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Trip planning could be tiring and stressful especially for a family travelling with kids. For those in need for a short break and wanna save the hassle of planning a trip, it’s not necessary to fly off as Hong Kong has quite a few brilliant getaway choices to offer. Some popular ones are the rented houses and hotels in Cheung Chau, Mui Wo and Lamma Island, but rarely do people talk about Discovery Bay. 

Here we came to Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong and enjoyed a night of staycation for the weekend. The hotel is located in Discovery Bay, a tranquil residential area on the Lantau Island, and is easily accessible by MTR with the free hotel shuttle bus pick-up at Sunny Bay station. It was a beautiful sunny day and when we stepped out from Sunny Bay station, we felt so relax as if we’re in another tropical country going on a sun’n beach trip! It’s so different from the “Hong Kong” we used to know!


Hotel shuttle bus stop is outside Sunny Bay station Exit A. It is available at around every 30 mins and only for hotel guests, so get your booking confirmation ready before getting on the bus. Alternatively, non-hotel guests may take public bus DB03P from Sunny Bay station as well. 



After a brief ride of 15-20mins, we arrived at the Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong!




It's still plenty of time before standard check-in time, why not treating ourselves a feast to kickstart our getaway? Had a lunch buffet (HK$298/adult, HK$198/child) at the hotel's restaurant, Café bord de Mer & Lounge, which offers daily breakfast buffet, lunch & dinner buffets on every Friday - Sunday, and nightly dinner buffet throughout entire month of August. The current buffet is featuring dishes cooked with fruit ingredients and unlimited glasses of Red Bean Ice (紅荳冰) to beat the summer heat! 















Had some soothing Cantonese soup to wash away inner heat.


A wide range of colourful sweet treats is available for the sweet tooth and the little ones. Look at that marshmallow cake, rainbow cake and those mini mousse cones! Kids must love them all!








Self-made Affogato with the Haagen-dazs ice-cream & freshly brewed coffee from the coffee machine. Yum~


Portuguese egg tarts were also available!!


Restaurant interior filled with plenty sunlight.


Time to get our room after we're done with the lunch buffet. It was an Ocean Front Panoramic View Room on high floor. Wow wow wow!!! We were so astonished by the 180 degrees ocean view of South China Sea and the spacious room!! It's a genuine escape from the city life while falling asleep in a king-sized bed with such an ocean view!





Hotel room with contemporary design in a tone of ocean blue.




We could see some Discovery Bay residential buildings from afar as well as the hotel's White Chapel and European tall ship The Bounty, which were just downstairs.



Enjoyed stunning ocean view even in the bath! 




A little mention about the welcome basket that we really appreciated. It's not ordinary welcome fruits but a basket full of sweet & savoury snacks! Best for kids and adults who are not on diet! 


"You've arrived at another side of Hong Kong" printed on the key card sleeve, couldn't agree more.


Let's get out and explore the hotel and places nearby. The hotel offers a full range of recreational facilities for all ages. Spacious gym room with essential equipments for the sporty ones, playroom for family guests with kids, and the leisure hotel's must-have, swimming pool!






If you're kind of adventurous, drop by the recreation counter in the lobby to rent a bike and cycling around the neighbourhood.


The hotel is also renowned for its one-of-a-kind wedding venue with the sleek triangle White Chapel and the exquisite European tall ship The Bounty that are hardly found elsewhere in Hong Kong. The ship and the blue sky resembled a beautiful and classic scene like the picture we used to see on puzzles and postcard!





These are all Ocean Front Panoramic View Rooms located.


As the hotel is situated in a residential community, there are shops, restaurants and a supermarket just around the corner so don't panic if you forgot to bring something essential for your stay. Only if you remember to bring enough cash, haha...




Same stunning ocean view can also be viewed from the town square right beside the hotel.


It's dinner time when the sun went down. We again visited the Café bord de Mer & Lounge for the dinner buffet (HK$338/adult, HK$198/child) featuring BBQ skewers. 




Different sauces to season the skewers to your liking.






Alaskan Crab Legs were only available during dinner time~





Stayed awhile at the restaurant even we've finished our dinner just for the 9pm fireworks at Disneyland. Yes, we could see a little fireworks from outside the restaurant!


Hotel lobby at night. When everyone has gone back to room, it shows another undisturbed charm.



Good morning world!! Life would be perfect if we could wake up with such a breathtaking ocean view everyday... 


Breakfast buffet is always the best way to start a day and that's why we usually prefer to book accommodation with breakfast buffet included. :D The restaurant has a good spread of breakfast buffet with both Oriental and Western dishes. 

You may DIY a set of Hong Kong styled breakie with congee, stir-fried noodles, a few pieces of Siu Mai and a Cha Siu Bao.


Plus a bowl of made-to-order soup noodle from the noodle station. There are choices of noodle like rice vermicelli, egg noodle and silver needle noodle (銀針粉) to choose from, and choices of ingredients like different types of mushroom, veggie, fish/beef/cuttlefish balls, and bean curd to custom make your perfect soup noodle. 



And/Or have a set of American or Continental breakfast with eggs, sausages, hash brown, different kinds of bread and pancakes.



I've never seen pancakes made by such a pancake machine!! What a great idea for the restaurant to provide fresh hot pancake without employing an extra staff at a pancake station! Haha... 


A breakfast could never be perfect (and not healthy enough) without fruits. And the satisfying breakfast put a beautiful end to our staycation.


Last but not least, don't forget to book your seats 1 day before check-out for the free hotel shuttle bus bringing you back to the Sunny Bay station as the buses around check-out time are always full! Huge thanks to all friendly staff in the hotel who have taken care of us and it was truly a great place to unwind ourselves. If you're interested in taking a break or just spending a day with scrumptious buffet at Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong, take a look at their website where you will find different promotions and room packages on offer: http://www.aubergediscoverybay.com


As everyone knows Chinese New Year shouldn't be lack of puddings, and trying to make or pick a real good pudding is one big headache to me every year. This year I no longer have to worry about it as I received a set of gorgeous CNY puddings by Loong Toh Yuen as a gift, heartfelt thanks to Hullett House!

The two boxes of pudding were packed inside a beautiful drawstring bag with Chinese floral pattern instead of paper or plastic bag. I really love the bag and it is a very environmental friendly idea from Hullett House to encourage people to reuse the bag rather than discarding it.


The puddings were the two essential ones, Chinese New Year Pudding and Cantonese Turnip Cake. As Hullett House takes environment conservation as the main concern, only the basic plastic boxes & simple paper wraps were used in order to reduce packaging waste as a whole.


New Year Pudding garnished with a red date and some melon seeds. Simple and classic.


Turnip Cake was sprinkled with dried shrimps and diced dried sausages. I can smell the aroma right after the cover was lifted!


They looked delicious and because they're freshly made and free from preservatives, I just can't wait until CNY to try them out! The Turnip Cake was oh-so-yummy with a right savoury and very strong umami taste. The texture was soft but firm, and turnip was cut into thick chunks to preserve its natural taste and juicy texture. One more grateful thing I found was the ingredients listed on the paper wrap didn't include MSG or any artificial flavourings, and it's not greasy at all! It's so simple & basic as if home-cooked by mother!


The New Year Pudding was also tasted heavenly good with a soft and chewy texture. It's not too sweet and with a little hint of coconut. Different from my mum's version that coconut sugar is used, which brought quite a strong coconut aroma, this one made of coconut milk was tasted rather mild in coconut and replaced with a clean sweetness from Chinese brown sugar slab.


Having tried many packaged CNY puddings by restaurant chains and most of them are yummy but added with various artificial flavours & preservatives, I really hope I have time to learn and make my own puddings for the sake of healthiness. Never expect packaged puddings could be that delicious and pureness close to home-made standard but this has been achieved by Loong Toh Yuen. Highly recommended!

Website: http://hulletthouse.com/dining/loong-toh-yuen

Address: G/F, Hullett House, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Google Map


Talking about western fast food in Hong Kong, apart from burgers and fried chicken, pizzeria has entered the fast food scene in the recent years. This bright eye-catching entrance has caught my attention when I was wandering around The One at Tsim Sha Tsui for dinner, and what even tempted me to enter was the enormous pizzas showcased at the front.


Imagine the size of each slice is about the size of a human face, how many people should I gather to finish up the whole pizza?! But don't worry, they offer to sell in slices~ (and indeed it's what every patron does unless you're throwing a party...) :D


All their pizzas are freshly made and baked in the open kitchen right behind the counter.


The main business of the pizzeria is takeaway but they do have a handful of tables along the corridor and at the back of the shop offered on first come first serve basis.


I was surprised to see their friendly prices under the crazy inflation these days, and the huge portion has made me even happier. Paisano's Salad (HK$55) served in a large wooden bowl was enough for sharing up to 3 or 4 people as an appetiser and all the ingredients were very fresh and crisp. You got the chance to choose your favourite dressing for every salad on the menu as well, and I've picked Creamy Ranch for my Paisano's Salad, which carried a slight tangy taste as compared to caesar dressing or normal thousand island.


To play safe, I prefer to go for any dishes that carry the restaurant's name as I think signature dishes naming after a restaurant could hardly goes wrong :P. Paisano's Pizza (HK$45/slice) has all I love including pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion and black olives. The crust thickness was at Italian standard with crispy baked edges, mmm... yummy!


We felt like having something rich and filling so Spinach Ricotta Ravioli (HK$65) became our pasta choice. Each ravioli enveloped a good dollop of ricotta cheese and bathed in a full plate of creamy spinach sauce, which was really cheesy and creamy. Before we could finish the whole dish, we started feeling full but still we managed to clear up the dish and the garlic roll served along. All their pastas were served with a small homemade garlic roll, which was a little highlight to the dish. Guessed it's made of the pizza dough to bring a slight chewy texture and the garlic aroma was rich enough to make you smell garlic while talking, haha...


This restaurant is definitely the one we will come back for their other Italian dishes like Calzone and Stromboli~!

Website : http://www.paisanos.com.hk/

Address : 12 Grannville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Branch : Please refer to the official site

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Al Dente, Wan Chai

Been to this place for many times and still my favourite restaurant to enjoy some really nice steak and pasta. Located beside Wan Chai Ferry Pier with the Victoria Harbour view on Kowloon side, it has a very peaceful ambiance with pleasant view for a romantic dinner. What I even like more about this place is its reasonable price with excellent food quality. :P



Complimentary bread was served beforehand and we had 2 baskets of it, just being too hungry, haha... But It wasn't that great indeed because the bread was either dried out or too moist.


We ordered Insalata Spinaci salad (HK$89) as starter, which was fresh baby spinach and arugula accompanied with grilled goats cheese, roasted tomato, red and yellow peppers, garlic comfit and toasted walnut vinaigrette. I quite like the spinach as it was very fresh and even eating alone by itself was delicious. However, it would be even better if I could have more goats cheese~


Here was the first main course to arrive, Grilled seabass fillet (HK$188). Chilean seabass grilled to perfection, served with witted spinach, French beans and mash with capers buree Blanc, was a truly a surprising dish. I didn't expect the fillet to be that huge and thick at the first glance because normally with such a price, we'll only get a thin and skinny one. What was even more surprising was the texture of the seabass, it was grilled perfectly as stated and it really did. The moment when I ate it, I can feel the juice squeezing out to my mouth. A triple thumb-up dish!!!


Rib Eye Steak (HK$178) was char-grilled rib eye fillet accompanied with gratin king prawn and finished with veggies, mash and shiraz jus, another main course to share. I had it medium-done, which was perfect in texture and extremely juicy. As it's char-grilled, it carried really mild burned smell, not too bad at all though. The king prawn was however slightly too dry and bland. Also, we had a choice of mushroom or pepper sauce for the steak, and we chose the mushroom sauce, which didn't really carry much mushroom flavour. After all, I was pretty satisfied with the dish.


Another highlight of the night was the desert, Banana Caramel Cake (HK$55). It's comprised of layered biscuit as the base, banana caramel sauce, fresh cut banana, cream and finally topped with cocoa. The portion was just nice for sharing and it wasn't too sweet. The vanilla ice-cream was yummy and silky smooth, not sure which brand of ice-cream they're using? Overall it's really a perfect round-up to our dinner despite being a little bit guilty after eating that pile of cream... :s



Website : http://www.aldentegroup.com/index.php

Address : Shops 102-105, 1/F, Great Eagle Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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It was a gathering with friends on Friday night. Before I came out with an idea of having it at this restaurant, I was searching high and low for something different that we don't usually have and somewhere we could get to feel the vibe of TGIF night. And here we went to have an authentic Bavarian food along the harbourfront in Tsim Sha Tsui.


The 2-storey restaurant has an open-air indoor bar and an alfresco dining area at the ground floor, which I definitely don't prefer under such a hot weather these days. So finally, we requested for a table for 6 on the first floor, fully air-conditioned.... Yeah nice!



Everyone knows beer is a major part of German culture, and that's the reason we're here! Brotzeit has a long list of German brews on the menu but we just had no idea on choosing the one that suits our taste. After browsing for a short while, everyone decided to go for unique beer mix, Affensaft - Weissbier with Banana or Mango Juice (0.3 ltr HK$45 and 0.5 ltr HK$69), which sounded mild & fruity, and majority of us have chosen to go with mango juice. With the mix of mango juice, it wasn't bitter at all and it was sweet, refreshing and thirst-quenching with well-retained light beer flavour. A highly recommended one!


It is always good to start with something light & fresh to arouse our appetite while waiting for some friends to arrive. I quite like their salad menu for having 2 sizes each. Their choices are not many but enough to pick a decent one for the kick-off. We have chosen Meeresfrüchtesalat / Seafood Salad (Small HK$98 and Regular HK$138), which is a mixed salad with smoked salmon, seared tuna, prawns, semi-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled zucchini, orange wedges and sour cream tossed with house dressing. Like I said it was a decent one, except the colourful presentation & top freshness, it's delish with the mild-flavoured dressing and the well-seared tuna~


We were targeting on the classic Bavarian dishes, pork knuckle & sausages that are must-eats in many German cuisines. We ordered platter set, Brotzeitplatte, which was served on a table-long wooden board and good for 4 to 5 pax at ony HK$588, isn't it reasonable? It includes pork knuckle, best of their sausages, pork schnitzels and 2 side dishes of your choice, and we have picked spicy potato wedges (Kartoffelhappen) and homemade buttered Spätzle (Spätzle).

German sausages were yummy and good to go with mustard and chili sauce provided. I couldn't distinguish the type of sausages but could only say they were all heavenly tasted even the less appealing white one.


Not only it was the star, the roasted pork knuckle was a surprise too for its crispiness of the skin and the meat was truly tender and juicy that could easily detached from the bone with just a few slices and twists. Sauce was served separately for dipping and it's equally tasty with a dip in the English mustard or the special Bavarian sweet mustard.


However, pork schnitzels was a disappointment. They're actually deep-fried battered pork chop but were kind of bland, dry and slightly stiff on chewing.


Spicy potato wedges was usual but tasted superb. Something that we couldn't stop eating while chatting, hehee...


Homemade buttered Spätzle was a kind of egg noodle and the texture was like gnocchi cooked in a Bavarian way. Tasted creamy with a slight chewy texture and a very mild butter flavour. Nothing impressive! It's just another pasta for me...


For the dessert, this is the one, Emperor's Cake (Kaiserschmarren HK$78), which is a shredded pancake with rum and raisins served with plum sauce. The baked shredded pancake was a delight that carried a very strong egg aroma & flavour with light crispy edges and fluffy content. By eating it alone without dipping is even more delicious as the plum sauce was too sour to my liking. The only setback was that I could hardly taste any rum from the raisins in the pancake.


It was an enjoyable night filled with laughter, good beer & food! Will surely be visiting again to try out other classic dishes~

Website : http://brotzeit.co/tstc/

Address : Shop G6 & UG16, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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As mentioned in my previous entry that themed afternoon tea is always my top preference. Whenever I craved for a decent afternoon tea, I wouldn't go and pick any hotels but rather wait until something special to "happen" in town. Yes! Finally there came a really special themed afternoon tea that I am longing for, which is the JIMMY CHOO afternoon tea by MO Bar of Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central. An afternoon tea offered by two international prestige brands, I couldn't think of any reasons to resist~ :D

MO Bar is located at the ground level of the hotel and to my little surprise, it's rather small but gorgeous. There are only 2 types of table available, high or low, and we were seated at low table which made eating easier than the high bar tables. Lucky that we reserved earlier as I heard that high tables were reserved for walk-ins only.


The bar counter in the middle installed with light panel and a large tilted mirror is the focus of MO Bar.


The JIMMY CHOO afternoon tea set was served during 2 Apr - 5 May 2013 at HKD260/pax on Mon-Fri, or HKD280/pax on Sat & Sun including the sweet delights from the buffet as an added benefit for weekends. The dessert buffet already costs HKD200/pax itself, so for just 80 bucks difference and diners could enjoy both tea set & dessert buffet, no wonder the weekends' tables were booked out in no time!


Tea served first and here is my JING Tea in a Pot - Lemongrass ginger tea, which tasted like the spa tea that we used to be served after massage or spa session in Thailand. Taste of lemongrass was mild and smooth, and well matched with the light ginger taste. It's a soul-healing tea that can improve digestion too, best choice when having buffet, hehee... :lol:


A classic English afternoon tea is not complete without scones. We had Raisin and Plain Scones with clotted cream and preserves (strawberry & marmalade) for the tea set. The appearance of scones here was slightly different from those traditional one in The Lobby of Peninsula Hotel with no horizontal cracks in the middle but looked like a very thick cookie instead. They were extraordinary delicious with strong buttery taste and no alkaline aftertaste from baking power at all. Quite crumpy but moist enough, they're good enough to eat alone without clotted cream and preserves.


Inspired by JIMMY CHOO's Spring/Summer 2013 collection, chef at MO Bar has turned sweets & savouries into edible miniature high-heels, bag & clutch. They were all very cute but the taste of sweets was quite a little let-down... From left to right:

  • Green tea mousse, strawberry jelly & yuzu mousse shooter - better to eat separately because the fruity tangy taste of yuzu mousse was a total mis-match with the green tea mousse, which was also a mistake to match with the strawberry jelly at the bottom. It's like eating something spoiled when all tastes mixed together...
  • Pink chupa macaroon with passion fruit & mango cream - it's rather too sweet to my liking as the macaroon was indeed made of white chocolate. The sweetness has even overwhelmed the fruity taste of passion fruit & mango cream inside.
  • Litchi, rose and raspberry mousse & white chocolate bag - again, I could only think of one word to describe it, sweet. I couldn't taste any of the litchi, rose & raspberry flavour from the mousse at all.
  • Milk chocolate high heels - Even sweeter! My friend even abandoned it at the end...



Savouries tasted a lot better and I love them all. From left to right:

  • Black bun with cooked ham mousse served as gold baguette crystals with savora mustard - black bun was actually a piece of rolled bread which was thin and soft, and the cooked ham mousse was light in taste that I couldn't tell what it was without looking at its name on menu.
  • Whole wheat sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber, cream cheese coloured pyramid studs - my most liked item in the tea set though it's just an ordinary sandwich in clutch shape. Smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber blended so well and flavours were in good balance.
  • Foie gras high heels in cherry dip on crispy brioche bread - the sweetness of cherry dip has overpowered the aroma of foie gras...
  • Quiche with mushrooms & spinach seasoned with pesto - my second favourite of all as it was full of mushroom in the filling, love it.


Alongside with the 3-tier afternoon tea set, our weekend version has included dessert buffet as well. It looked more tempting with an array of mouth-watering desserts displayed on the buffet.


Start drooling now? :rolleyes:


Apple & basil cocktail was the only beverage item on the counter. Nothing much special than a glass of blue syrup but I quite like the cyber look.


Ice-cream and sorbert


Crème caramel with rum & raisin, I would call it the best dessert of the buffet! The texture was silky smooth and the rum aroma was strong enough to make me drunk!


Strawberry swiss roll was another highlight. Made of ultra-thin layer of cake instead of ordinary fluffy sponge cake, it was filled with more strawberry cream filling in between to bring a more intensive flavour in each bite.


My first round from the buffet.


Small gift that included in the JIMMY CHOO tea set was a multi-purpose notebook with blank pages. I hope it could be something more "CHOO", maybe a mini clutch-like coin purse? Haha... Anyway, I know I was just thinking too much with a tea set at only a few hundreds bucks... :P


Website : http://www.mandarino...-dining/mo-bar/

Address : 15 Queen's Road Central, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong Island

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Ebeneezer's has instantly turned to be my favourite and most visited restaurant lately after my first trial on its Biryani Rice about 3 months ago, it was just insanely delicious at a very reasonable price! And I'm telling myself, I got to feature this Halal restaurant. From my rough counts, yesterday's visit was my 5th or 6th within this 3 months.


Normally, I would go for their Chicken Biryani with Salad (HK$52) or Chicken Takka Biryani with Salad (HK$58) but this time, I was going for their Lamb Biryani with Salad (HK$62), which was equally nice. Not only the portion was large, the basmati rice was cooked to a perfect texture and the lamb was as juicy and tender as expected. Even the salad was freshly served. Just wanna say, biryani dishes never turned me down on my every visit.


They've variety of curry dishes as well. Thought curry would be too common, that's why we've ordered Takka Chicken Massala with Rice, which was cooked with rich tomatoes and mild curry sauce that carried very light spiciness to enhance the flavour. The boneless chicken was just delicious and the thick tomato sauce was awesome to go with the steamed rice.


In Hong Kong, it's not easy to find a nice Mango Lassi with authentic taste like this. It has the well balanced sweetness and sourness as a whole, with the right consistency and light hint of yoghurt. Double thumbs up!


I'll definitely going for their kebab and pizza next time.

Website : http://www.ebeneezers.com/

Address : G/F, 52 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

Branch : Check out the official site

Google Map


Some may be misled by the entrance's decor and think it's a tea restaurant, but indeed it's a popular curry specialist that you can only find curry dishes here than anything else. When we first arrived at dinner time on last Sunday, we need to wait for 2 tables before us. As suggested by its name, the restaurant offers different styles of curry ranges from Pakistani to Indian, wet to dry, and sweet to spicy. It took us almost 15 mins to browse through the menu and decide the curry dishes to order!


As we had no idea of their signature dishes, the universal golden rule applies, which is to find out from your surrounding and see what people are eating. We saw this Chicken Masala (咖喱乾炒雞) on almost every table so we gave it a try. Basically, it's a dry curry chicken topped with plenty of chopped onions. I've no question at all on it's way of cooking, the whole dish was flavourful but when it came to the chicken texture, it's just stiff to chew. For me, the onion was much nicer in taste than the chicken.


The next dish was Vegetarian Curry Pot (咖哩雜菜煲), just to balance up our dishes variety here. The curry wasn't too thick or neither was it too watery, it was just perfect. The whole dish was delicious, the vegetables were cooked just right and apart of adding a contrasting colour to the greens, I quite like the taste of tomatoes mixed with the curry.


Fish Biryani (魚皇飯) was another highlight in terms of its size. I didn't expect the dish to be that huge, which was enough for 2 persons or even 3 if you guys have a small appetite. For me, a classic biryani should carry a mix of spicies with basmati rice but this was more of a Chinese styled fried rice with turmeric, which wasn't even close to a standard biryani. If you're not so particular about the term, biryani, this dish wasn't that bad at all and the deep-fried curry fish fillets were quite tasty too.


This was the curry sauce came along with the Fish Biryani. The sauce wasn't a concentrated one and some may say the dish was much tastier with the curry sauce. Anyway, it's really optional.


Roti (油酥餅) looked more like those from a frozen pack to me. It was dry and wasn't even served warm.


All in all, their dishes are more like the Southeast Asian style than the Indian one. If you're looking for authentic Indian curry, it's better to try it somewhere else...

Website : N/A

Address : G/F, 26-30 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai

Google Map


Located in the Wyndham Street above Lan Kwai Fong where upscale restaurants and bars are clustered, Goccia was one of the participant restaurants for the Hong Kong Restaurant Week 2013 from 25 February to 3 March. Eating at the participating restaurants during restaurant week means enjoying the most without breaking your wallet. For a 3-course meal lunch at this classy restaurant, I've only paid HKD158 per pax (excluded 10% service charge)... Isn't that extremely reasonable in Hong Kong?


The name said it all, Goccia consists of a dining room on the first floor where we were seated, a spacious outdoor terrace on the same floor and a hip bar at street level. Apart from the comfy dining environment, staff are all friendly and well-trained with professional fine dining services.


3 types of Italian breads were served in the bread basket and again, my favourite grissini was not included :( . All breads were fresh though they're not warm, but the pre-mixed olive oil & balsamic vinegar being served aside was too oily! The bread could only soaked up the oil but not the vinegar when it was dipped... I think it's better to have a set of oil-vinegar bottles on table and let us mix for ourselves.


One of the starters was Tian of Tuna with Avocado and Fresh Chili, which was best described by one word, FRESH! The layer of diced raw tuna lying on a bed of fresh avocado puree was extremely fresh and unseasoned to reveal the natural flavour of the fish. Avocado puree was barely seasoned too, so it created a genuine natural buttery taste when eating with the tuna.


The soup option of starter was Asparagus Soup with Truffle Caviar. Finely blended asparagus carried a delicate veggie taste but that of truffle caviar was not too outstanding. The soup was only lightly seasoned to retained its natural sweetness and the grassy green colour did leave us a healthy impression.


Olive-crusted Sea Bass Fillet, served with Eggplant Puree and Sundried Tomato Pesto was one of the mains and to my surprise, it tasted a bit like the canned fish with black beans that sold in supermarkets! The fish itself was smooth and tender which was a contrast to the crispy olive crust that brought a little more savory taste to the fish.


Lamb Breast Stuffed with Oregano and Chili served with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Lemon Zest won my heart in this meal. Lamb breast was so tender, which melted almost instantly in the bite and the spiciness & tinge of tanginess from lemon zest has nicely neutralised the pungent smell of lamb. The creamy buttery potato mash has also put a smile on my face and I loved it sooooo much!


Coffee and tea were served in a lovely LAVAZZA cup, which definitely uplifted my pleasure of drinking. LAVAZZA coffee was no doubt aromatic and with a rich layer of crema atop. It's slightly too strong for me so I've left about 1/5 unfinished...


Earl Grey was as nice but nothing much to be highlighted.


Felt strange that the dessert, Cinnamon Ice Cream with Wild Berries and Yoghurt Sauce, was served after tea or coffee. The cinnamon flavour was intense but not overwhelmed, and the yoghurt sauce has brought a hint of sourness to beautify the taste as a whole.


It was truly a pleasant and enjoying dining experience at Goccia and I'll surely look forward to the next round of Restaurant Week!

Website : http://www.divinogro...taurants/goccia

Address : G/F & 1/F, 73 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong Island

Google Map


Macau Restaurant is one of the tourists' fave and it's not a surprise to see long queues and crowds outside the restaurant on peak hours. Again, we were there at odd hours to avoid crowds. Let's try it out and see what attracts tons of people flocking in everyday.



As usual, Hot Milk Tea is always something that shouldn't be missed out in typical tea restaurant, and it usually tells how well the tea restaurant could do! The one here wasn't too bad nor very good, I would say it's up to standard with the right milk-tea balance and smooth drinking sensation. However, the hardened layer of tea floating on the surface looked really annoying!


Macanese Crispy Bun with Pork Chop (澳門豬扒豬仔包 HK$25) is ranked on the top must-eat list and regarded as a signature dish there but... look at that thin pork chop sandwiched within, it was way too far from my expectation. Bun was indeed crispy and fluffy, which was nice, except the dry thin pork chop that has totally put me off.


Macaroni in Tomatoes & Beef Brisket Soup (澳門地道茄腩湯通粉 HK$33) is another signature dish stated on the menu, and this time it's worth the status. The soup was rich and concentrated of tomato flavour, and the beef brisket was tender and nice. For me, I would regard it as one of the best though.


Curry Potato with Noodle in Soup (咖哩薯仔湯麵 HK$28) was a late add-on order as we saw a girl on the table next to us eating it, which looked tempting. The soup was a mixture of bone broth and curry sauce to make it watery, yet flavourful and spicy enough too! Noodle was of the type used for Wanton Noodle and nothing special about the potato. Not a bad dish at all besides the oily curry soup.


Golden brown Portuguese Egg Tarts sat inside a glass warming box were displayed at the restaurant entrance. They looked yummy but it's just that our tummy had no more room for them, what a pity... Let's have it takeaway next time when we pass by there again.


Website : N/A

Address : 25-27 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Branch :

  • UG/F, Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion, 40-46 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Shop A, G/F, Siu Ming Mansion, 477-481 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
  • Shop 270-273, 2/F Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan
  • Shop No.G2, G/F, Kornhill Plaza (North), 1 Kornhill Road, Tai Koo

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Italian cuisine is one of the widely spread cuisines that could be found in almost every corner of the globe. It's no exception in Hong Kong, an internationally renowned gourmet paradise, where you can easily find a good Italian restaurant especially in downtown, but sometimes it could be hard to find a nice one with reasonable price. Located inside Arts Centre in Wan Chai, Assaggio is like a hidden gem that people scarcely talk about or just can't even think of a fine restaurant inside an art centre! Thanks to our friend who suggested a get-together dinner at this restaurant offering authentic Italian taste that won't cost you a fortune.

The restaurant is strategically located at the north side of the centre offering wonderful Victoria Harbour view. It could be a good place not only for a casual romantic dinner but also family/buddies gathering as long and large tables are available.


The open concept bread section near the entrance showcases variety of freshly homemade pizza & bread.


A nice western dinner would not be completed without fresh and crunchy bread. Once order has been placed, a complimentary basket of assorted Italian bread was served. I couldn't name them all but they were fresh and yummy when eaten with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. If they have my favourite grissini then it would be perfect!


Our dinner started with the antipasto, Caponata con Stracchino e Porchetta (Caponata with Stracchino and Porchetta 西西里式燴茄子配新鮮牛奶軟芝士,烤乳豬片 HK$129). The best part was the Caponata, a kind of salad consisting chopped fried Sicilian Aubergine, which was savoury and yet bringing a little sweet and sour taste. The Italian cheese Stracchino that is made of cow's milk was also nice with extremely smooth and creamy texture, tasted like mozzarella but it's softer and only mild flavoured, which is much easier for people who don't like cheese. Porchetta was not bad but rather tad fatty for me.


Pizza was something that must not be missed in an Italian dinner, and we had Diavola (Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salamino 香辣肉腸鮮茄醬及水牛芝士 HK$125) for sharing. The homemade crust was great and the cheese-tomato balance was just perfect. The only thing to be picked on was the spicy salami being too salty, I have to drink plenty of water to wash down the saltiness after finished a slice. Portion wise was good enough for sharing among 4 people and I liked it so much that it's served on a rustic wooden chopping board~


When we were choosing what to have for pasta, Tradizionali Corsetti Liguri in Salsa di Pinoli, Olive Nere e Formaggio Meticcio (Whole wheat Liguria Corsetti in Pine nuts, Gaeta Olives sauce and Meticcio cheese 利古里亞全麥麵圓盤麵配松子仁,橄欖,牛羊奶混合芝士 HK$149) looked interesting and new to us, so we gave it a go. We were all stunned and staring at the dish when it was served, and wondering if the order was mistakenly swapped with other table as we didn't expect to see a pasta like this! Forgive us being Asian, the word "pasta" to us should always mean something in long noodle shape like spaghetti or extruded fancy shape like macaroni, and we never thought that it could be in a little disc or coin shape. What a shame, haha! The handmade Corsetti was made of whole wheat, so it was slightly chewy and rich of wheat flavour. The Meticcio cheese made of cow's & goat's milk was quite heavy with kinda beef-mutton smell that was definitely not my cup of tea. Sorry, I could only rate this pasta as the worst dish of the night...


Forgot to mention that the restaurant was listed in the Recommended Restaurant section of Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2013. Will surely be back again when in need for a quiet place to dine.

Website : http://www.assaggio.hk/

Address : 6/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

Branch : 2/F, Mira Mall, 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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Have been hearing about this legendary tea restaurant in Wan Chai for a long time, but the long queue was just killing my mood every time when I passed by. It was the same long queue outside the restaurant as usual on the day I first passed by in the early afternoon and was shorten up when I was back again later. So why not giving it a try given such a great opportunity?


It’s packed with tourists and locals inside the fairly small shop so sharing table was of course inevitable. There're 4 of us and we're so lucky to get a booth seat but turned out to be a nightmare squeezing in a small booth seat, which was only wide enough to seat 1.5 pax on each side!


Kam Fung is renowned for its iceless Iced Milk Tea and all the iced milk tea was prepared in advance, then poured into these plastic bottles and stored in the fridge before serving. Just wondering how many bottles shall they prepare each day with such a high patronage especially on weekends?


Another must-try of the restaurant was their popular Chicken Pie. You could get a warm freshly baked one if you’re lucky~


We tried both hot and iced milk tea (HK$14/hot, HK$16/iced), which didn’t let us down. Both were rich and had a good milk-tea balance that brought out the silky smooth sensation. The iced one was very nice and I enjoyed it till the last sip as the taste remained the same without diluted by any melting ice. I would say this is the greatest way of serving iced milk tea ever!


Chicken Pie (HK$8) is something you must not missed and don't tell others you've been to Kam Fung without trying their Chicken Pie! The pie was still warm when it was served and guessed it's one of the freshly baked batch. Pastry crust was crunchy and full of butter aroma but a bit too thick, which has minimised the room for the yummy chicken stuffing.

Egg Tart (HK$5) was a disaster with the puff pastry being too thin and mushy, and the egg custard did not carry much of egg flavour except sweetness only.


This Sweet Bun with Butter was an add-on to my friend's lunch set. Originally, my friend would like to have their famous Polo Bun but was unfortunately sold out and that's why we had the Sweet Bun with Butter as replacement.


I tried a bite of it and it's another food that you should avoid there. The bread roll was not fluffy as supposed to be, instead it's soppy and like eating a damp sponge!


The Soup Rice Vermicelli with Sliced Beef in Satay Sauce was also a part of my friend's lunch set. I didn't tried it but the comment from my friend wasn't positive at all ... :o


The overall dining experience there was not a good one at all with rush service, packed enviroment as well as food quality, which was way below expectation. Food is also generally overpriced and there are loads of choices else where that served similar food with better quality. I would say it's only worth your time for a quick tea break to have their Iced Milk Tea plus Chicken Pie if there is no or just a short queue.

Website : N/A

Address : G/F, Spring Garden Mansion, 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai

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It's been a terribly delayed entry as it's actually a review on the restaurant's Christmas dinner set, which supposed to be published right after Christmas or at least around New Year. But there were just too many things to do during the festive days and so it took me this long to finish, anyway, my bad... :P Ok, back to the topic, it was an unplanned Christmas eve's dinner with hubby as both of us didn't wanna restrict ourselves to certain renowned restaurants that only accept pre-bookings. You know, those big names could price their festive dinner at least double of the normal price!

As we're wandering around Wan Chai, a business district in the city that is normally less crowded after office hour, we found this newly opened restaurant offering Asian style Christmas eve's dinner at a very attractive price, HK$298 for two! Without a second thought, we popped in to the restaurant and reserved a table for 2 hours later (as it was like 4:30pm when we found the restaurant).


We were there slightly ahead of our booking time and were ushered by a friendly Indian staff to our table. The setting of the restaurant was full of Christmas atmosphere with all the tables placed with a few party toys. Lighting was quite dim inside, which created a very good environment for viewing the beautiful Victoria Harbour night view and also a romantic atmosphere.



Once we're seated and started browsing through the menu, I was surprised to see the price printed on the menu has turned to HK$298 per pax instead of HK$298 for two! Though this price was still justified or even cheaper for a special dinner on Christmas eve in Wan Chai, we had a little grievance as I swore I did not mis-read the price before. We asked the staff about this and he admitted the menu posted earlier was wrong and referred us to the restaurant manager. After a few polite clarification, we decided to leave because Asian cuisine was not our top preference for a Christmas eve dinner if we were to pay for that price. When we were about to leave, the restaurant manager was kind enough to offer us the wrongly posted price as a courtesy! We couldn't believe it but he promised it's true! Yay, we're lucky!! :D

It was a 5-course dinner with starter, tandoori, soup, main & dessert, so it's absolutely a great value for money. We had the starter that consisted of 3 bite-size items nicely presented on a rectangular plate, namely:

Vietnamese Fresh Rice Paper Roll with Smoked Salmon & Avocado (front, 煙三文魚牛油果凍卷), a very refreshing and appetising Vietnamese snack to kick off the meal. It's my first time having rice paper roll with smoked salmon and it's delicious. I love it~


Foie Gras Spring Roll with Mango Salsa (middle, 鵝肝醬春卷配芒果莎莎醬) was another innovative combination to blend Western element into an Asian snack. The wrap was crispy but taste of foie gras was not that outstanding and maybe the strong sweetness of mango salsa has been overpowered. Pomelo in Chili Jam with Salmon Caviar (front, 香椒膏柚子配三文魚子醬) was tasted quite similar to the rice paper roll, not bad though.


The extra course that seldom appears on ordinary dinner set menu in Hong Kong is tandoori. I love Indian food so it did gave me an extra happiness to have this Tandoori Turkey Tikka served with Almond Naan & Cranberry Chutney (燒焗印式火雞件配杏仁烤餅) in our dinner! I would say it's the item that I liked and enjoyed the most throughout the dinner that night. The turkey was so tender, juicy and well marinated with aromatic spices. It's tasted so good no matter with or without the cranberry chutney. Naan is also one of my favourite Indian food and this one with nutty flavour from almond has won my thumbs up too.


A fushion of Western & Asian again, this time with the Western soup served in an Asian style bowl! Haha... Cream of Asparagus with Crabmeat (蟹肉露荀忌廉湯) looked ordinary by its presentation, but tasted incredibly nice with very strong flavour of seafood brought by the generous amount of crabmeat in the soup.


Here came one of the main courses, Grilled Tamarind Cod with Garlic Rice (香烤銀鱈魚酸羅望子汁配蒜蓉飯), which is also their highly recommended signature dish. Cod was grilled to an optimum doneness to retain tenderness and smoothness of the fish, and the lightly sour tamarind sauce was a good match as it balanced out the slightly fatty taste of the cod. Garlic rice was excellent with rich garlic flavour and yet not too overwhelmed.


Cumin Spiced Lamb with Pearl Onions served with Truffle Butter Naan (印式小茴香辣羊肉配松露牛油酥餅) was another main, and it's definitely a good choice for greedy foodies who want rice and naan in the same dish! Myself is not that fond of lamb due to the smell but this one was still alright for me, as the smell was only mild and the strong flavour of spices has covered most of it. Basmati rice was used to make the biryani rice, which was fried to the best dry & loosen status, and what I loved the most was the naan that carried a light hint of truffle to make it a little different from those ordinary naan.


Time for dessert and I just couldn't wait for my top expecting item of the dinner to come, drum roll please... Homemade Cardamom Ice-cream with Pistachio (自家製豆寇雪糕伴開心果)! To me, it was the most special food of the night as I've never tried any Indian-styled ice-cream before. I just couldn't imagine how an ice-cream would taste like with cardamom and frankly, I've never thought of its shape like ice cube, which was interesting~ I am fine with most of the spices so the taste was not too bad for me, but if I were to choose, I would still prefer an ordinary scoop of ice-cream. :P


Coffee Creme Brulee (法式咖啡燉蛋) was another dessert served together with the ice-cream. Coffee flavour was not outstanding at all nor the taste of the egg custard, so the overall taste was dominated by sugar and cream.


We had some cocktail for the night as well to escalate our festive mood. I can't remember the exact names so I just named them Tamarind Cocktail & Lychee Cocktail. Tamarind Cocktail was delicious with the light sweet & sour taste of tamarind mixed in the vodka or gin. Alcohol wasn't that strong and I managed to finish the whole glass at the end.


Lychee Cocktail was a mix of lychee juice (from canned lychee!) and 3 kinds of liquor, and it's too strong for our liking that we couldn't even finish 1/10 of it because a little sip has made our throat burning. At the end of the dinner, the restaurant manager came over and asked how was the meal and what's wrong with this cocktail as he saw the leftover. We said it's too strong and he was so nice to have it diluted with more lychee juice. However, it didn't help much so we gave up at last.


There is an outdoor dining terrace that provides a panoramic view of Victoria harbour, but it was too chill and windy to sit and have long dinner outside that night, but It would still be good to have a drink only and best to have a dinner out there during cool and dry autumn.



Website : N/A

Address : 2/F, Sun Hung Kai Center, 30 Harbour Road, Wan Chai

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Generally, most people could only relate Fiat to motor vehicles, how about food and beverage? The Italian car producer, Fiat, combined the concept of wine & dine with appreciation of car and opened Fiat Caffè. In fact, Fiat Caffè has been launched in cities like Paris, Madrid, New York, Toyko, and Hong Kong's is probably its latest branch in early 2012. When the cafe was first opened on 13 Feb 2012, there was a lot of coverage and compliments from local media but I was somehow a little lay back and only gave it a try recently... :blush:


The cafe with open kitchen layout was set up right next to its showroom in Causeway Bay. The dining area was not big and nothing really special on its interior except for an eye-catching two-seater bench "made of" its model.


It becomes the focus of whole cafe area and is probably the most popular seat that every customer wish to ride on!


The showroom area showcasing latest models of Fiat and Abarth.


Initially, I was thinking they could only make cars but never thought that they also do pretty well on serving authentic Italian food as well as providing great service. We ordered one set lunch at HK$115 for a two-course meal including starter, pasta and coffee or tea, and another set lunch of three-course meal including dessert with an extra cost of HK$30, which is quite a good deal especially in prime Causeway Bay area.

They offer choices of either soup or salad for starter and with no exception, we ordered one of each so to taste both dishes. First came the warm Leek & Potato Soup, which was nice and not satiating like those kinds of cream soup. The light consistency and tinge of olive oil & herbs do make it an appetising starter.


Another starter was the Squid, Lemon & White Wine Salad that was amazingly refreshing. Pieces of squid were well cooked to a crunchy texture and the dressing was so delicious and appetite arousing with tangy lemon flavour and tad of white wine aroma.


For the main course, again, there were 2 kinds of pasta for selection and we also had one of each from the list. Bacon, Broccoli and Pine Nuts Trofie was a brand new thing to me that I never heard or saw such kind of trofie pasta before. The thin twisted pasta was cute and al dente to the extent that I guessed it was freshly made instead of those dried type pasta! The pine nuts have added even more nutty flavour to the olive oil that well coated on every piece of trofie, which made it tasted heavenly. Bravo!


Then it came another pasta, Wild Mushroom Cream Linguine. Everything was so right in this dish with the linguine cooked to the right al dente texture, right creaminess and consistency of the sauce and the right amount of mushroom which made me so happy and indulged when having it!


We were lucky to have Affogatto Tiramisu on the menu that day, as I heard most of the time they only serve gelato for dessert in set lunch. At first, I was thinking Affogatto and Tiramisu were 2 choices of dessert until the wait staff came to ask if we're ready for dessert, I only know it's ONE dessert indeed! To my surprise, it's served in a glass as if serving a glass of cafe latte and it's actually a hybrid of Affogatto and Tiramisu. The top layer of affogatto was like coffee smoothies which carried a strong and aromatic coffee flavour that instantly waken up every taste bud on my tongue. Followed with a dollop of mascarpone cheese in the middle that provided a silky smooth sensation, and finally the ladyfinger dipped in espresso & amaretto formed the base that brought an intensive coffee aroma to perfectly round up the great coffee indulgence of the dessert.


As the Affogatto Tiramisu was already a high caffeine concentrated dessert, we better gave up coffee for our drinks and took Earl Grey and Ginger Lemongrass from the tea option. It's funny to see when we were served a tall glass of hot water with a cocktail stirrer and a small cute pyramid box along while I was expecting an ordinary tea cup and perhaps with a tea pot of hot water.


The tea was kept inside the little pyramid box and it's a 3D type of tea bag with the cute little leaf tag dangling on top, I started to become more interested and excited to drop this tea bag into the glass of water~ :D


Now I know why they served the water in tall glass! As the short leaf tag was made of a kinda starched or coated twine, it's hard like wire and provides a firm support to hang the tea bag at the edge of glass, what a creative design! Talking about the taste, nothing remarkable for the Earl Grey but the Ginger Lemongrass Tea was totally a mind-blowing one and absolutely suitable for the cold weather in winter! What's more, the taste has made me feel like having a spa in Thailand!


It's definitely a good place for both car lovers and foodies that you can take a look at the latest model as well as limited edition of Fiat cars, while enjoying authentic Italian food at the same time.

Website : http://www.fiat.com.hk/

Address : Shop G5-G6, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

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Dining in a traditional steakhouse was somewhat a luxury dream for past Hong Kong people in the early colonial era, and this kind of "localised" steakhouse serving various steak meals at more affordable and friendly price has emerged to satisfy locals who hunger for a good Western meal. The name "soya sauce Western cuisine (豉油西餐)" was given to such kind of Western-styled food cooked with a local twist, which could be the earliest fusion cuisine created in Hong Kong! :D Among all localised steakhouse in Hong Kong, Sweetheart Garden Restaurant is one of those having almost 50-year history and still operating.


Comparing with other steakhouses of similar kind like Goldfinch Restaurant and Tai Ping Koon Restaurant, Sweetheart Garden Restaurants serve a wider range of steak meals at more economic prices with no more than HK$200, including bread & soup, main course of your choice and a cup of tea or coffee. It's definitely value for money with its oversized portion, which could even be good enough for sharing among 2 girls!

It's a norm that customers are up to choose between red and white soup (Borscht and Cream Soup) in all tea restaurants and localised Western restaurants alike. We opted for Classic Borscht (羅宋湯) to freshen up our taste buds and get ready for the satiating meal coming ahead. The soup was concentrated and tasted good with a nice balance of sweet-and-sourness. Sweet buns served alongside were warm and fluffy that were best to go with the Borscht.


Most steak meals are served on sizzling plate unless otherwise stated on the menu. Once it's served, another wait staff carrying 2 buckets came over to offer choices of gravy either black pepper or garlic flavour that we could choose from. Then it came the most exciting moment of hearing the sizzling sound and watching the gravy bubbling when it's poured onto the extremely hot sizzling plate. Don't forget to hold up your napkin until the sizzling effect is gone so to prevent your clothes from spotted!

Grilled King Prawn with Rib-eye Steak (耙大蝦皇拼肉眼牛扒 HK$96) looked tempting with 2 big pieces of medium well rib-eye and a fairly big king prawn lying on a bed of fries and veggie. One of the steaks was slightly overdone, which was rather stiff but it was fine on the other piece. I can't say they're of premium quality but at least they carried a moderate natural smell of beef and not being artificially tenderised by chemicals. King prawn was a little let-down as the meat wasn't firm and suspected it's of the frozen type at lower quality.


My Butterfly-type Rib-eye Steak (蝴蝶型肉眼牛扒 HK$88) has knocked my socks off when I saw this huge pile of steaks in front of me. I was thinking like "OMG, I'm not gonna finish them all!!". Different from normal rib-eye, butterfly-typed rib-eye was half thinner but double in size as it's actually derived from horizontally split rib-eye. The texture was tenderer and smoother even it's nearly well-done, however the beef taste wasn't as strong maybe due to the overwhelming of seasoning.


We picked hot milk tea and lemon tea to round up the dinner. Lemon tea was not that remarkable but the milk tea was not bad at all with the pleasant fragrance of tea and right amount of milk to add nice smoothness and creaminess to every sip we had.


At this affordable price, we shouldn't expect something at top standard but it's more than enough to satisfy one's crave for a steak meal.

Website : N/A

Address : Shop A, 1/F, Kowloon Centre, 29-39 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


  • Shop 10-23, 25-27, 2/F, Bank Centre, 636 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
  • G/F-2/F, Wingco Mansion, 36-42 Soy Street, Mong Kok
  • Shop S, G/F, 1 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok
  • 2/F, 38 Shanton Street, Mong Kok
  • Basement, 218-220 Sai Yeung Choi St South, Prince Edward
  • 2/F, Eplaza, 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong
  • 1/F, 2-4 Yue Man Square, Kwun Tong
  • 4/F, Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay
  • 1/F, Nam Tin Building, 275 King's Road, North Point

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Since our visit to Harlan's for their afternoon tea crossover with Jo Malone, it's been about 2 years that I haven't had any themed afternoon tea until now. I was thrilled when I learnt about this special afternoon tea by Feast x Aesop only for November 2012 from the web and in no second I rang up the restaurant to book my table right away, you know, it could be booked up fast for the session on weekends!

(Updates: due to popular demand, this special afternoon tea has been extended till the end of December!!)


Feast (Food by EAST) is one of the restaurants in a very hip business hotel, EAST Hong Kong, which is renowned for its simplicity and yet a hip interior to provide a comfortable living space with style. The restaurant was also designed in line with this principle and creates a very comfy and relaxing atmosphere by the super-high ceiling made of stunning full height windows & glass roof. Isn't it the best place to unwind ourselves with a nice afternoon tea time on Sunday? :)


There was a wide selection of tea & coffee from the drink list and we just picked Earl Gray as it's always our favourite tea to go with afternoon tea, unless there are other choices of unique blend of tea available.


They only offer tea-bag, which was a little let-down for me as I always prefer loose tea that brewed in pot. Anyway, what's more I could ask for from a HK$165 tea set for two? :P The Earl Grey wasn't bad though, it's not too strong and nicely carrying a light hint of natural citrus flavour. Hot water in pot was served alongside that you can refill your cup of tea and warm milk was served too, but I like having it alone without adding milk & sugar. Another disappointment, the silver colour coated cup is fading due to wear & tear, can't they just replace it for the sake of their image??


Instead of the traditional 3-tiered stand, the food was served on a large flat rectangle plate like a palette. Some may think it looks less attractive than the tiered type but I love its simplicity and I can view all the food in a glance. There were 8 different kinds of finger snacks inspired by the natural ingredients used in the products of the Australian skincare brand Aesop, with 4 savoury items and 4 confectionery choices.


Smoked Salmon & Citrus Dressed Cream Cheese Profiterole was a new combination to me as I've never tried profiterole (a.k.a. puff) going with savoury stuffing. Smoked salmon was fresh without fishy smell and the citrus dressed cream cheese has pulled the taste and texture of profiterole & smoked salmon together and made all of them so compatible to each other.


Duck & Juniper Wrap was fantastic with the juicy pieces of duck meat and slightly grilled tortilla wrap. The mayonnaise sauce & shredded cucumber mixed together to bring a taste of fresh salad that balanced up the meaty flavour.


Grilled Chicken with Sage in Parsley Seed Bread Finger Sandwich had an ordinary look but tasted extraordinary. Parsley seeds in the bread together with the sage gave a slight peppery flavour which made up a surprising combination with the grilled chicken in cream sauce.


Rosemary infused Focaccia Bread with Parma Ham & Provolone came in a very lovely presentation with all the mini sized ingredients set and stacked neatly to create a lively form of sandwich. Provolone was of the mild type and I'm sure everyone wouldn't resist it even to those who don't get used to any cheesy taste. Rosemary taste in Focaccia bread was however not sharp enough to bring an impressive flavour.


Cranberry, Walnut & Praline Tartlet was delicious with the praline not being too sweet, and the fruity cranberry had added a hint of sourish taste that this nutty tartlet just needed. Well done!


Lavender & Honey Teacake was my most liked confectionery on the plate. It had a compact texture with right moisture and infused with just a very very light lavender flavour to bring out an aromatic touch in taste.


Lime & Basil Macaroon was perhaps the best macaroon I have ever had among my afternoon tea experience, and yes, it's even better than the one from The Peninsula! Texture wise, it's perfect with the crisp outer crust as well as a slight chewiness in the middle. The cream in between was of adequate amount to tightly bond the 2 shells together and it wasn't too sweet at all. Though I couldn't taste any basil, tinge of lime was tasted and it lingered a while as aftertaste.


Chocolate Rose Cream was made of semi-bitter chocolate with quite a sharp aroma of rose but nothing more. It's not bad but just sounds a bit ordinary to me.


A complimentary package of goodies from the crossover partner Aesop was given to each pair of guests. It included a travel sized bottle of body balm, a little box containing 3 sachets of skincare sample from their parsley seed range, and a postcard to redeem a complimentary skincare consultation & some more samples from the Aesop branch in Cityplaza (I got 4 more sachets of haircare products from there~). I love all natural skincare products and am keen on trying new product line from different brands. So I just can't wait to try them out! :D


Website : http://www.east-hongkong.com

Address : 29 Taikoo Shing Road, Island East

Access : Taikoo MTR Station, Exit D1


Another popular snack in Cheung Chau is the dessert, especially those made of fresh mango. I was told by my friend that this particular dessert house is famous for their Mango Mochi, so there we were.


I have tried the Mango Mochi (芒果糯米糍 HK$8/pc) bought by my friend from the same shop before, which tasted heavenly sweet and soft. However, this mochi we had on that day wasn't that good, which indeed tasted sour but the mochi wrap was still soft and thin. Maybe it's not the right season to have mango?


Mango Sago with Pomelo (楊枝甘露 HK$16) is my all-time favourite at any dessert houses in Hong Kong as it's a very unique dessert originated from Hong Kong. The focus of this dessert is always on mango and still, it's sour like the one wrapped inside the Mango Mochi... Thought it must be from the same batch of mango! So from this experience I learned a lesson that Autumn is not a good time to have fresh mango. >_<


Iced Herbal Jelly with Mixed Fruits (什果涼粉 HK$16) had nothing special to mention and the taste wouldn't go too wrong as it was just a mixture of fresh-cut fruits and herbal jelly. Oh yeah, it's unsweetened upon serving and there is a bottle of syrup that you can add the sweetness to your liking.


Mango Sago with Pomelo & Mixed Fruits (什果楊枝甘露 HK$19) was actually the same as the normal one with pieces of watermelon being added. Nothing much to comment on except the watermelon was quite sweet and it's balanced up the sourness of mango.


I guess I wouldn't visit again as it's not that special as expected and there are lots of better choices in the city.

Website : N/A

Address : No. 3 San Hing Street, Cheung Chau 長洲新興街3號

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Curry fishball is one of the must-try street snacks for tourists visiting Hong Kong, and for those visiting Cheung Chau, the big fishball is the snack that shouldn't be missed. There are a few stalls selling this kind of gigantic fishball near the ferry pier, and finally we picked this one, which was featured on TV, instead of the stall next door, which supposed to be a more popular one.


Curry fishballs sold in the city are generally small without much "bounciness" and it's rather like eating pieces of chewy cooked flour, but the one in Cheung Chau are in bigger size and a lot more firmer to the bite than those urban fishballs. I had the Satay flavour as recommended by the staff, it tended to be a bit sweet but not spicy at all, and the overall taste was not intensive enough because the fishball skewer was only dipped in the Satay sauce before serve. I guess the Sichuan Spicy flavour would be much better as all the fishballs were boiled in the bloody red Sichuan spicy soup before serving!


It costs HK$10 for just 2 large + 1 small fishballs on a skewer! It's quite pricy and forgot to mention about the last petit piece of fishball, which was the "urban" type without any bounciness but only chewy! :S

Website : N/A

Address : G/F, 150 San Hing Back Street, Cheung Chau

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Can't remember exactly how many times have I visited Cheung Chau so far but I'm quite sure it wouldn't be more than 5. It's not far away from the city with about an hour ferry ride from Central pier no. 5, which is a pretty good weekend getaway destination for locals. For some frequent visitors, if you're bored of hanging around the city and thought of experiencing the peaceful side of Hong Kong, try Cheung Chau Island. If you can afford a full day there, you can even do some hiking to the Cheung Po Tsai cave (張保仔洞). Also, don't forget to try their seafood before leaving.


This time I was there with 2 friends, whom has recently relocated to Hong Kong. This was my second visit to Hing Lok Restaurant as I found their dishes were quite delicious last time. And here we ended up with 5 dishes for HKD$218, which was really affordable.


The first dish landed on our table was Sautéed Prawn with Ketchup (茄汁蝦), which was definitely a mouth-watering dish that instantly got up our appetite even by its look and smell! Every prawn was beautifully dressed in redish orange colour and exuded an aromatic sourish fragrance that came from the ketchup, yet not in a heavy sticky sauce as all the moisture and flavour was absorbed and sealed inside the crust. The prawns were fresh with firm meat and easily peeled off crust but size was kinda small. Its taste was so appetizing with a well balance of sweet & sour and no wonder the restaurant serve it as the first dish of our meal!


Stir Fried Choy Sum with Minced Garlic (蒜蓉炒菜心) was a common dish that nothing much to be commented on. The choy sum was fresh, crunchy and naturally sweet though.


Stir Fried Clams with Dark Beans and Chilli (豉椒炒蜆) was impressive with good quality of clams and nicely made sauce. There were no unopened clams in the dish, which means all of them were fresh and well cooked, and they were free of sand too. Sauce was in light consistency and not overwhelmed the natural flavour of clams, but it would be better if it could be spicier!


Deep Fried Squid (椒鹽鮮魷) was the star of the meal and a must-try in the restaurant! Pieces of squid were enveloped in a thin layer of batter and deep fried to a perfect crispiness, then finally seasoned with spiced salt. Squid was very fresh, juicy with firm texture and in nice thickness that you know you're eating squid but not the batter. You know, in some restaurants they use squid of worse quality and cover it up with thick batter that you can only taste the batter instead of the squid! Remember to dip it in the Chinese vinegar that served along with the dish to add a little sour kick on each bite. We all fell in love with this dish and it's finished up fast. Nice one!


On the menu, you can only find Steamed Sea Fish but the fish type is not specified because it depends on the daily pick of the restaurant, and fish of the day we visited was Steamed White Pomfret (清蒸白鯧魚). Though it's not a kind of expensive sea fish, however the restaurant turned it into a gourmet by steaming it with right timing. The meat was soft and smooth, and the soya sauce was in right sweetness and saltiness that didn't overwhelm the natural flavour of pomfret.


There are lots of seafood restaurants along the street and every one of them would have someone standing outside to ask you in. Just in case you forgot the restaurant name or unable to find it (as their restaurant name is somehow hiding below the wide shade cover), look for the one with green checker tablecloth! It's how I remember the restaurant too~

Website : N/A

Address : Shop D, 11 Pak She Praya Road, Cheung Chau 長洲北社海傍路11D號舖

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I'm not really a big fan of buffet but it could be a great moment to catch up with friends. Having heard so much about their popular buffet since the opening of Hotel ICON, I was so eager to try but my mood was always turned down by their few months advance reservation... that could be a long list especially on weekends. Really thanks to my friend for deciding a gathering there, otherwise I wouldn't have try it until now. It was the brunch buffet from 11:45am to 2:45pm on Sunday that we had, which I booked it a month ago.

The hotel's decor and atmosphere are truly simple and trendy with some creative furniture and fittings. That was very me!



I quite like the swirl staircase at the corner that I viewed it as a sculpture rather than a staircase in the hotel.


The entrance to The Market has a mystery appearance. Every steps of my approach to the reception has triggered my curiosity on its interior.


This is the first look from the entrance next to the reception... quite cozy with mainly natural sunlight brighten up the restaurant.




The dessert corner. I would say there isn't much variety on their desserts as compared to other hotels but they do have a great collections of unique flavour with every attention to detail.



The salad corner.


The cold cut corner.


The sushi & sashimi corner.


Mixed Sashimi Rice.


If you're interested, you can even purchase their wines from the vending machine at the centre.


The main difference between their brunch (HK$398 for 2) and dinner (HK$598 for 2) buffet is probably the availability of oyster bar at night.


The Chinese & Southeast Asian hot dishes counter.


The Indian cuisine counter.


The noodle corner


Free-flow of French Vittel mineral water is provided on every table.


Peking Duck Wrap is a must-try here so this was the first thing I tried during my meal. There were 2 chefs serving made-to-order Peking Duck Wrap at the counter next to the Salad Bar. The duck was still warm while served and I love the sweet sauce that was great to eat with the duck and shredded spring onion.


Cold Noodle with Peanut Sauce was tasty but the noodle was kinda overcooked and a bit mushy in texture.


My entree plate with assort of cold cuts and seared pepper. Cold cuts were not my cup of tea and I just wanna get a try of their quality, so that's enough for me. Seared pepper was nice with vinegary taste, a great appetiser!


DIY Caesar Salad from the salad corner. There're a few types of dressing available and I made an Italian salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Mixed Sashimi Rice was fresh but nothing really extraordinary here.


In Hong Kong, seafood is always the most welcoming dishes in buffet among locals, so certain standard of freshness has to be well-maintained to satisfy everyone' crave. I have no doubt on the freshness of their seafood and indeed all of them were nice, but I only went for 1 round of seafood as I hate spending time & effort cracking crab shell and peeling prawn crust... Lazy me... :P


The Scallop with Risotto was awesome with great texture but the Egg Benedict was not as good. The pouch egg was a bit overcooked and the hollandaise sauce was tasteless, I ended up leaving half of it unfinished on plate... Tandoori chicken at the back was extremely delicious with tender and juicy meat, which was also well flavoured with moderate strength of Indian spices. The squares of Deep Fried Prawn Toast at the back towards the right was great too with crunchiness and not too oily.


The mini portion of Hainan Chicken Rice was surprisingly good with authentic taste especially the rice that has a great moisture and chicken flavour.


The Shark Fin Dumpling in Soup wasn't impressive at all. The soup was alright but the dumpling wrap was too thick and starchy.


Basically, most of the Chinese food tasted alright, not much to comment on.


This is my plate from Indian counter. Mutton Curry was very delicious with soft texture. Even the Biryani rice (Indian yellow rice) was great too.


The mini Laksa is also one of their popular dishes there. For me, although it can't beat those in Singapore & Malaysia but it's good enough in Hong Kong.


Beef Brisket in Clear Soup is again another must-eat. The beef brisket was boiled to really tender texture and the clear soup was surprisingly delicious without any taste of MSG at all.


Another must-eat in The Market is their dessert. Like I mentioned, there aren't many choices but each and every piece was truly an amazing experience to me. The Green Tea Cake was surprisingly good with rich matcha taste mixed with a light taste of red bean paste. For those durian fans, Durian Cheesecake and Durian Tarts are must-try as their flavours were so genuine and natural without any taste of artificial flavouring. The Red Wine Jelly in a little jar was an adult's jelly with very strong taste of red wine.


The Baileys, Mango and Green Tea Panna Cotta were served in lovely plastic egg-shaped cups. For Baileys lovers, you gonna try this and tell me how good it is! Mango and Green Tea were nice too but not a wow to me. Mini Chocolate Lave Cake served in a little glass cup was good too with rich dark chocolate flavour, which wasn't too sweet. Chocolate Jasmine Cake (front towards the left) was a big surprise to me and the chef who thought of this creative pairing of chocolate and jasmine is a genius!! Mango Cheesecake was only so-so and not impressive. Bread Pudding at the back was classic and good, and don't forget to put some custard sauce on it before going back to your table~


Had 2 scoops of Movenpick ice-cream to round up my meal.


Free flow of sparkling white wine and a variety of juices are also included during the meal, and a cup/glass of tea or coffee is included at the end of the meal too. I've ordered Iced Lemon Tea, it was refreshing and good for digestion. ^_^


Coffee for my partner. They're using illy coffee there so it was very rich and full bodied.


Website : http://www.hotel-icon.com/

Address : 2/F, Hotel ICON, 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Didn't realise my last afternoon tea was back in 2010 at Harlan... Yes, it's really been a long while! During our previous visit to LE SALON for its delicious takeaway chestnut croissant, its attractive tea set spotted from the windows has made me drool. To rid my sudden crave for almost a week, I decided to invite some friends to make it happen. Not only it looked pretty, the price of HKD268 for 2 was very reasonable especially on Hong Kong Island.


Afternoon tea starts at 3pm. We arrived at 2.45pm on Sunday and we were the first on the queue. Its atmosphere and decor are truly trendy and upscale, and it would even better, if the buildings view isn't on eye level.


Service was great with staff giving detailed explanation on the menu as well as the food on a tiered stand upon serving.


They do have some unique selections of Loose Leaf Tea on the menu. We ordered Victorian Earl Grey to be more classic and French Vanilla & Pink Rose recommended by the staff. The taste of citrus in Earl Grey was just right, which didn't overwhelmed the aroma of tea. For French Vanilla & Rose tea, it was amazingly good that I didn't know vanilla could blend so well with rose flavour. The tea was infused with a strong aromatic rose flavour at the top note followed by vanilla that gave a little sense of sweetness at the aftertaste. For sure, I'll enjoy returning once in a while just for their tea, which is definitely a joy to indulge. Not to forget mentioning, the water is free to refill just like in all Chinese restaurants.



Variety of food isn't many but was enough to fill up my tummy for the afternoon.


Blueberry Preserve and Whipped Cream for scones. Wondering why they didn't serve clotted cream instead?


The Milky Chocolate Cake was soft and mushy. Macaroons were nothing special except sweet and boring!


Homemade Chocolates were OK but kinda common to me, I guess.


Compared to the normal size of Chestnut Croissant, this miniature version was only slightly smaller but still, it tasted as good. As expected, it was served warm with perfect crispiness on its outer layer and fluffy inside. The filling of chestnut has always made me wanting for more.


The Raisin Scone was also served warm and the texture was as good as expected. Spread of blueberry preserve has even made it more delicious.


Lox Bagel was slightly dry in texture. For me, it would be much better with more salmon and sauce especially.


Foie Gras Creme Brulee was indeed an innovative combination but was more of a mismatch to me. Imagine blending Foie Gras that carried a slight bitter and yet salty elements into Creme Brulee, which is meant to be sweet, I suppose. So what I can say is you get a dual taste of both sweetness and saltiness at the same time... Confuse!


The tiny Terrine on Toast was very delicious, I don't mind having my tea set with Terrine on Toast only. It was like instantly dissolved in my mouth when I ate it. Good stuff!


Website : http://www.lesalondining.com.hk/

Address : Shop 1302, 13/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay



After several disappointments on quality of food purchased via group-buy, I don't normally go for it but this was rather an exception to me due to its super great deal. Anyway, I only paid for HK$464 for 2 persons to enjoy all the dishes below, so how much more could I lose? Since Hee Kee is one of the big brands specialising in typhoon shelter crab and to the worse scenario, at least I got a whole crab, right?


And yea! If you're visiting in the afternoon during weekday, you're not charged for the tea. We were there on a weekday afternoon and there were only 2 tables occupied including ours, it was quite a pleasant experience just like having a crab high tea... :D :D :D !!


Service wise, it was just moderate and nothing obvious to highlight. We were given a big round table, it was for sure a comfy seating and enjoyed our moment of taking pictures. Even it was during the off peak hours, food temperature was well maintained as all the dishes were cooked to order.


Roasted Baby Pigeon (貴妃妙齡鴿) was nicely cut into quarters. Skin was crispy and the meat was lean and juicy. However, the only grievance is the pigeon meat wasn't thick enough. Pepper salt and Chinese vinegar was served alongside that was perfect for enhancing the flavour of this lightly marinated pigeon.


Stir-fried Clams with Black Bean & Chilli (豉椒炒蜆) was very delicious. Unlike others, there wasn't much empty shell on the plate. The sauce was rich and yet it didn't overwhelmed the clams' flavour. In fact, the natural smell of clam was slightly stronger than what we normally have elsewhere but still, I think it's perfectly alright.


Braised Choy Sum with Broth (上湯浸菜芯), nothing spectacular that worth mentioning except for its absolute freshness.


Signature Fried Noodle with Crab Oil (招牌蟹油炒麵) was a simple dish and looked similar to typical stir-fried noodle with soya sauce (豉油皇炒麵). The noodle texture was a bit chewy and it wasn't greasy at all, which was good. The crab oil did bring a very mild flavour to the dish, but it wasn't obvious.


The highlight was for sure the Signature Fried Crab with Chilli (喜記正宗炒辣蟹). We had asked for moderate spiciness but to me, it wasn't spicy at all. Yes, it was a whole crab as declared but I doubt those pieces belonged to the same body for its 2 obviously uneven-sized claws and some missing legs. The crab seemed like being frozen for awhile as when I broke the claw, water started to leak a bit. Anyway, it's from group-buy, I should have known that...


Despite all those disappointments, the crab was nicely fried and it was very aromatic indeed.


Obviously, all the dishes were of good quality except for the crab itself, which was used as a buffer to match with the price set on group-buy.

Website : http://www.heekeecrab.com/

Address : Shop 602, 6/F, iSquare, 63 Nathon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



I've always passed by this restaurant seeing customers savouring their fish on a portable stove but didn't really have a clue on its cooking technique and way of eating. The scene was attractive and mouthwatering, so what took me so long to try it only now...? Because the restaurant only happened to appear right in front of me after my meal all the time... Darn!!!

This time, I went there in purpose just for the hotpot fish! Just don't wanna let myself down again. :lol: Besides fish, you can also choose for crab and chicken. Anyway, since they're famous for their fish so why not trying their fish instead?


Knew that the fish could be huge for 2 of us, so we wouldn't want to order too many dishes. However, a light appetiser would be great for the kick off, so here we had Ma Poh Cold Tofu (麻婆凍豆腐 HK$26). Tofu texture was great with appropriate coldness but was kinda too greasy especially those at the bottom. The spiciness was of Sichuan style. If you're used to spicy food, I would say the spiciness was just moderate.


For a hotpot fish, there're a few types of fish, choices of broth and level of spiciness to choose from and that indeed took us some time to decide, but really thanks to the friendly staff who was so patient in guiding us to the right decision. So finally we had this awesome Signature Grilled Catfish (招牌烤魽魚 HK$208) with moderate spicy broth.


Once we've placed the order, the fish was lightly grilled in the kitchen before it was served to enhance the flavour as well as to remove the unpleasant smell of fish, I assumed. So when it was served on the portable stove, the fish was half-cooked and it took around 15mins to get it done. There are also side dishes of raw ingredients that you can order to cook in the broth just like hotpot.


The whole fish was marinated and covered with some Sichuan herbs & spices that brought out a rich exotic fragrance and flavour. Meat was smooth and firm that reflected perfect freshness, and what's even better was this type of fish had fewer bones for easy eating. Broth was at average spiciness to us and the greasiness was still at an acceptable level.


We ordered Veggie Platter (田園拼盤 HK$36) to add some healthy element to our meal. The platter included winter melon, potato, turnip & lotus root, which were fresh and nice.


This restaurant is definitely one of those that worth revisiting again.

Website : N/A

Address : Shop C, G/F, 13A-B Yim Po Fong Street, Mong Kok

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I always heard about this popular congee place from friends and even from members' itineraries but never had a chance to try it out myself before this. This shop is located at the food court of Fa Yuen Street Market, which is on 4th floor above the wet market. The food court is not air-conditioned but the ventilation system wasn't too bad with reasonable numbers of fan installed, so try to grab a table as close to fan as possible to keep yourself cool especially enjoying congee under the summer heat.


It opens everyday from 6:30am to 3pm and we nearly missed it as we arrived just 15mins before it closed. That's why it was so unfortunate that we couldn't try some of their must-try dishes that had been sold out. But one thing good about that timing was that it's... crowd-free!!! Even it's about the closing time but still, the staff was quite friendly taking order and delivering the food to us with no hurry.


It's quite impossible for them to list out all their dishes on the menu because all the congee ingredients could be mix & match. So think of a great combination that you love before your visit.


This place is famous for its congee with fish slices but too bad, it's been sold out and we had to think of something else in place. Since fresh fish maw is one of their signature ingredients, so we ordered Congee with Fresh Fish Maw & Pork Meatball (鮮魚卜肉丸粥 HK$30) instead. The congee was fine and smooth with perfect consistency & saltiness, which was definitely a good one.


The fresh fish maw had similar texture close to squid but was kinda more chewy and elastic for me. Flavour wise, it wasn't outstanding and it did carry an extremely slight hint of unpleasant fishy smell. However I quite like the pork meatball, which was flavourful. Since it was made of fresh hand-chopped minced pork, it has a well-balanced combination of fat and meat that produced a great overall texture.


Congee with Sliced Beef (鮮滑牛肉粥 HK$25) was another good one. The congee tended to be slightly sweeter than the above, probably due to the natural sweetness brought by the beef slices.


The sliced beef was nice without much surprises. It was soft and smooth indeed.


Website : N/A

Address : Shop 11-12, 4/F, Fa Yuen Street Market, Mong Kok

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Sorry for the extremely-late featuring on mooncakes this year! Another 10 more days to go before the Mid-Autumn Festival on 30th Sept, I'm sure most of you have taken plenty of them by now. :D

When talking about snowy mooncakes, many would suggest the brand Taipan Bread & Cakes, which is the first bakery producing snowy mooncakes in the world. Since then, it became very popular among local community and also Chinese community around the globe. As I had featured custard mooncakes from The Peninsula Connoisseur and Tsui Hang Village Restaurant on previous years, so here is the snowy version.


Frankly, I don't really fancy much about snowy mooncake due to bad experience on certain brands in the past and I was quite hesitated to try them until now, so I may not be in a good position to compare though!

In Taipan, there's a selection of unique flavours available as well as combination of flavours in gift boxes that you could choose from. OMG!! They even have Durian flavour as well. I've bought a gift box of 8 mini pieces with 4 different flavours (HK$124), Mung Bean Paste (經典綠荳蓉), Mango and Mung Bean Paste (芒果綠荳蓉), Pina Colada and Bean Paste (菠蘿特飲荳蓉), and Almond Sesame and Bean Paste (杏仁芝麻糊荳蓉).


All the snowy mooncakes here shared the same wrap, which is made of glutinous rice flour. It has a perfect thickness with a little bit chewy texture.

Mung Bean Paste (經典綠荳蓉, back) is the original flavour without any filling. It wasn't too sweet, which was good but it didn't carry much of bean flavour. However, I would say Almond Sesame and Bean Paste (杏仁芝麻糊荳蓉, front) was the best among all, probably due to the aromatic almond flavour added to the paste. Also, the runny sesame filling at the centre was too watery, but it did give out different sensation in texture within.


Both Mango and Mung Bean Paste (芒果綠荳蓉, back) and Pina Colada and Bean Paste (菠蘿特飲荳蓉, front) shared the same bean paste as the original, fair enough! The sweet filling of mango tasted quite artificial and so did the Pina Colada, which carried strong flavour of artificial pineapple essence without any expected taste of rum, perhaps it's better to be named as pineapple instead of pina colada?



If you're not picky, the overall quality of their snowy mooncakes weren't too bad, which is definitely above average. Maybe I just have too high expectation from Taipan?

Website : http://www.taipan.com.hk/ (Chinese only)

Branch : There are too many of them. Check out the website to locate them.