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Arome Bakery (Kwun Tong)

Arome bakery has launched the new Okinawa purple potato series.

Previously I tried the Okinawa purple potato roll which was a chocolate swiss rolls covered with sweet potato puree filled with cream.

(please see link below for that review)

This time I had some time to kill before a tasting so got the Okinawa purple potato tart.


Okinawa purple potato tart:



The tart costs $20 which is $4 more than the roll.


It is held in a paper tray which is convenient and luckily ABR can provide you with plastic forks if you want to eat it right away.


Inside the tart, there was chocolate cake and cream just like the roll.

Again, it was delicious and there was more sweet potato puree compared to the roll so if you like the sweet potato this would be a better choice but if you don't like the tart base then you should get the roll and its cheaper.

The chocolate cake and sweet potato tasted really good together because it was not too sweet and the sweet potato was velvety and had a natrual taste.



The tart base is basically their usual tart base that they use for tarts which was buttery just like shortbread.

In conclusion, I prefer the roll because I don't like the tart base and it has a better ratio of chocolate roll and sweet potato.




M18 (Lok Fu)

Previously tried their cakes so decided to come back for the breakfast because it was incredibly cheap!!




all day breakfast:


For $36, there were mushrooms, fried eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato, toast and baked beans.

I was not expecting top quality British sausages for $36 but the sausages they served were far better than frankfurters that the Hongkies love to serve.


The mushrooms were good too, they were diced button mushrooms which have a lovely earthy taste. Perhaps there could have been more mushrooms but again you can't complain at that price.


The toast was quite decent and it was thickly sliced and it wasn't the Hongkie style sweet tasting bread but normal bread!

The bacon was a bit weird for me, it was hard and crumbly



The eggs were acceptable, half Western and half Hongkie style because of the crispy edges.

For Western palates that are not demanding, the breakfast would definitely pass the test.

As for Hongkies, this is definitely a truly Western breakfast in their eyes!!!





Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken (Tin Hau)


There are about three branches of Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken in Hong Kong but the menu differs at different branches.

The menu below is not served at the Wan Chai branch which is why I dined here.



Minced pork with spicy and sour sauce:


When I saw this, I knew I was in trouble because the minced pork was orange so I knew it was going to be hot and you could also see finely grounded chili powder on the minced pork.

After trying a little morsel of minced pork, I knew I had to leave it because it was way too spicy!!!!!!!

I have tried this dish at other restaurants but not as spicy as this.


Shredded chicken with spinach noodles:


I had better luck with the shredded chicken.

There was so much shredded chicken on this plate.


The green noodles did not have any outstanding taste and the texture was just like chewy ultra al dente instant noodles.




博多一幸舍 (Causeway Bay)

Initially this ramen joint started off at Ramen Champion in Jordan and now they have their own joint opposite Butao!!


There had been several tastings at this place so I have read quite a few reviews before coming, however on my visit there was not much briefing about their ramen.

What surprised me was that they have so much branches in INDONESIA, yet there is only one branch in Hong Kong.

It surprises me that Indonesians eat Ramen because the broth is pork based.


The restaurant used to be David Ramen, so the setting is slightly similar with a bar table at one side and tables on the other side.




Basically there were four broths to choose from:


I chose the original because I just wanted to try their broth and chose super hard noodles because they are going to go soft after I have taken pictures.


For the egg I chose onsen egg because most ramen places just serve soft boiled eggs.

When choosing the broth, you have to select the saltiness.

I chose the one without the salt flavouring because they already have it on the table.


It is recommended to press the bottle dispenser two times which is about two teaspoons to give the ramen the right saltiness levels.



Original ramen:


Surprisingly the soup was great, it was light but creamy and the soup hung well to the ramen.


The onsen egg was mixed into the broth making it slightly thicker and creamier.




Hung Lee (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Came here for a quick meal before a gathering.

I often go to places randomly in TST and MK because it is hard to plan.

Went to Hau Fook alley and there were a few options, one was really old and grubby so opted for this one.


When I sat down, I was pleased that they gave me an English menu.

I quickly glanced at the prices of the Chinese and English menu because in Tourist areas, the prices are generally marked up on the English version



Well the prices were the same but the English one had two portion sizes Large and medium and the Chinese menu only had one portion size.

Anyway I opted for the ox tripe in satay sauce for $38 as shown on the wall.




Satay ox tripes with rice:


I was quite impressed that the ox tripes and rice were served separately.

The satay sauce was different to the thick golden orange satay sauces you normally get.

There were pieces of ox tripe in satay soup on a bed of pak choi vegetables beneath.


The rice was too soft but the ox tripe was impressive because the satay sauce was not sweet like the usual ones and the broth made it really soft and tasty, however there was some slight MSG in it.




Chili Club (Wan Chai)

I have not had food from this place for a while so decided to pay it a visit again.

The new staff were much nicer and the air conditioning was not as cold as before.


Khao Ob Numlieb

Baked Rice with Minced Pork and Black Olives


As usual, this dish is lovely, minced pork with olives on rice with some soy sauce poured onto it.

The rice at the bottom is nice and crispy while the rice in the middle is soft and fluffy complemented by the minced pork and salty olives.


Gwit Dtee-Oh Kai Kaprao Krob

Spicy Fried Flat Noodles with Chicken and Basil


The noodles were disappointing because they were just oily and tasteless.

The basil leaves were not fresh because they were dry and shriveled up that there was no fragrant basil aroma.

The noodles which were meant to be spicy were not at all spicy.




Fish Ball Kong Chai Kee (Central)

G/F, 2 Kau U Fong, Central

Came here randomly because the restaurant I wanted to go was closed.





This place basically served noodles and there were lots of different types of noodles.

I tried the silver pin noodles because not many places serve it.


As well as noodles, the banana toast was fancy, it was toast with nine slices of bananas put unformly on the toast.


Beef brisket with silver pin noodles:


The silver pin noodles were a bit disappointing because they were hard and tasteless.


The beef fared slightly better but it took me a long time to finish the bowl of noodles because the temperature was too hot.



Ever since I tried this place, I have fallen in love with their food.

All the dishes are presented in a lovely way which makes them memorable.


Tomato jelly ball paired with oyster leaf, preserved plum tomato basil:


For the starters, I was advised to start from the left, right, then centre.

The first item was the huge molecular tomato caviar filled with tomato essence.

It bursted with delicious tomato essence which was made from 7-8 tomatoes for a molecular caviar of this size.

Next was the oyster leaf which was served on an oyster shell covered with lava salt foam.

After devouring the oyster leaf I was really shocked by the taste because it was fascinating that you could get a plant tasting exactly like an oyster.

The lava salt foam on top made it taste like a freshly shucked oyster.

Lastly there was the Cherry tomato which was in a vacuumed environment forcing the preserved plum flavouring into it.

It had a really strong preserved plum flavour in the form a cherry tomato.

On this tasting the deep fried Chinese parsley beneath the tomato was replaced by jewel leaves which were much healthier.

Jewel leaves are incredibly crisp and juicy.


Grilled fresh snow crab legs, beetroot powder, low temperature baked garlic chive roots, popcorn with seaweed powder


This was too pretty to eat and it was extremely colourful.

I really had fun dipping the snow crab legs in the beetroot powder which reminded me of icing sugar with a rich beetroot taste.

The baked garlic chive roots tasted just like freeze dried vegetables with a crispy light texture that crumbles in your mouth.

Lastly I had the savoury popcorn which was different and nice as it was flavoured with seaweed.


Dragon pearls:


These were huge crabmeat and squid patties filled with longnan berries with crab roe inside.

They tasted great with or without their homemade mayonnaise which had a nice hint of dill in the flavouring.

The dragon pearls have definitely improved because the ratio of patty meat and longnan were just right that you could taste the prawn patty as well as the longnan berry sweetness at the same time.


Steamed egg white with pumpkin puree topped with snow crab claw


The pumpkin puree had such a natrual taste with steamed egg white beneath it.

It was a really filling and piping hot dish.


Pan fried Hokkaido scallop with honey soy sauce


It was such a surprise to see the scallops served on a pretty shell on a tray of salt with shells around it.

The huge sweet scallops were on a bed of enoki mushrooms dressed with honey soy sauce and black sesame cress!

The scallops were chunky and sweet complimented by the honey soy sauce which was not too sweet or salty.


Fried mini crabs with seaweed powder:


The crabs were too cute to eat and the way they were presented, they looked alive!

Each one was tasty because they were freshly fried further enhanced by the seaweed powder to give it that extra marine touch.


Sweet mango lights on Chocolate soil:



The beautiful pearl was served on pebbles with a maple leaf which reminded me of autumn.

Anyway it was too pretty to eat but I had to eat it, so I cracked the sugar shell which was made in the same way glass ornaments are blown.

Inside the pearl, there was gorgeous lightly whipped fresh chestnut mousse which was velvety and light complemented by the chocolate soil.

I felt that the pearl tasted better this time because the pearl shell was thinner and not so sweet.


Black truffle creme brulee:


As you can see, there is so much truffle in this creme brulee.

However it was too rich and creamy for my liking.


A choice of coffee or floral tea:


To end the delicious meal, I chose Black vanilla tea which was soothing and relaxing.



G/F., 17 Shelter Street, Causeway Bay



Restoration (Central)

Nearly every week I will visit IEM to see what goodies there are in store.

I was looking forward to IEM this time because Restoration was there.

I missed their gumbo last week because they did not promote it on Facebook.

It would be useful if restaurants could promote what they will have because if it is good people will come!!


Found out they had gumbo this week so this was what I went for!!

I wanted to try the ribs, but it's hard eating them standing up without knives and forks.



To be honest, I have not had much luck with Restoration because every tuesday they have the all you can eat fried chicken and I happen to be busy.

I love gumbo and the last time I had it was at Blue Smoke BBQ which closed down, but the good thing is that the chef from Blue Smoke works at Restoration.


Classic gumbo with seafood and crawfish


It was PIPING hot and I could barely hold the cup.

Anyway, it was so tasty and the spicyness was just right with pieces of crawfish, sausage meat in it and the lovely spring onions on top.

The rice blended in nicely and made it wholesome and filling.




Vibes (Tsim Sha Tsui)

5/F, The Mira Hotel, 118 Nathan Road

It's pointless for me to go to bars because I don't drink alcohol but on this occasion went with friends to chill out at Vibes.

I was amazed how nice it was, it was like a secret garden surrounded in the middle of the hotel.

There were lots of comfortable tables, dreamy trees with lights and outdoor heating.



I loved these huge momentum balls which can actually move, but they are hollow inside so you might dent them if you touch them!!


At Vibes they have a minimum charge of $200 per person which is sufficient for two drinks.

I ordered the Lime soda and the Vibes passion.



Vibes passion:

pineapple juice, passionfruit syrup muddled with fresh ginger slices topped with soda.


At the beginning it was really nice because the pineapple and soda tasted nice but towards the bottom of the drink it tasted like squash.


Lime soda:


The lime soda was really good because it was really refreshing with fresh lime juice.


They also had fresh fruit shisha in fresh pineapples and watermelons which perfectly matched the oasis vibes at Vibes served by a guy dressed in Arabian clothing!!




Lingsik King Limited (Sham Shui Po)


Milky sweets:




These candies were chewy with a hint of strawberry and tastes like strawberry milkshake.




Thanks to Lingsik for sending these to me and Mjqueen7e.

To see more snacks visit the website as shown above.



Mr. Bing (Wan Chai)

There are two new flavours at Mr Bing: Sesame Chicken Bing (Bang Bang Chicken) and tuna and sweetcorn salad.

Tried the Sesame Chicken Bing (Bang Bang Chicken).

[bang Bang Chicken is known as Bon Bon Chicken, a popular Szechuan dish made with sesame paste, rice vinegar, and cucumbers].


The Bings are made in the usual way.




Sesame chicken bing:



I was disappointed with this new flavour because it was tasteless, the sesame sauce and peanut butter was not strong enough.

I have made Bang Bang chicken myself and it does not tastes that bland.

The other flavours are much better.




Arome Bakery

The new Okinawa purple potato series looked really nice.


The cake and tart looked captivating but a whole cake was too much for me so I got the roll.




Okinawa purple potato roll:


On the top of the roll, it was covered with purple sweet potato puree and two pistachio nuts.

I was impressed that they put a sturdy card at the bottom of the bag so that when you carry it the cake does not stick to the bag.


It was a chocolate roll filled with cream and more purple sweet potato puree.

I loved this cake because the chocolate rolls was moist and chocolately without being too sweet complemented by the purple sweet potato puree which surprisingly tasted good together.

The sweet potato puree was velvety and not too starchy which was made lighter with the foamy whipped cream in the middle.

As a whole, it was a good balance of chocolate cake, cream and potato puree.



When I was invited to this tasting I was like 'huh' because it was a Thai restaurant but the item we were going to try was Poon Choi (big bowl feast).
Poon Choi is a traditional type of dish originating from Hong Kong rural villages found in different parts of Hong Kong. In the old days, it was served in huge wooden, porcelain bowls but these days they are often served in disposable metal basins that allows it to be kept warm on top of those gas portable cookers.

The traditional Chinese poon choi includes ingredients such as pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, abalone, ginseng, shark fin, fish maw, prawn, crab, dried mushroom, fishballs, squid, dried eel, dried shrimp, pigskin, beancurd and Chinese radish.

Before I tried the Thai style poon choi, I was already curious whether it would be spicy or served in some sort of Thai sauce.

When we got there, we saw the poster and it looked like the usual poon choi.
It is currently on promotion as shown.

Here's what the Thai style poon choi looked like:

Basically it had some Thai items such as Thai style porks trotters, Thai style Royal chicken, Thai sausage and fish balls.

The usual items such as ducks feet, dried mushrooms, abalone and dried oysters are still there so fuddy duddies won't get upset!

To be honest, I prefer the Thai style poon choi because it does not contain fatty pork, pigs skin and duck which make the whole bowl really oily.
It was also great that it was not spicy and is suitable for everyone.

I chose young coconut water with my poon choi for an extra Thai touch!~

In the product shot, there are prawns, but that they were served separately.
Bangkok Thai Restaurant
2/F, De Fenwick, 42-50 Lockhart Road,
3102 1618


Beloved popcorn

Marks & Spencer Fresh Bakery (Central)

Thanks to Garycwm for getting this delicious popcorn.

I have previously tried it and it was really nice.

There are two flavours:

-Chocolate and pecan

-White chocolate and strawberry.


Both flavours are really nice.

The chocolate and pecan is divine, each popcorn is covered with caramelised buttery coating with some chocolate on it.


It tastes better than the normal popcorn because I find that too dry.



Yun Yan (Causeway Bay)

This was my first time having high end Sichuan food.

The ones I normally go to are casual and the seating is less comfortable.

Here, the restaurant is really modern with an open dining area.

There is an open kitchen bar for COLD & SHAKE where Sichuan starters and noodles are shaken in cocktail shakers mimicking popular Sichuan snacks served on the streets which are shaken in bags with sauces and spices similar to the Hong Kong bag noodles that used to be popular a while ago.


Translucent beef:

Although there is no picture here, it is definitely worth trying because it is thinly sliced beef similar to beef jerky with a lovely sichuan peppercorn taste with sweetness.

In chinese it is called lantern beef because each slice is so thin that it lets light through almost like a paper lantern.


Beef tongue in wild mushroom oil:


This was not spicy and I loved the chunky cubes of beef tongue complimented by the fragrant wild mushroom oil and crispy black and white sesame seeds.

For a stronger and intense taste you can add more mushroom oil which is on the table too.

The beef tongue was tenders and soft.


Chilled noodles with garlic pork belly:


There were a choice of sichuan white flour noodles, cornflour noodles or buckwheat noodles.

We had the cornflour noodles.

The noodles were refreshingly cool tossed in Sichuan vinaigrette with lots of garlic.

A good option for females wanting a light lunch.


Eight flavour tofu:


This was just fun!

There was a huge slab of tofu accompanied by a choice of condiments ranging from:

pepper powder, chili powder, chili sauce, sichuan style preserved cabbage, scallion, chili oil, garlic puree, sesame oil, black vinegar.


Basically you choose the condiments you like and slap it on the tofu!

The Sichuan peppercorns are not grounded so you have fun grinding it in the bowl and once its done you can really smell and taste how fragrant they are.

Before I tried the condiments with the tofu, I tried the tofu on its own and the soybean taste is really strong.

As well as the fancy condiments, they also had pink Himalayan salt which also tasted good with it.


hot and sour crab meat soup:



The soup had generous pieces of crabmeat in it as you can see.

Unfortunately the soup was too spicy for me, but I loved the Vinegar jelly cubes that you put in the soup which contribute to the sourness of the hot and sour soup.

It is recommended to put 1-2 cubes of vinegar jelly in the soup.

I tried one of the jelly cubes on its own and it was basically vinegar in jelly form.


sauteed prawns in chili garlic sauce:


These prawns were huge and the edges were nice and crispy.

The sauce was rich with lots of finely chopped garlic and chili in it perfect with the meaty springy prawns.


steamed fish head with chili:


Although this looked really spicy but it turned out to be my favourite because the size of the fish head was huge yet the fish was tender and there was lots of collagen in it.


Sichuan house smoked cherry duckling:


This was smoked duck similar to peking duck which came with these super cute scallop shaped buns.

The buns were easily opened in the middle just like scallops were you put the duck in between and sauce.

It was really satisfying having the piping hot bun with smoked duck complemented with the sweet smokey barbecue sauce.


Poached rib eye beef in chili broth:


I have never ordered this before because it looks scarily hot with red chilis floating on top.

Surprisingly it is not as spicy as it looks and rib eye was perfect for this because the texture is really tender with a smooth oily touch to it.


strawberry tofu milkshake :


I loved this tofu milkshake because it was blended with fresh strawberries, the sweetness was just right with the occasional strawberry tartness.

There was a strong soy bean taste too and the tofu that was blended into it contributes to that thickness just like a milkshake.


Panfried glutinous walnut cake:


These glutinous walnut cakes are green because it is made with grounded spinach.

I loved the chewy warm texture and the crunch of walnuts without being too sweet.

It reminded me of the Sticky and heavy Chinese new year cake but tasting much much better!


For icecreams, they even had green bell pepper icecream, Sichuan pepper icecream which were really cool!

I don't mind coming back again and if it wasn't for this tasting I would just assume that all dishes were spicy!



Just a quick teaser for Shui Yue.

This was an off menu item that they prepared for me.

It was so sweet that they remembered these little crabs.

They were fried to perfection and because they were freshly done, the taste was not rancid.

Although the crabs did not have a strong taste, they were sprinkled with seaweed powder which gave it that extra freshly caught from the sea feeling.

The crabs were too cute to eat and they all looked alive on the plate.






Sooo Vegi (North Point)

Walked past and saw this new shop serving vegetarian food, so stopped by for dinner.


For some reason it reminded me of Veggie Spinner at Tai Hang because they were both decorated with green.

When I looked at the menu, they had Turkish rolls just like Veggie Spinner which was why I got confused.


As well as rolls, they had pastas and Chinese dishes.


I opted for Chinese food and came back another day for the Western choices.

The Chinese choice was really good because they were popular dishes such as spicy tofu with minced meat and aubergines with salted fish but in vegetarian form.

I love these dishes but I rarely have them because real meat stinks!

The prices were really affordable, just the same as the prices at Chinese cha chaan tengs and the wraps were only $28 each.


Here was what I had over two visits:


Stewed Aubergines and salted fish with rice (VEGAN):



The aubergines were paired with healthy mixed grain rice.

I really enjoyed this dish because it was meat free and healthy, the dish is not as oily as the meat version and the aubergines were nice and soft with the taste as good as the meat version.




This was soup with Lion's Mane Mushroom, walnuts and black eye beans.

I wish the taste was stronger because it lacked the taste of mushroom but the bean taste was strong enough.


Fried three treasures:


This appetizer was really cool because I have never seen a vegetarian version.

There were aubergines, mushrooms and green peppers.

My favourites were the mushrooms and green peppers which tasted meaty with the vegetarian meat substitute.

It was a bit oily for my liking but if they had the sweet sauces, I could have been fooled to think I was eating the meat version.


Mexican wrap:


The roll was wrapped with avocado, vegetarian meat sauce, kidney beans, purple onions, sour cream and tomato sauce.

The roll was not spicy which was good and it was so delicious because it had kidney beans in rich sauce and creamy avocado along with crunchy vegetables.


Buffalo wrap:


The roll was wrapped with vegetarian chicken, sweetcorn, purple cabbage, celery, mixed veg, buffalo spicy sauce and ranch dressing.

This roll was also delicious, it had a nice sour tone to it which makes you even more hungry but the sweetcorn in it gives it a burst of sweetness while the carrots gives it a crunch.

Both rolls were beautifully wrapped.


Next time I am going to try the sausage wrap and other Chinese dishes which are guaranteed to be less oily than meat dishes.



J's Bar & Restaurant (Wan Chai)

I was browsing OpenRice for new restaurants and found this one so decided to go.

It was a neat little restaurant bar tucked away on Anton Road near Queen Road East.

When I got there, there was a bright menu by the door.


Before going in, I made up my mind on the sandwich.

After I sat down, the girl came to take my orders, there was no lunch menu, but luckily I took a photo of the menu outside which I referred to.

After a while, I realized SHxT, there was no price on the board so I was a little worried that it might be one of those over priced places, but luckily it was only $89 after asking.

The set lunch was a four course meal.

The decor was quite pleasant with a bar facing the door.


There was a quiet dining area left of the bar.


The evening menu was difficult to see but then I realised that you don't read the white writing but the shadow behind it!


The toilet signs were cute.



Here was what I had:


Tomato soup:


It was really creative how they put the drops of cream forming a circle pattern.

After trying a spoonful I realized to was extremely spicy so I could not finish it.

The soup would have tasted really good because I loved the sourness but the spicyness was just too strong for me.


Apple and avocado salad:


The salad on the other hand was great, it was simple with an effective dressing.

As you can see, it had baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, avocado and thinly sliced red and green apples.

It was really nice because everything was tossed and flavoured well with a sauce that tasted like orange juice that was really tangy.

I liked this dressing because it was not oily, heavy or creamy.


Looney tuna sandwich:



I did not like the beans because they were a bit raw, but the creamy tuna filling was good with the crispy soft baguette bun.




The tea was disappointing even though it was Liptons because it was the Hong Kong style RED tea which has a bitter taste.

It would be great if they had Earl grey or the breakfast blend.




Le Salon Restaurant et Croissanterie (Causeway Bay)

Although lots of people have said the apple croissant was not that good, I still wanted to try it.

I ordered one to dine there and this time the guy at the counter ran out of plates!


So in the end, I got their napkins and formed a small tablecloth because I did not want to make a mess because their croissants are extremely flakey.



The croissant reminded me of apple crumble because it had icing and buttery crumble on top.


Inside it was filled with apple and cinnamon filling.



The taste was not as exciting as I imagined because the apple just tasted sweet, there were no sour notes to it and the cinnamon was not strong enough.

Anyway, at least I have tried it.

Although I am not a fan of peanut butter but the peanut butter one tastes better.



Agave Tequila Y Comida (Wan Chai)

Came here for a casual lunch because I have not had their lunches for a long time.


After ordering the food took ages to arrive.




The soup which was sweetcorn soup did not look like sweetcorn soup and the taste was very bland.




Grilled chicken leg in a green mole sauce made with pumpkin seeds and spices.

Served with steamed rice/Mexican rice and Vegetables/refried beans.

I was a bit annoyed because it took ages to come and I had to chase for it.

What was more annoying was that I ordered Mexican rice and they ran out and didi not tell me.

The chicken and mole sauce just lacked taste and was not as tasty as before.

The portions were slightly small and now they serve the food on square plates and not the rectangular ones they used before.




Al's Diner (Central)

I have walked past this place so many times and did not notice it.


Came here one late afternoon because the restaurant I wanted to go was closed so came here randomly.

The decor reminded me of Ed's Diner in the UK with duke boxes and American fixtures.



It seemed like it was an old restaurant.


I probably should have ordered milkshake or a burger but I chose Fish and Chips instead.




Fish and chips:


Honestly, the fish did not look appetizing, the batter looked so shiny and oily.


There were also holes in the batter too!

The batter was really weird and almost like a poppadum cracker wrapped round the fish.

It was not even stuck to the fish which was good.

Basically it was just like breaking off a shell on the fish and the batter was just a piece of thin tasty cracker!

As for the fish, I really liked it because it was firm cod that was really flakey.


Finally the chips were disappointing because according to the menu they were meant to be fat chips and these were just potato wedges.





Kung Fu Dim Sum (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Thanks to 功夫 for Chinese New Year pudding.

There is also a Chinese white radish cake too which I reviewed earlier.



After slicing and shallow frying it, the pudding was ready to eat.


You can either shallow fry it directly or dip the cake in egg before frying.

The pudding was similar to mochi but the texture was much denser and stickier and not too sweet with a hint of coconut milk.



The Pasta Place (Sheung Wan)

I love pasta but at most restaurants they make simple pastas complicated and expensive.

At The Pasta Place I was attracted to their down to earth homely decor.


The menu was simple and straightforward and I liked the manual typewriter font.


At The Pasta Place, the decor was most impressive.


On the walls they have lovely homely wallpaper and they had dado rails known as chair rails on the walls just like the houses in the UK.

They might have them in the US too but I have never been to the US to comment.


On each table there is a lovely red rose and hooks to hang your coats or bags.


In the middle of the restaurant, there is a really nice alcove that hides a toilet!

It looks like a tiny room underneath a staircase but the toilet is quite spacious.



There is sink and mirror outside the toilet in the alcove!


Cute taps!


I would have tried the Lasagne and Mac and Cheese but there were too many choices too choose from.

Anyway, here was what I had:


Rich beef ragu on Tagliatelle pasta $110:


I knew this was going to be good and tasty, each strand was covered uniformly in rich beef ragu sauce.

The beef was minced finely and mixed in well.


Tomato and sweet basil sauce on fresh potato gnocchi:


The portion was huge! I think out of all the gnocchi dishes I have ordered in various restaurants, this plate had the most!

The gnocchi was quite chewy and the tomato sauce was lovely and acidic but lacked the taste of basil.


Roasted pumpkin and sage sauce on fresh spinach and ricotta ravioli:


This was beautifully presented but the sauce lacked connection with the sage because I could only taste pumpkin which was also quite light.

Four sage leaves had been fried and placed on top as decoration.

Other than that, it was a lovely light pasta dish and the ravioli was filled with soft clotted ricotta in the middle contrasted by the gentle sweet pumpkin puree sauce.


I am definitely coming back to try Lasagne and MacNCheese



AHU (Tin Hau)

Tried the noodles with preserved egg and salted egg before when they held a tasting and I could not get enough of it.

I was so glad I was in the area again so came in for tea and had noodles all to myself!!



Here was what I had:




Lovely golden blocks of tofu with a pure white centre with a strong natrual soy bean taste flavoured by the spices on the surface.


Noodles with salted egg and preserved egg:


The toppings were generous! Half a preserved egg and half a salted egg.

The broth was tasty and light without being too salty which complemented the noodles perfectly.

As well as the preserved eggs, there were crunchy beanshoots, mushrooms and coriander to add colour and flavour.


Starfruit drink:

Apart from starfruit, there were others I wanted to try too.


In the end I got starfruit.


The sweetness was just right and it was a warming drink.