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Walked past and saw this interesting place serving bowls with rolls in it.

At first I thought they were pancakes or pastries, but NO, it was ICECREAM!!!!!

Intrigued by the concept I sat down and ordered one.

After I ordered I watched with curiosity to see how they made them.
Basically it is made the same way as the cold plate gelatos (stir fried icecream) except for the final step.

It is spread thinly on the cold plate until it freezes, then it is slowly scraped with the pan scraper which forms the icecream roll!!


The texture of these icecream rolls were chewy and sticky.

I should have opted for plain vanilla icecream because I found it quite sweet with the strawberry sauce.

Snow Country is owned by the owners of Gum "Jeng" which is why they are served in those paper bowls.

The icecream rolls cost $38 which is about right as I haven't seen them elsewhere in HK but for its Mong Kok location it would appear to be expensive compared to other desserteries around the area.

It is going to be the new craze for the time being but sadly it will probably be copied by other gelato places who have the equipment.



Snow Country



Thanks to CJ for inviting me to try their newly opened Omakase restaurant in my favourite dining area Central.
To be honest I am not an expert in Japanese food.
There are so many different styles ranging from the type of food and different prefectures in Japan.
Before this tasting, I did not know anything about Omakase so I did not know what to expect.

I arrived and found the place really cosy and the main sitting area was the bar table in front of the chefs.
When I was led to my seat, I thought I was going to be assigned to the table but instead I was sat at the bar table.

The idea of Omakase restaurants is that you can interact with the chefs.
There were two sets to choose from: Koyo or Yuki.
As I did not know what Omakase was, I literally assumed it was going to be ONE plate of extremely top quality sashimi and sushi served together which is not going to take long to finish it but I was wrong!!!!!!!!!
2 types of sashimi, 8 piece of sushi, miso soup and dessert
appetizer, 4 types of premium sashimi, signature konbu soup, 10 pieces of premium sushi, cooked dish, miso soup and dessert
I ordered the YUKI because I thought 2 pieces of sashimi and 8 pieces of sushi were not going to fill me up, but the portion was bigger than I expected.

It took me a while to break the ice because I am not quite used to sitting in front of the chef.
But after a while I really started to enjoy the omakase because the chef was really friendly.

To begin with, we had kelp and finely grated radish strands placed in front of us.
They were there as refreshers when the sashimi got a bit heavy.
I found it quite amusing that every time I had some kelp or radish, the Chef would put it neatly back in a pile for me again.
There was FRESHLY GRATED wasabi too which I saw him patiently grate.
It was the first time I tried it and it tastes so much better without a strange aftertaste and it had natrual wasabi fibre pieces in it too.
We began our Omakase journey with an appetizer.sttt.jpg

It was fried fish with a side of fluorescent squids.
The fried fish was topped with grated carrots and onions drenched in lemon juice which was a great start because I love lemon and it was so appetizing.
After having the fish I moved on to my favourite squids!!
Usually they are salty because they are fermented but these were fresh and much softer too.
I could taste its natural taste complemented by the light miso sauce.
Next we had steamed egg which was gorgeous.
It was served in a really nice bowl with a straw string handle and a cute wooden spoon.
According to the chef, it was slowly steamed for more than 20 minutes and controlled so that it does not get hotter than 85 degrees.
As you can see, there were so much vegetables, crab meat, gingko nuts and other goodies in it.
The egg was so smooth and on top of it, there was a some clear light gravy which enhanced the taste even more.
Now, it was sashimi time!!
I only realised halfway through that it was sashimi because it was not all served on the plate together but one at a time.

Started off with Hiroshima oyster which surprised me because I did not know it was considered as sashimi but anyway, it was fresh and complemented by a choice of not one but two sauces: Ponzu or Cocktail sauce.
Both were great but I preferred the ponzu because it was lighter.
Oyster with cocktail sauce
Ponzu sauce
Then we had Hairy crab with crab roe paste and sea urchin powder!!
It was by this time I realized we were having sashimi because Omakase style is freestyle so it can be served in any creative way!
I loved the crabmeat with thick crab roe paste and the sea urchin powder because they did not need any other flavourings as they all complimented each other nicely.

After having the hairy crab, we were served flounder fish topped with white truffle oil, salted konbu flakes and spring onions.
It was really nice and tasted like black truffle because of the salted konbu!
Then came the last piece of sushi which was the fatty Toro!
I was not particularly keen on it but after I tried it, the crispy seaweed complemented it so well that it was not oily.
It was a piece of toro on top of a shiso leaf topped with fresh wasabi and lime juice.
Then it was wrapped in seaweed to be quickly devoured before the seaweed goes soft.
The toro was so good because I loved the lime and fresh wasabi and the crispiness of the seaweed distracted you from the oiliness while it also gave it an extra savouryness.
After the sashimi, it was time for soup!!
I was really impressed that my tea was magically refilled because every time I took a sip, it was hot.
Hot green tea is a must for me because it really keeps my appetite going.

Then came the konbu soup, it had a huge clam in it with these Japanese herbs that taste lighter than Chinese celery.
Then it was Sushi time!!!!!!

1-The first sushi started off with flounder fish edges topped with refreshing apple and vinegar jelly.
2-Sayori (Halfbeak) topped with ginger.
I could also smell strong fragrant yuzu too.
3-White trevally sushi topped with lots of finely chopped Myoga.
The taste was really interesting because Myoga has a hint of ginger which did not over power the fish.
Myoga is a Japanese ginger with a distinctive ginger taste and spring onion texture.

4-Then came my favourite, it was scallop sprinkled with salt, dressed with lime juice and yuzu pepper.
5-Ark Clam
The ark clam was grilled with charcoal salt which gave it an interesting smoky taste yet the ark clam itself was sweet.
6-Boton shrimp with prawn head matter
The pairing for this was good because the prawn matter has a really nice strong taste that flavours the prawn well.
This was fun to eat because it was dressed with refreshing balsamic and the rice crispies gave it an extra crunch factor.
8-This was gunkan with scallop muscles mixed with mentaiko.
The mentaiko was slightly spicy and salty which gave the scallops muscles an extra depth.
9-Sea urchin
Clearly this did not need any other flavourings, the sea urchin was sweet and creamy!
Very satisfying.
10-Last but not least!! Torched toro with spring onions!!
It just melted in my mouth!!!
After having the sushi, tempura was next.
[Please note the portion size is slightly bigger than the actual portion because it was for sharing at this tasting]
There were prawns, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and aubergines.
The fried flower tasted quite interesting because it had a nice bitter note.
To finish off before dessert, we had miso soup!!
I was really looking forward to dessert because CJ highly recommended it.
It was milk pudding with green tea sauce and red beans.
The taste was so yummy and the milk pudding was really silky and creamy while the green tea sauce was not too bitter or grassy

When I got home I googled for Omakase to see what it was and the Chef definitely fulfilled the Omakase experience.

Quoted from Wiki:
Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it to you" (from Japanese "to entrust"). In American English, the expression is used at sushi restaurants to leave the selection to the chef. The chef will generally present a series of plates, beginning with the lightest fare and proceeding to heaviest, richest dishes.
The phrase is not exclusive to service of raw fish with rice, and can incorporate grilling, simmering, or other cooking techniques as well.
Customers ordering omakase style expect the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes, and the meal can be likened to an artistic performance by the chef. Ordering omakase can be a gamble; however, the customer typically receives the highest-quality fish in stock at a less expensive cost than if it had been ordered à la carte.


Dimsum is a must in Hong Kong just like Roast dinners in UK.
What makes this joint so special is the presentation of some of the dimsums.
From the outside, it just looks like the usual dimsum joint with Chinese traditional tea pots and calligraphy on the walls.




However when you take a look at the menu you will find some fancy and stylish items!!
They have the basic dimsums like hargau and shaomai but I decided to order the fancy items.
In this day and age everyone is looking for something to showoff on social media and these are just made for it!!

b DIM SUM have taken it a step further to get attention with a touch of raunchiness with steamed buns that take the form of boobs.

Their restaurant name in Chinese also has a sexy twist as it is called 凸點 [pronounced dat dim] which means protruding nipples.
Inside these buns are runny custard filling which will give us the visual pleasure of milk coming out if we play with these buns.


It would be great if the filling was condensed milk or coconut puree to get the visual effect of real milk.


Once a month they could serve specials like bigger ones as my males friends have been suggesting.
For men, it is a fact that the bigger the better!
As for the taste, it tasted delicious and not too sweet while the bun was soft and moist.
The next photogenic item was the black and white Tai Chi bun.
It was filled with abalone, mushrooms and some whelks which give it a nice unami flavour.
I really liked this one because of the rich gravy.

Another photogenic item was the BBQ pork swan pastry which was filled with BBQ pork.

An elegant item to order, delish morsels of BBQ encased in a crisp pastry.

Last but not least was the black steamed bun which is made of charcoal and honey.
It was impressive that you could taste the honey yet it was not too sweet.

Anyway, I will definitely be looking forward to their new dishes.

Restaurant : 凸點 b DIM SUM
Address: 198 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok,


Hong Kong’s McDonald’s has followed the steps of Taiwan and Thailand by launching the Hokkaido Salmon burger.
Taiwan launched the salmon burger in 2014 while Thailand launched it earlier last month.
The difference is that Taiwan used dill sauce and Thailand uses spicy mentaiko sauce, which is slightly spicy, and Hong Kong’s McDonalds are now serving the Thailand version.
To be honest I think dill sauce would be better as dill is normally paired with fish and this other blogger says so because he has tried both.
Anyway, I was lucky there wasn’t much sauce because I prefer Dill sauce to spicy mentaiko sauce any day!
The salmon patty was coated in golden breadcrumbs and the texture of the salmon was flakey but not dry.
It was a nice burger but on the small side.
Although the sauce wasn’t good the onions made up for it because there was a nice raw onion spicy kick to it.

It is just as good as the salmon burger at MOS but the salmon texture is different, at MOS version is like slow cooked salmon and at McDonalds the texture is like a fried fish filet.

Salmon burger at MOS:



It was my first time at W hotel so it took me a while to find it.

If you are coming by the MTR, exit D is the nearest to hotel where you take the escalators up to the mall and walk left.

The hotel itself is like a stylish artistic boutique with bits and pieces here and there.






Currently the Kitchen is doing a FANTASTIC 4 THEMED BUFFET DINNER.





HK$558/adult; HK$279/child

It was hard making up my mind because I like Mediterranean food and BBQ.

In the end I chose the one on Tuesday.

After reading Supertaster_Mel's review, I couldn't quite see any difference but they had the BBQ stuff as well that night so I got to sample it too.

Although the food was good, I felt that for each different night, they could highlight the themed specials.

There was an amazing dessert variety but quite a few were not labelled.

If it wasn't for the Supertaster+Mel's review I wouldn't have known about the cakepops which I thought were chocolate lollies.

The seating was spacious and well spread out.


Here is the buffet selection.









Dessert selection:










A real cocoa bean.



Overall, I enjoyed the food.

The steak was pretty good and there were four different shao mai's including squid and sweetcorn.


I liked the fish roe which I put on crackers and the cheese variety.


The cheese and seafood were tasty.


My favourite salad was the apple and radish because it was light and refreshing.


After stuffing myself, dessert was a treat because the desserts were not too sweet so I ended up going for more.



6/F, W Hotel, 1 Austin Road West Tsim Sha Tsui.



I have always wanted to dine at Morton's of Chicago but the one in Hong Kong is inconvenient and there are other temptations around the area.

Decided to dine at Morton's so that I could also visit The Venetian.

If it was not this restaurant, I would not set foot in The Venetian again!!!

The mall was extremely annoying and big, every place looked the same.

There was a shortcut via the Casino but they kept checking me for ID to prove that I was over 21.

(I was also checked at other Casinos as well :( )


They had digital kiosks with floor-plans but most of them were not working.


(Compared to the City of Dreams, every digital kiosk worked perfectly and the place was so much more comfortable and modern).



After frantically walking in that maze for an hour, I finally found it!



Finally sat down!!





Onion bread:


The onion bread was served and it was lovely and warm.

It was soft with a nice bread texture and it was slightly sweet.


Maine Lobster Cocktail:



There were not many pieces of lobster but it tasted fresh and sweet which was the main thing and the meat was springy.

It tasted great on its own that I did not need to use the sauces.


Sauteed Spinach & Button Mushrooms:


I loved the spinach, it was not overcooked nor undercooked with a crisp crunch flavoured by the rich mushroom juices.

The mushrooms were lovely and earthy.


Jumbo Lump Crab Cake:


The crab cake was divine, it was 100% crab meat that was sweet with a hint of natrual saltiness.


For desserts there were so many options that they had a sample tray to show people.

On the tray, there were:

-Fresh Raspberries or mixed berries

-Key Lime Pie

-Carrot Cake

-Double Chocolate Mousse

-Creme Brulee



The first dessert menu they gave me had no prices, so I asked for one with prices.


In the end I chose the souffle

Grand marnier souffle:


The souffle came with as bowl of sauce about the size of the souffle.

I did not use the sauce because it was really sweet and the souffle was already sweet.

The souffle was hot and foamy with a strong orange peel taste.



Price: MOP6XX

Service: OK

Service charge: 10%

English Menu: Yes

Air Conditioning: Yes




I love fries, chips and basically anything made from potatoes.
When this opened, I really wanted to go but there were long queues as it is typical of HongKongers to check out new things.
This joint is a franchise from the Philippines and it is good to see more joints from south east Asia popping up like J.Co donuts and Jollibee.



It is interesting to see if this joint will survive because there were similar shops like NYF and Ireland's potato which are both different. NYF was fries with gravy while Ireland's potato was chips with a choice of various toppings like sour cream, meat sauce etc.
Potato Corner is neither the two, it is french fries shaken with seasoning and there are four flavours: cheese, sour cream, chili or BBQ.

There are four sizes: Jumbo, Mega, Giga or Terra.
I wasn't sure if the Chili was going to be really spicy and whether the BBQ would be sweet so I went for the Mega because you get to choose two flavours where I chose sour cream and cheese.


There have been complaints from people who have tried it that the fries were not crispy enough or not hot enough and it is all about timing,
For the issue of them not being crispy, these are French Fries, the same cut and thickness as the McDs ones so if they were crispy, the middle would not be fluffy but anyway I won't bother going into details people Hong Kong people like their fried stuff CRUNCHY and not CRISPY, while in terms of colour, they judge BROWN as being done whereas BLOND is not the thing.
As for the temperature issue, they seem to do a batch of one flavour at a time, there are only a few scoops so if you have ordered four flavours, the first flavour they scoop in the bowl is definitely going to be cold and soft while it takes time for the other three flavours being done unless there happen to be other flavours ready.




After waiting for a bit, I finally got my fries.

The crispiness was acceptable because I like it slightly crispy with a soft fluffy centre.
As for the flavours, I was disappointed with the sour cream because it had no sour cream taste, it was slightly sweet and garlicky.
The cheese which had a bright orange colour was my favourite because it was like eating fries with a WOTSITS flavour, a British brand of cheesy corn puffs.
If I knew the sour cream was going to be sweet, I would have chosen the CHILI instead as BBQ is probably going to be sweet judging by the sour cream.
As I am curious, I will be back for the CHILI and BBQ, not that I want to get the BBQ but the single size costs $28 so you might as well pay $34 for two different flavours.

Potato Corner PH: https://www.facebook.com/PotatoCorner/
Potato Corner HK: https://www.facebook.com/POTATOCORNERHONGKONG/



Tai Kok Tsui is remotely located which is why it was not my priority list to go.
Finally went on a quiet afternoon so that I could sit there and eat.027D2A7F4DA05D3FA79FBDlv.jpg

It is a cute green joint.027D2388684BF26389FBBDlv.jpg027D247EA107764F6085E5lv.jpg027D25FE5EB362169C4167lv.jpg
It was really hard deciding which burgers to get because all of them were good.
They had Chinese burgers with Chinese toppings, Stylish burgers which are inspired by different countries and soy sauce burgers that I have to try next time.
The toppings were really good because they had blue cheese as well.027D26FC102253B779D62Alv.jpg027D2768404659139F7ED4lv.jpg027D28CE54AE2C49B1185Alv.jpg
I ordered the Singapore Hainan chicken riceburger and the Tandoori masala chicken burger.
While I was waiting for the burgers, I had a cup of Chinese tea.027D298263AD67EDD56482lv.jpgThe Hainan chicken burger was just amazing because I love rice and the rice patty on top was firm which went well with the juicy chicken and the bottom rice patty was more flavourful because it was covered in Hainan chicken gravy.027D2B1DE97B6CDAAC383Clv.jpgThe Tandoori masala chicken burger didn't taste Indian at all because there was a strong cajun and oregano taste but it still tasted great.027D2CD8F328109C70AC14lv.jpg
It was impressive they dressed it with yoghurt sauce because Indian dishes are normally paired with yoghurt.
The chicken was juicy with a nice crispy Cajun coating.

The tandoori burger is a great concept and I think having tandoori chicken filling with yoghurt sauce would also taste good (similar to an English coronation chicken sandwich).

Unfortunately, I have to return to Taikoktsui again for more yummy burgers because they are that good.

May Day Burger:
Shop B, G/F, 117 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui



I was really glad I went to the opening of Papillon Café because I got to try some really delicious things, however I had to leave early because of another tasting.



Papillon Caffe is located on the 17th floor of the Hopewell Centre and because I have not been above the 3rd floor, I assumed it would be offices above that.

When the elevator arrived on the 17th floor, I was greeted with shops and Papillon Cafe was near the entrance which leads to Kennedy Road.

On the menu, there were brunches and lots of European treats so I am definitely coming back for couscous and other items.



The muesli I had was amazing because it was not too sweet with crispy pieces of apple and refreshing bits of orange in it. I wouldn't mind having a whole bowl to myself smile.gif


I then tried the soft oat cookies which had my favourite green sweet sultanas in it that gave it a lovely chewy texture and a hint of sweetness.


Lastly, I finished off with a satisfying cup of tea by Teapigs!!!!


There are so many flavours of tea to choose from!!


Coming back soon!!!

Papillon Cafe:
17 Hopewell Centre
Wan Chai



The food at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong is flawless every time I go and all those awards they got are well deserved.




I have been to the brunch three times, dinner buffet once and twice to the supper buffet.





Currently, it costs $368 per person from 8-11pm Thursday - Saturday.
During the 9th-22nd of May, it will cost around $4xx because they will have some extra seafood dishes like:
typhoon shelter crab, sauteed clams in black bean sauce, spicy whelk in wine, oyster fritters with white pepper and cilantro, cuttlefish cake with salt and spices, scallops and broccoli topped with crab roe sauce, congee in lobster superior broth.

It was definitely worth going twice because all my favourite luxuries were there such as abalone, cheese, sashimi, Peking duck, Hainan chicken with rice, soba noodles.





Dessert section:




Here was the food that I had:

The african chicken was nicely done and spicy like how it should be.


Fresh sashimi and my favourite chilled soba.



Delicious congee from the live cooking station where you can choose your ingredients and put as much as you want.



Peking duck pancake:


Springy prawn dumplings:


At the carvery counter, the vegetable selection was quite impressive because they had baked potato and purple potato.


cheese glorious cheese smile.png

They had edam, brie, cheddar but the cheese selection is different everyday.


Last but not least, the abalone was amazing, it has taste and texture unlike other places where they are rubbery and tasteless as the sauce is made from roast meats and Chinese wine.


To finish the dessert was also good but unfortunately I was too full but still ate two pieces of apple crumble because it was just divine.
The apple crumble has just the right level of sweetness, a good balance of apples to pastry and crumble.
First piece:


Second piece with lots of creamy vanilla sauce~!~







When I was on my way to a tasting nearby, I spotted this brightly lit Waffle shop!

It's logo is distinctive, bright and bold illustrating only one thing, a WAFFLE.

The name WAFFILLS has hidden meanings in it.... Waffles FILL you up....Waffles FILLED with fillings...


Anyway, I was thrilled to see they do savoury waffles.

There were five tempting flavours which I all want to try, but they are not yet launched yet.

- Cheese burger waffle

- BBQ pulled pork

- Chicken tikka massala

- Thai prawn

- The vegetarian waffle

Ironically, there used to be a waffle shop here called Waffle Dog but I can't remember it's exact location but it was roughly on this spot or next door.

I ended choosing the plain waffle with cream and caramel sauce.


The waffles here are different to the ones you get elsewhere because the square indents are much bigger and the thickness is thinner.

To my amazement, the taste was as light as wafer with a light chewyiness.

The sweetness was just right too.

While your waiting, you can always doodle on their board with chalk.



G/F 124 Leighon Road, Causeway Bay

T : 2613 9600




Mother's Day in Hong Kong is approaching fast.

Maxim's have launched a good choice of cakes for the big day.

My favourite is the Diamond Box which is a strawberry cake with a beautiful box and a white chocolate shaped diamond on top with flowers beside it.

The next on the list in terms of taste and appearance is the Flower Cake and the Sunflower Black forest.

I like the flower on the cross section when you slice the Flower Cake and the Black forest is always a popular flavour.


Then there is the sweet Macaron Tower or the Flower rainbow cake to choose from.

For mango lovers, there is the Sunflower mango crispy or the Rose blossom for rose lovers.

If all those choices were not enough, there are also two more fruity and summery cakes for energetic mums:

For down to earth mums, there are Chiffon cakes and for mums with green fingers they will love the Tiramisu Garden!!



When it comes to seafood, Sai Kung springs into mind but there are actually lots of other places that have great seafood such as Tuen Mun and Lei Yue Mun.

This time we ventured into Tuen Mun's Seafood Thai 泰海鮮.



Here is the latest episode of 食得招積 that was filmed there and what we tried.



Baked Castle peak bay lobster with cheese



The lobster was fantastic because there was a fragrant cheese smell when it was served and the surface was golden and crispy.

It was a gorgeous layer of cheese on top with meaty lobster beneath it, the cheese was divine because the texture was firm but not gooey which made it appetizing without being too heavy.



Typhoon shelter crab


Next we had the Typhoon shelter which is a signiature dish in most seafood restaurants.

The crab was fresh infused with delicious fried garlic and chili flavour, whilst the crispy pieces of garlic complemented the crabmeat nicely.



Clams cooked in creamy wine sauce


The clams were cooked in a delicious cream and white wine sauce which was Chinese and Vietnamese fusion with herbs and onions.

Each clam was fully flavoured and creamy balanced by the sweet onions and herbs.




As soon as you arrive at Cheung Chau Island you will see people holding sticks of Tornado potato skewers / spiral potato skewers.

Basically, they are whole potatoes cut into a spiral and put on a skewer and fried.

I tried this place because they were fried to order and the skewers coming from this joint were not that brown because most Hong Kong people like to deep fried their snacks to a brown colour.


I would have ordered the frozen fruits on a stick but they were sold out.

The tornado potato skewers cost $27 a la carte or you can get it with drinks or fried icecream for $30.


After ordering, she takes a potato and puts it on a skewer and spreads it out on the stick.


Then she puts it in the fryer.


When it is ready, you can eat it unseasoned or you can season it with powders on the table.


There are eight seasonings to choose from:


Chicken and lemongrass




Sichuan seasoning


Spice salt



Anyway, I liked mine plain so that I could taste the potato.

It tasted like freshly fried unsalted crisps and parts of it were soft as well which is why I liked it to be gently fried.



Basically it was one of those been there, tried that experiences.


潮食坊 (Cheung Chau)

Price: $30

Service: OK

Yummy factor: ok




If you have tried the signiature duck and waffle at London's Duck & Waffle restaurant, you are going to be excited with this new Duck waffle and confit dish at The Pudding Nouveau!

Since my last visit, there are more comfort dishes on the menu other than waffles.



Duck confit and waffle:


It looks just as good as the ones in London.


As for the taste, I was most impressed with the duck because the duck was soft and supple with a tasty crispy duck skin that was delicious when eaten with the runny yolk.

The waffle was good too because it is light and crispy with a soft centre without being too sweet.


Crab cakes:


These crab cakes were made with almost 99.9% crab meat.

They tasted really nice with freshly squeezed lemon.


Earl grey tea:


To finish I had my favourite Mighty Leaf Earl grey tea which never fails with its fresh leafy flavours because it contains whole tea leaves in the tea bag.


The Pudding Nouveau

G/F, 17A King Street, Tai Hang



To get ready for the footie season, McDonald's have launched the German chicken sausage burger which was popular last year.


The German chicken sausage burger has Emmental cheese, saukeraut, dill mustard, chicken sausage and a spicy chicken patty, the same as the one in the crispy chicken burger.


Previously tried a trial version which was much better because the chicken was not spicy and it had lemon dressing.


German chicken sausage burger:



I loved the emmental cheese because it has a cheesier taste than McD's regular processed cheese complimented by the tangy saukeraut.

It was a nice filling burger for someone with a large appetite because it had a chicken patty sausage with a lovely herb taste, a nice change from pork or beef sausage.


Potato wedges:


As usual the wedges were delicious with a flavoured coating.




Coronation chicken is a common thing in the UK.

It is basically chicken, raisins, herbs and curry spices mixed with a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce which can be eaten as a salad or used to fill sandwiches.

This dish was served in a banquet for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 which is why it is called Coronation chicken.

Hong Kong's Pret A Manger now has Coronation chicken sandwiches which has been modified for the HongKongers because they just love mango, hence mango is added.


Coronation chicken:


The neat pile of Coronation chicken sandwiches with the British flag stickers reminds me of the TV series Coronation street.


The Hong Kong version has chicken, coronation sauce, mango chutney, toasted almonds, tomatoes and salad mix.



The taste is fruitier compared to the original because the mango and toasted almond slices give it an extra crunch.

They have also put salad in it too to make it feel lighter.


Nice sandwich packaging:






pure pret still lemon ginger:


Refreshing water with lemon and ginger juice.

It was a lovely balance of lemon and ginger which was thirst quenching.




For mango lovers, there is a new mango cake series!!!!!!




I got my hands on the Mango & Pistachio crispy mini cake which was a nice size for sharing.


Top view:

On top of the cake, there was fresh mango, mango sauce and some sweet sauce.



Side view:


On the side of the cake, it was decorated with macaron shells.


Mango & Pistachio crispy cake:

The cake has distinct layers which look really nice.



From top layer to bottom:

mango mousse

egg white cake

mango slices

pistachio mousse

golden cake

chocolate crispies

I loved the pistachio mousse because it gave a nutty flavour to the mango paired with cotton soft layers of cake.

It was refreshing to eat on a summers day with layers of cool mousse and fresh mango slices in the middle.


Look out for the Mango & Pistachio Dessert Cup for $25 with layers of mango pieces, mango jelly, pistachio mousse, sponge cake, mango pudding and mango mousse.



Kee Wah Bakery is a chain of bakery stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Wong Yip Wing (1911–1999), they are well known in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities for their traditional Chinese pastries and delicacies.

It is also famous in the UK because stores in Chinatown would import some and people from HK would send them over.However, in the recent years people have been getting fed up with traditional mooncakes due to health reasons and family sizes are as not big as before.

The traditional sized mooncakes would last you for days because they are quite sickly and during the mooncake season, there are so much mooncakes about that when you share it with people, the chances are that they have already had some.

Before the festival, many bakeries start selling mooncakes which attracts people to buy new and specials flavours for themselves, then nearer the festival, people will start buying mooncakes for others.

Anyway, there are so many varieties at Kee Wah, ranging from traditional to modern ones that there is a mooncake for everyone.




They have also done a joint venture with Ocean Park with panda themed mooncakes.




A donation of $5 is made to Ocean park when a box of panda mooncakes are sold.

*see leaflet for more details.



There is a promotion at the moment so that if you spend over a certain amount, you will be entitled to a gift.

**Please see the promotional leaflet instore for details.


One of the gift items is a panda bag.


Here is part of the collection from Kee Wah that I got my hands on.




My favourite had to be the traditional tin and the chocolate custard mooncake.





Supreme assorted mooncakes:

mini lotus seed paste with mooncake with yolk

mini golden lotus seed paste mooncake with yolk

mini chinese ham mooncake with betty's XO sauce

mini Euyansang red bean paste with mandarin peel

I loved this tin box because it is smaller than the standard size which makes the mooncakes and tin loveable.


These mooncakes are mini mooncakes which taste even better because it is a better ratio of filling to the the pastry.

As well as the taste, I thought it was a great value having four different flavours in one box especially the Mini Chinese ham which is made with Betty's XO sauce and the Mini red bean paste which had mandarin peel in it.

Each mooncake had a chinese character so that you can distinguish the flavour.



mini lotus seed paste with mooncake with yolk




mini golden lotus seed paste mooncake with yolk


I liked the equal ratio of lotus paste, eggyolk and pastry per bite because the mini size compacts it all together.



mini chinese ham mooncake with betty's XO sauce


This was really nice because it tastes sweet initially and then you get a spicy aftertaste.



mini Euyansang red bean paste with mandarin peel


The mandarin peel livens the taste because the red bean paste on its own is a bit boring.



Assorted custard mooncakes



Mini chocolate custard mooncakes


The chocolate and custard was really nice with a strong chocolate taste and hints of custard.


Mini egg custard mooncakes


The custard was good because it was rich but not too sweet.


As well as traditional mooncakes, Kee Wah has also launched these cute panda mooncakes.

The egg custard mooncake comes in a cute carrying tin and the assorted flavours come in an attractive bamboo tower.


Mini panda egg custard mooncakes:




custard mooncakes:



These were buttery with a delicious creamy egg custard filling.


Assorted Mini Panda Mookcake Gift Box


The bamboo box was really cute with a lovely ladybird on the lid.



Assorted mini panda moncakes


2 x mini white lotus with yolk



This was smooth sweet lotus paste with savoury egg yolk and sweet pastry.


2 x mini red bean and egg yolk


The taste of red beans and egg yolk was interesting.


2 x mini Chinese ham mooncake



These were crammed with Chinese ham and nuts with a chewy texture and sweet taste.




Kee Wah Bakery is a chain of bakery stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Wong Yip Wing (1911–1999), they are well known in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities for their traditional Chinese pastries and delicacies.

It is also famous in the UK because stores in Chinatown would import some and people from HK would send them over. However, in the recent years people have been getting fed up with traditional mooncakes due to health reasons and family sizes are as not big as before.

The traditional sized mooncakes would last you for days because they are quite sickly and during the mooncake season, there are so much mooncakes about that when you share it with people, the chances are that they have already had some.

Before the festival, many bakeries start selling mooncakes which attracts people to buy new and specials flavours for themselves, then nearer the festival, people will start buying mooncakes for others.

Anyway, there are so many varieties at Kee Wah, ranging from traditional to modern ones that there is a mooncake for everyone.
Thank you Kee Wah Bakery for all these mooncakes.


This year they have a mix of East and the West with modern mooncakes such as Cheese custard mooncake, HK tea custard and Coffee egg custard mooncakes!!
The crossover with Ocean Park this year is a really good design because the box turns into a functioning LED lantern that is safe and fun for kids.
mini white lotus with yolk:
This was smooth sweet lotus paste with savoury egg yolk and sweet pastry.
mini red beans and egg yolk:
The taste of red beans and egg yolk was interesting.


Inside the cute panda tin was chocolate custard mooncakes and egg custard moocakes.

Mini chocolate custard mooncakes:
The chocolate and custard was really nice with a strong chocolate taste and hints of custard.
Mini egg custard mooncakes:
The custard was good because it was rich but not too sweet.
Nothing beats Tea mooncakes such as Earl Grey egg custard mooncake and Jasmine egg custard mooncakes because I love Earl grey tea!!!!




Souffle pancakes are trending in Hong Kong, but my first souffle pancake was at K11 but unfortunately I was given an extra strand of hair and the taste was too buttery for my liking.

There is another popular one in MK called I love you Dessert Bar but the location is inconvenient, as well as that, there is a latecomer am.pm which does affordable souffle pancakes.


Anyway, decided to try FLIPPER's because it is on the HK side and celebrities go there.
As usual I was taking pictures of the menu when I noticed this girl sitting opposite behaving really weirdly, she was literally looking down, using her hair to hide her face like she had some weird problem which makes you notice her even more.
It turns out that she was Chrissie Chow 周秀娜!!

There wasn't a queue that day and it wasn't busy as expected.

Compared to all the other places, this one is the priciest but you get decent cream.

Decided to get the melon because I like melon and it does not have syrup like the strawberry and banana versions.

It turned out to be really good because there was no buttery taste and it was light and fluffy, whereas other places, the texture is just like foam and it disappears into nothing.
The best part is the cream because it is thick creamy cream and the melon was super sweet as well.
I was reminded by the staff not to use a knife to cut the souffle pancake as it ruins it.
FLIPPERS: i.t blue block  
Address: 6/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Hours: 10AM–10:30PM
Phone: 2367 2133



When I saw news that the McVeggie burger would be available I was glad.

In UK, it is permanently on the menu called the Spicy veggie sandwich (a veggie patty with chickpeas, coriander and cumin, served with lettuce and cucumber and a dollop of sweet chilli and mayo sauces.)

The Hong Kong version has mushrooms in it and was only available at Cheung Chau during Buddha's festival.

Last year, I deliberately went to Cheung Chau for the McVeggie burger.


With all the media and rising awareness of Green Monday, McDonald's has decided to serve the McVeggie burger all over Hong Kong until 7th May.

Green Monday is a social enterprise that encourages healthy, environmentally friendly living in Hong Kong. It starts with going meatless on Mondays — an easy and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health.

As soon as the burger was launched, I tried the McVeggie and the sweetcorn pie.


Oscar the Grouch:

I think McD's trashed the packaging!!

Instead of designing vibrant wrappers printed with colourful veggie illustrations to promote a healthy burger, they made it look like trash with brown wrapping!!

The cartoon looks like OSCAR the GROUCH from Sesame street who loves TRASH!!!


For improvements, perhaps a white wrapping with mushroom illustrations and colourful words for McVeggie??


The wrapping also reminded me of a TOAD and recycled paper!~!


On the other hand, the sweetcorn pie packaging was bright and eye-catching, you could see people having them.




Sweetcorn pie:




I didn't really like this because sweetcorn is a vegetable and not a dessert so the creamy sweet sauce and sweetcorn tasted weird together.







Compared to the one at Cheung Chau, it was disappointing.

The patty was soft, dark and chewy which proves it has been made for quite a while because no one ordered it.

Looking around the restaurant, no one had the McVeggie burger nor was it eye-catching to people who walked past.

There was no mashed potato in the patty compared to the one at Cheung Chau.

I happened to try it again at another branch and it was even worse because there was virtually no sauce on it and it tasted rancid.




NUR! NUR! NUR! A new concept restaurant which is nourishing, light and gastronomic.

NUR meaning Light in Arabic which is why there are so many light-bulbs in the restaurants and the Chef himself is called Nurdin.

Head Chef Nurdin Topham is a British chef who has worked for almost 20 years’ with Raymond Blanc as well as the best restaurant in the world, NOMA.






The restaurant is really down to earth with a lovely porch, sitting area and home grown herbs which can just be plucked to eat.

For food, there are three different set dinners, LIGHT (a 6-course set dinner for HKD788) or a FEAST of 9 courses for HKD988.

Vegetarians are not left out either because they serve a Vegetarian set too.

We tried the LIGHT set which was fabulous in presentation as well as taste.

Here is what was in it.


Jasmine kombucha :


This was fermented tea with a lovely Jasmine taste. If I wasn't told, I couldn't tell it was fermented because the taste was so pleasant.




A light starter of nourishing vegetables with cute beetroot tacos with watercress cultured cream, baby sweetcorns, carrots with carrot powder and cumin.

Everything on the plate was edible including baby sweetcorn tassels.


OYSTERS Gillardeau oyster, cucumber, wasabi:


The oyster was half poached which gave it a semi raw but slightly cooked texture.

It was paired with wasabi foam, cucumber pearls and seaweed which went together surpisingly well.



SALMON Irish organic salmon, beetroot, smoked butter milk:


It had almost every colour on the plate and the stripes on the beetroots were striking.

Each piece of beetroot was fresh, crisp and sweet and the salmon was just divine.


Zen Organic Garden Vegetables:


The salad was colourful and fun to eat because we were given chopsticks for it!!

At the bottom of the bowl, there was a strong cheesy paste which gave the salad an extra kick.


Poached Japanese Taiyouran egg:


The egg was poached so beautifully and it looked like burrata cheese.

Inside, the yolk was perfectly fluid which went nicely with the tasty quinoa beneath it.


Home Made 10 Grains Sourdough with Natural Yeast:

The sourdough was soft and I loved the proper sour tones it had complemented by the earthy mushroom butter.


Roasted Chicken Thigh & Breast Roulade:


The chicken roulade was the best of both worlds, succulent chicken breast wrapped in tender chicken thigh meat on the outside, paired with a crunchy melody of Romanesco broccoli.


Bitter Chocolate, Orange & Hazelnut :


The chocolate was amazingly silky, it was like having chocolate sorbet flavoured nicely with a twist of orange and nutty hazelnuts.


As a conclusion, the FEAST would be a better option for those with bigger appetites and I wish there were more choices for tea.

Address: 3/F, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Telephone: 2871 9993

Email: Reservation@nur.hk





Tried the new Pulled chicken burger, which is dubbed as American pulled chicken burger in Chinese.


Pulled chicken or pulled pork is actually Southern American cuisine, which is served with coleslaw and smoky bbq sauce or chipotle sauce.

It is interesting that Gabriel Choy has used Tandoori sauce which is not American and the fried onion rings which reminds me of Indian food with onion bharjis.

Anyway, the product shot shows one huge onion ring but there are two in the burgers.




The onion rings and slice of cheese were not really needed because the pulled chicken and cabbage slaw were tasty without them.
The chicken was soft and tender and the taste was similar to Coronation chicken which is creamy and sweet unlike Tandoori.



I also paid extra for the thick cut fries which were disappointing because I ate them there and the fries have only traveled a few metres from the counter and they were cold and soft like they have been in a bag and taken home.