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Since my last visit to Loyal Dining, they have launched a Green Menu (Vegetarian) that serves Beyond Meat Burgers and there is also a Half Priced Steak Night deal.



I am a fan of Beyond Meat burgers and currently on a quest to try all these different places that serve it and see which place makes it taste the best!
As we were a large group, we had both meat and vegetarian dishes.

Started with the Signature Loyal Chicken Wings simmered in their home made sweet soy sauce. Each wing was tasty and soft fully infused with the sweet soy sauce.

Now to the new VEGAN stars of Loyal Dining, the Beyond Meat burger!!!
There are three burgers to choose from: Original, Sichuan or Scallion Oil. It was really difficult to pick a favourite as both were so good but different.
The Sichuan one had the Sichuan flare to it but it was a bit too salty.

I would probably say the Scallion Oil was better because the combination was interesting and strangely went really well as scallion oil is normally paired with chicken.

Look at all that yummy Scallion Oil!

I was really impressed they even had Sorrowful Rice in Vegetarian form. The vegan char siu had that freshly roasted char siu taste and aroma as it was slightly crispy on the edges.

Beef Wellington 66 is the signature dish here and one of my classic faves because it is British!
They use quality beef and the puff pastry is good.
Beef Wellington 66 signifies Loyal Dining's old address at 66 Wellington Street before they moved!
I miss that location as I used to go there for dimsum and went there with friends from UK.

Next we had the vegetable curry souffle which was interesting. Basically vegetable curry topped with souffle!

Now for the real dessert, it was Ovaltine Souffle which was fluffy and sweet infused with Ovaltine!

I really like the new menu and hope it stays forever so that Vegans can dine here as well!
I'll be back!

[Loyal Dining]:
1/F, 5 Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



Wherever you are in Hong Kong, it is quicker from your location to travel to Nara Thai Cuisine than to fly to Bangkok. [Not to be confused with this other one in TST]

Nara Thai Cuisine is a famous restaurant from Thailand that has received the best restaurant award every year since 2007! How could I not try it when I was at Mimila earlier that day.

Began with the appetizers: Prawn carpaccio, Salmon carpaccio, Thai Fish cakes, Green mango salad with Thai sausage and North Eastern pork balls with lettuce.
[Prawn carpaccio]


[Salmon carpaccio]
[Thai Fishcakes]

I liked the way the pork salami was diced and made crispy as everything went together nicely in the [Green mango salad with Thai sausage].
To my surprise, the [North Eastern pork balls with lettuce] stole the show among the appetizers because they were crunchy on the outside while it was moist in the middle packed with fiery kick, hence the lettuce mellows the fierness.

There is always soup in the Thai Cuisine such as coconut chicken, tom yum kung etc. Tried the tom yum kung which was refreshing with a prominent herb flavour while the lemongrass was not too strong.

The Soft Shell Crab Yellow Curry with Butterfly Pea Rice, Jasmine and Roti Prata is great for sharing, the best thing is the curry as it was thick yet light, great with the rice or roti.

The Grilled Pork Neck is also worth ordering as it was lean and meaty.

The Fried Butterfly Pea rice with Crispy Fish and Thai Herbs was really photogenic, while the egg turned out to be the star of the show as it was salted egg.

Nara is also famous for noodles especially the [Ayuthaya boat noodles with Beef] which come in a strong beefy broth infused with herbs.

They also had the [Rainbow soup rice noodles with fish fillet], another noodle that has become popular in HK.

For dessert, the [Nara Coconut ice cream with assorted Thai sweet condiments] was a brilliant experience as you are presented with all these sweet toppings to add on the coconut icecream.

Finished off with this photogenic butterfly pea tea drink!

Overall, I really like the food and hope there will be another branch coming to the city.

Shop 507, 5/F, New Town Plaza, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin
Tel: 31881138



Summer is here and time for summery shoes!! Mira Moon has teamed up with Brazilian jelly shoes fashion brand ZAXY to serve the [Yellow Summer Afternoon Tea] until the 31st of July!!.


The tea set really appealed to me because it was colourful and on the sweet side there were donuts and scones.

Started with the bacalhau which are a signature at Supergiant as they serve top notch tapas. Smoked salmon and sandwiches are a must in tea sets, both were good especially the beef.

Moving on to the scones, I loved the pineapple jam which gives it a nice summer splash while tasting good.

The white peach jelly was refreshing.
Saving the best to last because they were pretty!!!!!!!!!!!


A fun and stylish afternoon tea rounded off with this sweet and dreamy butterfly cocktail.
During the promotional period, they will be giving out a ZAXY cosmetic bag while stocks last for each set of afternoon tea ordered.

Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar
3/F, Mira Moon Hotel, 388 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

@zaxymdreams #zaxyhk #beazaxygirl @miramoonhotel #zaxysummer



I am quite particular about my ramen because I prefer the thin white noodles, then if the broth is good then perfect.
If the pork is good as well then it is a mega bonus.
My definition of good pork is being fresh, lean, soft and not smelly!

At Shiawase, they have three different broths: tonkatsu, garlic and spicy tomato.


All three were good in different ways but the pork was the star of everything which makes a change.
The reason I loved it was because it was fresh, soft and tasty.
They were thinly sliced just like the meat we had for roast dinners at school so I was really happy to taste something similar!!

Since all three broths are different, the tonkotsu is one that you can have anytime as the broth is strong but not overly salty or oily.

The black garlic is more flavourful and complicated as you can taste the garlic prominently as well as the pork broth.

Personally, my favourite was the spicy tonkotsu tomato ramen which works for me on a cooler day because it is spicy.

The flavours in this bowl are even more complex as there are lots of tomatoes in the broth which have been boiled for a few hours and all the tomatoes are have been peeled.
The noodles are topped with minced pork which is spicy mixed with herbs, again the pork was fresh hence it was delicious.

The meat sauce tasted a bit like Arrabiata so when you add some cheese powder which can be found on the table, the two go quite well together.



As well as the minced pork, there are also two slices of delicious pork as well. I definitely like this new joint hidden behind the AIA Tower however the lighting can be a bit brighter, other than that I friggin love their PORK!!!

[Shiawase Ramen 幸拉麵]
Shop 19, G/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point
Tel: 23116322



There is an abundance of Singaporean food in HK but not many options for Malaysian food.
Discovered this place as I was in Shatin.
What led me here was the escalator that is a travelator to begin with before it ascends into an escalator.


As I was curious, I took them and it led me right into Mimila as it is the first shop that greets you when you get off the escalator.

I loved the baby blue theme and modern bar table by the kitchen.


Mimila is a Modern Malay noodle joint according to the menu and the desserts were captivating as well as the noodles.


Before indulging on the desserts, I had to get a noodle which is the star of Mimila. There are two types, soup or tossed noodles. For May, they are doing Laksa Chicken Rice which looked tempting on the menu as the rice and laksa are separated so the rice doesn't get soggy

I had the tossed noodles with prawn roe dry mimi noodles.

As well as prawn you can choose Spanish white pork slices or White Pepper Ribs for a more Malaysian twist to it.

I was really pleased because I love thin noodles and they serve prawn roe noodles which give it an even more prawny taste. I forgot to take a picture of the hot soy sauce but a few drops to the noodles made them wonderful as the chili in it gave the noodles a lovely spicy flare.

For drinks, I had the Barley Lemon water which was comforting and not too sweet.

Now to the desserts which were equally as good as the noodles. I absolutely love fragrant pandan chiffon cakes and here they serve it with whipped cream and desiccated coconut which makes it taste even fantastic.

The durian Swiss roll was sold out so had the durian cheesecake which was also good.

Definitely coming back again for the other noodles.

Shop 704, 7/F, New Town Plaza Phase 1, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin
Tel: 24789398



In every language you will find beautiful poetry.
I am so fortunate to be in the 21st Century as all these Chinese poems have been translated into English and are readily online when you google them.

At  Di King Heen, they are now serving  Deluxe Poem inspired Cantonese dishes featuring various poets from the Tang Dynasty.



Here were the dishes we had:
[The dish names are exactly what they are from the menu]

Started with the [Braised Gum Tragacanth Soup with Diced Seafood and Snow Crab Meat] which is inspired by poet Liu Changqing 劉長卿 for his poem Lodging on Lotus Hill for a Snowy Night《逢雪宿芙蓉山主人》
It was a really nice soup with lots of crabmeat and Braised Gum Tragacanth which definitely make you think of snow.

Next was the [Marinated Osmanthus Wine with Fresh Abalone, Suckling Pig Trotter, Wagyu Beef Cheek] inspired by poet Li Bai 李白 for his poem Drinking Alone Under the Moon《月下獨酌. 其一》
It was a nice appetizer as they were all marinated in wine interpreted by the Drinking in the poem.
The suckling pig trotter was my favorite as it was delicate and gelatinous.

[Braised Twins Tofu with Fungi and Burdock] is inspired by poet Wang Zhihuan 王之渙 for his poem On the Stork Tower《登鸛雀樓》
It was a nice meatless dish with silky and supple tofu.

[Sweet and Sour Tiger Prawns with Fig and Pineapple] is inspired by poet Tang Yanqian 唐彥謙《索蝦 (節錄)》
Obviously, the prawn was the star of the dish tossed in this deliciously fruity sauce.

Next was the [Golden-fried Pumpkin and Soft Sell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk] inspired by poet Du Qiumian 杜秋娘 for his poem Robes Made of Golden Threads《金縷衣》hence the salted egg yolk coating being the golden robe.
I loved this dish because I love anything that is coated in crispy salted egg yolk.
The [Roasted Chicken with Assorted Mushroom and Black Truffle Sauce] was inspired by poet 孟浩然 Meng Haoran for his poem Spring Dawn《春曉》which is all about spring and birds singing hence the chicken!!
The last course [Fried Five Grain Rice with Diced Scallop and Assorted Vegetables and Oatmeal] is inspired by poet Li Shen for 李紳 for his poem Sympathy for Peasants《憫農》which talks about how difficult every grain of rice is harvested hence we should appreciate every grain of rice.
It was a nice dinner with all these poetry inspired dishes.
The current Deluxe Poetries Set menu:

We also had the [Lion Rock X HABA Purity of Hokkaido Afternoon Tea] which is a crossover with HABA Skincare, a brand that is fragrance and additives free.
In the tea set you get Baked Hokkaido Scallop with Urchin Paste, Hokkaido Snow Crab Meat and Cheese Roll, Pan-fried Shrimp Cake with Roasted Sweet Corn and Yuzu Soy Sauce, Deep-fried Chicken with Yogurt, Seven Spices and Muffin, Barbecue Beef Vol Au Vent with Pumpkin Puree, Sapporo Ramen with Ginger Miso Soup (2 persons), l Hokkaido Melon Mousse Cake, l Sweet Potato Cake, l Double Cheese Cake Roll, l Hokkaido Pumpkin Caramel Custard, l Baked Cheese Tart and l Tokachi Red Bean and Green Tea White Chocolate Mousse Cake.

All the items were fancy and fun especially the mini bowls of ramen as one of them is actually a dessert while the other one is ramen!!
The Lion Rock Purity of Hokkaido Afternoon Tea is available from now until June 30, 2018.



Recently went to a Portuguese food and wine pairing event at Mike's Chicken Comida de Portugal where they have this exclusive Lagrima White Port which is fragrant and sweet with a gorgeous caramel colour.

Lagrima White Port HK$580.00/Bottle or HK$65.00/Glass


Started off with this MC Dream cocktail (HK$280.00/Jar  HK$68.00/Glass) which was light and sweet.
It was a great drink to start with, fun and not too strong with the starters.
Bolinhos de Bacalhau:
Baby Sardines:
The Traditional Portuguese Grilled Chorizo (HK$180.00/Whole  HK$90.00/ Half) were really strong and smokey so when the Lagrima White Port was cooked with the Choriza the sweet and woody flavours went well with the saltiness of the Chorizo.
Next was the Sea Bass San Antonio which was silky and flakey.
It paired nicely with Quinta do Carmo 2014 White Wine because of the natural acidity that gives it a unique freshness.

The next course was Mozambique Prawns with Garlic Bread paired with Baco Harvest Rose Vinho.
The rose gold colour of the wine and golden prawn were colourfully matched.
 With Baco Harvest Rose Vinho HK$380/Bottle  HK$85.00/Glass
The last course was Portuguese Striploin with Herb Butter Sauce HK$325.00 which always calls for red wine with red meat hence the pairing With LBV Vintage Port 2010.

With LBV Vintage Port 2010 HK$580/Bottle   HK$125/Glass


As well as fine food paired with wine, the MC Summer Tea Set with Coffee or Tea at $198.00 is a good way to sample their Bacalhaus and prawn with chocolate sauce in the afternoon.

On the bottom plate, we have the sweet treats.

I liked the Macanese Pork Chop Bun which is a classic, especially the crisp bun with a soft and chewy centre

The new Apple / Pear Salad Roll is great for summer and vegetarians with salad leaves and sweet pear slices in a wrap.

Dessert was a delight especially the White Port Ice Cream infused with fragrant White Port.
The ingredients are simply condensed milk, cream and White Port so I am going to try making this at home one day!

White Port Ice Cream  HK$68.00

The White Wine Poached Pear in Chocolate Sauce was another wine inspired dessert but personally I liked the ice cream because of the creaminess.

Mike’s Chicken Comida de Portugal Restaurant 葡匯咪走雞葡國餐廳
Shop 167 , L1 Mira Place Two, 118-130 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui,
地址: 九龍尖沙咀彌敦道118-130號美麗華廣場二期1樓167號舖
Tel: (852) 2392 3328
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 23:00



Located at Tsim Sha Tsui with a 270-degree harbor view on a clear day, HEXA offers diners Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary twist in a stylish environment.


I finally tried it one evening and we got a table by the window as we were early.

For the mains, we had the Fried Noodles with dried Mantis Shrimp in supreme soy sauce and the Braised pearl rice with matsutake mushrooms, morels and sea urchin.
The [Fried Noodles with dried Mantis Shrimp in supreme soy sauce] was a little different to what I had in mind as I was expecting bigger dried shrimps but they just looked like ordinary dried shrimps and not dried Mantis Shrimps 攋尿蝦.
As for the taste, you could taste the soy sauce and the usual charred wok aroma but the dried prawns didn't add any flavour to it.

The [Braised pearl rice with matsutake mushrooms, morels and sea urchin] fared better as it was strong and rich in flavours.

The desserts on the other hand were amazing and much more photogenic.
The [Yuba Mousse with Raspberry Jelly] was shimmering and the mousse had a strong beancurd taste while it was not too sweet complimented by the raspberry jelly.

The [Ice Cream with egg custard cream dumplings] was chic and black which really matched the contemporary environment.

To be honest, the desserts were more impressive than the mains, however I have not tried their dimsums so I can't comment.

101 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



Moules-frites is a popular main dish of mussels and fries from Belgium which is also a favourite in France.
As a fan of this dish, I decided to try the Korean version at The Joomak which is served with fries or Sweet potato fries.
The mussels are either cooked in kimchi tomato or Makgeolli butter sauce.

I chose the Makgeolli butter sauce because I liked the idea how they used rice wine to replace white wine.

The mussels were huge and meaty whilst having an impressive springy texture and the sauce was fragrant and light.
On Mondays and Tuesdays, you can get free refills but you have to reserve that in advance so that they have sufficient supply of mussels and fries to serve.
I also had my favourite Kale Pancake which you can only get at Joomak and added extra bacon for +$8 to give it that slight saltiness and smokey flavour which worked really well.

Finished with the Turmeric latte which was a bit like Masala Chai but better because I love Turmeric.

Will come back again with my vegan friends for the vegan menu.

[The Joomak]
Shop 34, LCX, 3/F, Ocean Terminal,
Harbour City,
3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



Coyote Bar & Grill is one of my hangouts for Mexican Food, I always go there for lunch with colleagues.
At night, it is a totally different scene where the place comes alive.
For Cinco de Mayo, they are serving a new Surf and Turf menu available throughout the month of May.
There are two surf options and two turf options or you can Surf and Turf for $398.


Tried the two Surf and Turf Combos.  The lobster and hanger steak were the best especially the juicy hanger steak which was marinated in Achiote and cajun while the lobster tails were dressed in zesty lime butter.

On the lighter side, there was barramundi and Parmesan and Pistachio crusted lamb. The fish went well with Pineapple Ancho Chile salsa and the lamb was paired with my favourite parsnip puree and cumin roasted fennel

On Saturday 5th May, the day of Cinco de Mayo, there will be a party at Coyote!!!
The party will begin at 8pm with free entry, a free Tequila Patròn shot upon arrival, free delectable canapés, as well as games and prizes.  The night will also get heated with an exciting flaming Jäger-bomb show, a limbo contest, as well as piñata smashing for a chance to win a wide selection of dining vouchers for guests to use upon their next visit.

[Coyote Bar & Grill]
114 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai



Ever since I started blogging, my motto on my profile has always been [★☆Eating good food is partly luck, @ da right place, @ da right time and moment the food is served. Food should be eaten at appropriate temperatures too, as they taste different at different temperatures, especially when it is hot, you can't really taste the real taste.]

I feel that HK in particular, it is very hard for food to taste good the second time round hence I rarely go back to the same restaurant twice and most meats aren't fresh.

It seems that HK has too many options as well but in the UK, you would probably return to that joint once a fortnight due to choice if you live in a small town and the fact they can keep the food consistent.
Belgos/Nandos are very good examples, I used to go often and then I went back a few years later and everything still tasted the same.

Anyway, back to the food at Hans.
I noticed this joint because of their food bags which were brown and sturdy unlike the typical white ones with a nice logo so I decided to check it out for lunch. When I got there, the decor was modern and simplistic.

The lunch menu and pricing was reasonable for QB as all the restaurants in that area cost around $60-$70.


I liked their healthy concept as no MSG or colouring is used. All their ingredients are prepared for each session and if any ingredients remain, it will not be used for the next session so they can maintain quality and freshness. Tried the curry and BBQ pork with tofu.

The curry was really fragrant with a strong coconut taste while the sauce was rich and thick in consistency which went well with the rice.

My roast pork was fantastic, even though I came a bit late, the roast pork was soft and lean.
The colour was brown as they did not use any red colourings.
If you have seen people roasting char siu, quite a lot of colouring is used!!! I also chose this because the dish had soft and silky tofu which is delicious with rice. The soy sauce was not too sweet so everything was in harmony.

I can't wait to come back to try the dinner as it is quieter and portions are bigger while the menu is slightly different.

[Hans 漢斯]
G/F, 939 King's Road, Quarry Bay
Tel: 25600023



Just 10 days ago, the atrium of IFC was transformed into Madison Square Park, NYC for a pop up event.
Now Shake Shack is here to stay and serve burgers from the 1st of May on the 4th floor of the IFC.



The menu was really exciting because they have Frozen Custard (which is nothing like English custard.)
The custard is similar to ice-cream but with eggs added with a denser consistency.
As well as Frozen Custard, they are famous for Shakes and Burgers.

I tried Shack burger which has lettuce, tomato, 100% all-natural Angus beef patty and Shack sauce.
The green leaf lettuce they use is frilly and decorative which makes it instaworthy.

On my first bite, I appreciated the salt because it brought out the beef so well and the tomatoes and lettuce all blended in.

The secret also lies in the burger bun they use. The burgers are served on a non-GMO Martin’s Potato Roll which absorbs more sauce than wheat starch buns while it doesn't get soggy.

The crinkle cut fries were optional but the cheese sauce is a must because it is a blend of cheddar and American cheese sauce.

To finish, I had the milkshake which was so damn good because it was not cloyingly sweet.

Before leaving, the hand washing machine is the best thing and possibly the first burger joint place in Hong Kong to have it.

It really cleans the oil off and dispenses cleanser first, then water to rinse and finally a paper towel will pop out for you to wipe your hands dry.

I don't know if they have this on the HK menu, but they have ShackBurger® dog biscuits in the US!

To round it off, I am definitely coming again because HKD50 for a burger is quite reasonable and the size isn't too big to put you off it and at the end I know I can leave with clean grease free hands is fantastic.

[Shake Shack]
Shop 4018, 4/F, IFC,
1 Harbour View Street, Central



After trying the Singmalay Tea treats, I almost missed a stylish Happy Hour if I didn't see this glam poster on the way out.

I have to admit, I was lured back by the digital promotion near the concierge.
At the Lobby Bar Counter, there were these beautiful ceramic Qipao figurine jars.
There are four signature cocktails to wow you!!
I tried the Beer Milkshake while my friend had the China Lady:
The Beer Milkshake was a fun concoction of Chocolate Ice Cream, Porter, Milk, cream, chocolate sauce and topped with an Oreo.
The China lady was very feminine and Oriental with Chinese liquers like Shochu, Plum Wine, Lemon Juice, Maple syrup, Pasteurized Egg White and and Cucumber.

I definitely enjoyed my girly time here and can't wait to come back to try the Pina-Kale Ada and Singapore Sling!!

[Lobby Bar and Lounge]
Lobby Level, Hotel Jen Hong Kong,
508 Queen's Road West, Hong Kong



[Cafe Malacca] located at Hotel Jen is a popular place for Singaporeans and Malaysians to hang out because you get the real deal there.
They are now serving Singapore and Malaysian Treats during Tea Time so it was a good opportunity for me to try all these treats which I have not tried before, these treats are also on the A la Carte menu so next time I know what to order.


Starting with the Savouries, there is Pie Tee, Chwee Kueh, Murtakbak and Curry Puff, moving on to the sweets, there are Kuih Dadar, Kaya Toast and Durian Pudding which comes with Kopi-O or Teh Tarik for $288 with an extra 10% service charge.

All the savouries were equally as good but my favourite had to be the Chwee Kueh which is like savoury rice pudding topped with preserved radish and sambal sauce.

It was my first time trying the Murtakbak and it tasted like a stuffed square puff pastry balanced by the pickles on top.

Moving on to the sweets, the creamy durian pudding was amazing and the kaya toasts are always my favourite because I love pandan, just like the Kuih Dadar pandan crepe rolls filled with coconut.


To finish off, the Kopi-O and Teh Tarik were a perfect ending.

I am so glad I tried this and the Tea Set is great way of sampling these Singmalay delights if you are new to it!

[Cafe Malacca]
2/F Hotel Jen,
508 Queens's Road West, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong



I eat quite a lot of Indian food because it is one of my favourite Cuisines.
Recently I have started exploring Vegetarian Indian food when I realized there are quite a few in TST.
When I walked into Sangeetha, I was impressed to see that they make their own snacks because I normally buy these at Indian shops.


The menu was impressive and there was so much to choose from.

For Vadas, there was a good variety like Onion, pepper etc and the milkshake range too.
Started with the hazelnut milkshake which was very sweet.

It was really difficult making my mind up because every item was different and something I wanted to try.
Started with the onion vada which was crispy with lots of onions in it.
I was so glad I had this because most restaurants serve plain vada.

Next was the Idiyappam which is similar to rice vermicelli with coconut chutney and curry. The pairing of these were great as it balanced the fieriness of the spices.

Next was the Uttapam whichi is like a thick pancake with lots of peas in it. It was crisp on the surface with juicy sweet peas popping in your mouth.

For carbs, I had the fried mushroom rice and Sichuan fried noodles.

In my opinion, Indian fried rices and noodles are far less oily but then I am biased because I love long grain Indian rice which is fluffy and soft!
I really liked the fried rice because there was crisp lettuce in it which gave it a refreshing mouthfeel. The Palak Mutter was spicy but great with the rice.


Overall, this was the best experience because the staff were very patient and expat friendly so I will be coming back again.

[Sangeetha - 新意達]
UG 1-5 & 31, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



Ichigen is a famous ramen joint from Japan with its signature broth made with small shrimps.

There are 3 types of seasoning, miso, salt and soy sauce and 2 types of noodle to choose from.
The basic noodles come with a slice of roast pork, half an egg sprinkled with pretty pink crispies made of flour mixed with red ginger and prawn broth.
The broth was rich with unami as expected with a slight bitterness which hung to the noodles well.
Also had the BBQ pork rice which is exclusive in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the pork was tender and moist drizzled in this sweet and spicy sauce.

The prawn riceball is also a must order, rich in prawn flavours.

I felt that it tasted like firm lotus leaf wrapped rice infused with prawn flavours.

As a tea lover, I finished with oolong tea.
Expect long queues for the time being.

[Ebisoba Ichigen]
Shop B-F, G/F, Yan King Court,
119-121 Queen`s Road East, Wan Chai



Dined here because a friend said he would be in the kitchen.
I don't know how long he has been cooking but Kits dishes were quite good.

The set dinner had a sweet theme to it, all the courses had some dessert element in it.


For appetizers had the Black Truffle Scallop Eclair and  Fried Foie Gras with Mashed Apple Sauce with Fig.
Black Truffle Scallop Eclair:

The sweet scallops were topped on a light puffy eclair complimented by the fresh cucumbers and truffle.
Pan-Fried Foie Gras with Mashed Apple Sauce with Fig: Although I am bored of foie gras, this one was well executed because the texture wasn't oily paired nicely with he dried apple slice and fig sauce.

Next were the French Onion Soup and Lobster and Tomato Soup:

Lobster and Tomato Soup:

The tomato soup was a surprise because it was tomato consomme which tasted like tomato essence so I really liked it.
For mains, had the duck and Lobster. The presentation of the Sous vide French Duck Breast was really colourful.
My Lobster Thermidor and Lobster Souffle was fun. The lobster souffle was a fluffy savoury souffle with lobster pieces at the bottom.

Finished with the Daily Dessert Platter (+$80) which includes their light creme brulee cheesecake and double chocolate cake.

Shop 1, G/F, The Warren, 9 Warren Street, Tai Hang
Tel: 23925121



On November 13th, LOUIS XIII Cognac premiered "100 Years", A Song We’ll Hear In A Century, But Only #IfWeCare About The Planet. "100 Years" is a first-of-its-kind musical composition created by Pharrell Williams and not set to be publicly released until the year 2117. LOUIS XIII and Pharrell's partnership is the result of a mutual dedication to the environment and an appreciation for its fragility.


This artistic project expresses the delicate relationship between nature and time, and the long-lasting effects humans have on their environment. LOUIS XIII is familiar with those effects, as it must always think a century ahead: each decanter of LOUIS XIII Cognac represents the life achievement of generations of Cellar Masters.

Pharrell’s exclusive track is engraved on a unique clay record made from the rich soil of Cognac, France. It is being kept in one of LOUIS XIII’s cellars in a custom, state-of-the-art safe. The safe has no code and no key, as it will unlock automatically in November 2117. But it is also water-soluble, which means the world’s only copy of “100 Years” will be destroyed if our neglect for the earth leads water levels to rise up.

I was really honored to attend this event witness Vincent J. Géré, Louis XIII Asia Pacific Director, unveil the unique safe storing Pharrell’s "100 years" exclusively displayed at this event.

A close up of unique clay record made from the rich soil of Cognac, France.

Mr Géré also explained the delicate relationship between LOUIS XIII and Time, and how each decanter of LOUIS XIII represents the life achievement of generations of cellar masters.

I tried the prestige LOUIS XIII and can't agree more with Mr Géré, that the Cognac is like walking into a big Cathedral, you cannot see everything in one go, but you see and taste more after taking more sips.

These beautiful Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac Crystal Glasses by Christophe Pillet make the sweetest toasting sounds!




This is probably the 6th visit to Vuong because their Vietnamese baguettes are really tasty.Usually I go to the HK branch but they have moved all their operations here.
Luckily they still serve my favourite double cheese baguette.
As well as meat, they serve quite a lot of vegetarian options like Vegetarian Vietnamese Baguette and Vegetarian noodles.



On this visit, I had the new vegetable salad which comes with a choice of two dressings: Vietnamese or Japanese.


The Japanese sauce on the right is suitable for vegetarians because it does not contain garlic. It is made with olives and vinegar.
The Vietnamese sauce on the left contains fish sauce which was given for my noodles.

I tried the noodles without any sauce. I found it palatable so if you really wanted to be health conscious, it tastes ok without but of course better with sauces. Personally, I liked their new Japanese sauce because it wasn't sweet and the vinegar is appetizing.

The vegetable salad was huge and nutritious with pine nuts and seasonal veggies like lettuce, cucumber, onions, pickled carrots, coriander and tomatoes.

Finished off with my favourite vegetarian baguette which was packed with delicious flavours as usual from the chilis and pickles.

The cheese baguette is another must order item as well, but unfortunately I was full so I finished off with the salty sprite which has a prominent salty lemon taste to it.


[Vuong's French Sandwich]
Shop B4, 1 Tak Hing Street, Jordan
Tel: 26583800



Pinot duck has been serving duck dishes since 2015 in Stanley before the recent duck trend with places like MC DXXK, Forbxden Duck, etc.
With Charlies Restaurant in WC gone (my favourite Chinatown British style Peking Duck), Pinot Duck is one of the good ducks to replace it I suppose.
They serve almost anything ranging from Peking Duck to Modern duck dishes such as Crispy duck wings, duck lollipops, duck liver pate to duck risotto.


I was overwhelmed to learn that a second branch had just opened in Wanchai because Stanley is a bit of a trek and more people can finally try it.
With its new location in Wanchai, the place where everything happens, it is now time to for it to shine and the menu is bigger and better with more duck dishes than ever.
Next stop Michelin??

As I have already dined twice at the Stanley branch, I decided to try the new dishes but the one dish I had to order again was the Crispy Duck wings!!!!

Here was what I had:
Crispy Duck Wings tossed in Sichuan pepper and cumin seasoning:
This is probably the only restaurant in HK that serves meaty and divine duck wings. They are extremely crispy and tasty especially with the unique Sichuan pepper and cumin seasoning.

Xi'an Lamb Skewers:
This was a non duck dish but it was amazing because the chunks of lamb were juicy and tender and the yoghurt wasabi dip was fantastic as I never expected yoghurt and wasabi could taste that good together.
The dip was a good marriage of the East and the Middle East since yoghurt is always paired with lamb.

Classic Peking Duck:
As well as Hoi Sin sauce, they also serve it with black pepper sauce, crispy garlic and minced garlic which makes sense because lots of duck dishes are served with black pepper sauce so you can have fun and experiment on the sauces.
Personally, I liked having my pancakes with hoisin sauce and cucumber and the pancakes were very satisfying because the texture was elastic and springy and holds everything together well.

Pan Fried Duck with Sichuan Spices and Lychee hawthorn:
I ordered this because the Sichuan Spices and Lychee hawthorn was an interesting combination.
When it came, it was duck breast slices topped with lychee and hawthorn.
The taste was like sweet and sour with a twist of fragrant Sichuan pepper and sweet lychee contrasted by the tartness of the Hawthorn berries!
Personally, I found this dish really good with plain rice.

Duck Fried Rice:
The duck fried rice was well executed with juicy pieces of pineapple and finely chopped spring onion.
It had a prominent charred aroma (wok hei) to it and they use Vietnamese Rice which is soft and fragrant.

For desserts I went for the two new items, the Rolling Donkey and the Golden Almond Fingers.

Rolling Donkey:
The presentation of this was a surprise, it was glutinous rice mochi pieces covered in coconut shreds and crushed peanuts inside a black and white chocolate shell which you break.
Eating the mochi pieces and chocolate pieces were so good together because you get the sweetness from the chocolate which isn't too sweet and the coconut shreds reminded me of the Bounty Chocolate bar.


Golden Almond Fingers:
This was a playful twist from fried milk replaced with almond milk. Inside the golden crispy batter was this silky sweet almond pudding filling.
It would be great if there was some sort of punchy sauce on the side or partially drizzled on top like Passionfruit or Cherry to complement it.

I plan to try this again during lunch too see how their lunch menu fares and hopefully go here again with friends in the near future!!!!!

[Pinot Duck] - Wan Chai
-Ground Floor, 18 Lun Fat Street
Wanchai, Hong Kong
 +852 2570 5928

[Pinot Duck] - Stanley
-Shop G07 The Piazza, Stanley Plaza
23 Carmel Road, Stanley, Hong Kong
+852 2772 0060

Enquiry: Info@pinotduck.com
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 12 nn - 10pm



Discovered this new curry joint on Star Street when I was going to Maison ES recently.
The curry joint stood out because of the hippy style flowery SUN logo and the bright LED star.


Finally went there during Easter.
On the menu, there is a simple choice of curry which is paired with rice, noodle, vermicelli, flat rice noodle and udon.
They also specialize in Beef Brisket too, there is ordinary beef brisket and the Superb Beef brisket which is in limited supply each day.
I was really chuffed to see Lemon Chicken, Curry Fishballs and Fried Ice Cream on the menu.
It really felt like going to my local Chinese Takeaway in UK because curry and lemon chicken are popular picks.

Tried the Lemon Chicken and Beef Curry.
At first, I thought the curry tasted like Japanese curry but then it tasted like Pakistani curry which is very spicy.


Also tried a bit of the Superb beef brisket which was very soft and that beef broth it was in was amazing so I would recommend their beef brisket noodles as well.

The lemon chicken in appetizing lemon sauce was comforting and healthier because it was pan fried and not the deep fried version.

I really enjoyed my curry fix so I will be back for the fried ice cream and I secretly wish fried apple / banana is going to be on the menu and sweet and sour chicken too!!!
As you can imagine, this joint is very popular with residents and people working nearby.

[Sun Curry]
2C Star Street, Wanchai
Tel: 24123423



When you take the ferry to Macau, the first thing that can't be missed is Fishermans Wharf.
Fishermans Wharf is like a world of its own with a mini Cape Town, Roman style amphitheater, Shakespearean buildings and Amsterdam narrow houses.

Roman style amphitheater:


Amsterdam style narrow houses:

Shakespearean style buildings:


After taking a walk at each place, I went to the opening of the new FW Rio Grill & Seafood Market restaurant.
It started off with a spectacular Brazilian carnival and Samba Parade which is on everyday until 2nd April 2018 at the following times: 12:30am, 18:00pm & 19:15pm.

You can get the best view of the Macau harbour whilst dining there as both floors are overlooking the harbour.

FW Seafood Market on the ground floor provides cozy dining area and seaside terrace, featuring fresh seafood that allow guests to pick and select the way to be served according to their preferences.

That night, we tried FW Rio Grill on the upper level which offers All you can eat Brazilian BBQ Buffet at attractive prices.

Freshly grilled meats are continuously brought out and served to guests at their table as long as the wooden peg is green on the top while red means your full.
All meats are grilled in this big grill flown over from Brazil.


Beef Rib:


All the grilled meats I have tried were really good especially the pork ribs and the grilled juicy pineapple which must not be missed with all that scrumptious cinnamon sprinkled on.



As well as meat, there was a wide buffet selection with seafood, fine cheeses, hams and a good selection of salads.




I am definitely coming back with friends to chill out.
FW Rio Grill & Seafood Market
Business Hours: 07:00 - 24:00
Tel: (853) 8799 6338
Location: Cape Town, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf



Easter is all about Eggs hence Assaggio are doing an Egg themed menu available from 26/3 – 29/4 in the evenings.


There is a Sunny Egg Combo or you can order the items a la carte.


Using good eggs are important for the best taste, hence they have chosen to use organic eggs from Sunny Queen Farms where the chickens are not caged.

PIZZA GOURMET Parma Ham, Spinach, Truffle Sauce, Soft-baked Egg

It had all my favourite ingredients, so I clearly liked it and I liked the way there was more spinach beneath the cheese as well on top which makes it healthy as well as delicious complemented by the parma ham and egg yolk.
HOMEMADE TAGLIONLI EGG PASTA with Black Truffle Sauce and Golden Egg

I love the freshly made pasta at Assaggio and with the use of Sunny Eggs, the pasta is even more eggy in taste complimented by the golden egg on top.
As well as the egg dishes, the grilled chicken which was divine.
The smell and taste was almost like chicken from Nandos in the UK but lacking peri peri sauce.


Finished with the caramel pudding which was thick, creamy and rich.
Easter colouring by me!

Italians celebrate Easter by eating the Torta Pasqualina, a traditional Italian Easter pie with Spinach and cheese sauce.

The Torta Pasqualina will only be available at the Easter Sunday Seafood Buffet Brunch on April the 1st!
Kids can also participate in the Easter Egg Hunt to win Organic Free Range Eggs and souvenirs from Australia’s Sunny Queen Farm.

Easter Sunday Seafood Buffet Brunch
Date: 1 April
Time: 11:30AM-3:30PM
Price: $488*/Adult; $388*/Child (Age 3-11)
Assaggio Trattoria Italiana (Wanchai)
6/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Reservations : +852 2877 3999



Cafe Life started off at PMQ and now they have a bigger and spacious joint on QRC.

All their cakes are Japanese style and everything is so pretty.
Sakura Chiffon Cake:

Sakura Cookies:

Sakura Napolean:

The only thing is that, they could do with more tables to cope with people ordering toasts and other things that really need a table.


At the moment, Sakura is trending and on the menu.
Tried the Sakura roll which was delicate filled with fresh cream.

It was so good that I had the strawberry cake which also uses that deliciously whipped fresh cream.

Finished with the Sakura tea which you just don't want to add the Sakura foam cap because the flower at the bottom is so dainty and decorative.



The milk cap blends in perfectly and I think it had some slight saltiness to it.


[Café Life Patisserie & Cafe]:
Shop B&C, G/F, Tower II Tern Centre, 
251 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan
Tel: 28106755



Maison ES is led by Esther Sham more popularly known as Chef TATA. The 6-COURSE TASTING MENU I had is available until the end of this month which has been created to celebrate her 10th year at Maison ES. This restaurant is tucked away behind Star Street with beautiful French Vintage decor which makes it a perfect get away from the city.


I was quite impressed by the experience because every course was well executed. We were a table of 12 and considering there were so many of us, everyone's dish was still hot and we all got them at the same time. Here was the [6-COURSE TASTING MENU]
Started with the [HOKKAIDO SCALLOP ceviche] topped with salmon roe, sweet corn, okra, mizuna and honey yuzu dressing. Dinner started off well with this ceviche because everything tasted in harmony, especially the sweetcorn puree which was really comforting and the sweetcorn pieces which were a bit like Mexican corn while the okra added the charred taste to the whole thing and the silky scallops.

FOIE GRAS TAMAGO CUSTARD with Asian mushrooms Steamed egg and foie gras sounds heavy but the foie gras has been turned into foam which turns into liquid when you spoon the egg hence every spoonful is infused with foiegras and the earthy mushrooms on top makes it even more delicious.

BACALAOS confit served with chorizo garlic crumbs, clams, steamy dashi fish broth & charred spring onion oil For this dish, I like the way they have selected Bacalaos which is a slightly salted fish topped with crispy chorizo garlic crumbs and surrounded in a clams fish broth. Hence strong flavours here.
The crispy fish skin is real good!

UNI SPAGHETTI topped with nori Unlike other pastas, this one is not creamy, again rich flavours in play here.
I think I could taste grounded dried scallops as something made it quite sweet.

USDA PRIME SHORT RIB grilled served on hot spring stone with acacia honey roasted pumpkin & spicy nanami spinach Although, the beef was the star of the show, the vegetables were just as good because the spinach was really flavourful with a hint of spiciness and the pumpkin was out of this world. I have never tasted pumpkin as delicious as this because it was so soft that it just melted in your mouth and there were other flavours infused in the pumpkin.

Finished with the dessert which was a great ending.

I would definitely recommend this place as all the courses were fantastic.

[Maison Es]
Address: 1A Star Street, Wanchai
Reservation: info@maison-es.com
Phone: 852-2521-8011
Opening hours:
Mon to Sat: 12:00nn to 11:00 pm
Sun: 12:00nn to 5:00 pm