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  1. Trip planning could be tiring and stressful especially for a family travelling with kids. For those in need for a short break and wanna save the hassle of planning a trip, it’s not necessary to fly off as Hong Kong has quite a few brilliant getaway choices to offer. Some popular ones are the rented houses and hotels in Cheung Chau, Mui Wo and Lamma Island, but rarely do people talk about Discovery Bay. 

    Here we came to Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong and enjoyed a night of staycation for the weekend. The hotel is located in Discovery Bay, a tranquil residential area on the Lantau Island, and is easily accessible by MTR with the free hotel shuttle bus pick-up at Sunny Bay station. It was a beautiful sunny day and when we stepped out from Sunny Bay station, we felt so relax as if we’re in another tropical country going on a sun’n beach trip! It’s so different from the “Hong Kong” we used to know!


    Hotel shuttle bus stop is outside Sunny Bay station Exit A. It is available at around every 30 mins and only for hotel guests, so get your booking confirmation ready before getting on the bus. Alternatively, non-hotel guests may take public bus DB03P from Sunny Bay station as well. 



    After a brief ride of 15-20mins, we arrived at the Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong!




    It's still plenty of time before standard check-in time, why not treating ourselves a feast to kickstart our getaway? Had a lunch buffet (HK$298/adult, HK$198/child) at the hotel's restaurant, Café bord de Mer & Lounge, which offers daily breakfast buffet, lunch & dinner buffets on every Friday - Sunday, and nightly dinner buffet throughout entire month of August. The current buffet is featuring dishes cooked with fruit ingredients and unlimited glasses of Red Bean Ice (紅荳冰) to beat the summer heat! 















    Had some soothing Cantonese soup to wash away inner heat.


    A wide range of colourful sweet treats is available for the sweet tooth and the little ones. Look at that marshmallow cake, rainbow cake and those mini mousse cones! Kids must love them all!








    Self-made Affogato with the Haagen-dazs ice-cream & freshly brewed coffee from the coffee machine. Yum~


    Portuguese egg tarts were also available!!


    Restaurant interior filled with plenty sunlight.


    Time to get our room after we're done with the lunch buffet. It was an Ocean Front Panoramic View Room on high floor. Wow wow wow!!! We were so astonished by the 180 degrees ocean view of South China Sea and the spacious room!! It's a genuine escape from the city life while falling asleep in a king-sized bed with such an ocean view!





    Hotel room with contemporary design in a tone of ocean blue.




    We could see some Discovery Bay residential buildings from afar as well as the hotel's White Chapel and European tall ship The Bounty, which were just downstairs.



    Enjoyed stunning ocean view even in the bath! 




    A little mention about the welcome basket that we really appreciated. It's not ordinary welcome fruits but a basket full of sweet & savoury snacks! Best for kids and adults who are not on diet! 


    "You've arrived at another side of Hong Kong" printed on the key card sleeve, couldn't agree more.


    Let's get out and explore the hotel and places nearby. The hotel offers a full range of recreational facilities for all ages. Spacious gym room with essential equipments for the sporty ones, playroom for family guests with kids, and the leisure hotel's must-have, swimming pool!






    If you're kind of adventurous, drop by the recreation counter in the lobby to rent a bike and cycling around the neighbourhood.


    The hotel is also renowned for its one-of-a-kind wedding venue with the sleek triangle White Chapel and the exquisite European tall ship The Bounty that are hardly found elsewhere in Hong Kong. The ship and the blue sky resembled a beautiful and classic scene like the picture we used to see on puzzles and postcard!





    These are all Ocean Front Panoramic View Rooms located.


    As the hotel is situated in a residential community, there are shops, restaurants and a supermarket just around the corner so don't panic if you forgot to bring something essential for your stay. Only if you remember to bring enough cash, haha...




    Same stunning ocean view can also be viewed from the town square right beside the hotel.


    It's dinner time when the sun went down. We again visited the Café bord de Mer & Lounge for the dinner buffet (HK$338/adult, HK$198/child) featuring BBQ skewers. 




    Different sauces to season the skewers to your liking.






    Alaskan Crab Legs were only available during dinner time~





    Stayed awhile at the restaurant even we've finished our dinner just for the 9pm fireworks at Disneyland. Yes, we could see a little fireworks from outside the restaurant!


    Hotel lobby at night. When everyone has gone back to room, it shows another undisturbed charm.



    Good morning world!! Life would be perfect if we could wake up with such a breathtaking ocean view everyday... 


    Breakfast buffet is always the best way to start a day and that's why we usually prefer to book accommodation with breakfast buffet included. :D The restaurant has a good spread of breakfast buffet with both Oriental and Western dishes. 

    You may DIY a set of Hong Kong styled breakie with congee, stir-fried noodles, a few pieces of Siu Mai and a Cha Siu Bao.


    Plus a bowl of made-to-order soup noodle from the noodle station. There are choices of noodle like rice vermicelli, egg noodle and silver needle noodle (銀針粉) to choose from, and choices of ingredients like different types of mushroom, veggie, fish/beef/cuttlefish balls, and bean curd to custom make your perfect soup noodle. 



    And/Or have a set of American or Continental breakfast with eggs, sausages, hash brown, different kinds of bread and pancakes.



    I've never seen pancakes made by such a pancake machine!! What a great idea for the restaurant to provide fresh hot pancake without employing an extra staff at a pancake station! Haha... 


    A breakfast could never be perfect (and not healthy enough) without fruits. And the satisfying breakfast put a beautiful end to our staycation.


    Last but not least, don't forget to book your seats 1 day before check-out for the free hotel shuttle bus bringing you back to the Sunny Bay station as the buses around check-out time are always full! Huge thanks to all friendly staff in the hotel who have taken care of us and it was truly a great place to unwind ourselves. If you're interested in taking a break or just spending a day with scrumptious buffet at Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong, take a look at their website where you will find different promotions and room packages on offer: http://www.aubergediscoverybay.com

  2. 週末最喜歡和三五知己吃個afternoon tea,吃個tea,心情也會好些呢。這個週末,走到了AMMO,品嚐一個AMMO x CHANTECAILLEROSE DE MAI五月玫瑰下午茶。顧名思義,以玫瑰做主題,創作出多款造型別緻而具自然療效的健康美點及清新特飲。吃tea之外,每位客人還可以獲贈一份CHANTECAILLE尊貴護膚體驗套裝。至於價錢方面,HKD398/2位,以下午茶來說,這個價錢是非常吸引的。


    很喜歡這款tea bag,外貌十分討好呢;選了ginger lemongrass,很香的lemongrass,淡淡的薑味,味道不錯呢。

    以粉紅為主題的下午茶真的十分吸引,如果不想喝茶或咖啡,可以選擇玫瑰特飲「Spy Rose」,當中有玫瑰蘋果汁及酸甜清新的青檸汁,味道清新,亦不太甜,十分開胃呢。


    愛scone的我當然最喜歡這層吧,這裡的scone十分美味喔,充滿牛油香,而且不會有苦味;吃時塗上clotted cream和jam,真的超美味喔。



    2537 9888


    最新的資訊在此,請給我一個like :)


  3. 20170129_210707.jpg
    大年初二吃御膳 @今助日本料理
    * * * * * * * * * *



    說明是大年初二,各處食店當然是繼續休息,未有營業啦,難得D.PARK內有數個選擇,不外出"冒險"了,最終決定在今助落腳,晚上8時需要取票輪候呀~ 大約15分鐘後我們進座,同行家人喜歡烏冬鍋物,尤其冬天食用最佳。








     切合商場以兒童為主題,這裡有兩款Kid's menu




    讚岐風素食冷烏冬迷你北海飯御膳 HK$140元






    北海丼內容包括熟三文魚肉、爽甜生帶子粒和油美三文魚籽,顏色亮麗,味道豐富, 最重要還是材料夠新鮮吧,配合溫熱的珍珠米,太滋味幸福了!


    讚岐風素食冷烏冬迷你蒲燒鰻魚飯御膳 HK$140元


    另外一款讚岐風素食冷烏冬迷你蒲燒鰻魚飯御膳 HK$140元, 配菜大致與北海丼無異,只是主食轉成迷你鰻魚丼,鰻魚肉質爽彈,不算肥美,份量亦小,幸好飯粒圓潤分明,拌勻甘甜醬油,香氣四溢,挽回分數。



    讚岐風溫泉蛋撈烏冬天婦羅壽司御膳HK$135元,大顆溫泉蛋 最為精彩,烏冬選用較粗身的種類,同樣彈牙爽滑,面層鋪滿天婦羅,芝麻 和紫菜條,戳穿黏滑的蛋黃呈鮮橙色,蛋味濃郁,烏冬底部墊有醬油,拌勻所有食材同吃, 口感和味道都好豐富,美味程度是可以幻想到的。



    御膳還附有天婦羅拼盤,包括蝦兩隻, 體積很大,蝦肉爽彈,惟蝦鮮味欠奉,冬菇,小青椒和番薯片各一件,外層炸漿若可薄一點更好,沾些加入白蘿蔔蓉的天婦羅汁,幸福呀!



    這兒食物價格偏高,定食或御膳大致由135元至170元,額外加一收費。欣賞是食材豐富新鮮,質素平穩,給予顧客「吃得飽」的滿足,服務是正常水平,店員會定時為客人添熱茶,加上和風格局夠光猛,食客大多是年青家庭或情侶,未見高談闊論的嘈雜感,餐桌與餐桌之間保留充足空間, 若再來這個商場,應該會再度光顧哦。


    * * * * * * * * * *
    口味各有不同,食文只作參考。 ❛◡❛✿

    FACEBOOK ♡ : https://www.facebook.com/lizta.taste
    GOOGLE+♡: https://plus.google.com/+LiztaLo
    INSTAGRAM♡: instagram.com/liztalo/

    VF Engineering Co. Ltd.: vfglass.com

    * * * * * * * * * *

    今助日本料理Imasuke Japanese Restaurant
    電話:2402 8090


  4. Summer is here and time for summery shoes!! Mira Moon has teamed up with Brazilian jelly shoes fashion brand ZAXY to serve the [Yellow Summer Afternoon Tea] until the 31st of July!!.


    The tea set really appealed to me because it was colourful and on the sweet side there were donuts and scones.

    Started with the bacalhau which are a signature at Supergiant as they serve top notch tapas. Smoked salmon and sandwiches are a must in tea sets, both were good especially the beef.

    Moving on to the scones, I loved the pineapple jam which gives it a nice summer splash while tasting good.

    The white peach jelly was refreshing.
    Saving the best to last because they were pretty!!!!!!!!!!!


    A fun and stylish afternoon tea rounded off with this sweet and dreamy butterfly cocktail.
    During the promotional period, they will be giving out a ZAXY cosmetic bag while stocks last for each set of afternoon tea ordered.

    Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar
    3/F, Mira Moon Hotel, 388 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    @zaxymdreams #zaxyhk #beazaxygirl @miramoonhotel #zaxysummer


  5. 說起德國,大家想到的有甚麼?世界盃,足球名星或是benz?如果說’德國菜’,浮現的應該不外烤腸仔,燒豬手和大杯啤酒.德國菜在很多人心目中都是份量又大又膩又肉淋淋的almost primitive cuisine,但事實並不如想像般單調.

    crave for more...


  6. IMG_1661.jpg

    在法國五月Le French GourMay來臨之前,LE 39V率先推出了幾款新菜式,從頭盤到主菜,從主菜到甜品,保持一貫水準之餘也帶來很大的驚喜。


    時值四月,六時下班,來到ICC 101 Sky Dining天色已漸黑。這個時候在LE 39V,遠眺維港,燈火通明,剛好可以欣賞維港夜景的變化。


    對上一次來LE 39V已差不多一年前,這一年間,個人變化很大,畢竟踏入男人四十,健康和家庭才是第一位。


    法國星級餐廳LE 39V由Frédéric Vardon主理,早已獲得米芝蓮星級美譽,去年落戶香港,一試已然愛上。所以當公關邀請試試季度新菜,雖然近年出外吃飯都是貴精不貴多,不會胡亂浪費quota,但LE 39V就是值得我二話不說欣然赴約。




    像香皂的咸牛油印上了LE 39V的標誌,橙紅色的牛油塔則加入了辣椒,任何一款牛油塗在LE 39V自家製的麵包上也極好吃。咸牛油精美得不忍心食用,但個人更喜歡香辣牛油,點點的刺激,輕輕的打開胃口,為這晚的精彩打開序幕。


    第一道頭盤,是法國蟹肉蘿蔔卷(Roll Crab with Crunchy Radishes - White, Green, Pink - Saffron & Emulsion Sauce),有別於去年初嚐LE 39V時的華麗,這一次季度菜的樸素外表卻讓人感受到春天溫暖的氣息。鮮甜的蟹肉,配上切得極幼的蘿蔔絲,口感爽口,味道也清新。在蘿蔔卷上添上少許魚子醬增添鮮味,當然自家調製的醬汁也應記一功。整體來說外表看似普通,但好吃的味道卻半分不假。


    上回最喜歡的頭盤低溫煮農場雞蛋,今次稍作變動,變成了低溫煮蛋,青豆,羊肚菌,榛子碎(Our Egg Cooked Low Temperature, Green Peas, Morels Mushroom, Crispy Hazelnuts)。不再以無敵的菌香俘虜人心,取而代之以清新的青豆茸配合羊肚菌的菌香,把低溫慢煮雞蛋帶往另一方向的美味。




    新菜式新驚喜,這一次的最愛頭盤非接下來的甲殼濃湯莫屬。這客甲殼濃湯,紅蝦肉他他,時令蔬菜啫喱(Crustaceans Bisque, Red Prawn, Carabineros Tartare, Seasonal Vegetables in Jelly),侍應會先奉上一碗紅蝦他他,再在人客面前慢慢注入甲殼濃湯,過程中濃郁香氣隨風飄來,讓人不期然吞了口口水。






    烤煙燻法國乳鴿,黃菇,紅菜頭蓉,檸檬汁(Pigeon from France - Roasted & Smoked - Girolles Mushrooms, Beetroots Mash, Lemon Condiment)把乳鴿兩款不同部位分別處理,鴿胸放在特製小盒煙燻,上桌時才打開盒蓋,縷縷輕煙讓室內一時之間充滿酒燻香。




    主菜不能少了牛,烤美國牛肉眼,鷹咀豆及薯仔蓉,油浸紅蔥(Prime Rib Eye Cap from US, 'Cafe Paris Butter', Chickpea & Potatos Panisse, Confit Shallots)賣相極為吸引,吋厚的肉眼扒烤得嬌嫩艷紅,拿刀子切下去,肉汁沿刀子流下來,吃一口,牛香在口中散開,好吃得沒話說。


    最後一道主菜是烤法國鯛魚,三式青露筍,尼斯沙律汁(John Dory, Green Asparagus from Provence - Raw, Marmelade, Cooked - Nicoise),賣相相對普通,但味道不點也不輸。魚皮烤得香口,魚肉也非常結實彈牙,配上微辣的醬汁,不肥膩且讓人胃口大開。


    主菜過後,終於來到令人期待的甜品時間了。上一次LE 39V的甜品叫好叫座,今回的甜品又會帶給我們驚喜嗎?無論如何,先以一口青蘋果雪葩洗滌味蕾,為接下來的精彩作好準備。


    梳乎里是法式甜品的表表者,上一次是干邑橙酒味,今次則是杏仁味的杏仁梳乎厘 - 杏仁粒,杏仁忌廉及杏桃雪糕(Our Souffle - Almond, Creamy Almond, Apricot Ice Cream)。吃的時候侍應才在中間開洞加入雲呢拿醬,蛋香隨熱力散發,未吃已經先興奮。配一口杏桃雪糕,或許幸福就是這麼簡單。


    第二款甜品是極可愛漂亮的鳥結糖蛋糕 - 榛子,開心果,及栗子蜜糖(Iced Nougat Cake - Hazelnuts, Pistachio - Chestnut Honey),像極蜂巢的鳥結糖蛋糕,和六角形的蜜糖脆片,最後還加了一只小蜜蜂造型的糖果,活像蜜蜂採花蜜的情景,讓人不忍心吃下去。


    最後一款甜品,是士多啤梨及大黃蛋白酥(Our 'Pavlova', Meringue, Strawberry and Rhubarb),巨大的蛋白酥就像一個陶瓷器皿,裡面盛載著草莓和大黃。




    從頭盤到主菜,從主菜到甜品,全部都一一嚐過,但還是有點意猶未盡。Petit Fours配上一杯香濃咖啡,就好像最後的一塊拼圖,把這一間變得更圓滿。


    此時,侍應為在座各位送上一件小禮物,原來那是自家製的迷你檸檬蛋糕。原來現在來LE 39V用餐,每位人客都會收到一件小蛋糕帶走,真的很窩心。


    除了以上的新季度菜式,LE 39V還推出了特別為法國五月Le French GourMay設計的菜單,晚市$1280,如此質素和環境當真超值。這個五月,相信大家的肚子會很忙了。

    ***** 這是公關邀請 *****


    LE 39V Restaurant Hong Kong


  7. Renault - Captur

    Renault – Captur

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back :) I can’t describe how much it means to me! I’m trying to do one blog post a week and eventually get back to posting 2-3 times a week, but please be patient with me! Got some bad news that my new manager is leaving and moving on soon…which is really sad because I only just started in the team. However, I am so happy for him to be spending more time with his young children and the next stage of his career.

    Renault Captur

    If you follow me on Instagram you will know, I have been very spoilt by Renault Australia and Soda Communications this year. Every time they have an event we will always be picked up by a Chauffeur in a Renault car, it started from the launch party this year for the new Renault Captur (SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle). The next event was high tea at Fancy Nance with Adriano Zumbo and recently I was also then given the car for 2 weeks to test drive (separate blog post to come about this :)

    Fleurage - Create your own signature scent

    Fleurage – Create your own signature scent

    However, the event that I enjoyed the most would be the ‘Create Your Own Perfume’ held at the hidden but gorgeous Mon Bijiou on Flinders Lane. The day started at around 9:20am when our lovely driver picked us up in a Ivory White and Diamond Black Captur, I’ve been in this car many times and it always surprises me how spacious it is both in the front and back. We then arrived at the venue at around 10am and all settled in with a glass of champagne in hand and took time to enjoy the great scenery Melbourne has to offer.


    Once all the guests had arrived, we sat down in our seats and was introduced to Emma the owner and perfumer of Fleurage based in Williamstown. She explained to use how we were going to create our own personal scent and that perfumes consist of a base, heart and top notes. Which made sense because when I spray perfume, I can smell the different layers of scents. It was very interesting the first thing we were asked to do was to fill out a short questionnaire and Emma would then give us indication of what colour of scents we should focus on smelling. For instance, one of the question was which season do you like the most and I chose Spring because I’ve always like floral sweet scents and rest assure I was asked to smell and focus on the scents in the ‘pink’ section. While Mr Bao (yes I dragged him along with me :P) much prefers Autumn and one of his favourite food is sushi…he was asked to focus not the ‘green’ and ‘black’ which had scents like seaweed!!!

    Flerauge perfume making

    The next step was to choose 4 base notes, 7 heart notes and 2 top notes. You start from the bottom of the tray and move your way to the top. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to choose from 80 scents but I think I know myself very well, because it only took me a couple of minutes to choose everything. I chose scents like Gardenia, Jasmine, Honey Suckle, Fig and Vanilla all those sweet girly scents. While Mr Bao had a lot of trouble choosing between the woody or fresh grassy scents, he ended up with Fernwood, Sandalwood, Lime and Citrus huge contrast from mine.

    Fleaurage Perfume making

    So glad they had coffee beans for us to refresh our noses because honestly after a while my nose was getting desensitised and I couldn’t distinguish the different scents. That’s why I have so much respect for Emma, she didn’t have any trouble with the scents and was able to quickly formulate each and everyone of our perfumes! That’s about 20 in only 10 minutes or so.


    Once we got our ‘formula’ from Emma, it’s actually quite easy to ‘make our own perfume’ we grabbed our bottles from the bag which had I believe distilled water and we started added drops of scents. You would add more droplets of those that you want to have a stronger presence in the perfume, like mine I had more drops of rose and jasmine.

    Renault Fleaurage

    Thanks Mr Bao for capturing this photo! It’s my favourite from the day!


    He didn’t do so badly himself, but he was much more particular than me. He was counting every drop again and again and was worried he would add too many or little. It must be the scientist in him haha

    Never Too Sweet Own Scent!

    Never Too Sweet Own Scent!

    Ta da!!! Here it is! My very own Never Too Sweet perfume! Staying true to my brand it’s a very sweet florally perfume with strong musk, jasmine and apple notes haha. While Mr Bao’s was very citrusy and refreshing with grass, sandalwood, lime, mint and orange.


    Mr Bao was very skeptical at first when I told him we were going to a perfume making class, but he thoroughly enjoyed himself and has been using his own cologne since then. I’ve been joking once he’s used up his bottle he wont have his own signature scent anymore but not to worry because Emma offers a refilling service for $2.5 a ml which works out to be around $125 for 50mls. For more information about Creating Your Own Perfume please visit the Fleaurage website :D I think its a great idea for a birthday party or a bridal shower, I highly recommend it and would love to do it again.

    Renault Captur event

    Now let’s move onto the FOOD because at the end of the day I am a food blogger and eating takes precedent over every if not most things :D And don’t forget camera eats first hehe I’m glad the waitress was so patient and would come to me first with the food, because she knew I wanted to take a photo. The catering was done by Om Nom from the Adelphi Hotel which means we were in for a treat because food is always great. I still remember when we stayed at the hotel last year for my birthday and I really enjoyed the room service.

    Grilled halloumi with pesto and eggplant

    Grilled halloumi with pesto and eggplant

    Pork meatball with ice berg lettuce

    Pork meatball with ice berg lettuce

    Poached chicken with shiitake mushroom

    Poached chicken with shiitake mushroom

    All the savoury canapés were presented so nicely with a heart shape skewer and all tasted delicious! I was impressed with how much flavour such small items had. They were also a great size not too big or small and no mess when eating them.

    Soft shell crab with aioli

    Soft shell crab with aioli

    My favourite was definitely the soft shell crab with aioli, deep fried but not greasy. Wish I grabbed another one! I really love how soft shell crab is such a trendy food item now it appears on most menus, I remember when it use to be limited to Japanese restaurants.

    Mini Churros with chocolate sauce

    Mini Churros with chocolate sauce

    Rapsberry sorbet with fresh berries and meringue

    Rapsberry sorbet with fresh berries and meringue

    As for sweets they had mini Churros with chocolate sauce and also Rapsberry sorbet with fresh berries and meringue pieces. Another smart way of serving sorbet no spoons required, as they are made into little discs very refreshing.


    Huge thank you to Renault Australia and Soda Communications for hosting another fantastic event and for inviting us. What more could I ask for delicious food, great fun and even better company!

    And for those who are interested in learning more about the Captur now is a great time, because Renault Australia and French skincare brand Nuxe have teamed up and the first 50 people who book in a test drive by the 31st December 2015 will receive a limited-edition pack worth more than $100 :D



    I’ve also entered in a competition and the more people who book a test drive and mentioned from Never Too Sweet the higher chance for me to win and the prize is to drive the Captur for 3 months at our own leisure.

    If you would like to help me, please following simple steps:

    1. Book in for a test drive
    2. Take a selfie in the Captur and email this to renault@sodacommunications.com.au
      Include the following information:
      – First name
      – Surname
      – Phone Number
      – How they heard about this promotion – Never Too Sweet ;)
    3. You will then receive your Nuxe gift pack

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet and Mr Bao was invited as a guest of Renault Australia and Soda Communications all opinions are based from our own experience. 

    Filed under: Australia, Event, Melbourne, Other, Reviews 6968 b.gif?host=nevertoosweetforme.com&blog=2


  8. The last birthday celebration for J was at Bibo where we had a tour of its art installations before our dinner! We had been to Bibo before when it first opened two years ago and decided to revisit after we had a great chat with the restaurant group's sommelier about champagne when we dined at The Ocean a few months ago. J wanted to try more kinds of champagne and his birthday coincided with the last week of the month which is when the Art Tours are offered, so we decided to sign up for it. The Art Tours occurs every last Thursday of the month at 6:30pm with no costs and it was definitely interesting to learn about the many different artists on display in the restaurant. It lasted about an hour and we walked all around the restaurant (even up to the private dining room) before making our way back to main dining for the start of our meal.






    Coincidentally, we sat at the same table as last time right by the Invader wall.

    The Bernardaud plates designed by Prune Nourry and JR are still a prominent part of the table decor at Bibo. 

    After J chatted with the sommelier Wallace on what he was looking for, Wallace recommended the Franck Bonville Prestige Avize Grand Cru Brut NV Blanc de Blancs ($1370) for us to try. He recommended the use of wine glass instead of the usual champagne flute to maximize the aroma and taste of the champagne. 

    Food-wise, Bibo offers a 5 course tasting menu for $1100 but we decided to order a la carte instead for more flexibility. After placing our orders, a refreshing amuse bouche with apricot jelly and almond mousse arrived along with bread and butter (one of which was a seaweed butter!). 


    We were treated to this off-the-menu house smoked salmon which had a subtle smoky flavor and deliciously chewy texture to go with our champagne. 

    For appetizers, J went for the Le Pate En Croute ($290) with homemade terrine, foie gras from Les Landes, pistachio and pork belly. As opposed to the soft pate spread, the pate is baked in a crust and is a very "French" dish that may not be for everyone (the people next to us only took a few bites). 

    My Le Calamar ($250) with pan-fried squid, Hokkaido scallop, chorizo, bok choy and lemon dice was solid with very safe flavors but I thought the scallops could have been more raw while the dish could have used more acidity to make the tastes more interesting. 

    Moving onto mains, the Le Bar ($480) with pan-fried sea bass, cherry tomatoes, white asparagus and Jerusalem artichoke puree was nicely executed but again the flavors were pretty safe and tasted as expected. 

    I preferred the Le Homard Bleu Roti ($730) with roasted blue lobster and seaweed butter better which was served with seasonal vegetables, salted butter sauce and triple cooked fries as the flavors were on point and the portion can easily be shared between 2 people!





    Lastly, we had the La Fraise ($180) with fresh berries, yuzu cream, strawberry and ginger sauce, sesame tuiles and lychee sorbet to round off our meal and birthday celebration for J!

    163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
    Tel: +852 2956 3188

    Follow me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/supertastermel

    Follow me on Instagram! 

    View the full article

  9. IMG_0914.JPG

    It has been a while since my last visit at the iconic, contemporary Chinese restaurant, Above and Beyond. But recently, I was informed that their menu had some new changes and I was invited to try their new items including Wok-Fried Prawn with Tangerine Peel and Luoding fermented Soy Bean as well as my favourite Steamed Minced Pork with Tai O Salted Fish. I went for lunch and we were 4 people, so apart from the a la carte courses we also ordered a few dim sum dishes on the side.

    After we placed our orders, the dim sum arrived shortly. The serving of the food was very efficient, perhaps a bit too efficient in our opinion because soon there were a lot of food on our table and it was a challenge to finish eating the food before it got cold. You know dim sum is best when eaten hot so we asked them to slow down a little bit, and the a la carte courses were served after we finished with the dim sum

    One of our favourite dim sum that we had was the Steamed Lobster and Scallop Dumpling (48HKD per person). The dumpling skin was perfectly translucent and smooth packing juicy scallop and sweet lobster meat. This moreish bite was also topped with a dash of bird's nest


    On the other side the Steamed Flour Roll with Minced Beef and Tangerine Peel (68HKD) was less impressive as the flour roll was a bit too soft and thick. The minced beef also lacked a bit of flavour


    I also ordered my favourite Chinese soup; Almond Pork Lung Soup with Fish Maw (428HKD for 4) and I thought it was one of the best that I had in Hong Kong with generous, big chunks of fish maw and perfectly cooked pork lung. The soup was rich and they managed to balance out the flavours between the fish maw, almond and pork lung very well


    In general, I think they do pretty well with their steamed dumplings so the Steamed Mushroom Dumplings with Bamboo Piths (48HKD) was another likable item among the table


    We also ordered the classic Steamed Pork Dumplings with Shrimp and Sea Moss (58HKD) with tender meat and a slightly bounciness in the texture


    Another favourite was actually the Shrimp and Pork Wontons in Soup (88HKD). The wontons were extremely smooth and silky with delicious shrimp and pork paste inside their pockets. This one is definitely a must order next time we come back


    The last dimsum we had was the Cantonese Style Steamed Brown Sugar Sponge Cake (48HKD). It was served before we even had the main courses so the staff took it away and gave it to us at the end of the meal. Nevertheless, the sponge cake was utmost legitimate with a consistent fluffy and airy texture


    Moving on to the new dishes in the a la carte menu

    Crispy Claw with Shrimp Mousse - This was overdone and the claw was too firm in texture. The aroma of the shrimp and the crab didn't come out quite well, and it almost resembled like a meatball


    Steamed Garoupa Fillet with Egg White and Yellow Broth - The fish was very nice and the small pearl-like egg white added an interesting texture to the dish with a light flavour that didn't overwhelm the fish


    Wok-Fried Prawns with Tangerine Peel and Luoding Fermented Soy Bean - The prawn was succulent with a distinct taste of tangerine peel and fermented soy bean


    Wok-Fried Wagyu Beef Cubes with Chiu Chow-Style Soy-Marinated Goose Liver - The beef cubes were overcooked and rough, and the combination with the gooseliver was a bit oily as the whole dish had too much oiliness which made it it very heavy


    Steamed Minced Pork with Tao O Salted Fish - This was probably my favourite among the new dishes. The meat had an appropriate balance between lean meat and fat giving it the right texture and taste


    Marinated Chicken in Shaoxine Wine - The chicken wasn't tender enough, perhaps the cooking time was a bit too long and the Shaoxine wine aroma was actually quite weak


    Northern Chinese Style Crispy Sliced Potato with Dried Chili Pepper - Surprisingly good with a crunchy outer texture and a soft inner center releasing out an earty potato taste with a kick of spiciness


    Baked Sago Pudding, EggYolk Sponge cake, Sesame Puff Bird's Nest - All three dessert didn't fare very well as the sago pudding was too thick, sweet and heavy while the egg yolk sponge cake wasn't soft at all. The best thing was probably the sesame puff


    Above and Beyond is a great place to take family and relatives for something different for dim sum and dinner, but I reckoned that their contemporary dim sum dishes had a stronger edge than their creative a la carte courses. 

    Where: Above and Beyond, 28/F, Hotel Icon, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (+852 34001490)
    When: Oct 11, 2015
    Highlight: The Lobster and Scallop Dumpling and the Shrimp Wontons
    Downside: The dessert and the Marinated Chicken in Shaoxine wine


  10. 這天從Sintra回來時候已經不早,很多餐廳都已經接近關門,慶幸這間想吃的店隊伍排得不長,還能趕到尾班車進去,一個人旅行總有些好處。






    天時暑熱,最好是來一支冰凍的啤酒,這支Super Bock…超淡麗,配海鮮就還好,如果是純喝我會喜歡麥香濃的。






    其實看到有博客推薦那個Prawn portuguese style "fried",但我一個人吃兩款又怕吃不完,只好放棄了,獨行俠的唯一煩惱啊。


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  12. While we stepped into the new page of 2016, I believe it was still worthwhile to do a little throw-back to one of the biggest musical event last year by Hennessy because it's coming along this year!

    Since its founding in 1765, Hennessy has been driven to create the world's best cognacs. In this continuing quest for excellence, seven generations of the Fillioux family have been Master Blenders at Hennessy, thereby ensuring the transmission of this precious savoir-faire from one generation to another.

    Hennessy was celebrating its 250th anniversary celebration last year. Despite plans to celebrate this anniversary, its annual music-fest “Hennessy Artistry” – an innovative musical platform- was set to be a more unique celebration of the relationship between Music and the Hennessy brand as it took a new turn to re-emphasize Hennessy’s love for music hence, the theme for last year’s celebration; “Hennessy loves Music”. The event was star-studded and attended by Peter Okoye, Falz, Toni Tones, Ehiz, DJ Lambo, Saeon, Emmanuel Ikubese and more.

    The creation of Hennessy Artistry Halo is based on the philosophy of “The Global Art of Mixing”; essentially the seamless blending of East & West. This is exemplified not only through the varied genres of music and the synthesis of top talents and emerging artistes.

    Previous Hennessy Artistry headliners include Jesse Jagz, Nneka, Cobhams, Kas, Jude “MI” Abaga, Banky W, Sir Shina Peters, Tiwa Savage, Ice Prince, El Dee, Bez, Wizkid, 2Face and other notable Nigerian acts.

    Hennessy Artistry is an innovative musical platform, launched worldwide by Hennessy in 2006 to celebrate the vibrant multiculturalism of different genres.

    This post has been sponsored by Hennessy Artistry


  13. I noticed these cup noodles because of the picture of the egg with a runny yolk.


    It turns out these cup noodles are sukiyaki flavoured so I am guess adding an onsen egg would make it taste better.

    When I peeled the lid back, I was amazed to see lots of huge spring onions pieces and bits of beef that looked very dark in colour compared to other Nissin Cup noodles.

    There was a lovely beef and onion smell when I poured hot water in it and evidently the broth was dark.


    The Sukiyaki flavour in cup noodle form was definitely delicious as it was like noodles in a strong beef and onion broth.

    The sachet gives it a more beefy flavour if you squeeze the lard in.


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    Where am I? #mtr #LeiTung #station is also on the tiny island of #ApLeiChau in #HongKong. This #mtrstation is on the new #HK MTR #SouthIslandLine.  #hkig #sign

    Where am I? The MTR Lei Tung station is also on the tiny island of Ap Lei Chau in Hong Kong. This MTR station is on the new South Island Line.

    The post Where am I? appeared first on Hong Kong Thru My Eyes.


  15. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for being supportive on Spot The Food.

    From today onwards, I will start on my own website so please check it out for more updates!

    See you all at http://www.spotthefood.com




  16. IMG_5521.jpg

    The CNY aside, February is always a busy yet rewarding month for men and women alike. We plan what to buy, where to dine, and how to spend the romantic night together. Everwhere you have special treats and menu for Valetine…

    As I can hardly resist a nice afternoon tea, I was excited to try the Island Shangri-la’s recent special that is only available for a short while. As if a decent cuppa and fine little sweets are not enough, this afternoon tea came with Pierre Jouet’s Rose. Having afternoon tea in a Harbour-side hotel with your loved ones sounds, I know, cliché, but you do have a decent Champange here to brighten things up. It was foggy day when I was there for a media event; that glass of champagne was particularly helpful.
    The scone here is commendable; it is difficult to find a nice piece of scone these days, even in London, let alone in Hong Kong. I was still haunted by my recent experience in one of the big name hotels in London, but the scone here was a pleasant surprise, though it is by no means perfect. It got a nice fluffy texture; it would be better if it is more buttery. The flavour needs some more work. I had much worse but I indeed had better ones.


    The menu was, I presume, tailored to suit the champagne. I found the lobster sandwich, Alaskan crabmeat sandwich and foie gras terrine went particularly well with the champagne. The champagne marinated Gravlax was very refreshing; could be a good appetizer for my dinner.

    Many of the sweets are worth trying. I would recommend the cherry and champagne cheesecake and the mascarpone and champagne rollcake. I am not a big fan of cheesecake but I did like this one. It was not heavy at all and actually quite balanced between the cheesy and sweet flavours. The rollcake was very moist and filled with creamy mascarpone. Shangri-La should consider keeping these items in their cake shop. But it was the Amour cake that won the day. It was beautifully constructed sponge cake with champagne infused cream layers, with shiny bubbles on top, possibly a tribute to the champagne. I could easily finish my slice.


    Apart from the tiny glitches here and there, this thematic afternoon tea was beautiful. The chef’s effort in pairing the food with the champagne was particularly commendable. There was no “tea” per se here; this French interpretation of tea works just fine for me.

    Island Shangri-La

    Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, Hong Kong
    Food: wwwwwww
    Environment: wwwwwww1/2w


  17. Right, I am a morning person who can't skip breakfast for a day and in Dubai, I was so much looked forward to the breakfast time everyday 'coz there were just too many nice places around to enjoy a lovely brekkie to kick start a day. My friend brought us to this cafe & restaurant, Shakespeare and Co. to have a Full English Breakfast in a truly English atmosphere.


    The crafted glass cake cabinet has instantly unveiled the vintage feel.


    Once I stepped inside, whoa! I was like being brought into the imaginative world of Shakespeare!! Look at all those photos below, do they look like in the fairy tale? They are all sweet and colourful!






    Toasts and butter, served along with a tray of cute mini Bonne Maman jam & honey.


    The set includes a glass of fresh pressed juice and a cup of tea or coffee. Here came my grapefruit juice, which wasn't too sour nor bitter but just refreshing!


    My friend's cup of Earl Grey, nothing much special about it indeed...


    My own Caffe Latte. Not too bad but a bit too much milk to my liking.


    My friend's English Breakfast (AED50) with grilled beef bacon, turkey sausage, roasted potato, scrambled egg & baked beans. Their scrambled egg was generally too dry and not fluffy enough, while the beef bacon and turkey sausage were quite nice and tasted special as I never tried a bacon made of beef and sausage made of turkey before!


    My American Breakfast (AED50) with same dry & stiff scramble egg, sauteed mushrooms, beef bacon and hash brown. Everything on the plate was not remarkably good or surprising, except the hash brown that wasn't the ordinary frozen type but made from freshly shredded potato! I was impressed indeed!


    My hubby's American set was almost similar with mine, only with the scrambled egg being replaced by egg benedict. Another disaster on the egg benedict as the pouched eggs were overcooked and wait, where is the Hollandaise sauce for it??


    This additional order, Savory Crepes with Smoked Salmon (AED33), should be the most delicious dish in our breakfast that day... The mixed greens was fresh & crisp and the crepe rolls were creamy with good dollop of lightly seasoned sour cream and fresh smoked salmon. Yummy!


    Basically, the dining experience was great given such a dreamy atmosphere. Food quality was on average, which was more towards the positive side. Besides, indoor, alfresco dining is available too but the Sun was just too strong for me at that time. Yeah, I do recommend those who are visiting Dubai to spend a breakfast there.

    Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Shakespeareuae

    Address : G/F, Dubai Marina Mall, Exit 32 directly off Sheikh Zayed Road,Dubai, UAE

    Google Map

  18. 對不少港人來說,泰國及泰菜總有份無可取代的難言魅力。旅途中,也分享一頓泰菜盛宴;沒錯,不少人去曼谷必吃、非常知名的 Nara Thai Cuisine,已經進駐沙田新城市廣場,今天更是正式開幕日,可以接受 booking 訂檯了!




    Nara Thai Cuisine 位於新城市廣場一期5樓 Häagen-Dazs 對面,無論是搭港鐵或巴士來,都非常方便易達。格局與金鐘副線的 Apinara 有點相似,但再輕鬆一些,菜式定價也更平易近人;加上集團專程由曼谷飛了四位廚師來港,誠意十足,相信很難不爆場。






    餐廳的主色是 Earth Tone,但中間又加插了不少紫色,的確是幾吸晴的,連招牌飲品的蝶豆花茶 ($38) 加檸汁攪拌後也是迷人粉紫的!但一開首還是先要杯 泰式凍奶茶 ($38),獨有的香味依依、甜度又剛好,超超超好飲,一問之下原來菜葉也由泰國直送,要嚴重推介給大家~






    喝完奶茶後,也經不起藍紫色的誘惑,加點了一杯 蝶豆花茶 ($38),藍色花茶本身沒甚麼味道,倒進檸檬汁後就多了清新酸味,拌上底部糖漿味道剛好;而顏色也由迷人深藍幻化成動人粉紫,打卡必點必飲!




    也有食友推介 鮮椰子沙冰 ($48),但一晚喝下兩杯凍飲已是我的極限,唯有下次再嚐了~






    開始頭盤,首先是 泰式生蝦 ($118),一碟份量不少,蝦肉也相當新鮮,不過同上的青汁不算很辣,稍不夠刺激呢!青芒果扎肉沙律 ($88) 也是一樣,可以再香辣刺客一些。




    這裡的 泰式魚餅 ($88) 點上甜醬味道不錯,但留意個子非常巨大,胃口小的建議開半分享!






    頭盤中最愛是 生菜包東北豬肉丸 ($88),即使不點醬汁,巨大的豬肉丸本身甚為火辣刺激,加上新鮮爽脆的生菜、薄荷葉、豆角等同吃,口味很富對比感,好吃值得推介!




    這晚仗著人多,於是又分享可以更辣的 泰式三文魚刺身 ($108),以及豐腴肥美的 燒豬頸肉 ($98),之後正式來列主菜環節。




    作為不折不招的標準黃咖哩迷,一見到這個 黃咖哩軟殻蟹 ($188),真的又愛又恨!愛是又香又滑的黃咖哩送薄餅送飯都一流,同上軟殻蟹也同樣香脆好吃;恨是又咖哩又 印度薄餅 ($25) 又 白飯蝶豆花飯 ($15@),這晚放肆得非常超標!




    除了碗裝的碟豆花飯,餐廳也供應 泰式香草脆魚炒蝶豆花飯 ($88),加上脆魚、腰果、鹹蛋等,自然更加香口美味,空口淨食或撈咖哩都一樣好吃。






    還未完!之後又分享了 冬蔭功 ($108),紅湯中的蝦隻十分新鮮好吃,但湯頭就未夠香辣,喝下去未夠刺激。






    之後還超這份的一起分享了 泰式牛肉船麵 ($98)、彩虹湯魚片米粉 ($78) 及 清湯冬蔭功豬肉粉絲 ($78),當中最愛湯頭濃郁又非常足料的泰式牛肉船麵,但一定要趁快吃,否則麵條吸收湯汁澎漲後就很難分~ 
















    主菜去得太盡,甜品只夠胃納分享品嚐兩款,首先是去泰國必必必吃的 芒果糯米飯伴椰奶 ($58),芒果很甜,糯米飯口感及甜度也剛剛好,是再飽也要塞進肚子的甜品~




    另一款是 椰子雪糕伴8式配料 ($58),其實椰子雪糕淨食就是最妙(頂多加上椰果),但8式配料實在繽紛悅目,人多一起玩玩拍拍也不錯~







    Nara Thai Cuisine





    ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~

  19. One of Bangkok’s best Thai restaurants, Nara Thai Cuisine, has recently opened at New Town Plaza in Sha Tin. It’s one of those kinds that serves traditional Thai cuisines in a modern classy way, which also specialises in serving Thai signature “boat noodles”.


    Nara Thai Cuisine


    Coconut Milk Shake

    We start by having a sweet coconut milk shake, so chilled and sweet; followed by my favourite Salmon Carpaccio that is served with a tangy chili fish sauce dip. The salmon is thinly cut and garnished with garlic and chili slices.


    Salmon Carpaccio

    A simple and popular Tom Yum Kung comes next in an individual golden saucepan, cooked with plenty of kaffir lime leaves, fresh galangal and chopped lemongrass, whilst the soup base is slightly more sour than hot.


    Tom Yum Kung

    Another favourite is the soft shell crab with yellow curry, with a thick consistency that goes best with steamed rice or butterfly pea rice and roti prata.


    Soft Shell Crab Yellow Curry with Roti Prata


    Fried Butterfly Pea Rice with Crispy Fish & Thai Herbs

    Last but not least, we have tried two boat noodles. One has tom yum soup base with glass noodles and pork balls, another has a sweet and fishy rainbow soup base with thin rice noodles.


    Tom Yum Glass Noodles with Pork & Pork Balls


    Rainbow Soup Rice Noodles with Fish Fillet

    To finish, it is always a must to have mango sticky rice covered with coconut sauce and puffed rice, fresh mango meat; also a coconut ice cream with assorted condiments including red bean, sweet corn kernels, nata de coco, grass jelly and pandan jelly noodles etc.


    Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk


    Nara Coconut Ice Cream with Assorted Thai Sweet Condiments


    Nara Coconut Ice Cream

    Nara Thai Cuisine
    Address: Shop 507, 5/F, New Town Plaza, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin
    Telephone: 3188 1138
    Website: https://www.naracuisine.com / https://www.facebook.com/Nara.hongkong


  20. I've first read about Soft Creme from people's photo tag on instagram, and this ice-cream shop was so new that it wasn't even posted on OpenRice back then so I googled on it to get the address.  One day Missy Mo and I decided to go chill at Tai Hang, and Soft Creme immediately came into my mind.  We grabbed a quick bite then came here to check it out.  Probably because it was still new and not alot of people knew about it yet, there wasn't too long of a line-up.

    Ice-cream numbers 1-4 were made from Hokkaido milk (uh oh, I sense radiation) and A-D used cereal milk, not really sure what that was though.  I really wanted to try the special of the month which was the Moet champagne flavor but annoying Missy Mo rejected my craving and ordered the Flamed Bacon. sad

    We were watching the food experts preparing the cups behind the counter and thought that we gotta try the Australian honeycomb next time.  Meanwhile, I also kept glimpsing at the cute cashier guy while waiting for our ice-cream... ;P

    They put dry ice at the bottom of the cup underneath the ice-cream to prevent it from melting too quickly since it's "soft" ice-cream and not the usual ones you take out from the Park n shop freezer.  I tried to take picture of the smokey effect (oooo, spooky) but was a tad bit late.  Anyway you get the point, I think the dry ice was just another gimmick but in terms of taste, the ice-cream was indeed very soft and was surprisingly good with the bacon bits.

    I went to Tai Hang again the following weekend but this time there was a long line-up outside the shop, and I'm never a fan of queues PLUS the cute cashier wasn't there this time...I will be back.

    Soft Creme, G/F 6-7 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang, +852 2370 3205
    District:  Tai Hang
    Overall Rating:  4 / 5
    Cost:  $42 per cup


  21. PA213517_R.jpg




    何が違うのかというと・・・パンにピーナッツバターやカヤジャムを挟んで揚げてあるのです!!! これにたっぷりのバターとシロップ!カロリー計算すると怖くなりますが、旅行中くらい気にしないで食べましょう!



     香港ウンチク話Instagram  → こちらをクリック

     香港ウンチク話Facebook  → こちらをクリック


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  22. Hey guys! (Sorry I’m backdating this) If you’ve not seen this yet, I not-so-recently FINALLY uploaded my video answering all your questions about my fitness journey.

    0:09 Best and worst moments
    2:15 Most beneficial workout
    3:57 Does it ever get competitive?
    5:02 Are group classes better?
    6:35 Is it hard to try new things?
    8:02 What keeps me motivated?
    9:31 Diet & cravings
    11:07 Exercising routine
    12:40 How do I afford it all?

    Thanks for watching in advance la 🙂 x

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  23. nasi-kandar-georgetown-5-150x150.jpg

    Nasi Kandar is a popular local Malaysian dish that originated in Penang. When I was searching for local dishes and restaurants to check out, I came across Nasi Kandar Line Clear Restaurant Penang. I read about how this local canteen-style shop apparently served the best nasi kandar in Penang, so I obviously had to try it out. Let me jump to the point: I loved everything about my experience at Line Clear Restaurant. From the insanely delicious (and messy!) nasi kandar to the friendly and helpful service, this is one local food shop you need to visit when in Georgetown.

    Location of Line Clear Restaurant Penang


    If Line Clear Restaurant Penang didn’t have a few signs on the sidewalk pointing out exactly where you need to turn to get your nasi kandar fix, we likely would have walked right by. Tucked away off Penang Road, it’s located right in the heart of Georgetown, beside 161 & 177 Penang Road, and is an easy walk from just about anywhere in that area. Plus, it’s open 24 hours so you don’t need to worry too much about when to go (I’d avoid lunch hours during the weekday, as it becomes incredibly busy with locals).

    The experience

    nasi-kandar-georgetown-4-1024x683.jpg nasi-kandar-georgetown-5-1024x683.jpg nasi-kandar-georgetown-3-1024x683.jpg

    As soon as we began walking down the short alleyway to the restaurant, we were eagerly welcomed by the staff. We told them that we had read about Line Clear online and wanted to try their famous nasi kandar. Since we had no clue how to actually go about ordering, one of the staff members simply asked us to choose a type of meat (I went with the tender roast chicken based off of his recommendation) and then told us to sit down while he prepared the dish.

    The food

    nasi-kandar-georgetown-2-964x1024.jpg nasi-kandar-georgetown-1-1024x683.jpg

    After only a few minutes, a whopping plate of food arrived in front of us. For those that don’t know, nasi kandar is essentially a variety of curried meat and vegetables. Aside from the rice and chicken, I wasn’t entirely sure what was on my plate, though I did recognize fried bitter gourd, okra, green beans, and cucumber. I’m less clear about the rest, but it didn’t even matter because this was hands down one of the best dishes I had while in Penang. To top it off, all this food (literally enough to feed two) was only RM14.30 – less than HK$30.

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  24. Big Wave Bay, Sai Kung

    Wondering where to find a place in HK to really relax and unwind? Love camping or hiking? This is Hong Kong’s little paradise. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but it’s worth it. The photos below were taken on two separate occasions.

    The first was at the start of November, beginning of winter, the weather was beautiful! The water was cold but not too cold for a quick dip. The second time was at the end of June and not advisable because of the heat. It was more like a beach holiday than a photography outing; the group of people I went with were all part of the Hong Kong Photography Club. Both occasions, we camped over night to capture sunset, night and sunrise.

    Big Wave Bay in Sai Kung is the total opposite of Big Wave Bay on Hong Kong Island. You are more likely to see cows than you are to see crowds of surfers and bikini clad models!


    How to get there? Click here: Big Wave Bay directions