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To be honest, I never eat Yunnan vermicelli because it is chewy just like plastic!

I was so curious to see if it was plastic that I burned a strand of uncooked yunnan vermicelli to see what would happen.

Instead of burning, it melted which seemed abnormal.

Anyway, I had no expectations for these noodles, and I purposely did not watch the show to get a surprise.

All I knew was that the noodles were going have silky tofu in it which reminded me of this restaurant called 普洱 which is famous in Tsuen Wan.

Before 普洱 got famous, they used to have a branch near the petrol station on Castle peak road near Lai chi Kok/Cheung Sha Wan.

I used to love their chocolate tea milkshakes and other drinks.

At 普洱, they also serve noodles with silky tofu and my favourite was 涼拌蕎麥麪 and 涼拌通心米線 which was Chinese buccatini.

Anyway, at this joint it is brightly decorated in baby blue with a cute girly logo.

It is opened by two young guys who got funding from a local TV show similar show to Dragons Den.


The joint is on the corner of the road near Garden Bakery and McDonalds.






Basically they currently have three types of noodles:

original, Beef noodles flavoured with coke and lemonade and ox tail noodles.

Tried the original and the ox tail noodles.


Original noodles with tofu:


Compared to the one at 普洱, I liked this one more because there was no soup.

Hence the noodles are tastier mixed in their signature sauce.


The texture of the Yunnan noodles were much nicer too because it wasn't artifical.

All in all, I loved it because the sauce was great and the noodles were great.

The sauce had a lot going on, you could taste almost every element without over powering each other such as sweetness, spiciness, saltiness and the numbness from the Sichuan peppercorns which were extremely fragrant.

There were so many ingredients in the sauce such as coriander, spring onion, peanuts and pigs skin.

The noodles were definitely successful because the noodles adhered the sauce and the silky tofu in it makes everything silkier just like raw egg cracked into noodles.

I don't know what brand of Yunnan noodles they used but I liked it because it was slightly translucent, foamy and springy and the texture was natrual because I can swallow it knowing that I can digest it.


Ox tail noodles:


The ox tails were cooked in a Western way so the noodles and the ox tail tasted similar to spaghetti bolognaise but with Yunnan noodles instead.


I loved the variety because you can add toppings to the noodles for $5.

Unfortunately due to their small kitchen, they can only serve four choices every week so you will have to keep checking their facebook to see their latest toppings.


There were quite a few choices which I want to try.

-black fungas and olives

-chicken wings in red beancurd sauce

-rich tasting blood curds

-beef tripe in aromatic spices

-velvet pigs liver

-chilled chicken in huadiao wine

-fragrant pig tails

-grilled yunnan tofus

-cherry tomatoes in champagne.

When I tried their noodles, all I felt was that the portion was small which was good because the trend in Sham Shui Po is to not get full and try other food stalls too.

It only costs $15 which was really affordable.

After watching the programme, it was consistent with my feelings because they tried to convey their message as an affordable snack that people would be curious to try which I felt too.

They are targetting a profit of $700 per day and they hope to make it even more affordable if more people go there to eat.

I am looking forward to Easter because they will have Quail eggs and other interesting items cooked with fizzy drinks.

For more info please visit:



潮城 takeout's

潮城燒臘粥店 (Wan Chai)

For Chinese cha chaan teng dishes, I tend not to spend too much on it because it is not really my cup of tea.


At 潮城 they have lunches for $40 which I have never considered but this time I noticed the takeaway was only $33 including a drink.

In general, I get takeaways if the food is cheaper because I would feel so gutted if the food wasn't nice and you have to sit in that noisy grubby environment.



Stir fried instant noodles with seafood:


When I opened the box, the noodles looked a soft because the strands were big.

The taste was surprisingly better than I had imagined, it was not oily or salty compared to other places.

There were lots of julienne vegetables and the squid tasted decent, it was springy and fresh unlike the frozen ones that other places use.

Overall, if the noodles did not have that foamy soft texture, it would have been perfect because I liked the way it did not have that stir fried wok taste.

They tasted like a big batch of instant noodles tossed in sauce and lightly stir fried so that the noodles are quick to serve as the chefs would be rather busy if they had to cook each one when people order.




If it wasn't for openrice I would not have known that this congee joint used to be located on Lockhart Road four years ago.

The reviews at that shop were quite negative especially the hygiene and service.

Luckily I didn't get any of that and the shop owner was extremely nice and I even saw him give meal tickets (飯票)to an eldery.

The congee there was delicious and really cheap too.

Surprisingly they used an electric cooker to cook it!


Each bowl of congee was cooked separately and he took his time to cook them.


The congee variety was amazing.


Overall, the congee was good but the rice rolls were too elastic like glutinous pastry.

Every congee had delicious spring onions and tasty peanuts stirred into it before it was served.


Pig's stomach congee with cumin:


I don't normally order anything with pig's stomach but ordered it because of the cumin.

The congee was lovely and creamy with a hint of cumin.


Boat congee:


This congee was loaded with minced beef!!


Eel congee:

The eel congee was amazing because they put Chinese wine in it.



The eel was boneless as well and I didn't find any brittle bones in the congee.


Fried fish:


The fried fish was crispy from head to tail and every bit was edible because the guts were removed.

It just tasted delicious and brought out the best taste of congee after you took a bite of the crispy fish.


Rice rolls and fried dough stick rice rolls:

The rice rolls were the only items that I did not like because they was too chewy.




Thomson Road,
Wan Chai



Kung Fu Dim Sum (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Thanks to 功夫 for Chinese New Year pudding.

There is also a Chinese white radish cake too which I reviewed earlier.



After slicing and shallow frying it, the pudding was ready to eat.


You can either shallow fry it directly or dip the cake in egg before frying.

The pudding was similar to mochi but the texture was much denser and stickier and not too sweet with a hint of coconut milk.



This relaxing joint caught my eye because it stood out amongst the market and jewelry wholesalers on Wing Kut Street.



They basically serve smoothies and Paninis.

Their name ZUMUFI which is rather cool and pronounced Zuuu Moooo Feeee if you pronounce it with a Hongkie accent!!

For me it reminded me of Smurfs because of the spelling.

When you order a drink they will ask for your name and write it on the tag and attach it to your drink when it is ready to avoid confusion with other customers.

Unwanted tags can be placed in the glass bowl where they donate $1 to charity for every tag returned.


There were two series for the smoothie Zumufi and Zumufi+

The plus series contain more superfood ingredients and they do not use milk in any of their smoothies.

In the end I went for the Skin+ and Detox+

I chose the Skin because I like avocados and the Detox+ because of kale and cilantro.




As expected I really liked this because it was sweet and natural with blended avocados and you could also taste the orange juice and bananas as well.




The detox tasted stronger compared to the Skin+ but the watermelon taste was strong.


Panini: Ham & Cheese


When it comes it doesn’t look like a ham and cheese panini because all you see is spinach leaves but after you take a bite you will realize that you can still taste the cheese and ham.

I really liked it because of all that spinach and the fact that it only costs $29 with decent cheese and ham which wins the paninis at Starbucks or Pacific coffee!


Shop D, G/F, Willy Commercial Building, 28-36 Wing Kut Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


I was really blessed to have attended the Zongzi workshop at Kee Wah Bakery because fewer people are taking on this tradition in this generation.


Usually Zongzi's are made by grandmas and mothers using their traditional recipes.

After my experience, I can understand why it is easier to buy them because they are quite hard to make and the final part binding is quite difficult.
Just when I thought it was finished, the zongzis need to be cooked for at least four hours before everything inside is fully cooked.

We made the vegetarian zongzi and the sweet one.

I added extra pickles in my vegetarian one because I love those pickles!~!~

How the zongzi is made:
Step 1: choosing the leaves to wrap the zongzi:

Step 2: forming the shape to put the fillings

Step 3: Putting the fillings in:


Step 4: Binding it

Here were mine, after they were cooked for 4 HOURS~~~~~



Discovered Znozz when I was dining across the road.



I was curious to know what it was because the name Znozz reminds me of naps and I soon forgot about this place until I was given a Halloween flyer with a makeup session held at Znozz.

Anyway, I went to their Facebook and found out that it was a private lounge where one can take a rest or nap!! How awesome is that and in the heart of Central too near the MTR and Lan Kwai Fong.

For people working in Central, this is an ideal place to have their lunches in peace or order it and have it delivered there.

There are various rooms, the one at the far end is the biggest with a balcony facing Wellington Street.


Each room is equipped with a toilet, shower, charging accessories and a TV.








One of the rooms has massage chairs.


Outside they have lockers, board games and magazines for your use!!





Every guest is given a choice of three snacks when they stay there!!!

I tried out the big suite at Znozz before an event and it was a great place to get ready and crash out for a bit.

They let me use their lockers so I could leave and collect my belongings after the function and you don't have to worry how late they close because they close at 6am in the morning!



After lounging out at Znozz and getting ready, I was ready to rock at the event~!


Thank you Znozz for the amazing experience!




Tried this place a while ago and the food was delicious and modern.

Yun Yan was recently awarded the well deserved Bib Gourmand status in the latest Michelin guide.





Spicy popcorn:


A great start to dinner with crunchy popcorn with a light kick of spiciness.


sesame pancake:


Each pancake was golden filled with lush spring onions in the middle.


As well as good food, they have their own home made sauces which are amazing especially the mushroom sauce on the bottom left corner.


This was the reason I ordered the sesame pancakes!!!

Sesame pancake with mushroom oil:


As expected, the sesame pancake and the mushroom oil were so delicious together because the pieces of mushrooms had a strong earthy taste which went well with the sesame pancake.


strawberry tofu milkshake:


As dinner progressed, the food got a bit spicy and the strawberry tofu milkshake was a nice cooler.

I loved this tofu milkshake because it was blended with fresh strawberries, the sweetness was just right with the occasional strawberry tartness.

There was a strong soy bean taste too and the tofu that was blended into it contributes to that thickness just like a milkshake.


Dumplings with prawn:


The dumplings were fun to eat because they give you a pipette with vinegar to add when you feel like it.


As you can see the skin was springy and thin yet it held the dumpling together.


The pairing of pork and springy prawn was just delicious.


Savoury souffle balls:


These souffle balls were amazing because they were filled with cheese, mashed potatoes and crab roe!!

They were specially made for the crab roe season


They were delicious as well as filling!!

Finally there is a savoury version that is so yummy.

Hopefully they can create more varieties like filling it with sichuan chicken or beef slices fafter crab season is over.


Dandan noodles:


The dandan noodles took me by surprise because they were spicier than I anticipated and there was a strong hint of Sichuan pepper.

Not many places in Hong Kong serve dandan noodles with Sichuan pepper except for this place and dandan house in Sheungwan.


Jasmine tea:


The Jasmine tea was impressive because it was fragrant with a strong green tea leaf taste.


10/F, Times Square,

1 Matheson Street Causeway Bay.
Tel: 2375 0800




Went to Sai Kung for food and dined here because no one was dining here.

You could tell that people were afraid to try the food from their reactions but after I sat down the Hong Kongers were not afraid to try because the restaurant was not empty.

Another thing that I observed is that HKers seem to be afraid of empty restaurants so when they choose their seats, they will sit near another table of diners.

In the UK, people like to spread themselves out.

I find that particularly annoying when I want peace and quiet and people have to sit nearby and yak with loud voices.

Since my last visit there are more choices on the menu.



I want to try their pasta because it is probably cooked in an Indian way with spices but it was a public holiday that day, so they don't serve it.

In the end I had the Quesadilla.

There is a choice chicken or falafel but I wanted both so I had a mix of the two.


Quesadilla with falafel and chicken:



There was a sauce missing according to the photo, so I asked the guy and he came back with the green sauce.


I thought it was guacamole but it was Indian mint sauce.


The salsa sauce was amazing, it was diced tomatoes and onions in vinaigrette with super fragrant cumin.

The Quesadilla was just divine because the it was crispy filled with cheese, falafel and roasted chicken, and the cheese was gooey and soft.



Price: $62

Service: great

Service charge: no

Yummy factor: Divine

Napkins provided: yes

English Menu: Yes




Saw this place being done up a few weeks ago but didn't know what it was until they opened.

It brings Chinese dim sum and Chinese tea to a new dimension because on the ground floor it is a bar that serves hip cocktails in traditional Chinese tea cups!



On the first floor, it is a restaurant.


The tables resemble the Chinese chess that locals play and the traditional tea cup is used for serving the cocktails.


It is creative how they labelled happy hour as YUM CHA.


Anyway, as I just had lunch I ordered the dessert.

It was pricier than I expected but not many places serve peach gum.


Royal peach gum tossed with red bean yoghurt:






I was quite impressed the dessert was served on dry ice, after it dissipated you could see the golden peach gum beneath it.

Peach gum is basically a resin that oozes from a peach tree and I suppose it is weird eating resin because I normally use it for gel nails!

Anyway, the edible form is totally different because it is similar to tasteless agar jelly which is why it is mixed in yoghurt and red beans for flavour.


I don't like red beans but these sweetened red beans helped to balance the tartness of the natrual yoghurt.



The bill: $1xx


Tycoon Tann

74 Wellington Street



I was given this XO sauce ages ago at the "OR be my guest event" but forgot about it.

Found it when I was tidying my desk, so decided to get some Stir fried soy sauce noodles to go with it.

The XO sauce came in a pretty Chinese silk bag.


The amount in the jar was just right and I used it all in one go.


Strangely the sauce tasted really nice and there were lots of dried scallops and prawn roe in it which was different to when I tried it at tasting.

The taste was great, it was not too spicy and prawn roe smell was strong.

XO Sauce tasting event held by OpenRice:



Grand Hill Taiwanese Restaurant was one of the early Taiwanese restaurants in Hong Kong before the Taiwanese trend hit HK.

The menu was quite interesting because it offers Taiwanese food as well as local fare.

It was my first time dining there so I let others order because I didn't know what to order.


Keelong cuttlefish ball soup:


This was a thick soup with a nice appetizing vinegary flavour and springy cuttlefish patties in the soup.


Spicy intestines:


I didn't try the intestines but the cubes of blood curd were silky and spicy.


Taiwanese vermicelli:


The vermicelli was light and filling tossed with lots of dried shrimps and cuttlefish that made it tasty.


Changhua salted duck:


This was my favourite because the duck was evenly salted with a firm cured texture.


Egg yolk rolls:


The slices of salted egg in squid look really nice and pretty complemented by the green beans in it.

The egg yolks are seriously delicious and not too salty.


Chilled south African abalone:


The abalone was springy and sweet.


Ping tung style squid, chives and silver fish:


This dish had a lot different flavours going on ranging from a garlicky aroma to a fishy flavour from the dried squids and fried silver fishes.


Spare ribs in prune sauce:


The ribs had a sweet preserved prune taste but I found them a bit difficult to eat because they were bony.


chinese sweet potato:


The sweet potatoes were mushy and indeed sweet with a honey glaze!


bean curd dessert:



The bean curd dessert was amazingly silky with a mild bean flavour.



Grand Hill Taiwanese Restaurant 圓山台灣料理

1/F & 2/F, Cheung Lee Commercial Building, 25 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



Lunches here are not that good but dinners are a little bit better


The platter was quite good but there were some cheap items on there that acted as fillers such as the smoked duck breast which is obviously not Chinese.


The pigs leg was just a fatty slab of fat!



The crispy rolls were ok and not too sweet.


The dessert was mandarins which were individually packaged.





I am not a fan of beef so when this new pork bowl was launched for tea, I had to give it a try.





Pork bowl:


The pork is thinly sliced just like the beef with sweet sauce poured on top which I did not like.

I prefer lean pork but luckily the pickles helped to cut the oilyness of the fat.


Shop A, G/F, Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wan Chai Road Wan Chai.




Saw this listed but I wasn't motivated to go but then my dearest LLWL showed me pics so I decided to go there!

I got it for half price because they have just opened and I hope to make another trip there soon to try the other flavours.

Basically you choose a flavour, then you pick milkshake style or thickshake style.

If you choose the milkshake style, there are more options to choose from such as adding topping and a scoop of icecream to it!

The toppings are shown on the train.



Icecream selection:


I went for thickshake because there's nothing like a good American style thickshake with icecream blended in.

The thickshake arrived surprisingly fast and they were able to make it less sweet as requested.

I had the Taro thickshake and it tasted amazing because it was real thick blended with sweet icecream in it with a hint of Taro.

I really appreciated the colour because most taro flavours are lilac which means the taro flavouring here has no colouring :)


Anyway, hope to try the Green Tea thickshake next.

The menu was a bit difficult to see though because it is below the freezer cabinet, so you have to crouch down and read it or read it from a distance if your not short sighted!!

Anyway, fear not, they have menus at the counter.




My colleague was sent a tin of cookies by one of his clients so I got to eat them as well.

Apparently they are worth $238 and they come in a nice tin in a festive red bag.



In the tin, there are 5 chocolates with a sheep, Chinese gold coin and a peach blossom tree.





The flavours were Almond, Strawberry Marble, Chocolate Almond, Coffee Chocolate, Cranberry, Flax Seed, Blueberry and Original.

It was great fun sharing these cookies which were crumbly and delicious with a buttery scent.







Chocolate Almond




Strawberry Marble,





I saw photos of Yamataka seafood market doing Hello Kitty themed food so decided to check it out as it is only available from now until the end of May, 2017.
The location is above the Wanchai Ferry pier which I find unpleasant to walk from Wanchai MTR at the moment because of the construction works and industrial dust.
Instead of going from Wanchai, I got the ferry from TST which turned out really good because when I got off the ferry, there were flower petals on the ground and lots of these flowers on the way towards Yamataka market.

The entrance was really cute and there were Sakura flowers that you have to walk under.

Evidently it was busy because almost everyone loves Hello Kitty.

It was definitely a good day to eat that day because these pretty flowers were blooming outside which made it feel even more girly and there was this beautiful blue sky.

On the Hello Kitty menu, there was tamago, hand roll, seafood don, Mizu shingen mochi and strawberry pancakes.

I got the seafood don and Mizu shingen mochi.
Hello Kitty seafood don:
The Hello Kitty was just too cute to eat, it was basically sushi rice in a Hello Kitty shape with sashimi laid around it with sakura shaped egg and cucumber.
As for the taste, you are getting fresh seafood supplied by Yamataka seafood market so it is fresh.
I just wish the rice was a little bit softer.
Hello Kitty Mizu shingen mochi:
The dessert was equally as pretty but hard to photograph because it is a clear piece of mochi!
It had a faint peach taste which is how I like it but there is bean powder on the side if you need it.
Video of the food and environment:




At the moment, everyone is looking for a spot to watch the world cup.
Luckily I found out about this new joint as my friend works at the AIA building round the corner. Before the crowd came, my mission was to try their burgers as food is my priority!!!
I simply love the decor because you can notice it when you come round the corner from How Ming Street.
You will see this neon green logo of a burger on top of a milkshake.


If you come through the other door, you will see a sign pointing you to the left. (Note picture was taken from the other side)

Inside, it was relaxing and there are lots of plugs and USB ports.


What made me feel at home was the London Street Sign which has a meaning. M1 is the first branch, hence when they have a second branch it will be M2!

During the world cup, there are different burgers each week to represent the different countries.

The trophies are good for selfies.



For burgers, I had The Classic and the Sexy Chick (Chicken).
The classic patty is made of Premium Angus beef which was juicy and tasty and the secret sauce was so good because it was moreish.
It had caramelized diced onions and bacon which made it delicious.

The Sexy Chick had a spicy kick to it and the chicken was lean and tender.

For fries, there were plain, Bolognese and Poutine.
The poutine was definitely my choice to satisfy my gravy and cheese cravings.

Finished with milkshakes because milkshakes is their signature as well as burgers from their logo. The vanilla one was impressive because there was a strong vanilla taste and it was not too sweet.
The peach tea was a surprise as you could taste some peach juice in it.

After indulging on the food, it was nearly time for the match, my friend had the shisha.

While my friend was having the shisha, the place was getting packed already.


Overall, I had a great time and I shall be back to explore the other eateries at Hung To Centre.







Previously this restaurant used to be Zeffirino Ristorante but now it is Alto 88 with great views of the harbour on fine days.

Tried Chef Giuseppe Maria Brancati's tasting dinner with wine pairing.

Started off with a variety of breads and foccacia was my favourite.



amuse bouche:


Started off with salmon rolled with crunchy sea kelp in the middle which gave it a nice crispy texture and bursts of saltiness from the salmon roe.


Tartara di tonno rosso e mela verde, salsa allo yogurt con zenzero ed erba cipollina:

This was red tuna and green apple tartar served with yoghurt flavoured with ginger and chives paired with Terlaner DOC Cantina Terlano-Kellerei 2012 Tentino-Alto Adige


The tuna was flawless paired with the refreshing finely diced green apple.

It tasted even better when it was all mixed up with the yoghurt and chives.



Capresante scottate su burrata liquida a proscuitto di Parma disidratato:


This was pan-seared scallop served with liquid burrata cheese and dehydrated Parma ham paired with pinot grigio murno Primosic.

Although it was delicious, I really wish there was more crispy Parma ham because it gave a lovely smokey salty taste to the scallop.



Risotto "Acquerello 7 anni" affumicato alla parmigiana, polvere di porcini e fiori di montagna:


This was Risotto "Acquerello brand 7 year aged" smoked porcini mushroom dust and mountain flower which won the best risotto "Acquerello" world contest in 2012.

The risotto was paired with La Scolca GAVI Bianco secco.

It was a rich risotto with fragrant shaved mushrooms on the bottom that was not too creamy and the risotto had a nice chew to it.



Trancio de baccala confit in salsa d'aglio dolce, patate fondente e liquirizia:


This was salted cod loin confit in sweet garlic sauce with potato fondant and licquorice paired with Scalabrone Bolgheri Rosato.

The cod was chunky with big flakes which was drenched in delicious strong garlic sauce.

You can also taste strong licquorice which you will either hate or love.





This was steak paired with La Braccesca Vino Nobile De Montepulcian.

The beef was sweet and juicy accompanied by refreshing pickled carrrot slaw.



Mousse ai pistachio di bronte, croccante al cocao e crema di zabaione:


This was a crisp cocao roll filled with pistachio mousse from Bronte and eggnog cream paired with Kaloro Moscato d Trani Doc Tormaresca.

I loved the pistachio mousse which was creamy and nutty with a savoury aftertaste.

The dessert wine was my favourite of the wines that night because I have a sweet tooth for sweet wines.



Tea and petit fours:


To finish off, I had fragrant Earl Grey as a perfect ending.



The set I had costs $1288 and $888 without wine.


Alto 88:
31/F, Regal Hongkong Hotel, 88 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay



I love the concept at Veggie Boys because it is young and fun.



At the juice joint, all the vegetables and fruits are neatly stored in the fridge.



On the wall, there is a juice selection.




The juices are made to order so you will see the boys weighing the required amount before the vegetables are blended.



Since my first visit, the prices have gone up.



Each juice has a different nourishing property.

I chose the SKIN which had pineapple, apple, avocado and romaine lettuce.


The bill was only $2 Thanks to Ivy because she bought a package of prepaid coupons so if you choose something that costs more then you pay the difference.



I adored this drink because it was lovely and thick, the juices did not separate and held together all the way through.

As for the taste, the avocado was really prominent which was why I liked it with faint notes of apple and pineapple that balanced out the creamy and heaviness of the avocado.

Overall I was impressed by the drink and their enthusiasm.

Veggie Boys:

Room 403, Hung Kei Mansions
5-8 Queen Victoria Street




Came here again because I love the food.


Previously tried the beef which was amazing.

On this visit tried the chicken.


Chicken in nadere sauce:

To be honest, I didn't know what it was when I ordered.

When it came, I was mega impressed, it was a big chicken leg covered in mushrooms and herbs in delicious gravy.

On the side there were rocket leaves.


The rice beneath it was piping hot and each grain was lubricated in chicken oil.

Everything just tasted lovely together and the rocket leaves went soft when it was mixed with hot food getting partly cooked and tasting less grassy.

The mushroom slices tasted earthy which complement the chicken nicely.


I hope this dish will be on the menu again because it tastes so nice.




Walked past and saw this interesting place serving bowls with rolls in it.

At first I thought they were pancakes or pastries, but NO, it was ICECREAM!!!!!

Intrigued by the concept I sat down and ordered one.

After I ordered I watched with curiosity to see how they made them.
Basically it is made the same way as the cold plate gelatos (stir fried icecream) except for the final step.

It is spread thinly on the cold plate until it freezes, then it is slowly scraped with the pan scraper which forms the icecream roll!!


The texture of these icecream rolls were chewy and sticky.

I should have opted for plain vanilla icecream because I found it quite sweet with the strawberry sauce.

Snow Country is owned by the owners of Gum "Jeng" which is why they are served in those paper bowls.

The icecream rolls cost $38 which is about right as I haven't seen them elsewhere in HK but for its Mong Kok location it would appear to be expensive compared to other desserteries around the area.

It is going to be the new craze for the time being but sadly it will probably be copied by other gelato places who have the equipment.



Snow Country




I don't often go to BBQs because the thought of travelling to Sai Kung is hell and 90% of the time in Hong Kong is hot and humid so why would you want to torture yourself having a BBQ.

Recently I joined some friends at Whitehead BBQ which changed my perception of BBQs and the fact that it was winter made it more enjoyable.

Whitehead BBQ is located in the countryside of Hong Kong with a nice seaview, we got the 10 person package for $2988 which includes a room with a patio for the BBQ furnished with a fridge, air con, TV, table, chairs and some games.





When you arrive, there is a name list at the reception to help people locate their BBQs and the staff will lead you there as well.


After you are settled they will check with you the list of food that is in the fridge and help you to start the BBQ going when you are ready.

Our package included forks, seasonings, plates, tissues and drinks.


Food wise, there was 2 bags of prawns, 2 bags of NZ mussels, 3 bags of scallops with garlic butter, Whole fish, 2 bags of ribs, chicken steaks, pork chops, chicken wings, chicken franks, chicken cartilage, pork burger patties, Taiwanese sausages, cheesy sausages, seafood balls, sweet potatoes and sweetcorn.



As well as all that, we had the BBQ suckling pig which was everyones favourite!! They even help you to serve it when it is ready.



Basically I had a great time and the food was good especially the suckling pig, chicken wings, burger patties and sweet potatoes.




I definitely had an enjoyable day and it has changed my perception of hot and sticky BBQs because it was nice that the place was fully equipped.




Dolci lovers are going to rejoice because there is going to be a branch in Quarry Bay soon!!





White Valentines day:


White Valentines day is coming and there are three cakes to celebrate this day!


Amore, Espresso and Guaiava.




panna cotta and mousse infused from real lychee and rose tea leaves.

It was the perfect pairing of lychee and rose with a good balance because you could taste the fragrant lychee and the rose was not too strong.




The 7-layered Espresso is made with espresso mousse, ganache and sponge cake.

I loved the taste of this because you could taste the expresso but it was not bitter.




An 8-layered Guava cake alternating sponge cake, guava jelly, guava ganache, and guava mousse to create a very light and fresh cake.

As well as the guava gelato, the Guaiava cake was also made with real guava.

You can literally taste it in the guava paste layer.



Mango dome:


Laid on top of homemade crunch pistachio shortcrust biscuit is a mouth-watering yellow dome made up of light mango mousse, mango pudding and real mango cubes.

The dome is bright and colourful just like a kiss in the morning with a refreshing sweet mango taste.



Mango sorbet:

For mango lovers, the sorbet is a must too with a natrual mango taste that is not too sweet.



baby chiffon cakes :

Maccha (green), Hazelnut (beige), Raspberry (pink)

All of these chiffon cakes were soft and delicious, the hazelnut one was the best followed by the raspberry.

The texture of these cakes are springy too, if you apply pressure to them, they will rise back.



Yuzu roll:

Tried this semi frozen and I loved it because it tastes like icecream rolls with a fragrant yuzi taste.

It would be great if they serve frozen rolls for summer or I should get one and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes before serving.



Shop K, G/F., 2E Starstreet, Wan Chai


As the weather is cooling down, I took this opportunity to go Macau to experience the Grand Resort Deck at Galaxy.
8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana has launched a white truffle menu as it is the season for white truffle so how could I not try it.
The white truffle menu has five courses which is available now until the end of January so I suppose you could book Christmas dinner there and spoil yourself with a White truffle Christmas dinner.

8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana couldn't be a better place to go for white truffle Italian dishes because chef-owner Umberto BOMBANA is hailed as "Best Italian Chef in Asia" and "Worldwide Ambassador of White Truffle".
With a talented chef, it is not surprising that the newly opened Macau branch rapidly gained one Michelin star while Hong Kong holds Three Michelin stars.

I definitely agree with Umberto BOMBANA that less is more with white truffle and the five courses on the white truffle menu are just that.
On the white truffle menu, there is a scrambled egg with white truffle, risotto, homemade Tagliolini, poularde de Bresse and truffle icecream.

This was such an amazing dinner I had three choices from the White truffle menu.

Started with a good selection of bread with olive oil and sweet balsamic vinegar.
Amuse bouche was a colourful mix of Heirloom tomatoes.
The yellows are the best because they have a fragrant sweet taste.
Scampi carpaccio was a match made in heaven because it had my two favourite elements scampi and sea urchin and the green apple and celery made every mouthful refreshing.
Now to the star of the evening, the first of the truffle dish was Homemade Tagliolini.
The White truffles were shaved in front of you and it was evidently generous.
The sauce made of butter and aged Parmesan (36 months) was full of flavour but not too over powering to go with the delicate aromatic white truffles which had a strong earthy musky aroma that worked in harmony.
The Tagliolini was soft yet springy and hung the sauce well, so each mouthful was joyful.
Following the pasta it was poularde de Bresse.
Bresse chicken is known as the best table chicken in the world.
The bird has a white coat of feathers and there are pockets of fat underneath the skin which keeps it succulent during cooking.
Simply the best paired with the best because Bresse chicken has a sweet creamy taste which works wonders with the truffle.
There were two pieces of chicken, thigh and breast but both were surprisingly tender that you would get confused but you can tell by the colour.

Before dessert came, we had grape sorbet on top of yoghurt foam.
I don't know why but I could taste lemon grass in the yoghurt.


To finish off, it was Truffle icecream and a warm hazelnut cake covered in white truffle slices.
The icecream was over whelming because the truffle taste was so strong.
The hazelnut cake which I thought was cake all the way through actually had a runny hazelnut centre.


Lastly we had tea and petit fours which ended the meal nicely.


8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana (MACAU)