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      As to be expected from just about any big city, Montreal is a haven for foodies. Now, I’m not talking about the Michelin starred restaurants you have to book months in advance. I’m here to rave about the food in Montreal; the lowkey local establishments and dishes that won my stomach (and heart) over while I was there.

      Disclaimer: since I was only in Montreal for three days this time around, this list by no means encompasses all the delicious food to be found in the city. That being said, this is all the noteworthy food in Montreal that I ate and raved about.

      1. Poutine


      Okay, so this is a pretty obvious one. If someone asks me what the quintessential “Canadian food” would be, my first thought is poutine. Although you can find poutine in many parts of the world, Montreal (obviously) does this dish justice. Aside from the traditional hand-cut fries, cheese curds, and gravy, you can find a whole range of toppings for poutines nowadays. My favourite place was La Banquise. Typically known for their late night, after the bar crowd, La Banquise has a wild selection of poutine that you have to try. We opted for both their classic poutine and the La Sud-Ouest with bacon, red onions, guacamole, onion rings, and chipotle sauce on top of a regular poutine. Needless to say, we waddled our way out of the restaurant after.

      2. Smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s Deli


      Schwartz’s Deli is an absolute must every time I visit Montreal and is one of the few places where I don’t mind having to queue. I kid you not when I say that you will have the best smoked meat sandwich you’ve ever had in your life here. Aside from the sandwich, you have to order the fries and pickle on the side. This place is so damn good, I actually wrote an entire post on it – click here to read more about why you must try Schwartz’s Deli.

      3. Find a food festival


      If you’re visiting Montreal in the summer, you’re in luck – there are festivals galore, all of which will likely involve food (it’s a win-win, really). We happened to stumble upon a mac n cheese festival with a bunch of food trucks all serving up different variations of the classic. We also went to the Just For Laughs festival where they had a fantastic food section serving up some great dishes from local establishments. One of my favourites was Birona Hummus Bar’s vegetable stew with tender chicken on a bed of couscous.

      4. Craft beer


      Although best appreciated in the summer, Montreal is home to a variety of pubs that serve up a range of local and international beer. If you are in the city during the warmer months, you’ll be spoiled for choice of restaurants with outdoor seating. A stroll down some of the more popular, pedestrian-friendly streets will lead you to a variety of restaurants and bars with patios. Regardless of which one you decide to enjoy a pint at, rest assured that you’ll find some local brews on the menu.

      5. Honey donut balls at Mr. Puffs Pastry


      These delicious honey-drenched dough balls were a glorious discovery in Montreal. I had seen Mr. Puffs Pastry around Montreal before, but didn’t decide to try them until I saw their food truck at the Just For Laughs Festival. I tried the honey dipped and creamy caramel dough balls, both of which were absolutely divine. Honestly, these were so damn good and just writing this is making me crave them.

      6. When in doubt, pop into the first cute cafe you see


      Montreal is home to a variety of cute cafes, so you can never really go wrong just choosing a random one on the street to enjoy a coffee and some baked goods.

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    2. 臨近12月及聖誕,又是時間密密出動買衫、買褲、買禮物,而尖沙咀海港城則是城內數一數二的 shopping 勝地。今天,介紹海港城內 Three on Canton 的新出下午茶及雞尾酒,兩款都是甜魔媽媽心水推介!




      先由「冬日戀曲下午茶 Winter Spice High Tea」($488/兩位) 開始介紹:下午茶由即日至2019年1月31日供應,可選在 Three on Canton(室內)或 Be on Canton(室外花園位)享用,這天我們選了舒適室內沙發位,但同時又侍者將下午茶擺到室外,正正是相幾先食!




      下午茶最特別是表面有75度冧酒的 薑味法式燉蛋,來到賓客面前會即席以火鎗點燃以製造焦糖脆面,燉蛋的托盤則以乾冰包圍著,瞬間白煙與火光交錯、冰火交融、仙氣飄飄,超級謀殺相機記憶體啊!






      始終室外本身光線充足,較難捕捉火光,一會兒再分享室內版本。也趁機介紹下午茶飲品,遇上寒冷冬日,或是想養生的朋友,建議嘗試新推出的 玉桂蜜糖薑茶,暖胃有益;此外也可選擇花茶、果味梳打,甚至雞尾酒如 Mojito、Cosmopolitan、長島冰茶都不用加錢!






      接著介紹鹹點:可以先吃清新怡人的 車厘茄水牛芝士玉桂粟米餅,再品嚐較濃郁的 鵝肝凍批配香橙薑味果醬;也很喜歡 玉桂番薯餅配黑松露辣根汁,組合新奇、惹味可口,最後長得像漢堡的 栗子火雞三文治配紅莓醬 則是飽肚之選,吃完晚餐也可以跳過!






      甜點們更加色彩繽紛,包括嬌艷軟滑的 紅莓芝士蛋糕、小巧美妙的 黑朱古力百利甜酒松露棒棒糖檸檬士多啤梨白朱古力慕絲、香甜脆口的 馬卡龍,以及個人十分喜愛、甜美可口的 雜果栗子朱古力撻,以及質感軟滑細膩、味道香甜交錯的 佛手柑焦糖慕絲










      特地選了熱飲,也是為了留下 Quota,品嚐酒吧新出的兩款絕美 Cocktail:為慶祝品牌成立190周年,法國嬌蘭與 Three on Canton 合作推出兩款既芳香又優雅的香氛雞尾酒 ($120/杯)。




      首先是以 Mon Gurelain Eau de Toilette 淡香氛為靈感,並以 Hendricks、薰衣草糖漿、雲尼拿、紅莓、檸檬汁調製的 Mon Guerlain Goddess,Cocktail 有著豐富果香,口味溫柔又清新,加上兩朵沾有 Mon Guerlain 香氛的牡丹花,正正體驗了女神的氣質。




      另一杯是以 Eau de Cologne Imperiale 帝皇之水為靈感的 The Imperial,Cocktail 與香水一樣有著「皇室蜜蜂」的尊貴標誌,由 Jim beam、Amaro montenegro、Dom benedictine、君度酒、苦橙精油及 Rosemary 混成,酒味明顯及濃烈,較適合男士享用~







      Three on Canton


      電話:2113 7828

      Facebook:Three on CantonGateway Hotel, Marco Polo Hotels


      ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~

    3. 好耐好耐… 好耐都冇見我啲朋友了!是晚黎到灣仔既 Assaggio Trattoria Italiana,原來最近新推出龍蝦牛扒 menu,似乎好豐富喔~
      由於我早到一步,所以先黎一杯冇酒精既 cocktail,仲有試試吧檯嗰邊既幾款小食。


      Assaggio Trattoria Italiana




      Happy Hour 吧


      Iced Peach Tea

      頭盤前先有一籃 homemade 麵包,非常不錯。其中好鍾意自家製既番茄包包!



      然後就有「Lobster Catalana Salad」,以西芹,紅洋蔥,肉質滿滿既連殼龍蝦肉同檸檬汁調味。另外有好豐富,好飽肚既「Traditional Minestrone Soup」,非常多豆同薯仔粒!


      Lobster Catalana Salad
      Boston lobster, red onion, Nocellara olives, lemon & oregano


      Traditional Minestrone Soup
      With pesto genvese

      主菜方面,我地大家一齊點晒龍蝦意粉同肉眼扒。前者好重牛油蒜味,意粉亦好 al dente;後者既 prime rib 肉質非常鮮嫩,有一定油脂,非常香。當然唔少得 side dish 既熱辣辣薯條啦!


      Whole Boston Lobster Taglierini
      Homemade semi-dried Datterini tomato, crab butter, Italian Parsley


      Whole Boston Lobster Taglierini
      Homemade semi-dried Datterini tomato, crab butter, Italian Parsley


      Whole Boston Lobster Taglierini
      Homemade semi-dried Datterini tomato, crab butter, Italian Parsley


      35Oz Grilled USDA Prime OP Ribs
      French fries, vegetable caponata, green pepper sauce, gravy, Dijon mustard


      35Oz Grilled USDA Prime OP Ribs
      French fries, vegetable caponata, green pepper sauce, gravy, Dijon mustard


      35Oz Grilled USDA Prime OP Ribs
      French fries, vegetable caponata, green pepper sauce, gravy, Dijon mustard


      Side Dishes
      French fries, Green Salad

      最後就係「Dessert Platter」。其中有我最愛既 tiramisu,義大利傳統做法,以生雞蛋同 mascarpone cheese 打成,濃濃滑滑,好滿足喔!


      Dessert Tasting Platter
      Tiramisu, Caramel Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse


      Caramel Panna Cotta

      Assaggio Trattoria Italiana
      Address: 灣仔港灣道2號香港藝術中心6樓
      Telephone: 2877 3999
      Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30 – 22:00
      Website: http://www.miradining.com/assaggio-wanchai/


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    • 谈到高尔夫,我觉得自己是一个向前看的人 - 比如,我喜欢看到新规则的引进,高尔夫技术的革新,以及具有与众不同风格的新球员。 但与此同时,高尔夫本身及其格式多年来都是相当保守的。在 新时代技术,资源和游戏个性一直在演变的同时,高尔夫运动从初始到现在,经过了几个世纪,似乎并没有太大改变。 所以,当看到高尔夫世界欣然接受了像怡安挑战这样的创新理念时,的确令人耳目一新。 我稍后会对此进行评论,但我们先快速了解一下这个挑战究竟是什么。 风险与回报 最近,全球专业服务公司怡安宣布了与PGA和LPGA的多年合作伙伴关系。将来每年的怡安挑战将覆盖整个常规赛季成为一场全新的全年竞赛。 男女美巡赛和怡安已经从比赛日程中的不同球场选出了一些个人洞,而球员们则需要用他们认为最适合的策略打这些洞。 每个洞都呈现了不同的挑战。每个洞的风险回报挑战是与怡安的业务客户需要在董事会中做出的战略决策有明确的联系的。 因为挑战赛的球洞覆盖2019赛季的男子美巡28站比赛以及女子美巡30站,球员们需要参加一定数量的比赛才有资格参加怡安挑战赛。每位有资格的选手将出现在全球排行榜上,其中PGA和LPGA的获胜者将各赢得100万美元的奖金。 一个公平竞争的环境 首先我认为刚刚讲述的这一点是一个非常受欢迎的发展。能看到职业运动员 - 无论是男性还是女性 -争夺平等的奖金,这是一个很大的进步。 职业体育奖金之间的性别差异 -高尔夫在内 - 已经持续了太长时间。我希望如此的平等代表了我们的将来。 我觉得整个挑战赛德的概念也是很棒的。 之前的柯达挑战赛曾经尝试过类似的东西-- 能在PGA赛季当中的多个特色洞中获得最低累积分数的选手获得100万美元的奖金。 但这感觉真的与以往不同 - 一部分要归功于LPGA的加入。 虽然“战略挑战”是市场策略(以及高尔夫球场和董事会决策过程之间仅仅存在的微弱联系),我认为这样的创新为赛季增添了额外的维度。 对我来说,高尔夫和许多体育运动一样,都有很多丰富多彩的故事。 通过编制了一个主要故事情节,个人竞争可能会提升到日常竞赛水准之上,所以这样的挑战可以给整个赛季再添加另一层生气。 解决问题的挑战 当然,能看到职业球员如何应对他们所面临的多种挑战对我来说也是很有吸引力的。 高尔夫这个运动可以说是一个持续解决问题的练习。怡安和男女美巡赛实际上已经在这里将焦点从选手身上转移到了他们在每个球洞解决问题的能力。  即使某个选手输掉了锦标赛,但是说不定她非常漂亮地解决了一个困难的怡安风险回报挑战赛的问题。这可以帮助我们粉丝获得关于不同选手如何处理不同难题的新观点,我很期待。 我也非常希望香港公开赛(在香港高尔夫俱乐部举行)是比赛的一部分 - 这对于香港赛事的排名非常有帮助。 至于这种战略合作伙伴关系是否代表了将来,其实未来已经在我们眼前了。当政府机构,广告商和活动组织者不断地在用新颖的方式来吸引新的观众,这种创新思维也在体育运动中出现越来越多(比如新兴的,短时间的板球形式)。 高尔夫已经意识到新思维的必要性,这是令人鼓舞的。但这个历史悠久的运动是否会突破其传统的局限性还有待观察。 关于罗伯特韦德 Robert Weider是一位业余高尔夫球手和独立商业顾问,他住在香港。他现在当任一家全球供应链和质量监管公司的市场营销主管。他还为香港的一个非营利机构提供战略和管理培训。 Rob Weider拥有包括西门子,Molten Group以及国泰航空的多家跨国企业的经验。  
    • This is my first time to visit Lai Chi Kok. I would like to use a word to describe this area, fusion. This place are very modern, you can see the modern side of the Hong Kong, such a nice place. This time, I have chosen a Japan restaurant called Sushi Geikan, this restaurant is quite different to others as I have visited because the environment is very special, they have used drawings to decorate. One more special thing would be the famous dishes here, running noodles, Hong Kong does not have many place can taste this kind of dishes. Nice one!!
    • Hey Thao. This plan is quite good.   There are many special walls that were painted in Soho district in Central.  It is good to take photos there. Will you plan to go to the bar for drinks on Day 4 at night? I suggest a Bar call "Bar pacific". The price of food and drink is relatively reasonable in HK. And there provide darts. The atmosphere was so good there. It has many branches in HK like in Shatin, TaiPo, Hung Hom, etc. I suggest you can go to Hung Hom Bar Pacific that night cause it is near to Tsim Sha Tsui. Lastly, i would recommend you to eat "DimSum" which is a traditional food in Hong Kong. And you can find a lot of DimSum restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui too. One of restaurant I would recommend is called "Social Place". I hope you enjoy your trip to Hong Kong.
    •  Just discovered Open Rice has nominated Social Place for Best Restaurant award 2017 right before the deadline and casted my vote! Even though it’s over, and I can’t tell my friends to vote for them now, I still have to tell everyone about their amazing food. First off, I have to recommend their FANCY dim sum! The cute truffle mushroom bun that looks just like real mushrooms with truffle and mushroom filling, tasted awesome. The turnip cake was crisp outside, soft inside. The creative rose bun, which was shaped like a rose actually has rose fragrance! The tofu with egg just melted in my mouth, and the “fun pei” is a must try. Mmmm~ Other dishes that you cannot miss are: the black vinegar chicken, the roasted baby pigeon and the drunken chicken. They also have happy hour serving beer and wine at half priced which is a huge plus. I am definitely gonna be a regular. Highly support this awesome restaurant  
    • Hi Shirousa Thank you very much for your advice ??????