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As a fan of Gary Rhodes, I went to SKYE for lunch to try the 1st anniversary set lunch inspired by Gary Rhodes.

As it was a clear day, there were beautiful views from the window.

Started with bread which was served with butter, salt and pink peppercorns.
It was such a treat with pink peppercorns because they have a lovely aroma that doesn't have a strong spicy kick to it.

It was followed by white tomato soup which tasted like tomato consomme mixed with milk.

Autumn foie gras:
This was silky smooth foie gras with tart berries and I loved the way the caramelized brittle gave it a touch of sweetness enhancing the flavour.

Moving on to the truffled mac and cheese which was cheesy yet balanced by the spinach leaves and earthy mushrooms.

The lamb loin was tender and juicy drizzled with appetizing gravy.
Since the pink peppercorns were still on the table, I put some on the lamb and it tasted fab.

Finished with the bread and butter pudding which is the best I have ever tasted because there was a strong vanilla taste and the top had a crisp caramelized sugar crunch to it just how Gary demonstrated in his video on how to make bread and butter pudding.

310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay.



I don't normally dine in this building but one of my favourite Chefs is there so I decided to try it out.
He said the food was going to be spicy but I underestimated how spicy it would be.

Anyway tried three spicy items: chili lobster soup, spicy clams and spicy whelk.
It was impressive how the spicy taste was different for each dish and not the same dead boring chili.
The lobster soup was fantastic because it was loaded with my favourite Basil and the lobster was fresh and it even had roe as well!


The spicy whelk in wine, obviously spicy had Sichuan peppercorns so it had a Sichuan touch to it.

The chili clams were the spiciest!!!
I would rate that this one had a strong chili taste and you can visually see how spicy it was with that orange chili oil surrounding it on the left!

The bread was buttered with something unique, it tasted like the ginger oil that you get with Chinese chicken but it was actually lemongrass!!

Normally I can taste what is in the ingredients but this Chef is one of the the good Chefs that can confuse your taste buds!!

There was blueberry and beetroot soup which was an interesting pairing however I managed to taste tomatoes in it.

If you have tried Jimmy's kitchen, there is a famous dry curry and the dry curry lamb rack tastes exactly like that with a crispy coating that tastes like curry bits of short crumbs!

On the menu was the Kiev which bursts out with filling when you pop the knife into into it.
I loved the crispy coating!

The dessert finished with this Japanese inspired sweet potato mash mixed with plum and yakult, again my taste buds were confused because I tasted apple.
It was paired with soothing ginger icecream!!

Definitely will be back soon!




I love Yunnan food (known as the DIAN cuisine) but there are not many places for it.
There is one in Kowloon City but there are more options here like soup, strange insects and Chinese cheeses!!
Started off with a memorable glutinous rice tea which was really fragrant.
Unfortunately, they give you some pickles which are charged.


Baby chairs are available:

Here was the food I had:
As a carbs lover, I got the rice with peas and Chinese ham which was delicious because it was fluffy and tasty flavoured by the ham and sweet peas.

The beef with lemon was an interesting combination so I decided to try it out and the taste was surprisingly good because the lemon made it appetizing.

Chinese cheese was a must for me but there were two types on the menu Rubing and Rushan.
I had to ask the staff which one was the savoury one because one is sweet and crispy served with rose!
The texture of the Rubing was like halloumi cheese flavoured by the saltiness of the ham.
It was slightly gamey but the ham balanced it.

Ashima Yunnan Restaurant:
18 Tai Koo Wan Road, Tai Koo Shing



There are lots of Taiwanese beef noodles in Hong Kong but not many taste good.
To me a good bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles is a combination of a strong beef broth, pickles, beef and most importantly the noodles.
Tristar is opened by a local celeb and here Taiwanese husband so you might catch other celebs dining here.

Anyway, I tried two noodles, the beef noodles and the noodles in spicy sauce.


The beef noodles were satisfying because the broth was strong and the beef was tasty. The broth was slightly spicy which made it more appetizing.

The tossed noodles were good because each strand was evenly flavoured by the spicy sauce.

Finished with the chocolate drink with extra herbal jelly which had a lovely thick milk foam cap to it.

I didn't try the pearls but they seem worth trying because the size is relatively smaller than the other ones in HK.

Tristar Kitchen:



Tsuta is Michelin-starred ramen from Tokyo with it's first branch in CWB and now they have just opened a second branch in TST.



The TST branch is conveniently opposite the traffic lights so you don't have to walk far from the MTR station.

I ordered the MISO SOBA because it is exclusive here and I like MISO anyway.

When it came, the broth was dark and strong that you could smell the miso ramen coming your way.
The ramen they use is different to the one they use for the truffle and salt which I have previously tried in CWB.


Perhaps, I am biased but I liked this one because the miso was strong and the noodles hung the broth well.

You can see specks in the noodle and they are slightly flat and broader than the one used for the truffle broth.

The sweetcorn and diced onions gave it extra depth while the broth had a really strong unami taste as there are porcini mushrooms in it.

The menu:


Vlog at Tsuta:

Tsuta 蔦
Shop G111, G/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



Dimsum is a must in Hong Kong just like Roast dinners in UK.
What makes this joint so special is the presentation of some of the dimsums.
From the outside, it just looks like the usual dimsum joint with Chinese traditional tea pots and calligraphy on the walls.




However when you take a look at the menu you will find some fancy and stylish items!!
They have the basic dimsums like hargau and shaomai but I decided to order the fancy items.
In this day and age everyone is looking for something to showoff on social media and these are just made for it!!

b DIM SUM have taken it a step further to get attention with a touch of raunchiness with steamed buns that take the form of boobs.

Their restaurant name in Chinese also has a sexy twist as it is called 凸點 [pronounced dat dim] which means protruding nipples.
Inside these buns are runny custard filling which will give us the visual pleasure of milk coming out if we play with these buns.


It would be great if the filling was condensed milk or coconut puree to get the visual effect of real milk.


Once a month they could serve specials like bigger ones as my males friends have been suggesting.
For men, it is a fact that the bigger the better!
As for the taste, it tasted delicious and not too sweet while the bun was soft and moist.
The next photogenic item was the black and white Tai Chi bun.
It was filled with abalone, mushrooms and some whelks which give it a nice unami flavour.
I really liked this one because of the rich gravy.

Another photogenic item was the BBQ pork swan pastry which was filled with BBQ pork.

An elegant item to order, delish morsels of BBQ encased in a crisp pastry.

Last but not least was the black steamed bun which is made of charcoal and honey.
It was impressive that you could taste the honey yet it was not too sweet.

Anyway, I will definitely be looking forward to their new dishes.

Restaurant : 凸點 b DIM SUM
Address: 198 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok,



My dream congee

Many people have mixed reactions on this new congee joint ROLLING IN CONGEE because they serve modern congee but I was really excited on giving it a visit.


Went one afternoon and it was closed so went back another day.

From the Chinese name I was expecting the congee to be expensive but the most expensive one costs $29.

I liked the way it stood out because the menu obviously had design to it with a purple theme matched by their aprons.
Their congee also appealed to me because they had really nice English names to match it like Taurus, Bronze Age, Ruby Rose, Magenta romance etc.


As well as savory congee they had sweet congee which really makes sense because in UK we have RICE PUDDING which is similar to congee but thicker and sweet with milk, so the sweet congee is a great option for people who are allergic to milk
The next thing I loved were the pots and utensils she used because it was colourful and modern with an advantage because these pots are the non stick type!!

For each congee, all the ingredients are in small tubs, so no matter who is running the joint, the congee should taste consistent because the portions are the same.


Moving on to the congee, I really liked the current choices and the creativity such as Taurus which has beef and onions and the pairing of these two never fail.
There was also chowder congee which is obviously seafood!
With all these choices, it was really hard for me to decide so I ended up getting the Bronze age, Silky Milky (plain congee with extra salted egg yolk and fermented beancurd), Magenta romance and Matcha congee.
The best thing was that you could order salty egg yolk and fermented beancurd to go with the congee because I just love them so I got that with the plain congee.

All their congees are made with Australian pearl rice which gives its a silky viscous thick consistency that doesn't go runny after a while.
I believe they will come up with some more exciting creations soon because you can do so much with congee like adding oats, quinoa and using different rices.
Once, I even dreamed of breakfast congee made with bacon, sausage and egg!!!
Anyhow, I prefer consuming congee at room temperature or slightly hotter because there is no point to scald your tongue and not being able to taste anything for days.
Perhaps, I come from a country that is cooler compared to Hong Kong so I can't eat, touch or taste things that are really hot.

Moving on to the congee that I got, here is what I thought:

Normally you get that weird shaped plastic spoon which usually cuts my mouth but the spoon they give you is really ergonomic and actually holds a good spoonful of congee which is worth mentioning because the whole congee experience is improved.
Bronze Age:

To start I had the savory first which had Hokkaido dried scallops, mini dried scallops, salty egg, century eggs, fish cubes and pork pieces.
The congee was tasty as expected because you could really taste the scallops and everything as the salty egg gives it flavour as well as the pork which was fresh and meaty.
Silky milky with extra salty egg yolk and fermented beancurd:


The silky milky was plain congee which was viscous with a lovely translucent colour to it.
Tried adding both separately and it really is acquired taste for the fermented beancurd but I thought it was delicious because it has a quirky saltiness with a hint of Chinese wine.
Magenta romance:

This is a sweet congee which is similar to rice pudding but without the milk with sweet potato and purple sweet potato.
It was nice and colourful with a lovely purple colour.
Tried it hot and couldn't really taste anything so I took it home and put it in the fridge which made it much nicer because you could taste the ginger when it was cooler.
I have no complaints on this and loved it.


The matcha congee which is served in the afternoon contains dumplings and red bean paste.

Again, I couldn't eat it hot so tried it at room temperature and after refrigerating it.
The consistency of this is thick and viscous which made it taste like a perfect rice drink with a hint of matcha, just the thing for breakfast which is filling an quick.
Rice drinks could be the thing because in Mexico, they have horchata and in Venezuela they have Chichi.
Tried both and they were so divine and filling.
Also the Chinese have a similar concept called rice water, a health drink that is now popular served by checkcheckcin.
To summarize, I will be back soon and hopefully they will have some new congees.
The sweet congees should definitely be eaten at room temperature or chilled and it was really good that they were not too sweet!~!
Rolling in Congee:
Shop 1, G/F, Tung Keung Building, 54-60 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan



Seaweed noodles

I love this place because they serve modern noodles in bright purple bowls which makes the noodles experience fun.The choices of noodles are good and I came specifically for the seaweed noodles which were sold out last time.


You get to choose three items to go with the noodles and I chose okra, Hiroshima oysters and pork knuckles.

The oysters were plump with a strong taste, while the okra was a healthy treat.

The seaweed noodles are a bit like glass vermicelli but lacking the elasticity and sweetness which is good because it absorbs the delicious pork broth that gives it flavour.
Shop E, G/F, Fook Moon Building, No.56 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District, Hong Kong



I thought it was a joke when my friend told me there was a Tobasco burger at McDonalds.
Went to my nearest McDonalds and it was true, not only was there a burger but there was softserve with spicy fudge sauce and shake shake fries with spicy seasoning Tabasco sauce.


Onion ring angus:

Softserve with spicy fudge sauce:

I decided to try the Fries with spicy seasoning:
It was very spicy as expected but I liked it because it was punchy and the spiciness wasn't long lasting.
The only let down was that the fries were overdone, hard and dry otherwise it would have tasted much nicer.










The broths and ingredients always surprise me at 鍋居火鍋專門店.
The first time I came here, we had the sweetest young coconut water broth, on the second visit I had some really good crispy chicken wings.
On this third visit, I tried the crocodile maca broth which has crocodile meat, sea coconuts in it as well as nourishing MACA mushrooms.


As I like trying new things, I tried the crocodile meat which is like tough chewy chicken but nice.

For seafood, we had Scottish razor clams and huge clams which I thought were going to be chewy.
It is really good that their staff did the clams for us because they were perfectly springy and sweet and they know how long it should take.


Good beef and meatballs are a must with any hotpots which are all available here!!
Last but not least, I loved the Kuruma prawn sashimi.
The prawn meat was sweet and succulent that it didn't need the soy sauce or wasabi.

Other delicious broth bases if you are not as adventurous as me!!

++Golden Canadian crab broth++:
Very appetizing and sweet because of the pumpkin, tomatoes and fresh clams.


++Forever young hotpot++:
Loaded with lots of anti aging and anti oxidant fungas, while the other ingredients help to nourish your brain and lower blood sugars!!





Kee Wah Bakery is a chain of bakery stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Wong Yip Wing (1911–1999), they are well known in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities for their traditional Chinese pastries and delicacies.

It is also famous in the UK because stores in Chinatown would import some and people from HK would send them over. However, in the recent years people have been getting fed up with traditional mooncakes due to health reasons and family sizes are as not big as before.

The traditional sized mooncakes would last you for days because they are quite sickly and during the mooncake season, there are so much mooncakes about that when you share it with people, the chances are that they have already had some.

Before the festival, many bakeries start selling mooncakes which attracts people to buy new and specials flavours for themselves, then nearer the festival, people will start buying mooncakes for others.

Anyway, there are so many varieties at Kee Wah, ranging from traditional to modern ones that there is a mooncake for everyone.
Thank you Kee Wah Bakery for all these mooncakes.


This year they have a mix of East and the West with modern mooncakes such as Cheese custard mooncake, HK tea custard and Coffee egg custard mooncakes!!
The crossover with Ocean Park this year is a really good design because the box turns into a functioning LED lantern that is safe and fun for kids.
mini white lotus with yolk:
This was smooth sweet lotus paste with savoury egg yolk and sweet pastry.
mini red beans and egg yolk:
The taste of red beans and egg yolk was interesting.


Inside the cute panda tin was chocolate custard mooncakes and egg custard moocakes.

Mini chocolate custard mooncakes:
The chocolate and custard was really nice with a strong chocolate taste and hints of custard.
Mini egg custard mooncakes:
The custard was good because it was rich but not too sweet.
Nothing beats Tea mooncakes such as Earl Grey egg custard mooncake and Jasmine egg custard mooncakes because I love Earl grey tea!!!!




CENTRESTAGE x COCO Fashion Matcha Afternoon Tea

Recently tried the Fashion Matcha afternoon tea at COCO to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the MIRA DINING GROUP.
I admit that I haven't dined at MIRA DINING outlets for a while and I have missed so much, they have come up with some really mouth watering and unique items such the chocolate durian tart, pandan waffles and even chocolate mustard for their meat pairings.
Guests are greeted with a green tea ceremony to start with.

The Matcha afternoon tea managed to impress me even though I am not mad about Matcha.
It was the Matcha that I liked because it wasn't grassy.

Presented with this stylish tea set, I always start with the savouries, moving onto the scones and then the sweets.
The savouries and sweets were equally as good which was good.

Starting with the savouries there was: roasted capsicum cupcake with goat cheese topping, matcha cream cheese with spicy cajun shrimp toast, baccola (salty cod) rilettes with sesame, matcha soba noodle salad with sesame.
The savouries were all fantastic but the roasted capsicum cupcake with goat cheese topping was the most memorable because the savoury cupcake was really tasty and the velvety cheese topping was divine.

Moving on to the Korean Matcha Cranberry Scone with homemade Orange Jam flavoured with Japanese Sudachi Lime, it was heavily dusted with Matcha powder that you can see my finger imprint after picking it up!!

The pairing of refreshing orange jam was a match made in heaven because there was a lot of solid orange pieces in the jam and it wasn't bitter complemented with fluffy whipped cream.

The Trendy Sweets comprised of: Taiwanese Matcha Elixir on Lamington & Yuzu, “Metallic Moonlight” Kyoto Uji Matcha infused in Vietnamese 40% White Chocolate Tart, Golden Wire Korean Matcha Latte Pudding by Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Marc Gaucher.

Finished with the Fashion passion drink which was a concoction of passionfruit and green tea.
It had a great refreshing fizz with notes of passionfruit, but most importantly it was not too sweet.

Available from 26 Aug – 30 Sep, 3pm – 6pm at COCO (G/F) on Mon – Fri & Sun,
and at WHISK (5/F) on Saturdays
HK$448 for 2 Guests with cosmic chocolate treat (26 Aug – 9 Sep)
HK$428 for 2 Guests (10 Sep – 30 Sep)
Subject to 10% service charge. Mira Plus Members enjoy 25% discount.
Booking enquiries: 2315 5566 or dining@themirahotel.com



Since the opening L'Eclair de Genie at Pacific Place and Prince’s Building in autumn 2015, there are now branches in Kwun Tong, Olympic and Tai Koo.
For Mid Autumn festival, they have launched two festive eclairs and limited edition Mid-Autumn festival mooncakes.


The man himself Christophe Adam was in Hong Kong to showcase the new collection.

No 286 Chestnut Umeboshi is filled with vanilla mascarpone cream and chestnuts from France, following a layer of umeboshi confit which gives it a salty kick to complement the chestnut.
It is garnished with a white chocolate golden rabbit, golden leaves and chestnut cream to give it that Autumn festive character.

No 287 Red bean sesame is very buttery and a popular pick because it is infused with smooth red bean cream and sesame crisp garnished with a rabbit and lotus pattern on pink.

La Lune Mooncake gift box are 4 colourful milk or dark chocolate shells filled with goodies.


Two contain fruit jellies (lemon yuzu lemongrass, coconut pandan) and the other two are caramelized nuts (caramelized hazelnuts, almonds).




The jellies which appear to be wrapped in plastic are 100% edible because the wrapping is just rice paper.

Fruit jellies (pate de fruit) are a traditional French sweet treats that are made with natural fruit juice.




Souffle pancakes are trending in Hong Kong, but my first souffle pancake was at K11 but unfortunately I was given an extra strand of hair and the taste was too buttery for my liking.

There is another popular one in MK called I love you Dessert Bar but the location is inconvenient, as well as that, there is a latecomer am.pm which does affordable souffle pancakes.


Anyway, decided to try FLIPPER's because it is on the HK side and celebrities go there.
As usual I was taking pictures of the menu when I noticed this girl sitting opposite behaving really weirdly, she was literally looking down, using her hair to hide her face like she had some weird problem which makes you notice her even more.
It turns out that she was Chrissie Chow 周秀娜!!

There wasn't a queue that day and it wasn't busy as expected.

Compared to all the other places, this one is the priciest but you get decent cream.

Decided to get the melon because I like melon and it does not have syrup like the strawberry and banana versions.

It turned out to be really good because there was no buttery taste and it was light and fluffy, whereas other places, the texture is just like foam and it disappears into nothing.
The best part is the cream because it is thick creamy cream and the melon was super sweet as well.
I was reminded by the staff not to use a knife to cut the souffle pancake as it ruins it.
FLIPPERS: i.t blue block  
Address: 6/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Hours: 10AM–10:30PM
Phone: 2367 2133



Since my last visit, there are new dishes again.

This time, it is chicken wings, who doesn't love chicken wings!
I loved the crispy coating with a complex taste because there are so many spices according to the chef.
At first I could taste cinnamon then I could taste the cajun so the sauce was not really needed.

But in the end I tried the sauce anyway and it became really addictive because it was very hot and made the food appetizing.
The Mexican Truffle Salad (Huitlacoche) is also my favourite because it has lots of mushrooms which make it taste earthy and it is totally vegetarian.
Huitlacoche is very interesting because it is related to corn as it is a fungus that infects corn and causes it to swell yet it is a delicacy that you can eat!!! Hence the name Mexican Truffle.

For meat lovers, there was the Carnitas Taco with Blue Corn Tortilla. I was really lucky that day because the Tortilla is made from blue corn which was brought to HK by one of the Chefs friend.
Other than the colour, it is very filling with shredded pork and the sauce from the chicken wings complement it nicely.

Finished with the Pumpkin cheesecake mousse which will really surprise you because there is a good ratio of fresh pumpkin in it.

But then all their desserts are good like the sweetcorn icecream which has real sweetcorn in it.
For drinks, had the cooling Watermelon Mojito, Pin Colada and I had my favourite Horchata which is rice based drink with cinnamon.



It is really good to see them grow from a small joint in Quarry Bay to this cool restaurant in Wanchai!
Verde Mar:



Tsuru in Central is dedicated to Japanese-style cocktails, prepared by Japanese mixologist Katsuhisa Hirakawa.

Cocktails at Tsuru are made with a number of alcoholic beverages imported from Japan, including sake, vermouth, spirit, gin, liqueur and whiskey as well as other ingredients, such as Japanese citrus fruits, Sudachi and Hyuganatsu, to bring upon the original Japanese aroma. In addition to the massive cocktail selection, Japanese snacks, skewers and main dishes are served at Tsuru to deliver customers a relaxing Japanese drinking and dining experience.




Celebrating the arrival of the summer season, customers will be delighted by the brand new seasonal Japanese cocktails and sangrias available from now until 30th October. Revolving around 3 distinct themes – “ELEGANT”, “SHARING” and “PLAYFUL”, the 3 different levels of experiences to enjoy the new cocktails and sangrias should not be missed!

Japanese Wine Sangria ($430/500ml, portion for 2-3 persons)

Fish-shaped soy sauce bottle has been one of the quintessential items when enjoying sushi all around the world. As a tribute to the iconic bottle, this Japanese wine sangria is a concoction of Japanese red wine, Zuisen Red Tea Liqueur and Japanese citrus fruits- Sudachi imported from Japan and the Miyazaki Prefecture special Hyuganatsu. This sangria comes with a playful twist as it is served in a super-sized fish-shaped bottle.
Sakura Mojito ($120):
Unlike the usual preparation of mojito, where it is mixed with syrup, the Sakura Mojito at Tsuru uses sugar Shōchū (SHIMAnoNAPOLEON) from Amami Ōshima as a substitute. The mojito is then added with Dover Sakura Liqueur and further upgraded with Japanese citrus fruits - Sudachi imported from Japan and the Miyazaki Prefecture special Hyuganatsu. Garnished with Japanese edible sakura flowers, the sensational drink is modified with a hint of the quaintness and elegance of Japanese culture.

WA Negroni ($130):
Vermouth and gin are traditionally the two main ingredients of Negroni. WA Negroni at Tsuru, however, is a mixture of Campari and a vermouth made with a Japanese gin (Wa Bi Gi) and the Asahi Yama Senjuhai Sake from Niigata.
Shiso Mariage ($120):
Made with the Asahi Yama Senjuhai Sake from Niigata, Dover Shiso Liqueur, cranberry juice and fresh lemon juice, the Shiso Mariage cocktail spots a classy shade of red with a refreshing sweetness.

Cocktail Information above provided by PRelations Group Restaurant PR Agency
Japanese Cocktail Bar Tsuru Address: G/F, Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: 2523 9968 Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 5:00pm to 4:00am


With origins from Madrid, Spain, ARTĒ Madrid was founded by a craftsman specializing in the creation of jewelleries for the affluent. 
ARTĒ Madrid, considered as one of the leaders in the fashion jewellery industry, operates near 70 shops in Europe, Greater China and other parts of Asia with more to come very soon.

The Mesmeric Myth Afternoon Tea Set at Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar is the perfect collaboration of Mira Moon collaborates and ARTĒ Madrid.





ARTĒ Madrid’s Ocean Miracle Collection inspired afternoon tea has been portrayed with The Ocean Cupcake with chocolate fudge cake, delicate Carrot Cake Pop coated with baby blue chocolate and macarons served in a jewellery box.


The savouries are flawless with my favourite silky ham croquette while the smoked salmon has a sweet touch of honey and truffle!

The scones are crumbly and soft paired with cream and a rather tropical mango and paprika jam.

The Ocean cupcake is the star of the show being moist and rich.

The afternoon tea is available between Friday and Sunday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, priced at HK$348 for two persons. Every two guests will receive a complimentary ARTĒ Madrid signature Deseo Tote Bag (valued at HK$150) and HK$300 cash voucher during the promotion period upon patronage.




PC celebrates their silver jubilee this year by collaborating with Vitasoy, a local brand that all Hong Kongers know.  Hence there are a collection of Vitasoy-inspired coffee drinks and food as well as a limited edition co-branded glass mug.




The Black Soya Panna Cotta with Quinoa & Chia Seed is served in this cute little mug jar with a lid so I had to get it. It was so silky and delicious with a rich bean taste and it comes with a matching wooden spoon.



For drinks, had the ​Iced Vitasoy Soyabean Milk Latte which is Vitasoy Soyabean Milk mixed with their signature 18/25 Altura coffee, with black sugar jelly added to the bottom and crispy whole oat sprinkled on top.  The taste is smooth with a crispy twist yet it was quite delightfully bittersweet.




As a fan of Nissin noodles, I had to check out the Nissin ramen popup at LOF10 in Causeway Bay where they have decorated the place like a ramen joint with ramen bowls and Nissin figures.





On the menu special, there are four sets to choose from ranging from $88-$108, all including a noodle, dessert and drink.





For me, it is super difficult to decide which one to get but in the end I narrowed it down to the two.
It was either the soup or the one with luncheon meat so I settled for the soup one because of the okra.
The ramen turned out really good because the softness was just right and the broth was good with a poached egg which makes the broth even richer.



For dessert, there was the bubble eggette topped with syrup and rose petals.

Finished with a satisfying latte.



Summer is here and I was invited to try DALLOYAU's new summer ice cream selection.


There are three new colourful flavours: Rose, Raspberry and tropical Peach & Mango.

Tried all three and personally I like the raspberry because it is sweet and fresh tasting like Yoplait's raspberry yoghurt.

The rose was really fragrant so it all depends if you like rose while the peach and mango I found quite sweet.

Other sweet treats such as Macarons, strawberry mousse cake and the raspberry opera.




Born and raised in a UK seaside town, I am used to fresh seafood and not so far from home is Brittany another seaside town where they have quality seafood as well.

At EPURE,  Executive Chef Nicolas Boutin brings you the best experience with blue lobsters from Brittany until the end of this month with the THEMATIC dinner.

I was really impressed with this dinner because every course was uniformly sumptuous and the blue lobster was delicately sweet and springy.

Began with the chilled soup and amuse bouche. The petit pois tarts were divine because they just pop in your mouth with sweetness and it is so difficult to get fresh peas in HK.
Peas are a must in French food!

The chilled soup was amazing because the tiny mussels at the bottom were sweet and fresh while the mussel foam on top smoothed it out contrasted by the refreshing vegetable jelly.

The first of the lobster course was the Blue Lobster with Heirloom Carrot, Baby Artichoke and Elderberry Vinaigrette. The fruity, sweet elderberry vinaigrette made a perfect pairing with lobster.

Next was the Blue Lobster with Shellfish Consommé, Petit Pois and Celery. The consomme was rich and strong owing to the lobster tomalley mousse contrasted by the sweet green peas and crisp celery.

The third course was a bit like surf and turf wtih Blue Lobster, Blonde d’Aquitaine Beef, Spring Onion, ‘Grenaille’ Potato Tarragon and Red Wine Sauce. As well as the lobster, the potatoes were also fluffy and tasty.

For desserts, the choice was hard because there was the Seasonal & Essential Artisan Cheese Selection or the Mille-Feuille because both are good! The Caramelised Mille-Feuille is prepared by your table with fresh strawberries, lime zest and Chantilly cream.

The cheese platter is wonderful but the Caramelised Mille-Feuille is definitely recommended because it is visually stunning with all those layers and it is such an experience when you eat it.

Address: Shop 403, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone:3185 8338



I didn't know what to expect here but I am always trying out SingMalay foods.
When I arrived, it just instantly looked like Pret x mangxr with soups, noodles, wraps, salads, desserts etc but Asian flavours like Rendang beef, Vietnamese salad etc.

03D6A3CFA189716FA6312Dpx.jpgIf you eat there it feels so Hong Kong as there are so many red taxis going along that road.
03D6A465EA7E5EDAB0C15Bpx.jpgI decided to get THE PENANG noodle because you get the fun of adding hot water to it like a pot noodle since there is a soup paste at the bottom which dissolves into a broth.
03D6A54FB02D4499C7DF91px.jpg03D6A6DAF3DF73284AD2D4px.jpgThe hot Prawn Popiah wrap was filled with prawns, Taiwanese sausage, tofu, jicama, carrot, beansprouts and Hawkr's special Popiah sauce. I really liked it because it was crammed with so much stuff.
03D6A752DE33B4D6A09006px.jpgMy friend had the Javanese Beef Rendang which was very aromatic as there was fresh turmeric and galangal taste to the beef.
03D6A80EF2AFB706B6A129px.jpgFor dessert finished with the pudding which contains sabja seeds at the bottom.
I liked it more than chia seeds because it does not irritate your throat and it was not too sweet. 03D6A9AA47EBD3623FA37Apx.jpg

36 Hoi Kwong Street,
Quarry Bay



Discovered V-Care Asia at the food expo 2017 press conference.
This brand is quite famous because I remember seeing it a few years ago at various shops.

Tried all health drinks and here is what I thought.

Si Wu Tang Four Herbs soup.

Health benefits claims:
Reduces symptoms of menopause, reduces menstrual cramps, improves blood circulation, improves skin complexity for rosy skin.
Si Wu Tang Four Herbs Drink:
Basically you make this drink by putting the herbs bag into the cup and adding hot water and letting it infuse for 7 minutes or longer for a stronger taste.
The colour of the drink was quite dark and the smell of Dongwai was strong.
As for the taste it was really nice, personally I liked it strong so I left it for 8 minutes and there is a hint of sweetness which is good.

The Si Wu Tang Four Herbs Drink can be bought from CR Care, Apita, UNY, Piago, Yata, AEON, Health Plus and Sasa.

The soup comes in a box of 10 sachets with the herbs contained in a filter bag.


Vegetable Soup.

Health benefits claims:
Reduces blood pressure, detoxifies the body and reduces acidic urine, detoxifies blood, strengthens body cells and improves the functions of vital organs, improves immunity and slows the ageing process.
Vegetable soup:

The soup was clear with a caramel coloured tone.
Basically it had a strong taste of Chinese mushrooms and a hint of sweetness.
The soups come in a sachets which are convenient because you just add 250ml of hot water and it ready to drink.



Green juice:


Health benefits claimed by this product:
Detoxifies the body, antioxidant properties, slimming properties, helps constipation.
The soups come in a sachets which are convenient because you just add 200ml of cold water and it ready to drink after stirring it.

The soup was green.

Basically it had a strong taste mint with a hint of sweetness which is good for people who do like not the taste of raw vegetables.

Barley leaf, Wheat grass, spinach, carrot, angelica keiskei, broccoli, coriander, celery, pepper, perilla, basil, corchorus aestuans, medlar, kiwi fruit, apple, strawberry, lemon, ginger, coriander, parsley, cumin, rosemary, mint, linseed, pumpkin seed, walnut, soy lecithin, bee pollen, chlorella, fiber powder and fructose.
As well as these health drinks they also have Guava and Mulberry leaf tea, Golden red root tea and Burdock and Red date tea.





The cruffin which is a pastry hybrid of a croissant and a muffin was only previously available at posh bakeries in London and some other countries.
It is meant to be crisp and flaky like a croissant and soft doughy like a muffin on the inside. You can get it at Marks and Sparks as well as this Japanese inspired Chinese bakery A1 group but their version is weird as it is covered in icing.

At Marks and Sparks, there are three different flavours – chocolate and hazelnut, Seville orange and strawberry and Marc de champagne, at £1.50 in the UK and $25 in Hong Kong.


I was a bit disappointed because it was not doughy and soft in the middle and it was just a croissant all the way through but shaped like a muffin.



Never the less, both the Strawberry and orange flavours were good because jam and croissants always go together.
The chocolate was a bit rich and tasted like a pain du chocolat filled with nutella paste.