dish for me! :P


Pan Fried Minced Pork Bun (Sheng Jian Bao 上海生煎包 HK$20/4pcs & HK$30/6pcs) is their signature dish. The bun was slightly smaller than I used to and the thickness of the skin was just moderate, neither too thick nor thin, but the bottom was cooked to a beautiful brownish colour & crispy in texture. The disappointing aspect of this dish was lack of sufficient soup inside the bun as I didn't get the bursting sensation like what I did at Xia Fei Shanghainese Restaurant 霞飛點心拉麵 in Tsim Sha Tsui that a Sheng Jian Bao should have.



Website : N/A

Address : Shop A, G/F, Chip Lee Building, 178-182 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok

Google Map


If you're steamed rice roll (Cheung Fun 腸粉) fans, you gotta check this out! Tong Kee is definitely one of the top in specialising Cheung Fun with wide selections of wrapped ingredients beyond ordinary and also popular for its delicious congee. All the Cheung Fun are made to order, do ready to wait for at least 15mins for preparation as clearly stated in their menu and also be warned for long queue due to their daily short operating hours & popularity. Their business hour is odd, which starts from 7pm to 2:30am in the morning and closed on Wednesday & Sunday, and its inconvenient location could also be reason for my little hesitation to visit this place until now.


Though it's located in Jordan but geographically, it's also close to Tai Kok Tsui (大角嘴), which is easier to reach from Elements shopping mall situated on top of Kowloon MTR station that took us about 5~10mins walking from point to point. It's an open air restaurant or rather Dai Pai Dong (local alfresco dinning concept) with tables & stools outside the restaurant and extends to the street when the night getting darker.


A chunky looking Dried Bok Choy & Pork Bone with Duck Gizzard Congee (鴨腎菜乾豬骨粥 HK$17) filled to the brim definitely excited me at the first glance. It was a little less salty than normal but I quite like the natural taste and sweetness with less (or even no) MSG it contained. I could even taste the fragrance of dried tangerine peel (陳皮), which has further enhanced the overall flavour. Adding duck gizzard to the congee could be attractive to order but it was so little in quantity with the most 3 tiny pieces and it was tasted like normal meat... nothing impressive! I'm sure while waiting for their long-preparing Cheung Fun, a bowl of quick served congee for only HK$17 was definitely a good start to warm up our tummy.


We were a little greedy to go for 2-mix ingredients Cheung Fun, Roasted Duck & Chinese Sausage Steamed Rice Roll (燒鴨臘腸腸 HK$21). The steamed rice roll itself was thin & silky in appearance and heavenly smooth in texture, which is so close to rice noodle we had in good quality. With the 2 interesting combinations of ingredient, the strongly flavoured Chinese Sausage was somehow overwhelmed the Roasted Duck. I guess it also depends on how evenly are the ingredients spread across in portion. The sauce itself shouldn't be missed to mention as it was tastefully unique with the right sweetness and without it, the Cheung Fun will never be so perfect.


That's for sure a plate wasn't enough and we ordered their popular BBQ Pork & Pig Liver Streamed Rice Roll (叉燒豬潤腸 HK$17), which has won my taste bud with the pig liver taken the lead in flavour although I had seen some bit and pieces of BBQ pork. The pig liver was no doubt a good one with great tenderness & juiciness in texture as I did try some which was really dry and stiff like the one from Tim Ho Wan. This is absolutely a thumb-up dish for pig liver lover.


Website : N/A

Address : Shop C, G/F, Man King Building, 26 Man Wui Street, Ferry Street, Jordan

Google Map


Ever think of having burger on your birthday? Instead of a romantic candlelit dinner, I decided to have a wild finger-licking meal on my birthday this year, yes, it's burger, or better say, junk food that rocketing my cholesterol level~ -_-

BLT Burger is always the restaurant that I'm kinda curious to explore, probably due to its frequent long zigzag queue on a corridor that always drag down my pace from Harbour City to Ocean Terminal as a result of their "no advance reservation" policy... Just can't wait to beat the crowd and pull myself in!:D I arrived at 6:30pm on Tuesday before the crowds and insisted to wait a bit for a booth seat at the corner for better privacy and most importantly, a more comfy seating on my birthday! ^0^


If you're looking for food other than burgers and bar snacks, then BLT Burger is for sure a no-no. They have about 10 kinds of burger on the menu, ranging from the most typical BLT to hybrids that infused with flavours of local adaption. There are also quite a few bar snacks like deep-fried stuff and salads to go with the burger of your choice, together with a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to order.


Like I said, they do have many fusion dishes with a unique twist of local flavours, which is hardly tasted elsewhere. This 5 Spices Chinese Chicken Salad (HK$85) is one of a kind. It's like an Orientalised coleslaw with shredded cabbage served with grilled marinated chicken & exotic spicy dressing. The chicken was marinated in a Chinese way and tasted very much like Cantonese Cha-Siu (BBQ Pork), but a bit overcooked and dried out at its edge. The dressing was very appetising with the sourness from vinegar and the spiciness from red chillies. It's quite interesting to try though!


To try out the best, always go for the dish named after its restaurant or something very basic & classic? I guess so, that's what I did and have ordered my BLT Burger (7oz Grilled CAB Beef, Double Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & BLT Burger Sauce HK$98), which came with a tiny cup of ordinary coleslaw and 1/4 of pickled cucumber. The beef patty was medium done and its kind of dry and wasn't firm enough as when I cut it, the bit and pieces of the beef started cracking & falling. So I ended up eating with my hands, which should be the best way of enjoying a burger! Taste of the patty was way too bland and yes, it's rather tasteless and lacked of beef flavour. The crispy double smoked bacon has apparently done a great job in enhancing the overall taste of the burger.



The most iconic dish name that I've ever heard, Canton Road (Pork & Shrimp Burger, Plum Sauce, Herb Salad, Chinese Chili, Cucumber & Sriracha Mayo HK$88), was it because Harbour City is located on Canton Road? Yet to find out if this particular dish serves in their future branches at other location... Before placing the order, we were asked if we would like it to be really spicy or non-spicy as one of the optional condiments is Chinese dry chili so there isn't such option as medium spicy... It's either you want it or totally off! And we had it non-spicy to save our tummy and tongue. The thick pork & shrimp patty was juicy & tender and proven that it's the right choice to go for. The burger was surprisingly good not only because of the great patty and condiments like onions & herb salad but also the great plum sauce, which has a well-balanced sweetness taste, and made the whole dish tasted more Chinese to go with the name, Canton Road.


We ordered Vidalia Onion Rings (HK$48) to go with our burgers rather than a typical concept "burger with fries", which is too starchy & stomach filling. It was sooooooo Yummy! Onion itself was sweet and the tasty crispy batter has definitely made it a difference.


Website : http://www.bltburger.com , http://www.diningconcepts.com.hk/blt_burger/index.php

Address : Shop OT301-301A, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



My first ever enormous food production scenes captured within a small and yet complex structured restaurant in a small village. This restaurant has attracted tons of customer from different places travelling all their way to Sham Tseng just for their popular Roasted Goose everyday. It was just an amazing experience to observe their highly efficient management system from lining up till getting a table and leaving the restaurant with our smiley face. We were first given a number and once a table was assigned, we were leaded by various waiters/waitresses and even electrical signage along the way to the specific dinning room of our table. There are a few dinning rooms in different directions after the entrance due to unplanned expansion, I suppose? It's complicated in structure but anyway, it works darn well for them.


Once seated, we started browsing through the menu carefully and I could felt the friendly waiters were a bit anxious in taking our order by coming back at least 4~5 times checking if we were ready. Without turning horrific faces to us, they left with comforting words, "take your time!" They are so efficient to such an extent that all our dishes came in less than 10mins after placing the order and the best part was, all the dishes are in perfect condition in terms of temperature and taste. It was just amazing!


In Chinese belief, frequently having a good bowl of soup could replenish our body fluid and double boiling technique could maximise the nutrients extracted from the ingredients for our body to absorb. In my opinion, Chinese soup must be served hot and the Double-Boiled Chicken Legs, Conch Meat in Chinese Wolfberry and Yam Soup (淮杞螺頭燉雞腳湯 HK$80/Regular, which is perfect for 2~3 persons) was served hot enough to my liking. It was rich in collagen and wasn't too oily at all, which is delightful if you're on diet. I quite like the taste of the soup with natural sweetness that aroused my appetite for more.


Here comes the star, Regular Traditional Roasted Goose (裕記燒鵝 HK$95/Quarter of Goose), which everyone is craving for. I believe there is always a reason for success and no matter how hard some highly-paid food bloggers finding ways to defeat, they'll never get it. Especially the roasted goose, I did read some bad comments about it but it wasn't the case at all when I tried it out myself. I was deeply impressed by the dish and it was just simply delicious. The skin of the freshly roasted goose was crispy and there wasn't much fat sandwiched within the skin and the meat nor do we taste a hint of unpleasant taste of goose.


A picture is worth a million words and this is definitely the best goose in my list for now. Remember to dip some sweet plum sauce provided, I'm sure you'll love it even more. A highly recommended dish to everyone.


There are a lot more to order than just Roasted Goose and we have ordered Stir-Fried Diced Seafood, Cashew Nuts and Celery (裕記小炒王 HK$70/Regular), which was simply our additional dish to go with our Roasted Goose dinner. Basically, it was an ordinary dish cooked with above average taste and flavour. Not to go into much detail as a simple dish like this will never go so wrong in such a renowned restaurant. In fact, I was quite disappointed as they've replaced celery with broccoli stem or alike without notifying us beforehand.


Dinning environment could be annoying as announcements on replenished dish and special dish of the day via speakers were quite frequent during our meal. It was like having dinner in a supermarket with announcements on discounted products? I would say it's a good dinning experience if you haven't done so.

Website : http://www.yuekee.com.hk/en/index.htm

Address : 9 Sham Hong Road, Sham Tseng, New Territories

Remark : 10% service charge on weekends and public holidays; HK$8 for the "compulsory" complimentary peanuts; HK$5 tea charge per head.

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First of all, would like to thank our facebook fan, Ashley, for posting such a wonderful photo of Sammi Cheng (a famous Hong Kong celebrity) dining in this restaurant, another popular dining spot that one shouldn't be missed. The 2-storey restaurant is located at the same street as Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩 and Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園 with a separate staircase beside the restaurant leading up to the first floor. As the ground floor was fully occupied with 2 reserved tables, we're told to go upstair and the dining environment with air-conditioning was much better than some local tea restaurants although only stools were provided. We didn't try out much of its dishes but 3 were more than enough to write a good comment.


Friendly & attentive service was experienced and even the boss himself was serving and casual chatting with the customers at that night. Most of their main dishes are in good portion, so we've ordered 2 bowls of rice to go with 2 main dishes, which were just right for us.


There were so many choices on the menu that we didn't know what to try. Sometimes it's good to look around the walls where the chef recommended/signature dishes are usually posted. Stir-fried Bean Curd with Chinese Chives & Prawn Paste (蝦醬韭菜豆腐 HK$54) was the one we picked from the wall menus. It's kinda new to us 'coz we rarely heard bean curd cooked with Hong Kong style prawn paste. Taste was generally good that the flavour of prawn paste was pretty well-matched with the bean curd, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the prawn paste after having half of the dish...


Our next dish and also the signature dish of the cafe, Stewed Beef Brisket & Turnip in Clear Soup (清湯蘿蔔牛腩煲 HK$95), which came 15mins later after the first dish, was served just in time when I wanted something refreshing to wash down the prawn paste in my throat~! I guess slightly longer time needed for the preparation work of such popular dish? Beef brisket was well trimmed with no excessive fat and cooked to a fairly tender texture. The clear soup was low in MSG and light in taste yet it was not bland at all 'coz the sweetness of turnip has brought a very refreshing and natural taste to the soup. Highly recommended!


When we've finished and ready for the bill, a waitress came tidying up our table and asked if we'd like to have some dessert. Yeah~ They serve free dessert to every table like Home-feel 住家菜~ Dessert of the day was Sweet Pumpkin Sago Soup (南瓜西米露), which was served hot. It's very rich in pumpkin taste and slightly thicken by its natural starch but not heavy loaded with cornflour. It was really smooth in texture and tasted pretty good indeed~


Website : N/A

Address : G/F, 3 Gough Street, Central

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Does anyone aware of this little cubical Dai Pai Dong (typical alfresco dining style in Hong Kong) on the slope, which is also close to the popular Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園)? They're famous for their typical Hong Kong dessert amongst locals & tourists and also don't forget to count in their bad attitude on service. Like what I encountered, you may experience ignorance from them, so just be patient and focus on their food... That's the way to handle frustration and good food at the same time. ;)


Imagine sitting on the slope, balancing could be a little challenge on certain tables. Anyway, if you want a comfy & hygienic dining place, this is definitely not for you. And if you're lucky enough like me, you may see their finger tip in your food when serving and that's what we called "extra natural flavouring"! Hahaha... :lol: After all, their food is of super great deal in town.


Dry Dumpling Noodle with Sweet Soya Sauce (水餃撈麵 HK$22) wasn't impressive or rather too dry to my liking but the dumpling itself was awesome with great texture and flavour. Different from other Canton style dumpling I use to have, they added a little Chinese chives in it to give out more fragrance in taste. As per the lady serving us, all the dumplings and wantons are home-made with no preservatives added~! If you wish to try their dumplings only, you may choose to order their dumplings in soup without noodle or you may even buy their fresh dumplings with minimum purchase of at least a dozen to bring home.


Deep Fried Fish Skin (炸魚皮 HK$9) is also another local snack that you can order in most noodle stalls and hot pot restaurants as part of popular hot pot dishes in Hong Kong. I would say their deep fried fish skin was just moderate as it wasn't too crunchy and aromatic enough like what I use to have. For just HK$9, it worth to give it a try if you never had it before.


One shouldn't say they've visited this store if they haven't tried their most popular delicacy, Rice Ball with Sugar Coconut Sesame (糖不甩 HK$8), which is a really classic local dessert. The rice balls were served hot and they were soft and chewy, and definitely the best ever rice balls for me. The trick is on the sugar, coconut and sesame, that turned the plain rice balls to be so tasteful. This is definitely a must-try dish!


Having a cold Green Beans with Seaweed (海帶綠豆沙 HK$9) on a rainy day, was like adding extra cooling comfort to my body. Again, this dish is another typical local dessert, which was perfectly cooked in this store. Green Beans dessert is common in some Asia countries but having seaweed in it could be something interesting for some of you. I quite like it as all the beans were thoroughly dissolved with barley added some extra chewy texture to the soup. Sweetness was perfect and the seaweed has added the right mild flavour to the soup. Lastly, never leave without saying "highly recommended!" :D


Website : N/A

Address : 2 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central

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