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I love Singaporean and Malaysian food so decided to make a record of all the Singmalays foods that I eat.
Some are authentic and some are just Singmalay inspired.

[Singmalay Part 9]
Date Dined: 2009-Sep-28
Restaurant: Malaymama 馬拉媽媽

[Singmalay Part 8]
Date Dined: 2009-Sep-21
Restaurant: King Laksa 喇沙王

[Singmalay Part 7]
Date Dined: 2009-Feb-22
Restaurant: Malaysia (Port Klang) Cuisine Limited 馬拉盞星馬美食

[Singmalay Part 6]
Date Dined: 2008-Oct-15
Restaurant: Prawn Noodle Shop 蝦麵店

[Singmalay Part 5]
Date Dined: 2008-Jul-04
Restaurant: Pasar Singaporean Flavour 巴沙新加坡小品

[Singmalay Part 4]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-20
Restaurant: Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵

[Singmalay Part 3]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-18
Restaurant: Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵

[Singmalay Part 2]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-10
Restaurant: YEOH'S BAH KUT TEH (楊氏肉骨茶)

[Singmalay Part 1]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-10
Restaurant: Sing Ma Restaurant



Went here to celebrate a friends birthday!!I didn't know it was Sichuan fare but it turned out to be great.
Be sure to get the early as they have a wardrobe where you can dress up in Chinese Dynasty clothing!0CG6K6E3BFF6C6334B830Bpx.jpg0CG6K569A64A14F931B6A8px.jpg
Dishes were great too especially the Kungpao prawns which were huge and crispy in a tangy sauce.0CG6K4743CDBEC7CDC8E32px.jpg

The fish topped with crispy bean bits was comforting as the fish was tasty and similar to the fish and chip quality.
Finished with the stir fried glass vermicelli which was loaded with egg.0CG6K21BBFEF1C3BC5BC17px.jpg



Ever since I went to Swedish National day, I have fallen in love with Nordic food because I can relate to it.
Discovered Rye House from another Swedish event where they were doing a collaboration with the Mäckish Girls a while ago during the weekend.
After trying that, I was determined to come back to try the food from Rye House!

There is so much on the menu and they have a salad bar as well.
The reason why I can relate to Nordic food is that they use a lot of bread and potatoes which is basically the same as the diet in UK.
Interestingly their snacks are really similar to us in terms of flavours and they also have this similar snack to Wotsits!!


Started with the Egg Pie which was on my mind since the first visit!

This was so delicious because the pastry tasted like a thin crispy Ryvita tart filled with potatoes that were silky and viscous topped with creamy egg just like the stuff you get in egg mayo sandwiches.
It is so comforting to see lots of similar ingredients like their prawn and dill filling which tastes just like our Prawn and Mayo filling but with dill in it.
Next was the Nordic Hash (Pyttipannu) , again a really simple but comforting dish that is good on a winters day.
It was diced and fried cubes of potatoes that were fluffy and soft with a perfectly browned edge complemented by fresh organic eggs and pieces of meat.
Basically a delicious dish that you can eat all day or for brunch.

Last but not least was the Finnish Creamy Salmon Soup .

I loved it because it wasn't heavy with chunks of pink salmon and lots of dill.
There was a little butter in it to give it that beautiful golden glow as well enhancing the taste.
All was good and I was shocked that even their hot chocolate was so heavenly.
Will definitely come back again.
I appreciate the them using environmentally friendly straws which are actually real plant straws.
Basically using rye straws for drinking which are biodegradable!

[Rye House]
Shop G10, G/F, Bank Of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Admiralty
Tel: 39968950
Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30
Sat: 09:00 - 14:00
Sun: Closed



La Famille is a famous for its soft and dreamy Chiffon cakes.


I remember going to their cozy joint in Tai Hang.
They now have more to offer including these pretty jelly cakes with flowers in it.


For Christmas, they have launched three cakes for Christmas.



Each Christmas cake is quite different, personally I prefer something simple so chose the white one which has the signature chiffon cake inside smothered in delicious Hokkaido cream with fresh strawberries.

This cake will be available from the 17th but as it was my friends birthday they were able to make this cake.
The taste was as good as expected with the pairing of fluffy chiffon and dreamy cream.



Thank you Kee Wah Bakery for sending me a a big box for Christmas which was filled with sweet treats.


There were panda cookies!!

A Christmas tree tin filled with nougats, cookies and cookies.



A Candy box.



All these can be found at any branch of Kee Wah Bakery and if you buy them in sets you get more discount.
For more information see the detailed flyer at the shop.



I never would have guessed Prohibition was a great place for steaks and drinks.
It is located in the new hotel next to Ocean Park which is right outside the MTR station.
There is a lovely pool beside it.


You are greeted by a bar where you can have drinks before or after dinner or even with your meal.

The drinks are instaworthy and there are more on the menu to be discovered.

As well as steak, there are lots of fab food so it is best to go in big groups and they have long tables to accommodate.

Started with the Scallop Ceviche which was on a bed of refreshing mango lime sauce.

Next was the Lump Crab Cake with (yuzu and cod roe tartar sauce). A must when having steak, there was so much chunks of crab in it.

The Beer battered prawns with Lime chili sauce were really comforting because of the batter and the fact they look like the sweet and sour prawns you get in English style Chinese takeaways and Chinatown!

I absolutely love pastrami so the Pastrami meat platter was a real treat with pickled pearl onions and refreshing gherkins.


For soup, there was Seafood chowder which was loaded with seafood with  a strong lobster bisque taste.

The moment we were all waiting for had arrived!!!  STEAKS!! We had the USDA Prime bone-in Ribeye, one was rubbed with 28 days bourbon & oolong tea dry aged, while the other one wasn't. USDA Prime bone-in Ribeye  There was 28 days bourbon & oolong tea dry aged The aged version was more intense in flavor yet it was juicy and tender.

The Canadian certified angus beef Porterhouse was my personal favourite because you get the tenderloin and strip either side of the bone. The tenderloin is my favourite part.

The sides we had were mac and cheese, creamy spinach and loaded mashed potatoes which really completes that steakhouse experience.

To finish, we had the Flamed Alaska. By far this is the best Flamed Alaska because the icecream inside was good especially the pistachio icecream and the meringue on the outside was like thick marshmallow goo.


Will definitely be back for drinks and more beef!!

G/F (Portion C) at Club Wing,
Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel,
180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang



Went to the Nordic Innovation House opening a few days ago.After the opening, there was food served on the top floor by the Mäckish girls Olga and Kegen. I was gutted I didn't try the moose Mäckish but then I discovered they were doing a two day pop up at Rye House so I decided to go as I haven't been to Rye House either.



Rye House serves Nordic food but I only tried the sandwiches that day as it was only a two day event.
I will come back for the egg pie and other Nordic goodies.

They had drinks and sauces imported from Finland and Sweden.






Here were the open faced sandwiches that I had where I ate like there was no tomorrow as this was my first and last time trying it. 
- Skagen Mäckish (Left)-

Skagen is a Swedish treasure, a cream based on mayo and shrimps.  Freshened up with horseradish, dill & lemon zest.  Served on rye bread with salad topped with roe, red onion and lemon.
This was sensational as it was just like eating prawn and mayonnaise taken to the next level with red onions and dill.
The lemon gives it a refreshing balance so that the mayonnaise doesn't get too heavy.

- Renskavs Mäckish (right) -
“Renskav” is a classic Swedish beloved dish but this time with a twist.  The creamy reindeer meat is combined with sour lingonberries, parsley and pickled chanterelles.
It was definitely a festive Mäckish with red lingonberries, parsleys and pickled saukeraut to compliment the creamy reindeer meat!!!
It tasted like lean ostrich meat and there is no gaminess.
Sorry Santa, I ate your reindeers.
- Vegan Super Beautiful -
A colourful and sweet hummus combined with steamed mini asparagus and beetroot sprouts.  Topped with black and white sesame seeds.
Hummus never fails because I love cumin and pureed textures.

Can't wait to come back and try the stews and everything else.

Last but not least were the drinking straws!!
These are the stalks of Rye Grass that are natrual and hollow which allows you to sip your drinks.
It makes perfect sense to use these as horses are fed hay and straw!



Wanchai is my love and roots where my journey for food in Hong Kong began.
I have had countless meals in this area but lacked Chinese restaurants I could recommend.

Fooklore is definitely recommendable, this is the place to take tourists or clients because of the reliable service and quality of the food. (at the time of this meal).
The restaurant is located at Empire Hotel on the corner of Lockhart Road so it is near Admiralty as well.


Judging by the menu, it was the usual suspects like dimsum but when the food arrives you get a surprise by the presentation and taste.

This is what we had [Steamed black truffle and wild fungus dumplings], [steamed minced beef balls], [Steamed rice-roll with minced beef], [Pan-fried diced chicken buns in Teriyaki sauce], [Pan-fried pork dumplings with rice paper net], [Pan-fried pancakes with dried scallop and dried shrimps], [Poached chicken with oil in peanut sauce], [Fried rice vermicelli with crab meat and dried shrimps], [Longevity buns with lotus paste and salty egg yolk].
(Quoted from the English Menu)
[Steamed black truffle and wild fungus dumplings]:
The steamed dumplings were flawless and crystal clear, they were loaded with diced wild mushrooms infused with a black truffle taste.

[steamed minced beef balls]:
Basically beef shaomai and I liked the way they were garnished with a slice of okra which makes it look healthy and appetizing.
The beef had a nice flavour with a soft but firm texture.

[Steamed rice-roll with minced beef]:
These are rice rolls that are served everywhere but considerably different as there was delicious aged peel in it and the soy sauce they used excelled it to a different level as it was good quality soy sauce with a lovely sweetness.
The riceroll wrap was silky and smooth yet held together without breaking.

[Pan-fried diced chicken buns in Teriyaki sauce]:

When the lid was taken off, there was a fragrant smell of wine, each bun was uniformly panfried.

It was filled with delicious pieces of chicken in light Teriyaki sauce so you could still taste the buns and chicken.
[Pan-fried pork dumplings with rice paper net]:
The rice paper net showed how incredible their skills were.
You can see the way they drizzled the liquid rice mixture in a spirograph pattern quick enough before it got crispy.


As well as the appearance, the dumplings were tasty with juicy pork filling.
[Pan-fried pancakes with dried scallop and dried shrimps]:
This was another one of my favourites because the pancake was thin and crispy yet there wasn't a drop of oil lingering on the plate or any excess oil on the pancake.
It was crispy with a lovely scallion aroma.

[Poached chicken with oil in peanut sauce]
The poached chicken was lean and tender with a good amount of spiciness.

[Fried rice vermicelli with crab meat and dried shrimps]:
Another dish that must be ordered because it was wonderful.

Again, the dish is more stunning when it is served because you will find an abundance of shrimp roe in it and the vermicelli they have used is almost like silk.

There were bits of crab and fragrant egg in it that it reminded of 鳳凰炒長遠 which I do not know the English dish name but glass vermicelli is used instead.
Finished with the [Longevity buns with lotus paste and salty egg yolk] as it was someones birthday.
They were super cute and size matters as less is more as it looks more appetizing!

Overall, I was more and than impressed with the freshness of the ingredients and the taste of the food so I will definitely be coming back.

Fooklore 享福
LG2, Empire Hotel, 33 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel / Fax : 2861-2060 / 2861-2226

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11:30-15:00 (Last Order 14:30)
Dinner 18:00-23:00 (Last Order 22:30)



A.O.C Eat & Drink is a cosy French bistro in Wanchai close to the MTR!!!



I have always wanted to try this place as it is well known in the French community and headed by Chef Stéphane from Brittany where he serves down to earth French food with a modern twist.

For Christmas, he has designed a Christmas dinner menu available from ​Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 December during dinner.
As with the regular menu, there is a wine sommelier to suggest some good wine pairings.
Here is the menu and for the price and portion I found it more than satisfactory.

Here are the actual dishes

3 Oysters with yuzu granita
The oysters served on ice were refreshing and the yuzu granita had a nice citrus tartness which made these oysters extremely moreish.
They were paired with a sharp wine which was definitely a good pairing to begin as it makes you ready for the next courses.

Crab Ravioli, mushroom, herring roe, scampi sauce.
I love ravioli and they are more tasty than they look visually and from the description.
The scampi sauce had a little bit of heat in it and the raviolis were loaded with crabmeat and other goodies because you can taste something citrusy going on as well as some herbs.
The herring roe made it look glamorous while giving a hint of saltiness.

Chicken Breast with foie gras, rice topped with Comté cheese and truffle sauce.
The main course was quite heavy but I loved the way you are served chicken in two ways, the bigger piece is white meat and the thing that looks like a big Brussel Sprout is actually diced chicken with some black pepper wrapped in cabbage leaf!
The rice beneath it was topped with evilicious melted Comté cheese and a rich creamy piece of foie gras.
I found it really comforting because it tasted like something I had when I was a kid served at my friends house.
To be honest, I was rather full after this but as a cheese lover I had to try the next cheese course.

Brillat-Savarin cheese with truffle (+$80)
The portion of cheese was very satisfying but unfortunately I couldn't finish it all.
It tasted thick and creamy infused with truffle.
A must try as it is made with triple cream.
I really regretted not asking if I could take the rest home as I just couldn't finish it.


Mandarin Tart, chestnut, meringue
Although I was full, I had to finish the dessert.
It was juicy mandarin slices topped with smooth and velvety chestnut puree complimented by the meringue pieces on the side.
The whole thing was just wonderful as everything was in harmony and the meringue pieces were crisp with a slight soft chew in the middle.

Price per person: HK$468
Available from ​Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 December for dinner

Definitely recommend for Christmas!

A.O.C Eat & Drink
15 McGregor Street, Wanchai
+852 2479 6833
Tues - Sun: 12noon - 2.30pm & 6pm - 11pm
Closed on Mondays



The game is on with Shake Shack and Five guys opening a few days after each other.

This is the second branch of Shake Shack in Hong Kong with its first in Central.
I was pleased with my first experience in Central so I didn't mind coming again to Admiralty as it is more accessible being close to the MTR exit.

The festive milkshakes weren't ready yet but I definitely have to come back for it.

On this visit, had the ShackBurger, SmokeShack and Shroom Burger.

The SmokeShack HKD66 really hit the spot as the bacon was crispy and the chopped cherry pepper was punchy and tangy which complimented the beef.

The ShackBurger is more basic but you get to appreciate the beef more.

The Shroom Burger is a another experience because you get a crispy mushroom oozing with decent cheese in the middle.


Will definitely be back for the Holiday Shakes as I love hazelnut and Chocolate peppermint.


SHAKE SHACK Admiralty:
Shop 105A, 1/F Pacific Place



Paradise Dynasty is a successful restaurant chain from Singapore serving the finest of northern and southern China cuisine and now they have a new restaurant under their wing called Paradise Classic which serves nostalgic dishes.
At Carnavon Plaza, they are right next to each other!!

I was more than excited to try because of the nostalgic dishes that are slowly fashioned out in the modern era.

Started with the floral elderflower and melon tea which was sweet and refreshing.



The first nostalgic dish was the crouching tiger available in a spicy and non spicy version.
You get to savour the sweetness of seafood in this inimitable pot of crabs, prawns, clams, squid and fish.
The seafood broths brings out the taste of freshest seafood while the thick vermicelli soaks up the flavours of the broth.

Next was the stewed silver pin noodles which came in a huge pot in thick delicious soup that is mixed with egg.

It was hearty and filling, great for the coming winter.
For light bites, had the mashed tofu with seafood which is a must try as they make the tofu in house.


Finished with my favourite spinach cooked with salted egg and preserved egg for a balanced meal with vegetables.

Paradise Classic 樂天經典:2/F, Carnarvon Plaza, 20 Carnarvon Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Paradise Classic 樂天經典:
Shop UG09, UG/F,
Olympian City 2,
18 Hoi Ting Road
Tai Kok Tsui



Wine and Dine is bigger and better this year that it now has different sections.
Hotel Delicious, Feedme Lane, Coffee Fiesta etc.

I was impressed with the creativity and variety this year.

First stop was salted egg chicken drumsticks with a Singaporean twist coated with oats from City Garden Hotel Hong Kong 城市花園酒店.


Second stop Appendix Coffee & Bar, the N2 Earl Grey really hit the spot as I was hot and bothered.
Lightly sweetened Earl Grey with a silky foam cap and last but not least was the Taiwanese messy bun inspired coffee.



In the bakery section, my fave bakery Say Hey Bakery 四喜麵包西餅was there with a unique beetroot quiche, La Mer Restaurant & Loungehad this interesting salted egg duck tart and Fast Gourmet had exclusive alcoholic lava croissants like pina colada.



For filling dishes Westwood Carvery had prime rib sandwiches and uni pasta.

The Drunken Pot 酒鍋 was also here, no hotpots there but they had cute skewers.
I had the spicy trio which had all my favourites: ducks blood, fish maw and stinky tofu.

Last but not least, I love Indian food so had the Kathi veggie roll from Gaylord.


Make sure you don't miss the drones display.





HK Express Turns 5 and the Hong Kong-based Airline Celebrates with HKD55* Up Birthday Fares and HKD5 Specials!!


Time flies when the guests are having fun! It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years since HK Express converted to an LCC in October 2013. The Hong Kong-based airline is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a special promotion that will make its guests travel dreams come true before other commitments – like marriage, kids or work – get in the way!

Over the past five years, the airline is proud to have flown more than 13 million people to various destinations across Asia, all while maintaining an incredible load factor of 87 per cent in average. Coming up in 2019, HK Express is excited to launch new inflight menu items on 1 November as well as a route to Nagasaki on 19 January. Nagasaki is the popular port city in Japan which is well known with its UNESCO listed heritage sites. The introduction of the new routes brings the airline’s route map to a total of 24 destinations.

To ring in the big birthday this October, HK Express is offering an amazing “Travel Best Before” Birthday Sale to its intrepid guests with 70,000 seats at fares from HKD55* to 23 destinations, including the newly-announced route Nagasaki in Japan. The flash sale will launch in three separate phases, beginning on 27 October (09:00), followed by 30 October (09:00) and 2 November (09:00), running until 4 November (23:59). No matter when guests book, each wave shares the same eligible travel period from 9 November 2018 to 28 September 2019.

Not only can guests snap up HKD55 fares, but they can also take advantage of special HKD5 birthday perks, such as upgraded checked baggage. From 27 October to 4 November 2018, guests can enjoy a special price of HKD5 for every additional 5kg starting from 20kg checked baggage allowance upon purchasing air tickets via HK Express website and mobile app. Better yet, the airline is serving up tasty inflight dishes, such as oriental barbecued pork puffs, pineapple Danishes, and Joe & Seph’s Classic Gourmet Popcorn – all for HKD5 from 27 to 31 October.

HK Express is also partnering iBakery (a social enterprise under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals) to sell handcrafted cookies on board HK Express flights between 27 October to 4 November 2018. All proceeds will be used on bakery training for people with disabilities as well as to ensure safe and quality bakery products.

Planning a trip before marriage, work or having children? Mark the calendar for Nagasaki following HK Express’ route debut this coming January. The historic Japanese city is an ideal winter or spring holiday. Come March, spring blossoms will blanket the city in soothing shades of pink. Travellers will also discover excellent street food, ancient temples, parks, and multiple WWII memorials to round out an enriching visit.

We have been honoured to share the past five years with our loyal and adventurous HK Express guests,” says Mr Jonathan Hutt, Commercial Director of HK Express. “We hope our birthday sales and specials motivate travellers to get out and explore Asia before life gets in the way.
HK Express will continue the celebration with a new “Travel Best Before” video series on social media, which promises even more special fares and travel perks. With these serious savings, guests can plan an unforgettable journey with friends, family - or take off on their own for some “me time”. Stay tuned for the series launch on HK Express social media channels from 26 October 2018 (www.facebook.com/HKExpress)!

Enjoy more birthday celebration offers with HK Express! Visit the airline’s official website www.hkexpress.com for further details.



city’super is sharing the joy of Christmas launching over 20 Christmas hampers and a range of festive goodies for all budgets – including the ultimate mammoth trunk hamper for gourmet and wine connoisseurs.

The ‘Christmas Extravaganza’ hamper is probably the most prestigious ever proposed – featuring some 50 of the world’s most well-known fine wines, spirits and delicacies, with a price tag to match at a breath-taking HK$238,800!

Available for order from 22 October to 7 December 2018, the world-class hamper is headlined by a bottle of legendary Château Lafite-Rothschild 1982, alone valued at HK$49,800, from the most celebrated blue-chip vintage of the last 50 years.

Amongst some 20 other festive hampers, available for order from 22 October to 21 December, city’super’s brand new ‘Surprise Box’ hamper (HK$998) is packaged in a crafted wooden box of quintessential treats, tonnes of fun with festive balloons, cuddly MANUAL FACTORY Bear and a multi-purpose board game set, especially designed for joyous celebration in style.

I was impressed with the TOKU TOKU Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker (HK$289) because it uses any hard boiled sweets to make candyfloss so the world is your oyster and you can make any flavour as long as you have the candy.


On the English front, it was great to see so many treats like mug cakes, caramel puddings, Joe & Seph and peanut brittle.




For more information, please visit http://www.citysuper.com.hk/ or email contact@citysuper.com or call at (852) 2736-3866.
Like and connect with city’super on:



Since Tsuta opened, there are now two branches.
At Causeway Bay, they have just launched the new Teriyaki Chicken Soba and Teriyaki Spicy Chicken Soba along with Deep fried chicken and some gyozas.
Chicken is much nicer compared to pork so I had to try it and the soba they use is slightly different to ones they use in the Shio Soba as it is thinner.


Same as the other sobas, you can choose how many pieces of chicken, egg etc in your soba.


[Teriyaki Chicken Soba]

[Teriyaki Spicy Chicken Soba]


[Deep fried chicken]

To summarize, the Teriyaki Chicken is quite sweet and the non spicy one has a stronger chicken taste in the broth.
For the spicy one, this one was interesting, if you eat it just as it is you get the spiciness but after you add the tomato paste in the broth it becomes more appetizing and brings out the chicken!!!!!
The fried chicken was good for sharing if one ramen isn't too enough for you but then they also have large ramens.

[蔦 Tsuta]
Shop 2, G/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay



It's Spanish month!!! Chef #giocondascott will be at Kitchen Savvy from Seville, Spain and joining the team to serve some irresistible Spanish fare!

Went to the preview at Kitchen Savvy and tried Gioconda Scott's dishes which were authentic yet served with a modern twist.

Here was what we had:

[Gioconda Gazpacho Andaluz]

This was a refreshing chilled soup great on a hot day.
With the tones of appetizing tomato it definitely was a great start before dinner.
[Bunuelo de Camarones]
The golden little morsels were just like non spicy Indian Pakoras with crispy crushed shrimps in it that gives it a lovely flavour from the coast.
[Tortilla Espanola]
Looking like the usual Spanish Tortilla,  it had a minty twist to it with mint leaves.
[Chipirones a la Plancha]
Fresh baby squids can never fail to impress and do not require much seasoning.
The texture of these were beautiful with a crisp skin and a delicate texture that gives in.
[Pan Con Tomate y Jamon]
The pairing of ham and finely smashed tomatoes were flawless.
[Empanada Chorizo y Cebolleta]
I loved the way,  Gioconda has given them a South American Empanada appearance.
Inside they were filled with chorizo which gives it a wild smoky flavour.
[Presa Iberica with Smoked Paprika, Crispy Broken Potatoes, spinach with Chilies, Raisins and Pine Nuts]
The main dish was surprisingly comforting as it looked like roast dinner complete with roast potatoes and leafy glistening spinach.
My favourites had to be the potato and spinach which had a fiery kick complimented by the sweet raisins.
[Almond Cake]
Finished with the almond cake which was loaded with finely grounded almond topped with cream fraiche.
[Churros with Chocolate Sauce]
There was churros as well which was a nice way to end the meal.

At Kitchen Savvy, they will be serving the Spanish Tapas Semi-Buffet and Spanish Set Menu during October.

Spanish Tapas Semi-Buffet Dinner every Fri & Sat this month from 6pm
HKD538 + 10%

Spanish Set Menu
1 - 31 October
Lunch & Dinner (Sun - Thur)
Lunch Only (Fri & Sat)
HKD468 + 10%

Reserve your table at Kitchen Savvy @ 3953 2213
View the menu @ www.hotelstage.com/kitchen-savvy/



After going to the Swedish National Day recently I just couldn't get enough of Swedish lifestyle and food in HK.

Discovered that #tryswedish was at the Natural & organic products Asia (NOPA), it was the perfect opportunity to visit the booth.

There were so many products from beer, tonic water, chicken, grain based products and cheese.

As a cheese lover SweCheese was my top pick which is made with the best milk.

Next was the organic chicken by Polar Wings where the chickens are fed organic food and water.

Lantmannen has a good variety of breakfast products like muesli.


Ekobryggeriet AB offers organic drinks under the brands The Dirt Water Fox Brewery and Ekobryggeriet where they do not use colorings or any our sodas unnecessary additives!


After visiting the booth it was good to find out that there are more healthy and alternative options available.



At [Van Gogh Senses], they are now serving fine food and cold brew tea pairing.

I found it a unique experience as the afternoon tea is paired with cold brew teas in wine glasses.


So as a tea lover, you get to try all their signature teas with scrumptious treats that are paired with it.

I love tea so it was a brilliant experience as it takes tea to the next level where you can smell and swish it in wine glasses in a stylish way.
You won't find me gulping down wine but you will find me gulping down teas as I am thirsty for tea all the time!!!

All of them were good especially the passionfruit oolong and chocolate mint tea.

Dates: 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct (Fri)
Dates: 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct (Fri)
Time: Start from 3:00pm to 5:30pm
Fee: $698 for two, subject to 10% service charge.
Call (852) 2622 2887 or email 1881@vangoghsenses.com for registration.



This is the good thing about HK, you don't have to travel anywhere if the franchise maintains a good standard.

With these overseas branches, it is best to try it during the first few weeks when the main chefs are there and before they try adapting or changing some ingredients.

Anyway, tried the savoury first as I didn't have breakfast.
It was nice and fluffy with wheat inside it and there was no overwhelming buttery taste and they do not use baking soda.


For the savory choices, I felt that this one was a good choice as the others were mainly omelettes so that's quite a lot of egg in one ago along with the pancakes which are also made of egg.
For the sweet, the signature and the Milk Tea were tempting but chose the milk tea because as it was Japanese, I was giving it the benefit of the doubt that it would not be Chinese style milk tea!!!!!
It turned out to be delicious but it is quite sweet so don't dip too much sauce on the pancakes.
The sauce tasted like a mix of earl grey and condensed milk but as I said it was sweet so I didn't use much of it.
Also on top of the pancakes were granola and dried apples which I liked.

Overall, I loved the souffle pancakes as it didn't have that annoying weird buttery smell and I hope they can maintain the standards.

[A Happy Pancake 幸福班戟]
Shop 203-205, 2/F, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay



Discovered Sun's Bazaar as there was a long queue for tea.


It turns out that drinks were half priced so I queued to get one.
The fact that it was half priced meant that I could experiment with different things like adding the milk cap and two different pearls and it didn't cost a bomb. The total was only $22!!!!


I am not a fan of pearls but the taro and Sichuan are unique.
The Sichuan ones really do contain pieces of Sichuan pepper that give the pearls a slight crunch as well spiciness and the taro pearls taste like the dessert mochi balls.

Returned a few days later to try the food as there were so many interesting dishes.

I assumed this was a Taiwanese joint as there was quite an emphasis on the KIKI brand. However on the menu, you will find Hainan Chicken, Rice rolls and even congee.
The decor was young and cute.

Here was what we had: The ricerolls are different as they are served scrunched up because they are made by pushing the sheet to one side.
I liked the one topped with oyster and there was one that came in beef soup that is interesting to try.

On the Hong Kong dish side, they had the popular crispy chow mein topped with vegetables in gravy.

I was surprised the congee was Cantonese style as I thought it was going to Taiwanese. But anyway, it was comforting with chunks of chicken in it.

Next was the Sichuan Dan Dan noodles that star KIKI Noodles.
[A pack of KiKi noodles]

[Sichuan Dan Dan noodles]

The meat sauce and broth had a good spicy kick to it. Moving on to a slight Modern Chinese claypot rice, it was Spanish Chorizo and spare ribs rice served kamameshi style. Chorizo and rice were delicious together.

Last but not least was the Hainan Chicken, a secret recipe from Old Bazaar Kitchen which is why this restaurant is called Sun's Bazaar!!

[Sun's Bazaar 茶米]
Shop 112, 1/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
Tel: 21175903



Whenever you go to have Chinese roast, you will always hear chop chop [Chopping] in the background!!
The chop chop noise is meat being chopped up on the chopping board so I guess this is why they called Chop Chop!!
Chop chop also means hurry up or to be quick in English.



The joint is located on the corner with two entrances and meats are displayed nicely at the counter.


There is an English Menu which make it expat friendly.

Chop Chop's signature dish is the Roast Pork Belly Rice where it first debuted in Stephen Chows God of cookery film aka Sorrowful Rice (#黯然銷魂飯).
It comes with egg and soup as a set.
The rice is a little different as they use premium rice which is harvested once a year at Wuchang city along with some wild rice.
As for the eggs, these come from young hens which produce smaller but nutritious eggs.

It was definitely a fulfilling meal as the meat was lightly charred on the edges but perfectly tender and moist.
Also tried the Chop Chop Char Siew which was leaner compared to the belly.

It really depends on which cut you like, for me I preferred the leaner cut as it was meatier and the charred edges were crispy with a slight stickiness.

To go with drinks, the the Crispy pork belly was just the treat.


The chef definitely had perfect chopping skills as you can see the pork is uniformly square with clean cuts and sharp 90 degree edges !!!!!
The meat and fat was evenly defined so each piece was moreish with a nice crispy texture. The roast was so good that I got some takeaway.


I like the way they use paper boxes like GoodBBQ as you won't get any CFC odour in the food.
It is always good to see Chinese roast going to the next level by becoming modern and presentable.

[Chop Chop 食神叉燒]
Shop 3, G/F, 18 Wang On Road, North Point
Near the Petrol Station



I was attracted by the restaurant decor because it gave me the impression they were serving healthy dinners.
The decor was relaxing and made you feel at home.


There was a lot to offer on the menu and the prices were very friendly.
What I appreciate is that they use locally farmed poultry, Black Iberian pigs to local organic vegetables.


Each dish on the menu is inspired by Chinese phrases which portrays the way people communicate and behave in Hong Kong.


Started with fresh juices that cost $18 per glass where no sweeteners are added. There was papaya pumpkin, Jackfruit, red dragon fruit and pumpkin, lemongrass and lime barley water and longan water. The combinations were good and healthy.

For mains, the star of the show are the noodles which come in a rich chicken broth infused with Chinese ham or Miso broth made with Iberican Pig Bones. Both broths were strong and MSG free. The set which a drink and dish only costs $68.

As well as noodles, there is healthy mixed grain rice to choose and here is the meat free option with mushrooms as a main dish.

The pork and ginger was cooked in ginger juice so it had that appetizing ginger fieriness.

Last but not least was the spare ribs which are set alight in front of you. It was sweet and sticky like perfectly roast charsiu.


Definitely coming back for more noodles because I like broths. Next time I will try the mushroom noodles.

[Little Farmer 小農夫拉麵食屋]
G/F, Moon Lok Dai Ha, 169 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan



Kee Wah Bakery is a chain of bakery stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Wong Yip Wing (1911–1999), they are well known in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities for their traditional Chinese pastries and delicacies.

It is also famous in the UK because stores in Chinatown would import some and people from HK would send them over. However, in the recent years people have been getting fed up with traditional mooncakes due to health reasons and family sizes are as not big as before.

The traditional sized mooncakes would last you for days because they are quite sickly and during the mooncake season, there are so much mooncakes about that when you share it with people, the chances are that they have already had some.

Before the festival, many bakeries are already selling mooncakes which attracts people to buy new and specials flavours for themselves, then nearer the festival, people will start buying mooncakes for others.

Anyway, there are so many varieties at Kee Wah, ranging from traditional to modern ones that there is a mooncake for everyone.
Thank you Kee Wah Bakery for all these mooncakes.


This year was sweet and refreshing with the new Lemon and Honey with Pine Nuts Egg Custard Mooncake.
Lemon Custard is now my favourite!!

Personally the Lemon was addictive because it was moreish and there was a Western element to it.
[Only available at the Wanchai flagship store].

The 80th Anniversary gift box had my favourite Red Bean paste pastry with 15-year old Mandarin peel, Chinese Ham mooncakes with assorted nuts and the traditional White lotus seed paste mooncake with yolk.
Chinese Ham mooncakes with assorted nuts:

In collaboration with Eu Yan Sang, there is Red Bean paste pastry with Mandarin peel from Eu Yan Sang!!

Red Bean paste pastry with Mandarin peel from Eu Yan Sang:


The Assorted custard mooncakes includes the delicious new Honey with Pine Nuts Egg Custard Mooncake.

In the Assorted Mini Panda Mooncake Gift Box you get mini white lotus with yolk, mini egg custard and mini red bean paste with yolk.



Fell in love with Tristar when they first opened in CWB so I decided to try this one instead of the new branch at Wanchai because the menu offers more here!!


Since I travelled all the way to Shatin, I decided to try the Taiwanese steamed buns and Shaved ice as well as the noodles!
On the menu, they offer you a choice of three different noodles including thick and thin because some people can be quite particular about them.
Just like the celebrity kiki noodles, they have thin and thick.

For noodles, ordered two alcoholic ones: hua diao wine and the Kavalan Single Malt Noodles.

The Kavalan Single Malt Noodles were a shock as I didn't realize there would be flames!!

First they torch the beef slices so that they are cooked then they add some malt and flambee the noodles.

Compared to the standard beef noodles, the whisky gives it a sophisticated aroma and malty taste to the broth and the malt that they sprinkle on top enhances the taste even more.

As for the [hua diao wine beef noodles], the broth was on the sweet side and I chose the thin noodles so that it would absorb the broth.


For snacks, had the Taiwanese steamed buns which was filled with soft gelatinous beef and preserved vegetables.
The buns were soft and pillowy with satisfying beef in the middle drizzled with sweet gravy.

For dessert, finished with the shaved ice.

I didn't realize it would be that big and you also get extra condensed milk and brown sugar syrup on the side which I didn't use as it was sweet enough.

There are eight toppings to choose from but this was confusing as not all are shown at the counter and the menu doesn't clearly specify which 8 to choose from.

The shaved ice was surprisingly good because the brown sugar syrup that was already on there tasted nice and when it got slushier, the taste was refreshing.
I appreciate the quality brown sugar syrup they used as it wasn't cloyingly sweet and addictive. Overall, it was worth my time checking it out.

Improvements: English descriptions would be helpful on the Menu!
DISCLAIMER: I haven't been to Taiwan before so I am only commenting on the taste.

[Tristar Kitchen 三星台菜食堂]
Shop 128, 1/F, New Town Plaza, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin



Madame Ching is a modern Chinese restaurant and roast house on Star Street.

Their Head Chef Son has done a good job in bringing diners a new way of enjoying Chinese cuisine. He crosses culture and culinary lines which really works.



For drinks, began with the [Drink affogato] and [Iced Lychee and red date tea]. 

Drink affogato: 
[Cream gelato, homemade raspberry sauce, balsamic vinegar and soda water]

Iced Lychee and red date tea:

Here were the dishes that we had: 

General Son Chicken:

This was chunks and big chunks of pure chicken meat in delicious crispy coating smothered in sweet and sticky syrup complemented by the fiery Sichuan peppercorns and chili. I loved it as it was all lean white meat without any bones or fat. 

Brussels Sprout Uni: 

To be honest, I haven't had any uni dishes as good as this! 
I liked the way the uni was laid on the brussels sprout leaves which had a lovely colour contrast as well as taste. 
Beneath the leaves there were some cream and some soy sauce dots which you eat together for a wonderful taste infusion of sweet creamy uni flavoured by the soy sauce. 
All that is then contrasted by the dill and crisp raw brussels sprout leaves that wake you up from the creaminess.

Hamachi Crudo: 

This was simply delicious slices of hamachi drenched in thick moreish sweet and savoury sauce complimented by the chives and red shiso leaves.

Roast Duck:

The roast duck was really comforting and how it should be. It tasted exactly like the ones in UK and you can visibly see it had been uniformly roasted by the colour and the smoothness of the skin.. 
I appreciate the way the thigh bone has been removed except the drumstick bone so you still have an intact quarter duck there. 
The plate was clean and oil free which was really appealing before you even ate it. 
It definitely sends me memories of eating in China Towns so I was really happy.  
The pickles were good too, chunky with a nice crunch and pickled taste. 
I know locals don't appreciate this but I am sick and tired of brittle bones in every bite and being served just skin, fat and bones. 
Brussels Sprouts roasted Jus:

Vegetables are a must and I loved the fact brussels sprouts were on the menu. 
On top they were garnished with crispy shallots!! 
Nice bite size vegetables that you can pop in your mouth.  

For carbs, there was fried rice or the dan dan noodles. 

Had the [Burnt ends Egg Fried Rice] which was soft and fluffy. 

There was something different about the grains of rice, they tasted like Basmati rice/long grain rice although I am not sure.
For dessert, finished with the [Ma Lai Go with Ovaltine Custard]: 

In contrast to the local sponge cake, this one was much better as it was firmer and more cakey. 
As I am English, I crave for cakes all the time and the thick ovaltine custard had a strong malty taste which was insanely delicious with a sweet touch that cured my dessert craving.

To summarize, I was totally impressed with everything and this is how Chinese food should be. FRESH, PRESENTABLE and DELICIOUS 
With the contemporary twists to the dishes, Manuel and the team have successfully made me like some Chinese dishes that I would not normally eat in Hong Kong but definitely would eat here!  Hong Kong is so lucky to have the Pirata Group.

[Madame Ching]
5 Star Street, Wanchai