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AMMO - A short form for Asia, Modern, Museum and Original, AMMO is an award-winning, contemporary tapas bar and restaurant located in the stunning heritage site of a former 19th century explosives compound.

As well as explosives, the name AMMO makes me think of ammunition and soldiers in camouflage.

If it wasn't for the [AMMO x B.Duck Round the World Afternoon Tea], I wouldn't have visited this lovely spot hidden at the back of Admiralty.

I knew I was going to like the tea set because it had donuts, scones and burgers.

The adorable B.Duck has floated to AMMO this summer!




From now to 31st Aug, travel around the world with B.Duck at AMMO with sweet & savoury treats that represent the different countries.

Sweet Treats:
Japan - Matcha Tiramisu
Singapore - Sugar Cane Donuts
France - B.Duck Macarons
Korea - Mini Strawberry Ice Cream
England - Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream

Savoury Treats:
United States - Mini USDA Beef Cheese Burgers
China - Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce
Mexico - Mini Beef Tacos

When you arrive, there are some cute B.Duck mugs on table for you to choose when having tea where you also get to choose from the tray of tea forte tea bags.


The tea set was just adorable especially the cute burgers and strawberry icecream so the whole thing was easily instaworthy.

As always, I always eat the savoury items first and evidently I liked the burgers as they were tasty.

In the Sweet selection, I liked the variety as it was all my favourite items such as scones and donuts.

The Sugar Cane donuts were yellow inside with golden jam so they were a little different from English donuts which are white inside.

All the items were not too sweet which was impressive,
It was just fun placing the burger and macaron side by side.

You get to take home the special edition angelic white AMMO x B.Duck floating duck! (first come first served basis while stocks last.)

After having the [AMMO x B.Duck Round the World Afternoon Tea], you can join the hunt and win a [Round the World B.Duck Money Bank] worth $268.

Only one prize issued each day so be the first to win or be quacked!!


The hunt is great way to explore the stunning heritage site of the former 19th century explosives compound.

 One of the ten ducks that you have to find!

By showing the [B.Duck Round the World Afternoon Tea] receipt, you can enjoy 15% discount off B.Duck products at Asia Society Hong Kong Center.



Date: From now till 31/08/2018
Location: Asia Society HK Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, HK




Hong Kong McDonald's launched the durian McFlurry on July 5th which is available in Hong Kong and Macao.
It will only be available for two weeks but surprisingly it was sold out within two days of launch!

You either hate or love Durian like Marmite!
The D24 Durian McFlurry was launched in Malaysia last year so it is not new but new to Hong Kong and Singapore.

I tried it on the first day.

On the menu, there are two options, the standard one for HKD25 and the Deluxe one with extra durian for HKD40.


I ordered the HKD40 where I was given a separate tub of Durian.

To be honest, the durian was not fresh durian but durian puree with tiny shreds of durian in it.
Sadly, the durian puree was sweetened so the extra dose of durian puree didn't give me pleasure but extra goddamn sweetness!

If I knew the durian was sweetened, the standard Durian McFlurry would have been good enough and it is really weird why they had to sweeten it as Durian is naturally sweet anyway.



McDonald's have launched the Spicy beef burger for the FIFA world cup season.
It has four slices of thin square beef patties in the middle with Malagueta chili sauce.




It is quite a spicy burger but it was delicious as it tastes like chili con carne and the beef patty itself is spicy too.

The spicy beef patty is similar to Grubers Jalapeno where the chili and beef are blended together as a patty.

McDonalds's Shrek x Spicy Beef Burger 2015:
McDonalds's Spicy Beef Burger 2014



On my first visit, I knew this tea brand was going to be a success from the branding, decor and design. Now they have opened a third branch at IFC!!!!!



It is so amazing that they have their own flip flops which I got today for only $19 with any drink above $33. [on promotion till the 8th]
The flipflops are so comfy too because they are curved and light!!

Anyway, the rose oolong was satisfying as the tea flavour and rose were balanced. There was a nice caramel aftertaste. Also had the Jasmine Lychee which is good on a hot day because it was sweet and blended with ice into a slush.

Flamingo Bloom:
Shop 1032, IFC, 1 Harbour View Street, Central


It has been 4 years since I dined at Ding Dim and 4 years later they have moved to a bigger and better location on Wyndham Street. This new location is an advantage as there are no other dimsums nearby except Dragon I.


The menu is much the same but I like the dimsum sets which has most of the popular dimsums for sampling at $85 with vegetarian options.


The dimsums came pretty fast after giving them my order.
I love the hargaus as each one was plump and springy loaded with fresh prawns.

My next favourite was the fried dumplings with foie gras, a lovely dumpling that brings back memories of my visit on Elgin.

The pan fried sweet and sour beef patty was really appetizing especially the sweet and sour sauce which tastes just as good as the sweet and sour in Chinatown.

I was nice and full after I had the steamed spare rib rice.

Ding Dim 1968
G/F, 59 Wyndham Street, Central



Chua Lam is a famous Singaporean columnist and food critic.
All that springs to my mind is pork lard with rice when I hear his name.

On the 5th July 2018, [Chua Lam's Pho] in Central will be serving hearty bowls of Vietnamese Pho noodles.


The Vietnamese pho is a secret recipe from Melbourne's Pho Dung, which is Chua Lam's favourite pho hence the reason he brought it to Hong Kong.

At [Chua Lam's Pho], it is probably the only pho restaurant in Hong Kong which has the machinery to make fresh Pho noodles.



I had the Special Beef Pho which was served with a side of beanshoots and herbs.

Before I tried anything, I tried the broth which was light with a natrual sweetness that was not lingering.
Then I tried the pho noodles which were amazing as they were really silky and soft yet held together when you picked them up with chopsticks.

The pho is slightly thinner compared to other pho I have tried but the texture was really good.
After adding the Basil and chili, everything came together nicely.
For big eaters like me, you can get refills at no extra cost so YES PLEASE!!!

For drinks, the Vietnamese Coffee (Cold) was really good as there was no strange aftertaste and the Vietnamese Colourful coconut ice is worth checking out too.
There is also the Vietnamese Drip Coffee which is layered with condensed milk at the bottom of the cup.



Definitely coming back for more pho!

Chua Lam's Pho [蔡瀾 pho ]
15 - 25 Wellington Street
Central District, Hong Kong
Tel: 2325 9117



At the moment, everyone is looking for a spot to watch the world cup.
Luckily I found out about this new joint as my friend works at the AIA building round the corner. Before the crowd came, my mission was to try their burgers as food is my priority!!!
I simply love the decor because you can notice it when you come round the corner from How Ming Street.
You will see this neon green logo of a burger on top of a milkshake.


If you come through the other door, you will see a sign pointing you to the left. (Note picture was taken from the other side)

Inside, it was relaxing and there are lots of plugs and USB ports.


What made me feel at home was the London Street Sign which has a meaning. M1 is the first branch, hence when they have a second branch it will be M2!

During the world cup, there are different burgers each week to represent the different countries.

The trophies are good for selfies.



For burgers, I had The Classic and the Sexy Chick (Chicken).
The classic patty is made of Premium Angus beef which was juicy and tasty and the secret sauce was so good because it was moreish.
It had caramelized diced onions and bacon which made it delicious.

The Sexy Chick had a spicy kick to it and the chicken was lean and tender.

For fries, there were plain, Bolognese and Poutine.
The poutine was definitely my choice to satisfy my gravy and cheese cravings.

Finished with milkshakes because milkshakes is their signature as well as burgers from their logo. The vanilla one was impressive because there was a strong vanilla taste and it was not too sweet.
The peach tea was a surprise as you could taste some peach juice in it.

After indulging on the food, it was nearly time for the match, my friend had the shisha.

While my friend was having the shisha, the place was getting packed already.


Overall, I had a great time and I shall be back to explore the other eateries at Hung To Centre.







Since my last visit to Hon 10, they are now serving Omakase which is good when you can't decide what to eat. There are two choices, but sadly only in Chinese at the moment. But then what you get is different each time so it doesn't matter if the menu is in Chinese or English because there will always be some appetizer, sashimi, soup, cooked item and sushi.



As I was there early, I got my favourite drink which is made with berry jam puree and carbonated water. It was refreshing and bubbly.

The omakase was a great start because the first appetizer was light and delicious. It was my favourite soybean sheets in delicious soymilk!!! The white sweetcorn was just angelic and sweet.

Next was the sashimi, I loved the maguro and the side of plum jelly which was really appetizing.

Next were the Alaskan crab legs which were juicy topped with generous amounts of truffle.

As a fish lover, the fried fish was good, the texture was flaky.

Next was the star of the show! Juicy cubes of wagyu beef. Each bite was soft and tender.

It was tasty on its own without the yuzu pepper but adding it made it taste even nicer with fiery salty kick to it. The finale was sushi which was a great ending leaving me almost full but with room for dessert.

Dessert finished with this smooth and silky beancurd pudding topped with grounded black sesame!

Overall, it was good from beginning to end and the best thing when you can't be bothered to decide.

Shop 123, 1/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway Road, Admiralty
Tel: 29181133



From now until the 9th August, Satay Inn at all Sino Hotels will be serving highlights from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore headed by their guest chefs Kelvin Wong and his team.
You can also catch them at the hotels on the following schedule:

City Garden Hotel: Now - 23/6/2018
The Royal Hotel and Pacific Towers - 24/6/2018 - 27/6/2018
Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel - 28/6/2018 - 1/7/2018

I was there on the 22nd and tried the Tasting Menu ($328 per person) which can also be ordered a la carte.
My favourite was the Kambing soup (lamb soup) which was strong with lots of spices and comforting.
I liked the Otak Otak as it was made with Mackerel and the Crayfish coated in salted egg yolk sauce.

For desserts, I loved the Durian Bubar Terigu which was not too sweet and packed with healthy ingredients.

Here are the dishes that they will be serving.

Crispy Pork Rolled Bean Curd Loh Bak with Cucumber and Red Onion


Mackerel Fish Otak Otak with coconut cream

Nonya Mango with fresh mint, chili, red onion and ginger flower

Kambing soup

Teochew Bak Chor Mee

Baked Sambal Stingray with Chincalok and calamansi

Wok fried Crayfish in creamy salted egg sauce

Kurobuta Pork Rib Bak Kut Teh

Cheng Ting

Durian Bubur Terigu
For more information, please visit:
City Garden Hotel:
The Royal Hotel and Pacific Towers:
Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel:



It has been pouring with rain for the past few days and I am so glad the rain stopped for [National Day and Midsummer the longest day of the year in Sweden] as there was a joyous celebration for it in Hong Kong!


It was a great event for families with children with a 3.5-meter tall maypole with folk music live performance.


There was Swedish treats which were delicious especially the Smörgåstårta, "sandwich cake" which is neither a cake or a sandwich but I loved it because the bread was smothered in creamy mayonnaise topped with shrimp.



After filling myself with treats, I hydrated myself with Bluewater (mineral water).

It was fun taking part in the flower crown making workshop where I made a lovely crown with pretty pink carnations.

This event has definitely enlightened me to travel to Sweden so I plan to make a trip there one day.



I am always here because of their vegan menu, it is great that they change it regularly.
On this visit, I tried some new items like the snow fungus salad which was light and satisfying while the Vegan Korean chicken was on the fiery side.


There was supposed to be some ice leaves in there but only found one!

The kale pancake is permanently on the menu but it makes sense because it tastes really good.

It is similar to those Chinese bokchang pancakes which are soft with a slight chew loaded with healthy kale and sweet wolfberries.

For drinks, both choices were so damn good especially the black garlic latte with charcoal, it was sweet with a gritty texture.

The yuzu chocolate smoothie which I thought was an odd combination turned out well because it was similar to the pairing of choc n orange which never fails.

Finished with the chia seed pudding which was silky and moreish!

Definitely will be back because on Wednesdays they have a promotion for all you can eat from the Vegetarian menu for $198 until the end of June!



In Hong Kong, KFC has a totally different recipe for the chicken coating so I rarely get KFC unless the flavour is interesting.
The KFC meals comes with waffle fries and not chips as served in UK which is another thing I don't like.

Anyway, the new Fried [Hainan Style chicken] captivated me because I love Scallion Oil.


The set comes with rice and a drink and you can also order two extra Hainan Style chicken wings.
Unfortunately, they gave me the wrong ones because they were spicy and tasted totally different from the star of the show.

As I said, the chicken wings were just spicy.

The star of the show was really tasty and you could taste spring onions in the coating.
The sauce that comes with this is chili and lime which really matches the chicken and gives a slight Thai kick to it.

It was good that it came with rice because I am not fond of Waffle fries.

Overall, the Fried [Hainan Style chicken] was impressive but not impressive because the chicken wings given were the wrong ones.



Went here with a friend to check out this new hotpot place which used to be some other Sichuan restaurant.
When we arrived, we were greeted with this huge ceramic dragon, on the left was this animated image which was actually powered by a fan.



雲長小龍坎 is opened by cantopop singer Jason Chan and TV celeb Chiu King Ho so you might bump into them there!!

Inside, there are mini cans of oil which are used for dipping the food on each table and neatly stacked by the window.


Started with some spicy chicken feet and crispy pork.


The Salt and Pepper Sweetcorn was really addictive as the sweetcorn was split into four vertically which made it really easy to eat for people with small gobs!

We had two broths, one signature spicy broth and the non spicy herb broth.
Before we ordered anything for the pot, the guy kept recommending the meat balls and saying how good they were.

So we got some Celtuce slices, Premium beef, meat balls and the Ferris Wheel.



The Ferris Wheel was a real working one because when I took one of the carriages out, it started moving due to the weight imbalance!!

The guy didn't brag about the meat balls as they turned out tasty.
The reason they were good was that it was made of mostly grounded pure meat which you can taste otherwise the texture would be bouncy.
So far so good!
The next exciting thing was the fish gas bladders which I have always wanted to try as not many places serve them puffed up.


I loved the stickiness and you really do need to tug it as it was very elastic to withstand the pressures beneath the sea!! The only thing you have to becareful are the random sharp bone fragments. Duck's blood is becoming popular these days and the texture of the duck's blood was like tofu which disintegrates in your mouth as it is really delicate.
It definitely tastes better placed in the spicy broth.

Overall, I was really satisfied with the hotpot as everything was tasty and didn't need the condiments.
The way I eat spicy hotpot is use the non spicy broth to blanch it first and then a few drops of the spicy broth to make it tasty so that I can control how spicy it is.
On the way home, I noticed that I was not feeling thirsty after the hotpot.




Since my last visit to Loyal Dining, they have launched a Green Menu (Vegetarian) that serves Beyond Meat Burgers and there is also a Half Priced Steak Night deal.



I am a fan of Beyond Meat burgers and currently on a quest to try all these different places that serve it and see which place makes it taste the best!
As we were a large group, we had both meat and vegetarian dishes.

Started with the Signature Loyal Chicken Wings simmered in their home made sweet soy sauce. Each wing was tasty and soft fully infused with the sweet soy sauce.

Now to the new VEGAN stars of Loyal Dining, the Beyond Meat burger!!!
There are three burgers to choose from: Original, Sichuan or Scallion Oil. It was really difficult to pick a favourite as both were so good but different.
The Sichuan one had the Sichuan flare to it but it was a bit too salty.

I would probably say the Scallion Oil was better because the combination was interesting and strangely went really well as scallion oil is normally paired with chicken.

Look at all that yummy Scallion Oil!

I was really impressed they even had Sorrowful Rice in Vegetarian form. The vegan char siu had that freshly roasted char siu taste and aroma as it was slightly crispy on the edges.

Beef Wellington 66 is the signature dish here and one of my classic faves because it is British!
They use quality beef and the puff pastry is good.
Beef Wellington 66 signifies Loyal Dining's old address at 66 Wellington Street before they moved!
I miss that location as I used to go there for dimsum and went there with friends from UK.

Next we had the vegetable curry souffle which was interesting. Basically vegetable curry topped with souffle!

Now for the real dessert, it was Ovaltine Souffle which was fluffy and sweet infused with Ovaltine!

I really like the new menu and hope it stays forever so that Vegans can dine here as well!
I'll be back!

[Loyal Dining]:
1/F, 5 Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



Wherever you are in Hong Kong, it is quicker from your location to travel to Nara Thai Cuisine than to fly to Bangkok. [Not to be confused with this other one in TST]

Nara Thai Cuisine is a famous restaurant from Thailand that has received the best restaurant award every year since 2007! How could I not try it when I was at Mimila earlier that day.

Began with the appetizers: Prawn carpaccio, Salmon carpaccio, Thai Fish cakes, Green mango salad with Thai sausage and North Eastern pork balls with lettuce.
[Prawn carpaccio]


[Salmon carpaccio]
[Thai Fishcakes]

I liked the way the pork salami was diced and made crispy as everything went together nicely in the [Green mango salad with Thai sausage].
To my surprise, the [North Eastern pork balls with lettuce] stole the show among the appetizers because they were crunchy on the outside while it was moist in the middle packed with fiery kick, hence the lettuce mellows the fierness.

There is always soup in the Thai Cuisine such as coconut chicken, tom yum kung etc. Tried the tom yum kung which was refreshing with a prominent herb flavour while the lemongrass was not too strong.

The Soft Shell Crab Yellow Curry with Butterfly Pea Rice, Jasmine and Roti Prata is great for sharing, the best thing is the curry as it was thick yet light, great with the rice or roti.

The Grilled Pork Neck is also worth ordering as it was lean and meaty.

The Fried Butterfly Pea rice with Crispy Fish and Thai Herbs was really photogenic, while the egg turned out to be the star of the show as it was salted egg.

Nara is also famous for noodles especially the [Ayuthaya boat noodles with Beef] which come in a strong beefy broth infused with herbs.

They also had the [Rainbow soup rice noodles with fish fillet], another noodle that has become popular in HK.

For dessert, the [Nara Coconut ice cream with assorted Thai sweet condiments] was a brilliant experience as you are presented with all these sweet toppings to add on the coconut icecream.

Finished off with this photogenic butterfly pea tea drink!

Overall, I really like the food and hope there will be another branch coming to the city.

Shop 507, 5/F, New Town Plaza, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin
Tel: 31881138



Summer is here and time for summery shoes!! Mira Moon has teamed up with Brazilian jelly shoes fashion brand ZAXY to serve the [Yellow Summer Afternoon Tea] until the 31st of July!!.


The tea set really appealed to me because it was colourful and on the sweet side there were donuts and scones.

Started with the bacalhau which are a signature at Supergiant as they serve top notch tapas. Smoked salmon and sandwiches are a must in tea sets, both were good especially the beef.

Moving on to the scones, I loved the pineapple jam which gives it a nice summer splash while tasting good.

The white peach jelly was refreshing.
Saving the best to last because they were pretty!!!!!!!!!!!


A fun and stylish afternoon tea rounded off with this sweet and dreamy butterfly cocktail.
During the promotional period, they will be giving out a ZAXY cosmetic bag while stocks last for each set of afternoon tea ordered.

Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar
3/F, Mira Moon Hotel, 388 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

@zaxymdreams #zaxyhk #beazaxygirl @miramoonhotel #zaxysummer



I am quite particular about my ramen because I prefer the thin white noodles, then if the broth is good then perfect.
If the pork is good as well then it is a mega bonus.
My definition of good pork is being fresh, lean, soft and not smelly!

At Shiawase, they have three different broths: tonkatsu, garlic and spicy tomato.


All three were good in different ways but the pork was the star of everything which makes a change.
The reason I loved it was because it was fresh, soft and tasty.
They were thinly sliced just like the meat we had for roast dinners at school so I was really happy to taste something similar!!

Since all three broths are different, the tonkotsu is one that you can have anytime as the broth is strong but not overly salty or oily.

The black garlic is more flavourful and complicated as you can taste the garlic prominently as well as the pork broth.

Personally, my favourite was the spicy tonkotsu tomato ramen which works for me on a cooler day because it is spicy.

The flavours in this bowl are even more complex as there are lots of tomatoes in the broth which have been boiled for a few hours and all the tomatoes are have been peeled.
The noodles are topped with minced pork which is spicy mixed with herbs, again the pork was fresh hence it was delicious.

The meat sauce tasted a bit like Arrabiata so when you add some cheese powder which can be found on the table, the two go quite well together.



As well as the minced pork, there are also two slices of delicious pork as well. I definitely like this new joint hidden behind the AIA Tower however the lighting can be a bit brighter, other than that I friggin love their PORK!!!

[Shiawase Ramen 幸拉麵]
Shop 19, G/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point
Tel: 23116322



There is an abundance of Singaporean food in HK but not many options for Malaysian food.
Discovered this place as I was in Shatin.
What led me here was the escalator that is a travelator to begin with before it ascends into an escalator.


As I was curious, I took them and it led me right into Mimila as it is the first shop that greets you when you get off the escalator.

I loved the baby blue theme and modern bar table by the kitchen.


Mimila is a Modern Malay noodle joint according to the menu and the desserts were captivating as well as the noodles.


Before indulging on the desserts, I had to get a noodle which is the star of Mimila. There are two types, soup or tossed noodles. For May, they are doing Laksa Chicken Rice which looked tempting on the menu as the rice and laksa are separated so the rice doesn't get soggy

I had the tossed noodles with prawn roe dry mimi noodles.

As well as prawn you can choose Spanish white pork slices or White Pepper Ribs for a more Malaysian twist to it.

I was really pleased because I love thin noodles and they serve prawn roe noodles which give it an even more prawny taste. I forgot to take a picture of the hot soy sauce but a few drops to the noodles made them wonderful as the chili in it gave the noodles a lovely spicy flare.

For drinks, I had the Barley Lemon water which was comforting and not too sweet.

Now to the desserts which were equally as good as the noodles. I absolutely love fragrant pandan chiffon cakes and here they serve it with whipped cream and desiccated coconut which makes it taste even fantastic.

The durian Swiss roll was sold out so had the durian cheesecake which was also good.

Definitely coming back again for the other noodles.

Shop 704, 7/F, New Town Plaza Phase 1, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin
Tel: 24789398



In every language you will find beautiful poetry.
I am so fortunate to be in the 21st Century as all these Chinese poems have been translated into English and are readily online when you google them.

At  Di King Heen, they are now serving  Deluxe Poem inspired Cantonese dishes featuring various poets from the Tang Dynasty.



Here were the dishes we had:
[The dish names are exactly what they are from the menu]

Started with the [Braised Gum Tragacanth Soup with Diced Seafood and Snow Crab Meat] which is inspired by poet Liu Changqing 劉長卿 for his poem Lodging on Lotus Hill for a Snowy Night《逢雪宿芙蓉山主人》
It was a really nice soup with lots of crabmeat and Braised Gum Tragacanth which definitely make you think of snow.

Next was the [Marinated Osmanthus Wine with Fresh Abalone, Suckling Pig Trotter, Wagyu Beef Cheek] inspired by poet Li Bai 李白 for his poem Drinking Alone Under the Moon《月下獨酌. 其一》
It was a nice appetizer as they were all marinated in wine interpreted by the Drinking in the poem.
The suckling pig trotter was my favorite as it was delicate and gelatinous.

[Braised Twins Tofu with Fungi and Burdock] is inspired by poet Wang Zhihuan 王之渙 for his poem On the Stork Tower《登鸛雀樓》
It was a nice meatless dish with silky and supple tofu.

[Sweet and Sour Tiger Prawns with Fig and Pineapple] is inspired by poet Tang Yanqian 唐彥謙《索蝦 (節錄)》
Obviously, the prawn was the star of the dish tossed in this deliciously fruity sauce.

Next was the [Golden-fried Pumpkin and Soft Sell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk] inspired by poet Du Qiumian 杜秋娘 for his poem Robes Made of Golden Threads《金縷衣》hence the salted egg yolk coating being the golden robe.
I loved this dish because I love anything that is coated in crispy salted egg yolk.
The [Roasted Chicken with Assorted Mushroom and Black Truffle Sauce] was inspired by poet 孟浩然 Meng Haoran for his poem Spring Dawn《春曉》which is all about spring and birds singing hence the chicken!!
The last course [Fried Five Grain Rice with Diced Scallop and Assorted Vegetables and Oatmeal] is inspired by poet Li Shen for 李紳 for his poem Sympathy for Peasants《憫農》which talks about how difficult every grain of rice is harvested hence we should appreciate every grain of rice.
It was a nice dinner with all these poetry inspired dishes.
The current Deluxe Poetries Set menu:

We also had the [Lion Rock X HABA Purity of Hokkaido Afternoon Tea] which is a crossover with HABA Skincare, a brand that is fragrance and additives free.
In the tea set you get Baked Hokkaido Scallop with Urchin Paste, Hokkaido Snow Crab Meat and Cheese Roll, Pan-fried Shrimp Cake with Roasted Sweet Corn and Yuzu Soy Sauce, Deep-fried Chicken with Yogurt, Seven Spices and Muffin, Barbecue Beef Vol Au Vent with Pumpkin Puree, Sapporo Ramen with Ginger Miso Soup (2 persons), l Hokkaido Melon Mousse Cake, l Sweet Potato Cake, l Double Cheese Cake Roll, l Hokkaido Pumpkin Caramel Custard, l Baked Cheese Tart and l Tokachi Red Bean and Green Tea White Chocolate Mousse Cake.

All the items were fancy and fun especially the mini bowls of ramen as one of them is actually a dessert while the other one is ramen!!
The Lion Rock Purity of Hokkaido Afternoon Tea is available from now until June 30, 2018.



Recently went to a Portuguese food and wine pairing event at Mike's Chicken Comida de Portugal where they have this exclusive Lagrima White Port which is fragrant and sweet with a gorgeous caramel colour.

Lagrima White Port HK$580.00/Bottle or HK$65.00/Glass


Started off with this MC Dream cocktail (HK$280.00/Jar  HK$68.00/Glass) which was light and sweet.
It was a great drink to start with, fun and not too strong with the starters.
Bolinhos de Bacalhau:
Baby Sardines:
The Traditional Portuguese Grilled Chorizo (HK$180.00/Whole  HK$90.00/ Half) were really strong and smokey so when the Lagrima White Port was cooked with the Choriza the sweet and woody flavours went well with the saltiness of the Chorizo.
Next was the Sea Bass San Antonio which was silky and flakey.
It paired nicely with Quinta do Carmo 2014 White Wine because of the natural acidity that gives it a unique freshness.

The next course was Mozambique Prawns with Garlic Bread paired with Baco Harvest Rose Vinho.
The rose gold colour of the wine and golden prawn were colourfully matched.
 With Baco Harvest Rose Vinho HK$380/Bottle  HK$85.00/Glass
The last course was Portuguese Striploin with Herb Butter Sauce HK$325.00 which always calls for red wine with red meat hence the pairing With LBV Vintage Port 2010.

With LBV Vintage Port 2010 HK$580/Bottle   HK$125/Glass


As well as fine food paired with wine, the MC Summer Tea Set with Coffee or Tea at $198.00 is a good way to sample their Bacalhaus and prawn with chocolate sauce in the afternoon.

On the bottom plate, we have the sweet treats.

I liked the Macanese Pork Chop Bun which is a classic, especially the crisp bun with a soft and chewy centre

The new Apple / Pear Salad Roll is great for summer and vegetarians with salad leaves and sweet pear slices in a wrap.

Dessert was a delight especially the White Port Ice Cream infused with fragrant White Port.
The ingredients are simply condensed milk, cream and White Port so I am going to try making this at home one day!

White Port Ice Cream  HK$68.00

The White Wine Poached Pear in Chocolate Sauce was another wine inspired dessert but personally I liked the ice cream because of the creaminess.

Mike’s Chicken Comida de Portugal Restaurant 葡匯咪走雞葡國餐廳
Shop 167 , L1 Mira Place Two, 118-130 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui,
地址: 九龍尖沙咀彌敦道118-130號美麗華廣場二期1樓167號舖
Tel: (852) 2392 3328
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 23:00



Located at Tsim Sha Tsui with a 270-degree harbor view on a clear day, HEXA offers diners Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary twist in a stylish environment.


I finally tried it one evening and we got a table by the window as we were early.

For the mains, we had the Fried Noodles with dried Mantis Shrimp in supreme soy sauce and the Braised pearl rice with matsutake mushrooms, morels and sea urchin.
The [Fried Noodles with dried Mantis Shrimp in supreme soy sauce] was a little different to what I had in mind as I was expecting bigger dried shrimps but they just looked like ordinary dried shrimps and not dried Mantis Shrimps 攋尿蝦.
As for the taste, you could taste the soy sauce and the usual charred wok aroma but the dried prawns didn't add any flavour to it.

The [Braised pearl rice with matsutake mushrooms, morels and sea urchin] fared better as it was strong and rich in flavours.

The desserts on the other hand were amazing and much more photogenic.
The [Yuba Mousse with Raspberry Jelly] was shimmering and the mousse had a strong beancurd taste while it was not too sweet complimented by the raspberry jelly.

The [Ice Cream with egg custard cream dumplings] was chic and black which really matched the contemporary environment.

To be honest, the desserts were more impressive than the mains, however I have not tried their dimsums so I can't comment.

101 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



Moules-frites is a popular main dish of mussels and fries from Belgium which is also a favourite in France.
As a fan of this dish, I decided to try the Korean version at The Joomak which is served with fries or Sweet potato fries.
The mussels are either cooked in kimchi tomato or Makgeolli butter sauce.

I chose the Makgeolli butter sauce because I liked the idea how they used rice wine to replace white wine.

The mussels were huge and meaty whilst having an impressive springy texture and the sauce was fragrant and light.
On Mondays and Tuesdays, you can get free refills but you have to reserve that in advance so that they have sufficient supply of mussels and fries to serve.
I also had my favourite Kale Pancake which you can only get at Joomak and added extra bacon for +$8 to give it that slight saltiness and smokey flavour which worked really well.

Finished with the Turmeric latte which was a bit like Masala Chai but better because I love Turmeric.

Will come back again with my vegan friends for the vegan menu.

[The Joomak]
Shop 34, LCX, 3/F, Ocean Terminal,
Harbour City,
3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



Coyote Bar & Grill is one of my hangouts for Mexican Food, I always go there for lunch with colleagues.
At night, it is a totally different scene where the place comes alive.
For Cinco de Mayo, they are serving a new Surf and Turf menu available throughout the month of May.
There are two surf options and two turf options or you can Surf and Turf for $398.


Tried the two Surf and Turf Combos.  The lobster and hanger steak were the best especially the juicy hanger steak which was marinated in Achiote and cajun while the lobster tails were dressed in zesty lime butter.

On the lighter side, there was barramundi and Parmesan and Pistachio crusted lamb. The fish went well with Pineapple Ancho Chile salsa and the lamb was paired with my favourite parsnip puree and cumin roasted fennel

On Saturday 5th May, the day of Cinco de Mayo, there will be a party at Coyote!!!
The party will begin at 8pm with free entry, a free Tequila Patròn shot upon arrival, free delectable canapés, as well as games and prizes.  The night will also get heated with an exciting flaming Jäger-bomb show, a limbo contest, as well as piñata smashing for a chance to win a wide selection of dining vouchers for guests to use upon their next visit.

[Coyote Bar & Grill]
114 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai



Ever since I started blogging, my motto on my profile has always been [★☆Eating good food is partly luck, @ da right place, @ da right time and moment the food is served. Food should be eaten at appropriate temperatures too, as they taste different at different temperatures, especially when it is hot, you can't really taste the real taste.]

I feel that HK in particular, it is very hard for food to taste good the second time round hence I rarely go back to the same restaurant twice and most meats aren't fresh.

It seems that HK has too many options as well but in the UK, you would probably return to that joint once a fortnight due to choice if you live in a small town and the fact they can keep the food consistent.
Belgos/Nandos are very good examples, I used to go often and then I went back a few years later and everything still tasted the same.

Anyway, back to the food at Hans.
I noticed this joint because of their food bags which were brown and sturdy unlike the typical white ones with a nice logo so I decided to check it out for lunch. When I got there, the decor was modern and simplistic.

The lunch menu and pricing was reasonable for QB as all the restaurants in that area cost around $60-$70.


I liked their healthy concept as no MSG or colouring is used. All their ingredients are prepared for each session and if any ingredients remain, it will not be used for the next session so they can maintain quality and freshness. Tried the curry and BBQ pork with tofu.

The curry was really fragrant with a strong coconut taste while the sauce was rich and thick in consistency which went well with the rice.

My roast pork was fantastic, even though I came a bit late, the roast pork was soft and lean.
The colour was brown as they did not use any red colourings.
If you have seen people roasting char siu, quite a lot of colouring is used!!! I also chose this because the dish had soft and silky tofu which is delicious with rice. The soy sauce was not too sweet so everything was in harmony.

I can't wait to come back to try the dinner as it is quieter and portions are bigger while the menu is slightly different.

[Hans 漢斯]
G/F, 939 King's Road, Quarry Bay
Tel: 25600023