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I am so glad, Spaghetti house has launched the summer menu because they have my favourite pasta with lemon and other summery dishes.




While I was deciding what to order, I had the strawberry cooler which was refreshing as well as photogenic.

To my surprise, there was fresh melon at the bottom which makes such a different to tinned cocktail fruit.

Started off with the [Spaghetti with lemon, dill and shrimps] pasta and it tasted better than I had expected.
The spaghetti was al-dente infused with lemon yet you could also taste some slight bitterness of the lemon peel.
It would be great if there was a wedge of lemon served beside it because I like my lemon strong and the dill could have been stronger as it was just sprinkled on top so the flavour didn't really come out when it was cooking.

Next was the [Lobster claw salad with pomelo in white wine vinaigrette] which turned out to be such a big portion that it seemed good for three people. It was refreshing with pomelo meat bursting with sweetness and chunks of lobster claws.

Finished with the [Prosciutto, air dried beef and arugula pizza] which was loaded with Prosciutto and air dried beef.
The saltiness of the prosciutto and beef worked very well with the pizza while the arugula and balsamic vinegar balanced the flavour and heaviness.

[Spaghetti House]



Brut is on the other end of Second Street, away from the crowd but not so away. You are greeted with two high tables and a long bar which makes it great dining alone with friends.


In this Modern era, it is all about clean living as well as clean drinking.
The drinks are definitely to brag about because Camille Lisette Glass at BRUT is a strong advocate of natural wine, hence the choice of all these natrual wines and their homemade Kombucha cocktails.

Looking at the menu side, it is tapas-style offering a good variety on vegetarian and vegan options with fresh organic produce from the local Sai Ying Pun market to support the neighbourhood.
Not only that, the dishes have a multicultural twist of French, Spanish, American and Asian influences which will surprise your palate.
Here was what we had that night, there wasn't really a dish that I didn't like because they were all good in different ways.

• Smoked eggplant and vegetables. ($58) (Vegan) It was flawless and eggplant dip in the middle was jet black as it was smoked.

• Mushrooms in a red wine, anchovy and shallot sauce. ($68) The anchovies in the red wine sauce really brought out the mushroom flavours.

• Devilled Eggs; eggs, fermented plum, artichoke. ($68) (Vegetarian) Not your usual devilled eggs as these were moreish and punchy because of the saltiness and sourness which reminded me of the pickled eggs at the chippie.

• Buffalo mozzarella, Kalamata olive tapenade and fried enoki mushrooms. ($98) (Vegetarian) Another flavourful dish which was enhanced by the olive tapenade.

The Roquefort Mac n Cheese was a killer because I love French Cheeses. Having it in the Mac n cheese dish was just too good to be true and something that I never thought about on Mac n Cheese.

• Galician beef tenderloin with baby spinach. ($248) For meat, the beef was soft and tender that it just tore apart effortlessly.

Finished with natrual cocktails with their Baby Boucha concocted with their homemade kombucha.

Shop C, G/F, 1 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District



There are three branches of Don Don Tei and they all have different menus. The one at WTS serves mainly donburi, while the one at Hung Hom serves an extended menu of the one at WTS with sashimi as well. As I haven't tried the CWB branch, I decided to give it a go, again the menu is so different and they serve mainly sets but as the soba was good at WTS, we decided to try the sobas.

My first favourite was the [soba roll with sea prawn tempura].
It looked quite sophisticated.
I tried it without the sauce and it wasn't tasteless because it was mixed with mayonnaise which complemented the prawn very well.
However it was a slight challenge to eat.
Next was the [cold soba with sashimi] which was soba covered in an abundance of salad.

After mixing everything together, it became a delicious noodle salad which is healthy and perfect on a hot day.
Last but not least was the Soba Tsukemen which tasted like Sukiyaki because of the sweetness and it was more filling but not too heavy as the onions are there to balance it.
[Don Don Tei -CWB]
Shop 6, 1/F, JP Plaza, 22-36 Paterson Street Causeway Bay



Just when I was not shopping for food, I happened to discover Granny Marys at Eat East.
I never bother going into Eat East because they only sell Chinese Ready Made Meals but I went in that day because I was bored.
When I saw Granny Marys JUST collection in the freezer, I seriously looked twice because it was English food in a Chinese store!
Anyway, I was thrilled there was another option for English dishes.
The JUST collection does not have pasta/rice which is makes it great for sharing.
The advantage is that these can be microwaved which makes them very suited for Hong Kong as people don't use ovens here.

Without thinking, I bought most of the range but sadly forgot to buy the Cottage Pie.


As soon as I got home, I was so excited to try them but sadly I could only try 2 boxes because they are quite big portions.
It was really hard to decide which one to try because they are all British classics.
Luckily, they don't stock the full range or I would probably have to buy it all!!!!
In the end I chose Chili Beef (with pulled beef) as it was pulled beef and not minced beef.

Basically you remove the card sleeve, pierce the film, microwave it for about 4 minutes, let it stand for 1 minute and put it in for another 3 minutes.
I paired the chili beef with Indian Rice.

The taste was fantastic with chunks of pulled beef but I underestimated how hot it was and it is spicier than other ready to eat chili con carnes and curries that I have tried.

I also tried the Parsnips in spiced honey because I have to try everything at once if I can because I just can't resist food and all being my favourite British classics!!

It had a lot of frost surrounding the parsnips despite I was consuming it on the day I bought it.
This is a common problem in Hong Kong and nothing to do with the Granny Marys.

[Problems with Chilled & Frozen foods in Hong Kong - further reading]

Now back to the food!

The parsnips were sweet with a nice hint of cracked black pepper.
The sweetness was quite soothing after that hot Chili Beef.
I can't wait to try the others soon but I am so busy with restaurant invitations that I don't have time and appetite to eat at home.




Hong Kong is a hot place with extreme temperatures and sunshine which makes it challenging for transporting and handling food but with modern technology it should all be solved.
In some shops,  storage space seems an issue that they have to squeeze the snacks between the floor and the bottom shelf base.
Luckily they are packaged snacks.



Starting with snacks and confectionery, I find it strange that shops do not have the mentality to put them in a shaded area especially with Chocolate.

Moving on to Dairy products and Frozen goods, the sad thing is that a good majority have melted before they reach the shops and then refrozen again in the freezer there.

The amusing thing is that Chinese people believe they are lactose intolerant and blame cheese and milk for causing diarrhea when it could just possibly be food poisoning.
Personally, I have never had problems with cheese and milk in the UK but found myself getting ill eating cheese and milk in HK.

Talking about Frozen goods, lots of frozen goods are covered in frost.

Faulty fridge!

For cream gateaus and tarts, it is common sense that they are stored upright and not vertical.
The way they are stored vertically affects the products. [Will have a photo soon]

I have also noticed many restaurants that have food delivered are left outside the vicinity for quite some time before they are refrigerated/stored.


Other meals waiting to be delivered are casually on the ground but fortunately they are inside a bag.

Uncovered tofu sitting next to fresh exhaust on the road!!!


The most shocking thing that I even saw was Frozen meat on the floor at this Meat Supplier Shop.



I appreciate teas so whenever there is a new tea house or tea themed cafe I have to go and check it out.

When you go in, you will notice the simplistic yet modern decor.

The menu is extensive, where you will find set meals, tea based drinks and cakes.

The set meal is pretty simple, you can choose from Chazuke, Noodles in tea soup, or noodles in cold tea soup paired with two sides from a choice of four.
Tried the Chazuke and Noodles in Tea Soup.
Both were filling and the sides that day were yuzu and sencha chicken wings, tofu in Jasmine tea, mixed mushrooms in oolong and fish in lemongrass orange dressing.
Noodles in Tea Soup:

As well as the tea flavours in the sides, there were lots of tea leaves that you could see in the tofu and mushroom.

There were so many drinks to choose from so I had the chocolate with masala which was chocolate with a hint of spices. Masala Chocolate:

The Matcha Au Lait was a popular drink, where you get to mix the matcha and pour it it. It was fun and you get try the matcha before you pour it in to see how it tastes.



As well as Matcha, they also had my favourite Earl Grey in chiffon cake form. It was light and fluffy complimented with my favourite whipped cream.

I can't wait to come again but queues are expected on the weekends.
Shop 2, G/F, Shining Court, 439 Shun Ning Road, Sham Shui Po
Tel: 23377278
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Mondays: Closed



I didn't have any expectations for Eatalian because most restaurant adapt their recipes to suit the people in the area.
Apart from that I liked the Restaurant logo and name which is a play of words EAT and ITALIAN pronounced Eatalian just like EeDaLe in Central.



Sat down and it was reassuring that there were expats dining there.
Started with the Parma Ham and Melon which was the first surprise because it was creative.
It wasn't just melon topped with ham but on the side there was Parma ham paired with young pea shoots and molecular melon balls which actually tasted in harmony.

The Linguine with minced shrimp, garlic and anchovy was so good that I could have eaten two portions.
It was light with strong prawn flavours and the saltiness from the anchovy.

Next was the Strozzapreti with proscuitto, fava beans, Parmesan, Black truffle.
I felt compelled to order this as you rarely see this on the Kowloon side and I wonder how long it will stay on the menu due to popularity.
Again it was flawless and hung the sauce well with fragrant truffle that wasn't too creamy.

For dessert, I had the Banana Walnut Toffee Cream Pie which was a bit like banoffee but much better because everything was well balanced with crushed walnuts in the cream and dreamy toffee and a nice biscuit base that was soft and firmly held together but not hard in texture.
Finished with tea which was a perfect ending.

Overall, I was more than impressed that I totally forgot I was in SSP.
Everything was top quality from the way they served the food and the presentation.
Price is above the average in that area but you are getting good quality food so lets hope they can keep the standard.

309 Lai Chi Kok Road, Sham Shui Po
Tel: 26176866



Just when the theme park at Ocean Park goes to sleep, Aqua City comes alive with Ocean Park Drink’N Music Fest presented by Prudential.
This is the latest hip spot to chill and enjoy amazing live music with craft beer.

There are over two hundred different beers and gourmet food together with music performances over four consecutive weekends and Easter Holidays.
Getting there has never been any easier with the new Ocean Park MTR Station!!

That night I went to see Robynn and Kendy at 19:15 , before that I feasted myself on the food stalls.

Paying for food and drinks are simple with their re-loadable wrist band which works just like tap and go.

Here is a glimpse of the food and drinks that I had:
Spam musubi from Pololi:

Desserts from So Coco:


Fried chicken and wings from Chick n Chill:


Baked mushroom with bacon and cheese from How Cool:
Japanese desserts:

Noodles from Tristar:

Spicy noodles from Moo:

Hotdog from Berliner:
Limited edition “Tangerine Cream Beer”. Designed to mimic the flavour of an orange creamsicle.

Next was the rocking concert by Robynn and Kendy::

I hope to return for the final performance because Janice Vidal will be there.
More information regarding this event:
Event Dates: 10 March – 2 April 2018 (Every Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holiday Nights)
Opening Hours: 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm
#During the event, Lakeside Chill, Neptune’s Restaurant, Aqua City Bakery, Aqua City Lagoon, Waterfront Plaza and Waterfront Gifts Shop will be opened till 11:00 pm.
All rides, facilities and exhibits will be closed at 7:00 pm.



In the past, I have only tried Western dishes at the Neptune Restaurant.
Now they have a new Spring 6 course tasting menu designed by chef K.K.Chan available from now until the end of June, featuring sustainable seafood and quality ingredients.

Started with the Four Colour Platter with refreshing “Crabmeat and Avocado Salad”, “Pan Seared Scallop with Yakiniku Sauce”, “Smoked Duck Egg”, and “Sliced Spicy Abalone”.
It was a great start with different flavours to please the palate.
Next was the “Stir-Fried Thai Tiger Prawn with Onion” which is inspired by flavours of Beijing and Huaiyang.
It was sweet and spicy with a garlicky aftertaste.
The “Double Boiled Silky Fowl Consommé with Arisaema Tubes Fungus, Morel, Bamboo Fungus and Peach Gum” was a really light soup with strong unami flavours from the mushrooms.
One bowl isn't enough.
For the mains, “Seabass and Italian Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus on Steamed Egg White and Supreme Pumpkin Soup” .
The egg white base was seriously silky flavoured by the rich pumpkin soup and the seabass and prosciutto were a great pairing.
The meaty mains were “Roasted Kagoshima BBQ Pork & Tea-Smoked French Spring Chicken.
It was the best of both worlds with chicken and pork.
Finished with the dessert platter of “Raspberry Panna Cotta”, “Deep-Fried Sesame Dumpling with Custard”, and the “Manchurian sweetmeat Glutinous Rice Flour Roll with Red Bean Paste”.
The sesame dumpling was evilicious as it was filled wtih liquid custard while the raspberry panna cotta was refreshing.

Chef Chan’s 6-course Chinese dining tasting menu is priced HK$688 per person, plus 10% service charge.

[Neptune Restaurant]
Address: 180 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Wong Chuk Hang
Phone: 3923 2161



LANEIGE is a popular South Korean Cosmetic brand so I was really excited when I found out that their pop-up booth at Langham Place which was launched today and will go on until the 24th of March.




All proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish foundation and all desserts costs $35 and you get a $35 coupon to spend at Laneige.

There are five different desserts to try:
-Golden Sparkling Soufflé Pancake (Limited quantities per day)
-Best Friend Bear Soufflé Pancake
-Pink Cloud Soufflé Pancake
-Sleeping Bear Water Cake (Starry Night & Dreamy Pink)

For me, I liked the Souffle pancakes because they were light and fluffy complimented by the dreamy cream!!
The sleeping water bear cakes were inspired by their new Sleeping water masks which cost $280/8.

LANEIGE Sparkling Café
Atrium, 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Kowloon
#LANEIGEHK #SparklingCafe #sparklemyway



As well as good food, there are two cute guys which are double trouble because they are twins.
Went there for a gathering as the tables are spacious and the decor is stylish as well.



The menu is clear and comprehensive.

Here was what we had: Started with the Port Wine Beef cheeks which were served on a bed of silky mash.
The beef cheeks were soft and gelatinous in this rich port wine sauce.

Next was the crab pizza ordered by my friend. I didn't have any expectations because I thought it was just going to be pizza with crab meat but when it came it just got stole everyone's attention as it was literally a whole crab on top of the pizza.


It was convenient to eat because the crab had already been chopped up.
I took the crab shell thinking there was tomalley but it had totally cleaned out so I thought it was just there for decoration but it turns out they put the tomalley on the pizza so it was evilicious with all that cheese, crab tomalley and orange roe.
Although it was quite heavy, there was basil leaves to freshen it up.

Last but not least was the Suckling Pig which was soft and tender while the skin was crispy.


Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner and I was surprised at the quality and creativity at MoMo Pizza.Pasta.Beer.

[Momo Cafe]
Tel: 34622503
Flat 103, 1/F, Cheungs Building, 1-3 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan



Hogology has been around since late 2013.
They used to be round the corner where the shop was smaller and cramped.
It didn't appeal to me before because it was just fried pork chop on the menu.
Recently, I saw photos of Typhoon Shelter style pork chops so I decided to go because it looked really good paired with noodles.

Tried the pork chop with rice and noodles.


The rice would have been good but they put sweet sauce on it which ruined it for me but the noodles were a fantastic pairing.

The pork chop was extremely moist and the texture was soft like chicken, it was full marks in terms of taste but it was a bit fat compared to the one my friend had.
I was impressed that it was not too salty or laced with MSG!

[Hogology 炊豕店]
Tel: 28056665
11 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay



Discovered BEAT as I was in TST.


Noticed this shop because of the music Clef note with a B incorporated in the logo, when I got closer I found out it was a modern bakery by Tsui Wah but the style is totally different from the bakery counters at TW restaurants because they are not selling the usual Pineapple buns etc.

Tsui Wah has been getting more of my attention recently with their healthy options such as okra scrambled egg and the use of quinoa in its dishes.

BEAT was really captivating because they had colourful bakery made with natrual colourings like blueberries, squid ink and cranberries etc.
I was told that they do not use softening agents in their breads which makes them healthier.



The bakery is creative with names inspired by Chinese songs and lyrics for those who can read Chinese.

The sandwich selection is beautifully presented, the pink bread is made of rose while the orange one is made of carrot.


You can also buy the bread on it its own and they have this instaworthy leopard bread which is sold out early in the morning.


As well as bakery, they have energetic detox waters and detox fruit teas crammed with fruit to boost your mood.

I tried the blueberry cream cheese bun and the Soft European Pitaya and Cheese bread because I love cream cheese.
Both were soft and dreamy but the Pitaya (dragon fruit) had to be my favourite because not many bakeries use Pitaya on baked bread.


The blueberry cream cheese filling was really satisfying because you could taste real blueberries blended in the cream cheese.


The detox tea was sweet and hydrating infused with fruits while the detox water was more on the refreshing side.

I can't wait to try their new products and will have to come earlier for the leopard pattern loaf!!!!!

[Beat by Tsui Wah]
Located in the paid area of TST MTR Station.



I don't know why but there has been a spate of Vietnamese joints opening, be it pho, banh mi and you name it!
For me, I love Banh Mi because I have to have something filling in my day like bread, potatoes or rice.
Anyway, went here for the Banh Mi because they have some slightly different options and the drinks are worth checking out.


There are three Banh Mis which makes it incredibly hard to choose so I had two, the beef and the House special.
The third is vegetarian which I plan to try next time.
[I'Annam House Banh Mi]
When it came, it was pretty crammed with fillings and the taste was surprisingly good.
It was heavily buttered and the bun was to my liking ie crisp on the outside and soft with a chew.
The fillings inside were roast pork, minced meat, pate, pickles, thin layer of egg, Chinese celery and coriander.
The star of the show was actually the pate and minced meat filling because the minced meat had a spicy kick to it and it was very flavourful which helped excel everything.


[Shredded Beef short rib Banh Mi]
The beef short rib was not as fancy but still tasty especially if you like Southern pulled pork, you will love this and its spicy dressing and crunch of the pickles.

[Viet rice Noodles with Grilled Prawns]
The noodles are really filling and yummy when mixed with their fish sauce that isn't too salty with a sweet and sour twist to it.


For drinks had the pineapple and ice which is crammed with fresh chunks of pineapple which makes it a great thirst quencher.
[Pineapple and Ice]

The hot drink is a great thing to drink on a cold day with a lovely sweet cinnamon flavouring.
[Cinnamon and Lemongrass with Yellow Sugar]

[I'Annam Banh Mi et Pho 喜越]
Tel: 34604407
30 Yiu Wah Street



I love Sichuan food and found out about this place because one of my foodie friends AL was at 1935.

It is located in Central where I always hang out.
When you get there, you are greeted with decor looking like a train which somehow reminds me Chung King express and 2046 hence not your usual Sichuan decor.

This setting isn't a scene from of a movie but a real life story because the name 1935 is in remembrance of the owner's grandmother who sadly passed away before this place opened.
A lot of their time together was spent travelling on the train hence the decor.

Looking at the menu, the dish names are wonderfully named in Chinese but you can't really express it the same way in English so the English menu is down to earth and tells you whats in it.
There is a story behind every dish and beverage and the wintermelon is about White Jade which I got confused in Chinese as it sounded like bak yuk which I thought was Shanghai style sliced white meat but it actually meant white jade.

Started with the cocktails which were fun and different.
The [Yomeishu] was appetizing and presented in a Chinese tea cup.
[Tanger Peels Infused Gin, Goji Berry/ Lemon/apple/Egg White/Osmanthus Flower]
The [Carnation Says] was fresh and graceful with a pink carnation floating on top.
[Gin/Umeshu/YuZu/Sake/Lime/Ginger Beer]
For appetizers, here was what we had:
Chilled Free Range Chicken, Truffle, Coriander:
The chicken was lean, soft and moreish because they use chilled free range chicken infused with a mushroomy truffle and crispy garlic pieces complemented by the Coriander and Chinese celery.

Crispy okra, Yam, Salted Egg Yolk:
Okra and Yam are healthy but they made it evilicious by coating them with thick salted egg yolk and frying it.
I thought it was really smart to pair these vegetables together because both okra and yam are viscous hence it is like eating salted semi raw yolk in your mouth because of the viscous texture and salted egg yolk coming together.

Next was the braised winter melon with conpoy, double boiled chicken stock.
I was really looking forward to this because it looks like a bunch of grapes.
Each piece of wintermelon was a perfect sphere and it was soft and mushy in delicious light chicken stock gravy.

Poached King Prawns, Celtuce, Sichuan Peppercorn broth:
This dish was heavenly and recommended for people who like the tingling sensation feeling without the heat.
It was guilt free eating this dish because there isn't any MSG while the gravy and springy prawns really go down well with rice especially that light gravy.

Poached Giant Garoupa Fillet, Sichuan Chili Fish Broth:
The poached fish can be eaten in two ways because the broth is pure fish soup that you can drink.

Wok Fried Australian M4 Wagyu Cube, Ginger, Sichuan Pepper, Honey:
For beef lovers, this is a great dish in a sweet and gingery sauce with a spicy punch!
The cubes of beef are not well done, hence it is locked with juice and lots of myoglobin which I used to think was blood!

The last dish we had was this cute pot of Dan Dan Noodles!
The broth was rich and each strand hung the broth well however I found it a little sweet though.

Before ordering the desserts, the 1935Beer is a sweet soothing drink to finish with and the cream on the top is the best!
[1935Beer-Vanilla/Caramel/Cream/Ginger Beer]

The colourless jelly is always a must at the end of any Sichuan meal.
As it is tasteless, it is often flavoured with syrup but here they have sweetened it with lemongrass and citrus.

To summarize, the location is great because it is in Central and I like the decor.
In terms of food, this is the first Sichuan dinner that I didn't feel overloaded and bogged down by sodium, MSG and oil and the food is almost like home cooked dishes with restaurant quality.

The lunch is also worth recommending because you can also order those dishes.

[1935 - 壹玖叁伍]
M88, 27/F 2-8 Wellington Street
Tel: 2156 1935



My friend told me about this place so I had to go and check it out because I love chicken.


It is slightly different to Roast chicken and potatoes but they had my favourite chips with chicken salt!
They use free range chicken that are hormone free according to their website.

Since this place specializes in chicken, I had to have chicken with chips but they have the Birdy pack which also includes a salad and chips so I got the pack.
For salads, there were so many choices!
The chicken was roasted perfectly and fuss free while the chips were so good with that chicken salt sprinkled on it.

I purposely paired it with the detox salad which is cabbage and carrots.

My friend had the DG's chicken and waffle with additional small Romaine salad.
Small romaine salad:

Finished with the Iced Tea and Lemonade with Cayenne Pepper.

The lemonade was spicier than I imagined.

Plastic straws are not used here which is quite good.
It is good to see another Aussie joint in Hong Kong!

[Little Birdy]



I love crab but there are not many Japanese crab specialists about. There is one in Wanchai called Kanizen but the set does not offer as much crab as this set.The Klwame crab set costs $1088 for one or $2176 for two which is really good because you can indulge on your own or if you are in groups of 3s or 5s it can be catered for.

Before they begin, they will bring over a tray of crabs to show you which crabs you will be eating.proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic7.orstatic.com%2Fuserphoto%2Fphotopending%2F1W%2F1I0A%2F0AO20O7C728C26491BBAFDl.jpg&container=blogger&gadget=a&rewriteMime=image%2F*

Started with the assorted appetizer which had cherry tomato stuffed with mozzarella cheese, crab tomalley infused tofu, whelk, duck breast and cucumber with crab tomalley.


Next came the stewed wintermelon topped with truffle and parma ham which was nice and appetizing.


The next course was the crab and sashimi which were all fresh and tasty. I liked the way there were sliced fruit beneath the sashimi which helped to balance the heaviness of the sashimi.


The steamed egg was topped with lots of crab meat and salmon roe. The egg was silky flavoured by the bursting saltiness of the salmon roe.


The next course was the abalone which was soft and the sauce was very sweet.

Now to the star of the show which was the steamed crab.
The crab meat was sweet and juicy and there was so much tomalley there. Next were the grilled crab shells and legs, again more tomalley and this time it was chunky crab meat inside the King Crab legs.

The last course was steamed rice with crab meat mixed with truffle and edamame beans which left me full and satisfied.
For dessert, It was Matcha warabi but I was too full for it.
[Kani Kei]
Tel: 26021600
B/F, Macau Yat Yuen Centre, 525 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay



Flamingo Bloom are launching drinks faster than I can keep up!

This time they have launched the #NAKEDZERO series which are #ZEROSUGAR #ZERO CAFFEINE and #ZEROPRESERVATIVES whilst being dairy and lactose free because it contains Almond milk.

These drinks really appealed to me because of the almond milk.

There are three flavours: P!NK, GOLD and V!OLET.


The NAKED ZERO series are blended with Mongolian grapes and made to order. You can see how much grapes there are blended.

As always, their drinks impress.
I wasn't sure how it was going to taste but it tasted like yoghurt because of the grapes and because it was freshly made it is well blended and no vitamins are lost.

As well as the #NAKEDZERO series, there is a hot series for winter.
Decisions arre tough because they have this new apple and cinnamon and the caramel cinnamon hot milk a well as smashed pears!

The smashed apple and cinnamon which is the best in my opinion because it tastes like my favourite apple pie with hints of jasmine.
Next time I will request for some Salted milk cap so I can imagine drinking apple pie with cream!

For light bites, they have four new toast items!!
They had hot dog briefly which I wasn't quick enough to try but to be honest toasts are healthier and better.

There are four different toasts but avocado is my favourite so I had that.

The whole thing just tasted in harmony because you could taste the lovely salted butter on the toast whilst having bites of soft creamy avocado and juicy cherries tomatoes enhanced by the black pepper.
The avocado pieces were just right which was really good because at other places I have been served crisp, hard avocado which is not ripe to eat.

[Flamingo Bloom]



Found out about this place through a friend, the name Bistroholic sounded really familiar. It turns out that it is run under the Coffeeholic group in Sheung Wan, hence the name. When you get there, you are greeted with this modern bar table by the window with flamingoes and a mini leaning tower of Pisa at the other end of the room.



The menu was really good with a wide variety.

Here was what we had:
Sweet corn soup bisque with salted caramel popcorn: I loved the way, the soup was sweetcorn all the way through with sweet corn soup bisque paired with popcorn which is also made of popcorn. It had a lovely sweet touch from the caramel on the popcorn, so sweet or savoury popcorn would both work and it just makes the soup a fun part of dinner.

Next were the Chicken wings stuffed with Taiwanese sausage and prawn. Interesting combination! The chicken skin was so crispy that they cracked when you put your fork in them which was brilliant as there isn't much fat underneath the skin.

The Matsusaka pork confit with smoked romaine salad was another surprise.

I am not a fan of pork, but the pork here is thinly sliced, tender and silky seasoned well by the truffle and has an aromatic smoky flavour to it complimented by the air dried apples.

For pasta we had the Spaghetti marinara with Argentina red prawn with mussels and Taiwanese peeled jalapeno.

The pasta was al dente and the Taiwanese peeled Jalapenos gave a lovely tangy punch with a spicy kick to it.
We also had the Pan seared Hokkaido scallops risotto with sea urchin prawn jus.
This was seriously rich with uni and prawn jus but I liked it.

Slow Cooked Iberico Pork with Anchovy Tomato Jus:
The Iberico pork was lovely and juicy as it was slow cooked and it went really well with the tasty Anchovy tomato sauce. I liked the mash and grilled vegetables that came with it because it makes it complete.

Finished with Tiramisu which is light and moreish as it is soft and creamy just how it should be with an alcoholic soaked sponge in the middle.

f you book through FB, you get truffle seasoning, truffle pate and a cash coupon when you dine there. (whilst stocks last).

21/F Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel 3500 2273
IG/FB: @bistroholic.hk



Fans of Mr Steak can come here because The Sky Bar is also part of Mr Steak, hence the beef is guaranteed to be good.


The set dinner includes a semi buffet soup, salad and dessert bar.


The sets are priced according to the main course that you choose.

For starters, chose the Brown crab and American Pearl Oysters.
The oysters were fresh as expected and all it needed was a squeeze of lemon.
Although there is some strange tomato sauce in the middle which is a Hong Kong thing.

The Brown crab was the star of the show because there was so much roe and Tomalley that it was best eaten with bread.

The pea soup from the soup bar was warm and comforting with lots of peas in it.
For mains, the pineapple and short ribs were tangy and tender.
I had the surf and turf because the beef was as good as expected.
It was a nice chunk of tenderloin that was juicy and full of beef flavour.


Finished with the desserts which left me feeling satisfied.

[The Sky Bar]
8/F., Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 24099866



It's been a while since I last dined at Greyhound so I have forgotten how good their Thai dishes are.
As it was my friends birthday we went here as she wanted the coconut crepe cake.
The menu has changed quite a bit since my last visit in 2012 and they now have more pasta dishes and Western dishes to cater for a bigger audience.
While the menu has expanded, the dessert menu is still fab with a great variety of desserts which make it hard to decide what to end the meal with.
Started dinner with this evilicious Cherry soda, I chose it because you rarely see it on menus in HK.
It turned out better than I expected because some cherry flavours can taste artificial but this one was sweet and moreish.


It comes with a side of coke which you pour in, therefore giving you a cherry cola flavoured drink.
After a while when the icecream has melted you get a delicious cherry soda float.
The other drink we had was the Pick you up which was a healthy concoction of juices:

Started with the Waterfall Grilled Lamb which is Sirloin of lamb served on skewers with Thai north eastern style spices with chopped shallots, spring onion, dry chilies and lime juice.

This was my favourite because their sauce was really similar to the sauce at [Chili club, Wanchai] for the thinly sliced grilled beef filet. Surprising the lamb and the sauce were a great match and lamb meat has never been so appetizing and moreish. I will definitely order this on my next visit which means I have to come back to this branch as they only serve it here. They also offer this at their Beijing branch because the people up North like lamb. It had no gaminess at all and tasted like tender beef slices.
Greyhound's famous chicken wings are indeed delish as they are so convenient to eat because of the single bone element. They were crispy with a delicious salty fish saltiness.

For noodles, had the Beef balls and stewed beef noodles which came in a rich beef broth.

I loved the thin rice vermicelli which soaks the broth and you also get condiments with it so you can add accordingly.
Yellow chili sauce was my favourite and really brings the flavour to the next level.
Spaghetti with Thai Anchovy:

This item is another must order item because the taste is very strong, from salty anchovies to strong basil leaves.
Larb Salmon E-Sarn Style:

This was similar to the waterfall lamb, but the dressing at the bottom was tangy and fiery.
The salmon tastes really good when you mix it all together.
Coconut sherbet:

Usually sherbets have a tart taste but this one was not. The taste was sweet and soothing like coconut melting in your mouth. It is made of young coconut and the coconut water inside which tastes so much better than coconut milk. The icy frozen coconut sorbet melting sensation was so refreshing especially when it was made from coconut water.
Coconut crepe:

The crepe was covered in cream which was lovely and light and it was slightly sweetened but not too sweet. In between the crepe layers there was delicious pieces of young coconut. It reminds me of the buko pie but this one is nicer because it is not so sweet. On top of the crepe, there was a piece of water chestnut which is the one served in the Tub Tim Krob dessert. Overall the cake was delicious, however the coconut meat in the middle was a little hard comparing it to the one I tried a while ago.
[Greyhound Branches]

Greyhound Cafè - ifc
Shop 1082, Podium Level 1, ifc mall, Central
Tel: +852 2383 1133

Greyhound Cafè - OT
Shop OT G01, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, TST
Tel: +852 2383 6600

Greyhound Cafè - FW
Shop L2-42, 2/F, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong
Tel: +852 2383 4838

Greyhound Cafè - GCP
Shop 301-302, 3/F., Moko Place, 193 Prince Edward West, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 2394 6000

Greyhound Cafè - TKS
Shop 007, G/F, Cityplaza Phase 2, Taikoo Shing, Tai Koo
Tel: +852 2560 9668

Greyhound Cafè - NTP
Shop 103A, 1/F, New Town Plaza Phase 1, Sha Tin
Tel: +852 2699 3939

Greyhound Cafè - MT
1/F, Midtown, 1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2383 4038

Greyhound Cafè - Thai-pas Bar
1/F, Midtown, 1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay



I love this branch of Wang Jia Sha because the decor has a touch of vintage Chinese romanticism from the past.Went there for lunch so had the noodles.


I had the Sichuan dan dan noodles which came in a lovely strong broth, the spiciness was just right for me and the minced meat and pickles gave the noodles more flavour.

The beef noodles were lighter compared to the Sichuan dan dan noodles but the beef was lovely and soft.

The Shanghai dumplings are a must order, each one was bursting with rich meat juice.

For sweet treats, had the custard buns and souffle red bean balls. The custard buns were and piping hot, inside it was filled with runny custard.

The souffle balls were light and soft filled with red bean paste. It was good that it was on a bed of icing powder, so you can dip it according to your sweetness levels.

[Wang Jia Sha 王家沙花樣年華]:
Shop G16 , G/F, Site 4, Whampoa Garden,
Wonderful Worlds Of Whampoa,
7 Shung King Street, Hung Hom
Tel: 23650669



Founded in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain's earliest chocolatiers. Encouraged by Edward VII, (then the Prince of Wales), the company first formed as a partnership between Mrs Walker and Madame. Charbonnel hence the name Charbonnel et Walker.
They are endorsed by the Royal Warrant as one of the few chocolatiers to Her Majesty The Queen where iconic customers have included Princess Diana and Princess Margaret.
The chocolates are hand-made to the traditional recipes of Madame Charbonnel.  Their renowned dark chocolate is made from the finest dark couverture which results in a decadently rich taste.


As well as the packaging, the shape of the chocolates are captivating which make them great gifts. There is also a special offer at the moment where you can get the cake by Jeffrey Koo.
{see FB for further details}

Other chocolates in the range are really tempting.






Tea shops are trending at the moment and Hong Kong style milk tea is served here.


The owner seems quite proud of his tea as he claims it is award winning tea.

To be honest, Hong Kong style milk tea is not my cup of tea but I had to give it a try because he said it was an award winning tea.
It was served pretty fast after I paid.

The guy at the front poured milk etc into the tea.

The taste was very strong with a good bitterness to it yet you could taste the balanced milk flavour.
While I was there, most of the Hongkongers said it was really good but as I am English I don't know how a good HK milk tea should taste.
I wonder if the prices will increase after the soft opening.


[My cup of tea 我杯茶 - 港式奶茶鴛鴦專門店]
G/F, Wing Hing Building, 6 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai